AZ Conservative Coalition: Newest legislator rankings

The Arizona Conservative Coalition’s (ACC) most recent legislator ratings, reflecting legislative actions as of 4/28/2013 is now available. Click here for the updated report.

Legislators are assigned to a group based on their latest rating. Bills used in the evaluation along with the summary of criteria used to weight bills can be seen here. There is also an excellent, concise analysis of each bill considered.

Be sure to take time to review Howard Levine’s informative weekly narrative, which provides background on the tracking process.

The folks at ACC provide individual grades for Arizona’s Republican Representatives and Senators. There is quite a variation. This week the Senate ratings range from a high of 89.9 down to a bottom-dragging 47.7. In the House of Representatives the top scorer received a 95.2 with the bottom of the list rating a weak 47.8.

Check out your elected members and hold them accountable with facts.

5 Responses to AZ Conservative Coalition: Newest legislator rankings

  1. PeeJay says:

    While I agree on balance with most of these conservative issues, I have to take exception to the fuzzy position Howard Levine takes in the above-linked weekly narrative: “. . . education well beyond the proper scope of the federal government.”
    When he suggests that the federal government has a “proper scope” in the area of education, he could not be more wrong. The fed has absolutely no scope or role whatsoever, none, zilch. Nowhere in the Constitution is there the slightest thread of authority to mingle in the educational process; once it gets its nose in the tent, limiting its mission becomes effectively moot.
    I’m going to have to score ACC a big 0% on this one.

    • Howard Levine says:

      Relax PeeJay, education of civilians living under the jurisdiction of a state government is well beyond the proper scope of the federal government. There is no intent to suggest a proper scope for the federal government. The current federal intrusions into education are also well beyond the proper scope of the federal government. As you correctly point out, there is no proper scope for the federal government in education (except for fulfilling a proper role of government such as operating military academies to produce officers or in parts of the United States that are not within a state such as territories and federal districts). There is certainly no proper role for the federal government in the education of children who live under the jurisdiction of a state government.

      I’m sorry if the phrasing was misleading.

  2. Annie O. says:

    Again, I have to send bouquets to Howard and his team for volunteering their time to get down in the weeds and let us know what is really going on at the legislature. These are good summaries of the damage RINOs do by voting like/with the Dems. Print out these ACC final reports for your use at the next election. Bad pennies do come rolling back.

  3. McSickened says:

    Wow, doesn’t she make us proud, bottom of the bunch, Queen RINO, #36, Kate Brophy McGee, LD 28, rates at 47.8 (bottom
    slot in the House)!?!
    This is McKyl’s old district….now you know who she wants to please (and their donors).

  4. CD 9 says:

    I am dubious of anything Phil Mason is involved with. Remember he was supposed to be fired for that horrible Convention last year, but no. The Republican party paid $8,000 bux to remodel his garage so he could work from there and hide his involvement in the party politics, the chairman allowed him to renegotiate a contract that we donors pay for any and all copies made from his home, he was being paid monies from an account that is not reported to the FED.

    We should all be dubious and investigate anything Phil Mason has to say. He helped defraud all of us, he used the Republican Party as his own platform, and our so-called chairman allowed that to happen. I am still trying to find out if the Party is still paying for his copy machine, but they are silent on this.