Valley Interfaith’s leftward “social justice” lurch

Valley Interfaith again shows its true liberal colors with this Medicaid expansion community propaganda fest.  Check out the confirmed guests here.

As examples, Rep. Heather Carter (LD15) is one of only two GOP House members earning the Arizona Conservative Coalition’s infamous RINO designation. The Pres. and CEO of the socialist leaning AZ Chamber of Commerce, Glenn Hamer, is perhaps best known for his extreme leftwing views, and overseeing the group’s endorsement of liberal Democrat Janet Napolitano immediately after leaving his ED position at the state GOP.


22 Responses to Valley Interfaith’s leftward “social justice” lurch

  1. says:

    Sorry. Can’t be there. Going to Safeway to watch the grocery truck unload.

    • AZ Conservative Guy says:

      You’re a good and witty man, Bernard. That comment made me chuckle.

  2. eubykdisop says:

    As SRAZ reminds us of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry and it’s “extreme leftwing views”, let us not forget that Robert Graham appointed Gretchen Conger Martinez as Chief of Staff of the Arizona Republican Party. Martinez was the Director of Government Relations for the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry which signed on to the lawsuit against SB 1070 and which opposed anti-illegal immigration measures in the state legislature. Martinez attended high school in Santiago, Chile.

  3. Westnash says:

    How about some attendees who could make an articulate case for the Conservative principals that the Arizona Chamber should stand for?

    • eubykdisop says:

      Well you could attend, Westnash, and you could offer your views on immigration!

      Opposition to securing our borders:

      “Westnash says:
      February 18, 2013 at 3:35 pm
      What I worry that the Secure Our Borders bunch really wants is to spend Billions more in hiring and fences which do nothing but increase the size of Govt.”

      An attack on Sheriff Arpaio:

      “Westnash says:
      March 1, 2013 at 9:06 am
      Interesting that when you have someone like Joe who continues to hang on…you have a real vacuum behind them. Their ego just wont let them develop a successor. Joe should retire soon and develop a strong successor…but I am afraid hubris has set in long ago.”

      And your suggestion that Spanish be required for all Arizona students!

      “Westnash says:
      March 12, 2013 at 8:36 am
      I would be in favor of Arizona requiring Spanish (for legal students of course).”

      That should learn ’em about “Conservative” views, LOL!

      • westnash says:

        Thanks Euby, for your cut n paste and I stand by my views but not your drivel.

      • eubykdisop says:

        Well, of course you stand by your views, LOL! Especially your concern about “blaming” Marxism!

        “Westnash says:
        January 11, 2013 at 3:41 am
        Obviously, Euby, it is easy for you to blame Marxism, but impossible to offer a solution for the Arizona Republicans.”

        I’m so sorry that I “blamed” your sacred and beloved Marxism, Westnash!

        Now you and Karl Marx have a nice day, Westy! :-)

    • Night Owl says:

      Is the comment attributed to you bashing Sheriff Joe Arpaio accurate? If so, who’s side are you on? Not a single conservative I know, either well or casually, is so dismissive of our fine sheriff. Either you were misquoted or you have some explaining to do. There is no vaccum at the MCSO. I’m proud to have Joe Arpaio doing the job he has been repeatedly elected to do. You should be, also.

      • eubykdisop says:

        It is an accurate quote, Night Owl. You can find the statement by Westnash about Sheriff Arpaio in the SRAZ article, “Sheriff Arpaio trips, breaks shoulder”, posted on February 8, 2013.

        The attack on Sheriff Arpaio by Westnash evoked this response:

        “Observer says:
        March 1, 2013 at 10:11 am
        Speaking of hubris….PeeJay was on to you before you even commented. You have become nothing more than a dependable contrarian. One thing for sure, you know little about what you offer opinions on. For you to talk about a leadership vacuum at the MCSO shows you for the airbag you are. There is no leadership gap. There is a very capable Deputy Chief and other experienced division chiefs who are all well acquainted with the office and its duties. I understand if you confine your comments to things you actually know about, it might be limiting, but give it a try.”

        “God bless Joe Arpaio.”

      • Westnash says:

        Night Owl, Euby has cut n pasted many of my responses but with his interpretation on them. What I said, and what I believe is that Joe has done a fine job but he is older and it is time for succession and him to soon enjoy a well earned retirement. In many cases you have a very weak leader following a strong leader because the strong leader would not allow his people to become leaders. I dont know that is the case but fear it could happen and you have a polar opposite of JA take his place.

        You may or may not agree but at least I am not going to castigate you or call you a Communist if you do. That is what an opinion board is about. Not simply pages of cut n paste by one person.

      • eubykdisop says:

        ROFL! That is NOT what you said, Westnash! What you said is what you wrote in the comment which I quoted verbatim, LOL! THIS is why I quote you verbatim so that you can’t distort things as you are attempting to do right now!

        Interesting how in your new distortion of what you actually wrote that you left out the part about “hubris”!

        “Joe should retire soon and develop a strong successor…but I am afraid hubris has set in long ago.”

        What happened to the “hubris”, Westnash? And where in your original comment was the part about Sheriff Arpaio doing “a fine job” as you now state? What a distortion of what you actually wrote!

        As regards being a Communist, what “conservative” would write this and WHY, WHY would they write it?

        ““Westnash says:
        January 15, 2013 at 11:47 am
        Euby, this may come as a great shock to you but someone being a communist or socialist is not against the law.”

        Of course, that statement is a Marxist lie. Under the Communist Control Act of 1954, it IS, in fact, against the law to be a Communist!

        And why would a “conservative” be concerned about Marxism being “blamed”? BLAMED???

        “Westnash says:
        January 11, 2013 at 3:41 am
        Obviously, Euby, it is easy for you to blame Marxism, but impossible to offer a solution for the Arizona Republicans.”

        Your Pink is showing, Westy! :-)

  4. Sally Forth says:

    How can these Interfaith groups support this expansion of abortions under Obamacare? I find this all disgusting.

    • eubykdisop says:

      Hi, Sally!

      No “group” is static. They are dynamic. They change. For over half a century, Leftists have been targeting and infiltrating groups. Chief among the targeted groups are those with religious affiliations. Why?

      First, Leftists abhor religion. Secondly, religious faith is a potent deterrent to the emergence of tyranny. Finally, one of the objectives of Leftists is to destroy the moral fabric of America.

      I left the denomination in which I was raised when it decided to support homosexual “marriage”.

  5. 1776 says:

    The Goldwater Institute, this morning in the Wall Street Journal and on their own blogsite exposes as false one of Governor Brewer’s key points justifying her Medicaid Expansion plan. Due to the Scotus ruling in NFIB v. Sebelius the article says: “When a state declines to expand Medicaid, no other state will receive its share of funds and federal spending declines.” See the full piece by Christina Corieri here: and take a copy with you to the meeting.

    It is supremely disappointing to see Republicans who we’ve supported, uncritically helping to advance the Left’s agenda instead of working to find conservative, small government, free market solutions to social problems.

    • eubykdisop says:

      “Medicaid expansion” is actually a scam to provide benefits for illegal aliens!

      “Enroll’em First, Verify’em Later”

      “By James R. Edwards Jr., January 21, 2013”

      “With Obama’s health law continuing to be put into effect, new regulations have been rolled out that relate to enrolling people in Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and for premium subsidies through the exchanges. The regulations squarely address aspects of verification of immigration status. Bottom line, it directs states and others to take someone’s word for it that he or she is “lawfully present”.

      “Some of the “fine print” for Medicaid, the welfare program for low-income health care, pushes presumed eligibility even further into a dubious “honor system”. The regulations take people’s word, whether or not they can produce documents (e.g., a Social Security number), and sign them up “promptly” for Medicaid and similar health care.”

      “In other words, welfare benefits must begin for the unverified alien or U.S. citizen as soon as things like income level show that the person would qualify. Benefits must continue through the “reasonable opportunity period” for contesting denial. This kind of intentional loophole could prove expensive.”

      “Remember Ronald Reagan’s quote to Mr. Gorbachev: “Trust but verify”? That would be good advice here. It will be much more difficult to remove unqualified aliens from Medicaid once they’re in the program. Verification should be completed before those whose immigration or citizenship status remains in question start collecting any benefits.”

  6. eubykdisop says:

    Medicaid expansion is nothing but a benefits program for illegal aliens. Under the federal guidelines, those who cannot provide the documents required to prove citizenship, and therefore eligibility, MUST be enrolled and MUST immediately receive benefits IF they can show that they meet the income requirements. That is not discretionary, it is mandated!

    Now, in the subsequent supposed “investigation” into their legal status, how many illegal aliens do you think will be removed from the program once they have been enrolled in it?

  7. LD 7 PC says:

    I just watched a heartstrings tugging commerical featuring Gov. Brewer. She was pushing this Obamacare medicaid expansion with both hands. It made me sick to see AZ’s Republicrat governor who talked so big caving on something this monumental. She actually said it would be a money saver. Apparently she thinks we’re fools.

    She’s supposed to be prolife. How does she square that position with this scheme that includes abortions?

    • eubykdisop says:

      It’s clear that any supposed “values” or “principles” have been supplanted by something else. Either that or it’s merely a symptom of a weak mind which is easily swayed.

  8. LEO IN TSN says:

    Please take special note on the meeting notice that the spokes of Gov. McBrewer’s leftist wheel that will be spun around the room at this get together include Medicaid expansion, amnesty for illegals and Common Core. Each of those programs, by itself will destroy AZ. Taken together they will bring on instant Marxist Armageddon, and the bill for our own destruction will be ours.

    Keep in mind the RINO’s who stand with McBrewer in this lurch to the left. Make sure the word resonates perpetually in their districts as to what they are doing to US.

    God bless America.

    • eubykdisop says:

      And here is what McCain and the “beautiful people” are up to right now!

      “Schwarzenegger, Villaraigosa, McCain Team Up for Immigration Crusade”

      “A constellation of intellectual heavyweights showed up at the University of Southern California on Tuesday to discuss the issues surrounding immigration reform. The stars in that constellation included former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, and former presidential candidate Senator John McCain (R-AZ). All three agreed that immediate immigration reform legislation should be passed, without substantial additions to border security.”

      “McCain led the way, slandering members of his own party in the House as unsympathetic toward immigrants. He said they needed to get in touch with their “better angels” on illegal immigration, and then suggested that if they couldn’t get in touch with their humanity, they ought to get in touch with their “baser instincts,” which would tell them that they ought to embrace immigration reform in order to pander to Hispanic voters. ““This will not gain one single Hispanic vote by passing this bill, but what it will do is put us on a playing field where we can compete,” McCain explained. “If we can’t do this, you can’t begin the conversation with our Hispanic voters, and all you have to do is the math.”

      “Schwarzenegger, meanwhile, played up his immigrant background in a backwards attempt to paint his political opponents as anti-immigrant. “These are all very hardworking people. They have a dream. They want to make their dream a reality,” Schwarzenegger said. Villaraigosa, who headed up the Democratic National Convention in 2012, seconded Schwarzenegger’s motion: “it goes to the heart of the economic future of our city, the social cohesion of our city. That’s why now is the time for real immigration reform.”

  9. LEO IN TSN says:

    Gov. McBrewer’s total message has been discredited by experts & researchers everywhere. Please heed the danger signs illuminated by her associations in pursuit of this travesty. Here is another good read that spotlights their lies:

    Excerpt, Tony Perkins in Family Research Council’s Washington Update, 05/01/2013
    “And while Americans pinned most of their hopes for repeal on the Supreme Court or Congress, states may end up playing the biggest role in minimizing the damage of this $3 trillion mistake. There was a gift, the Wall Street Journal says, tucked into last summer’s disappointing Supreme Court ruling on ObamaCare. It may have been small consolation then, but it could amount to huge savings for taxpayers now. As part of their decision, the justices ruled that Congress can’t strong-arm states into expanding Medicaid by “threatening to withhold federal dollars from the state’s existing program” (a favorite tactic of this administration when it comes to Planned Parenthood funding).
    This ruling, Christina Corieri explains, “effectively gave state policymakers the unique opportunity to veto hundreds of billions of dollars in new federal spending…” As it stands, 18 states have opted out of Medicaid expansion and 12 more are undecided. That would translate into more than $609 billion in total savings over the next eight years if all 30 opt out. That’s more than seven times the 2013 sequester cuts, and more than half the projected federal deficit for this fiscal year! If Congress won’t get serious about the deficit, states will force them too–just by saying no to more Medicaid.”

    God bless America.