Amnesty trickery: Jeff McFlake votes with Democrats & Update


This is a simplified version of the facts from Matthew Boyle at Breitbart.

Read his entire report titled, Lindsey Graham, Jeff Flake Join Dems to Kill Border Security Amendment here.

An amendment submitted by Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley requiring the security of our nation’s borders before granting amnesty to at least 25 million illegal aliens, has been voted down by the Senate Judiciary Committee on a 6 -12 vote. Every single Democrat on the Committee voted against the amendment — not surprisingly joined by McCain sycophants and “Gang of 8” Sens. Jeff Flake (AZ) and Lindsey Graham (SC). Democrat Committee members, Sens. Dick Durbin and Chuck Schumer are also part of the Gangster group, casting their votes against the reasonable amendment to provide security to American citizens.

The three-page amendment can be read here.

Did you really expect anything more from this compliant trickster? Warning: Read the Breitbart article before you eat.

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The Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona Republic), which has recently called Flake “a coward,” is today extolling his virtues for colluding with the most liberal of Democrats on gifting legal status to those who illegally invaded our sovereign nation. Today he wins the daily’s praise for “fending off key changes” to the amnesty bill.

It’s happened before, as we pointed out in Oops — Jeff Flake’s crown slips as he sinks to mere McPolitician,” when, as an unwavering amnesty-supporting former CD 6 congressman, Flake did an about-face, worthy of an accomplished contortionist, to win conservative votes for the senate seat he so blatantly coveted. At the time, editorialist Doug MacEachern called Flake’s change of heart on legalizing millions of illegal aliens “jarring.” Imagine our surprise as the Republic declared the vacillating Flake to be a mere “politician” — no longer a “statesman” — for emulating John McCain’s border fickleness during his own 2010 senatorial campaign.

It matters not that opposition to the Gang of 8’s $6.3 trillion amnesty bill continues to grow, as evidenced by these quotes from noted conservatives. Flake is keenly aware that his rocky start in the senate could further harm him with the liberal press he needs in order to remain in DC.

As we’ve previously noted, “Such is the duplicity of Jeff Flake. Get used to it or get rid of him before he becomes further entrenched. He already sways like a monkey on a branch.”

Seeing Red AZ has dedicated an entire category to Jeff the Flake for a reason.


26 Responses to Amnesty trickery: Jeff McFlake votes with Democrats & Update

  1. Steven Bickley says:

    There are simply no adequate words in the lexicon to describe the treasonous wiling these”gangsters” are capable of.

  2. Dennis O'Brien says:

    Flake has just endured the lowest senate ratings in a recent poll. He must think he’s got nothing to lose.

  3. Pima Pal says:

    Sorry to differ with you Dennis. My take is he knows he’s got six long years before he has to stand for re-election. He figures we’ll all be speaking Spanish by then and won’t recall what he did that enraged us. Pass the tacos.

    • avid follower says:

      Pima Pal – I fear you are correct…..AZ voters have done it again…..and history shows us that he can tell AZ voters anything and they will fall for it…just like last time!

  4. Army Of One says:

    Flake owes his cushy senate perch to McCain and Kyl pimping for him. They were worried Dr. Richard Carmona would win. He nearly did. The gruesome twosome stumped the state for the perpetually grinning Flake. Here’s Kyl trying desperately to undo the damage he and Johnny Mac did back when they endorsed Carmona! (second video). It’s really pretty funny!

  5. eubykdisop says:

    (Off Topic: I think you should look at this, SRAZ. There’s also a video there. Feel free to delete this comment after reading it.)

    “Downfall coming through coalition of Islamists and Marxists?”

    “A noted specialist on Islamic law and ideology from the Center for Security Policy, who has been cited as an expert for the Pentagon, says a coalition of Islamists and Marxists is working to destroy the United States.”

  6. Westnash says:

    Flake is a disgrace and voted against several common sense amendments to this bill. He should be called to account and asked to come and answer questions by Republican groups in Arizona. His Senate career is starting off very badly for Arizona, unless you are a country club Republican in favor of larger government.

    • East Valley Conservative says:

      Careful with your slurs, Westnash. I belong to a country club, consider myself a stauch conservative as do most of my golf buddies, am a member of the LDS church, have known Jeff Flake for many years and have never voted for him.

      Blanket statements like that are foolish!

  7. CD 9 says:

    All I can say is SeeingRed knew what Jeff McFlake was, a lying snake. Nearly all of us supported Wil Cardin, when I was getting my signatures for elected PC I came across 2 people who supported McFlake. Get the Independents out of the primary or make us a caucus state.

    • Seen It All says:

      Thank RINO Grant Woods for getting the registered independents in the primary elections. It was a scheme conceived to undermine Republican victories, which drove him even further nuts.

      I also commend this site its constant exposure of the Flake Jeff actually is. SRAZ was out in front on him long ago.

      • CD 9 says:

        Seen it, a Judged ruled we could close our primaries. We need to start fighting for that.

      • Night Owl says:

        You’re confusing the “Top Two” (shot down) with the system that allows registered Independents to request either a Democrat or Republican ballot to vote in primary elections. They are not the same and were conceived years apart.

    • Hagar says:

      When the initiative to allow Independents to vote in our Republican Party primaries was being debated, there was a resolution to support it before the state Republican Committee meeting in Sedona. I was a Republican district chairman and I ( and several other district chairmen) rose to speak against it because it would undermine all we were trying to do to encourage Republican registration. When I finished a well-known RINO woman in front of me turned around and said, “Crawl back in your cave.” The resolution passed the committee and with Republican support became law. I believe the sorry state of the Arizona Republican Party today is in large measure due to it.

  8. Mesa Mom says:

    Jeff Flake also sees himself as a “pretty boy” (crooked nose and all!). Check out his ever altering hair color, depending on the amount of bleach still left in the cupboard. This con artist is a supreme phony and a liberal, regardless of what he says. Watch what he does.

  9. Ellsworth says:

    These were lying Flake’s words in 2011 as posted on The Hill, a national political website:

    “In the past I have supported a broad approach to immigration reform — increased border security coupled with a temporary worker program. I no longer do,” Flake said in a statement published by the Arizona Republic.
    “I’ve been down that road, and it is a dead end. The political realities in Washington are such that a comprehensive solution is not possible, or even desirable given the current leadership. Border security must be addressed before other reforms are tackled.”
    The congressman made similar remarks to The Ballot Box when asked about the immigration issue.
    “You’ve got to have some mechanism that deals with those who are here illegally,” he said in February. “We dealt with it before with a provision that required them to go home and register. But everything like that is on hold until we have better border security.”

    What further evidence does anyone need to convince them that Flake is a lying, opportunistic scumbag? Arizona Republicans have been conned….again.

    • LD 28 PC says:

      I’m furious also, Ellsworth. I’d also like to know why this fraud who thinks more of illegals than he does of our American future, was given a platform to speak at the AZ GOP state convention? Why weren’t the hundreds elected state committeemen in attendance given the opportunity to ask this lying prick any questions? He grinned and glibbed the crowd and then (I was told) jauntily hopped off the stage. I didn’t see that. I walked out after his first few lies. I will no longer run as a Republican precinct committeeman after years in the trenches. Jeff Flake, John McCain, Jon Kyl are all the same, out for themselves. They are gutting the Republican party in the process. How many of these new amnestied citizens does anyone think will vote Republican?

      In my own legislative district I’m already getting screwed over by the 2 RINOs and the Dem that are supposedly representing me.

      • LD 7 PC says:

        Ha! I walked out midway through the speech when the jerks at AZ GOP allowed Christine Jones time to speak. From straight out of nowhere, this haughty woman decides she is equipped to run for AZ governor in 2014. She can do it without my assistance or vote!

  10. Doc says:

    Off topic but on Point, THIS from “The REAL REVO”:

    …and we PAY this guy?

    • Vince says:

      Hi Doc:
      I’ve never heard of The Real Revo site before. Thanks for the introduction. This report on big government John McCain is appalling, but not surprising. How dare this senile old coot decide what cable channels I want or don’t want to watch or pay for!! He is obviously beholden to his lobbyist pals.

  11. Kingman GOP PC says:

    McAmnesty and McFlake are interchangeable. We’ve been had in Arizona.

    I am also a state committeeman and wondered why Go Daddy’s Christine Jones was given speaking time. She showed me nothing except arrogance and a very practiced message.

  12. Observer says:

    Another example of Flake’s flakiness is here as he said one thing and did another, lying to the mother of a shooting victim:
    In this case, I agree with his final vote, but I’m aware it was done for his personal political expediency as his polling numbers were tumbling. Yes. I know The Atlantic is a liberal publication, but they exposed his lie to a grieving mother. She’s not in Arizona, after all, and can’t vote against him.

    I can.

  13. American Dad says:

    The entire apparatus of the DC establishment is aligned to pass the Gangster’s amnesty bill. The only power that can stop that is US — the American public. Unless we wake up and engage, amnesty resulting in citizenship for those who disregard our laws will be the new law of the land. We are being undermined by McCain and Flake. The new citizens, former illegal aliens, will bolster the Democrat Party and turn the entire country blue. Look what happened in Mexifornia, a state that previously elected Ronald Reagan as Governor and US President.

    Have any of you picked up your phones and called Arizona’s two poor excuses for US Senators? Have you faxed? Emailed? The last time we were being hammered in this manner, AMERICANS ROSE UP AND LET THEM HEAR FROM US. We jammed their phone and fax lines and actually shut down the US Capitol switchboard. I’ve called. Have you? THIS IS THE FUTURE OF OUR COUNTRY AND OUR OWN FAMILIES WE’RE TALKING ABOUT.

    These will be our newest citizens. Nice, huh?

  14. eubykdisop says:

    ‘Ya gotta love this one, LOL!

    “Obama administration tries to nix ICE agents’ lawsuit”

    “By Stephen Dinan, May 7, 2013”

    “Trying to head off a potentially devastating court defeat, the Obama administration said Monday that ICE agents’ lawsuit to overturn the president’s non-deportation policy should be thrown out because the agents themselves initially wanted to handle the matter in collective bargaining.”

    “But the agents say that position marks a reversal for the administration, which previously had told the agents that they wouldn’t subject the new policies to collective bargaining.”

    “Now, though, the administration says that since the agents asked for collective bargaining, they proved they have an alternative outside of court — making their lawsuit invalid.”

    “Kris W. Kobach, the lawyer for the ICE union, said the administration is “looking for any way to push this case out of federal court” and are contradicting themselves to do it.”

    “Their argument is unsustainable as a matter of law, and remarkable in that it so clearly contradicts their client’s position,” he wrote in his own filing with the court.”

  15. eubykdisop says:

    “Rush Limbaugh supports amnesty … on 1 condition”

    “I’ll support amnesty,” Limbaugh said this week, “but they can’t vote for 25 years.”

    “Limbaugh suggested the “compromise,” knowing full well, “The people for amnesty will never go for it that way. … If we make everything else in immigration possible except they can’t vote, then what happens to the support for it? It would all plummet and fall apart.”

    “Rush pointed out, “The Democrat Party needs a permanent underclass in order to stay in power…”

    • westnash says:

      I don’t agree w/ Rush. They will have all the benefits they can handle w/o the vote and will keep having kids until they control the population. No amnesty and smaller government.