AZ Senate RINOs cave on OBrewerCare expansion

In a state budget vote taken Thursday night in the Arizona Senate, the focal point was the expansion of Medicaid — a key element of ObamaCare, oddly prioritized and embraced by Republican Gov. Jan Brewer.

The issue has been divisive, firmly placing those who ran and were elected as Republicans in the Democrat camp. Republican Majority Leader John McComish (LD-18) was instrumental in ensuring the Medicaid expansion was added onto the $8.8 billion budget bill.

Senate President Andy Biggs (LD-12) and other conservative opponents offered numerous amendments to the expansion, which Brewer claims will bring Arizona $1.6 billion in “federal money” [read: taxpayer dollars]. Included was an amendment to block an unconscionable hospital bed tax, to pay the state’s costs of providing coverage to an additional 300,000 low-income and uninsured Arizonans. The expansion would stretch the coverage beyond the state’s income threshold to 133 percent of the poverty level, or $30,675 for a family of four.

As we have previously seen, the Senate’s 13 Democrats hung together supporting the costly scheme with six Republicans, including John McComish jumping ship to join them.  The other collaborators voting with the Dems are Rich Crandall (LD-16), Adam Driggs (LD-28), Steve Pierce (LD-1), Michele Reagan (LD-23) and Bob Worsley (LD-25).  Remember their names when election season rolls around.

In the end, the final vote ended up rolling the conservative leadership. The Majority Leader and Majority Whip violated their responsibility as part of the leadership team by voting against amendments presented by the Senate President. This level of treachery has not occurred in the state legislature since the notorious Randall Gnant, who brokered a deal with the Democrats against his own caucus in 2000 in order to become Senate President. A historical note that should be remembered is that Gnant was never elected to any other office in this state as a result of his treachery.

The Arizona House will take up the bill next week. Contact your Representatives (House roster here) and let them know of your strong opposition to OBrewerCare and those who vote for it.

A poll conducted last month by Magellan Strategies reveals public cynicism aimed at Brewer’s relentless push for Obama’s cornerstone program in Arizona. Although 49% had a “favorable” opinion of Gov. Brewer, and all but 2% were familiar with her, the percentage opposing her full implementation of Medicaid expansion skyrocketed to 58%. Equally significant is the fact that state legislators who joined with her are less likely to be retained by the voters within their districts by a whopping 43% — compared to only 30% who would be more likely to support them. 

Statewide, GOP legislative districts have been outspoken in their opposition to this governmental overreach.

For more information on this costly and ultimately unsustainable issue, the Heritage Foundation’s Alyene Senger has written 10 Myths About the ObamaCare Medicaid Expansion.


25 Responses to AZ Senate RINOs cave on OBrewerCare expansion

  1. Seen It All says:

    Michele Reagan can kiss her grand aspirations to be Secretary of State goodbye! She has shown us exactly what we would have sitting a heartbeat, recall or abandonment of office away from the governor’s perch. Govs. Raul Castro and Janet Napolitano voluntarily left the governor’s office for greener pastures. Govs. Evan Mecham and Fife Symington left by force. Each of them was replaced by the then Secretary of State.

    • Richard Wayne says:

      Recruit and Train Conservatives – Anger is appropriate, but as the old saying goes, Revenge is best served cold.

  2. LD 23 PC says:

    Michele Reagan’s brazen vote with the left exposes her bonding to abortion, which Obamacare includes. Here’s her voting record:

    She is a liberal through and through. The other traitors are the same ones who abandoned Russell Pearce when he was Senate President. There needs to be a determined effort to replace these RINOs. This coming fall’s elections will be here before we know it. They will all be on the ballot. I’ve had enough, haven’t you? These lefties posing as Republicans are ripe for picking off. Their records speak for themselves. Is the Republican Party doing any recruiting?

  3. Observer says:

    Good reminder about Randall Gnant. He thought he was too slick by half also. The voters showed him the door.

  4. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    A couple of years ago, this site exposed the same people in this post, “Meet Arizona’s Benedict Arnolds.” The same title would have worked perfectly for today’s post!!

    Why were they REelected as Republicans? It’s the fault of the uninformed and lazy who cast ballots. How do we get the message out about who and what they actually are?

  5. Frankly Speaking says:

    Why the silence from GOP state chair Robert Graham?

    • rj says:

      Maybe because behind the scenes he is one of them. Graham ONLY gave money to the liberal establishment candidates in contested primaries. He hires the aides of Flake and Hamer and sucks up to O’Brewer every chance he gets.

      • Hometown Guy says:

        I was unaware of the type of hires you mention. Has there been open and directed criticism? If so, what has been the response? If this is factual, it’s very troubling.

      • SuzanneC says:

        Here we go again. Blame Robert Graham instead of the Legislators and Senators who went against our wishes.. You lost the election, get a life. Robert spoke to Governor Brewer in private, I am so sorry if you want him to have a pissing contest in public with the Governor. He came out against the Medicare expansion plan months ago. If you are so uninformed why not ask instead of making accusations first.

      • rj says:

        When you hire the campaign manager and confidante of McAmnesty Flake as your Executive Director, and the Political Director of the McAmnesty/Common Core/Medicaid Expansion advocate Glenn Hamer as your Chief of Staff, direct your staff that your position is to NOT take any position on any policy issue, you might be identified as not a Constitutional Conservative. Gretchen Conrad Martinez has spent MOST of her time while on the AZGOP payroll down at the legislature lobbying for Common Core. Unless Mr. Graham is being kept uninformed as to the actions of his staff, he is accountable.

      • Richard Wayne says:

        Suzanne, All of the Republican Party efforts to oppose Medicaid Espansion and Common Core have been led by the County and LD organizations. Graham made a pablum opposition statement many many months ago, but has done absolutely NOTHING to actually oppose the RINO Senators and the Governor in implementing OBrewercare.

        You always defend him for reasons not associated with his actions connected with policy positions. Michelle Reagan also tries to justify her actions. Same garbage. When Robert Graham LEADS an effort against the unconstitutional takeover of our medical and education institutions, I will believe that he actually is opposed to those treacherous actions led by RINOs.

  6. Charlie Conservative says:

    PRO LIFERS NOTE THIS: The Capitol Times from 5/10/13, reports in an article on Brewer’s betrayal of her party (she’s pictured on the
    front page in a blue jacket with a blue donkey statue on her desk)
    that the language being added to the bill to prevent the new tax dollars being used for abortion is a sham….one perpetrated apparently by no less than Cathy Herrod and CAP.
    Sen.Katie Hobbs (D-Phx) is quoted in the article as saying “I feel like the language itself is going to be inconsequential”.
    The Times reporter also relates that “Hobbs said that any pro-life language that is passed by Republican lawmakers probably won’t make a difference. That’s because of a federal law prohibiting taxpayer dollars from funding abortions and a federal
    court ruling in February that overturned a 2012 bill that attempted
    to bar abortion providers from participating in the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System.”
    So bottom line, if we accept Obama dollars (Chinese Yen?), AZ
    can have no say regarding the providers for Medicaid and Planned
    Parenthood gets more killing dollars.
    So this should be rightly named the “Taxpayer Dollars for Abortion Expansion” bill.
    What a stinker! And our Pro Life Legislators
    CANNOT find cover behind CAP’s Amendment Sham Game. Shame on CAP and shame on our Catholic Bishops that are apparently playing the Amendment Sham Game also.

    Is this just one more example of how they care more about the Peace & Justice agenda than they do about the horrendous evil of abortion? Their silence is deafening!

  7. Attila The Hunny says:

    Besides this Medicaid Expansion affront, the budget is a pork-laden Democrat budget…a Christmas tree for Demcrats in social welfare spending.

  8. Hagar says:

    There will be a motion to censure Senator Rich Crandall at the next LD16 meeting. I hope other districts will do the same. Crandall is a carpetbagger who won the primary against Rep. John Fillmore only because of Senator Steve Pierce’s PAC money, earmarked to elect Republican senators in the general election. What slimes they all are. If Graham wants another term as AZGOP chairman (not to mention his governor ambitions), he had better do something about this.

    • East Valley PC says:

      Rich Crandall doesn’t give a damn about a censure. He’s already announced that he’s leaving the senate after the current session ends and before he serves out his full term.
      He’s always received abysmal scores from the Arizona Conservative Coalition. On the most recent listing, he had the absolute lowest score of 49%, earning him the“RINO” label on the senate side. And what a surprise to see Steve Pierce, John McComish, Michele Reagan, Bob Worsley and Adam Driggs are just above him at the BOTTOM of the list. ACC had these RINOs pegged early on. I always like to see where their ratings are. They’re usually right on the money.

      I hope the PCs in Dist. 16 have some real choices to select from and get better than they’ve gotten from this sad excuse for a legislator.

      I expected Graham would stepped up and said something about this vote, but a day and night have passed with total silence from AZ GOP hdqters. At this point, it’s not likely to happen.

      • CD 9 PC says:

        Crandall just says those things so his LD will not impeach him or censure him. Steve Pearce is nothing but a mad man who lost his leadership because he used his PAC monies in the primary against a Conservative. Remember he refused to prosecute Crandall for taking down Filmore signs. Get him out, you people who do not live in Pierce’s or Crandall’s district help the the opposition if your district is safe for the Conservative. I tried for years to get out McCommish, well he finally has pissed off many people in his LD, but so has Robeson and Dial. That entire bunch needs to be replaced.

  9. LEO IN TSN says:

    It looks more and more every day like AZ got another snow job that covered AZ GOP Chair-candidate Robert Graham as a conservative, and now the snow is melting. Apparently he has silently created a state staff of McCainiacs at HQ, and sits in silence on every crisis.

    Why has he not condemned Common Core in AZ, or any other (UN) Agenda 21 expansion in AZ? Why has he not publicly supported the conservative legislators and other GOP officials who are trying to stop this obamaocare sellout? Why hasn’t he taken a loud public stance condemning the 844-page AZ sellout by the Gang of 8? Oh gosh, McAmnesty & McFlake are ramrodding that Gang, aren’t they? OOhhhhhhhhhhh!! AZ is in trouble again.

    Let’s encourage House Speaker Tobin and our conservative loyal Rep’s to write their own clean budget, and stick to it. No compromise, no propositions, no sleight-of-hand, no pork, no McBrewercare, just a good clean budget.

    God bless America.

    • SuzanneC says:


      Robert voted against Common Core at the National level when he voted at a meeting of the RNC last month when he had the chance.. Since he is not in the Legislature or the State Senate he can not cast a vote here. Oh gee, another who has no idea what a State Chair can and can not do. And you wonder why the Republican Party lost two seats last year. Fight your own instead of the Democrats good idea.

      Again Robert Graham is trying to have all come together but I see that some one here is trying to get back in the good graces of the State party but is here trying to start her back stabbing ways.

      • Janelle says:

        The state chair should LEAD on the issue. He says he voted against common core at the RNC when it was the overwhelming majority position. It is the Party position and Robert has always been known for his chameleon characteristics, but he has always put his money on the less conservative establishment candidates.

  10. Jim says:

    Suzanne, you began drinking the water and have now advanced to sucking up the Kool-Aid. RG is a great manipulator and can be hypnotizing at times. When the trance is over, it will be an ugly awakening.

    • eubykdisop says:

      Can’t you make a point without being rude and offensive to the woman or were you born a confrontational jerk?

      • Jim says:

        It has been clearly demonstrated by multiple posters on many, many articles that you are the confrontational jerk on this site. You cannot get away with transference that easily. I was not rude nor offensive. If I was, Suzanne has the ability to speak for herself.

        Unfortunately, Suzanne began drinking the RG water during his campaign of misleading the voters by saying he was conservative when ALL of his monetary contributions were given to liberal candidates in the primaries. Then, he has hired the most liberal, anti-grassroots new employees available. Nuff said.

      • says:

        What’s the matter with you? You talk to this poor woman as if she were some sort of street thug! You habitually are rude to and abusive of posters in this blog. Clean up your act!

  11. John Q says:

    The only problem I have with SRAZ on this post is that these liberal/progressive/socialists did not “cave”. They were leading the charge in league with the Democrats every step of the way.

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