Turbulent career of Dennis Burke hits wall

USAToday runs a brief exposé on former Arizona federal prosecutor Dennis Burke, the beleaguered Janet Napolitano toady, who hitched his wagon to her star, though ultimately crashing and burning. The news article, IG: Prosecutor improperly leaked ‘Fast and Furious’ memo, can be read here.

Burke had been at Janet Napolitano’s side for years, serving as her Chief-of-Staff when she was Governor and as Chief Assistant Attorney General, during her term as Attorney General. When Napolitano was Arizona’s U.S. Attorney, it was Burke who was at her right hand. Then he joined Napolitano in positioning himself on the Obama team. It all paid off — until it didn’t.

Now he appears to be in a heap ‘o trouble. Will Janet don her red cape and swoop in for a rescue? We’re not laying odds on that happening. Napolitano is no Clark Kent, and we’ve heard the warning that you don’t tug on superman’s cape.

Seeing Red AZ has tracked Dennis Burke’s bouncy career ride:

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July 2, 2012:  Dennis Burke exposed

August 30th, 2011: Dennis Burke, AZ US Attorney forced to resign amid scandal, cover-up

11 Responses to Turbulent career of Dennis Burke hits wall

  1. eubykdisop says:

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

    Burke hasn’t gotten anywhere near the attention he deserves in the national media. He certainly deserves attention here in Arizona! His extra legal escapades and long and close association with Napolitano taint Napolitano in the worst possible way. That’s why Burke has largely been ignored by the mainstream media.

    Thus far Burke has not been held accountable for anything. He wasn’t booted out of office but rather chose to resign. The latest charges against him could result in disbarment.

    Burke is currently licensed to practice law here in Arizona. He also has a D. C. license which is inactive. It will be interesting to see how the State Bar of Arizona treats Burke given it’s penchant for yanking law licenses. Will the State Bar hold Burke to the same standard for disbarment to which it has held other Arizona attorneys or will we see a new found leniency when it comes to Burke?

    • Villanova says:

      Burke did not “chose” to resign. He was forced out. Patrick Cunningham the chief of the Arizona U.S. Attorney’s office criminal division was in very hot water over Fast and Furious and also resigned under pressure. He was subpoenaed to appear before US Rep. Darrell Issa’s committee.

      You look up the things that appeal to your mindset and exclude pertinent information.

      The State Bar does not have a “penchant for yanking law licenses.”
      It has an obligation to hold lawyers to the ethical standards they take an oath to honor, which every practicing lawyer member is obliged to uphold. When they abuse their positions and don’t adhere to professional standards, they can and should be penalized. Lawyers are suspended or disbarred for serious infractions. Ditto medical doctors and certified public accountants. Would you prefer no standards of conduct for professionals?

    • Not Fooled says:

      According the always knowledgeable, king/queen of pomposity eubykdisop, anything he/she doesn’t agree with is merely opinion or a factual error. He/she obviously appointed him/herself God. What a joke that eubykdisop cites a WND story planted by the very county team as evidence of what they claim is wrongful targeting. Michelle Malkin is a bright conservative, but she was also taken in by the idea that bloggers were targeted, since she brought blogging to new heights with her excellent work. The article she had was based on information received by those being discussed. She also does not write everything currently on her site.

      In government and industry alike, those who are forced out hire word smithing strategists who attempt to cover being forced out with “choosing to leave to pursue other interests” or the great old fall back, “spend time with my family.” Only the naive would take such comments at face value.

      Eubykdisop is an arrogant guy/gal who has attempted to drive other commenters away with continual needling, name calling and childish behavior. He should not be allowed to post his asinine and rude and comments here. Why not reign him in SRAZ?

      • eubykdisop says:

        Yeah, yeah, yeah. We’ve heard it all before. It hasn’t gotten you anywhere so far and it isn’t going to get you anywhere now, LOL!

        Well how about trying this, Mr. Brilliant:

        “Supreme Court Asked to Intervene in Bar Matters
        Legal Experts Cite Extensive Ethical Misconduct by Bar Officials”

        “Accompanying the brief were affidavits from five esteemed experts in legal ethics stating Thomas had acted properly in all areas being scrutinized by the Bar and had committed no violations of the rules of professional responsibility. These experts are: Thomas Zlaket, former Chief Justice of the Arizona Supreme Court; Jack La Sota, former Attorney General of Arizona; Ernest Calderon, former State Bar President; Geoffrey Hazard, former Yale Law School professor and perhaps the nation’s leading expert on legal ethics; and Michael Alan Schwartz, former chief counsel at the State Bar of Michigan.”


        Take special note of Geoffrey Hazard. Who is Geoffrey Hazard?

        “Geoffrey Cornell Hazard, Jr. (born September 18, 1929) is Trustee Professor of Law at the University of Pennsylvania Law School and the Thomas E. Miller Distinguished Professor of Law at the University of California’s Hastings College of the Law. He is also Sterling Professor Emeritus of Law at Yale Law School.”

        “Hazard is a leading expert in the fields of civil procedure and legal ethics. Legal ethics encompasses an ethical code governing the conduct of persons engaged in the practice of law and persons more generally in the legal sector.”

        What do you have to say now, “Not Fooled”?

  2. LEO IN TSN says:

    Burke had been doing Janet Napolitano’s dirty work for years, while she was the AZ US Attorney, then Attorney General and then when she went to the Governor’s mansion. Because he was such a trusted operative, she had him appointed as the US Attorney for AZ when she went to DC. She knew she was leaving the operation in capable hands.

    Another of her followers was Patrick Cunningham, devoted to her agendas at the AG’s & Gov’s Offices. A fine team player, he went with Burke to the US Attorney’s Office (AZ) in Phoenix as his Chief Criminal Deputy. In his official capacity, Assistant US Attorney Cunningham oversaw the day-to-day operations of Fast & Furious, meaning he was in it up to his evil eyeballs. That was made clear in the Congressional hearings, resulting in his refusal to testify. Unbelievably he didn’t get fired for that; has he resigned, or is he still collecting a fat federal paycheck?

    Andrew Thomas, Lisa Aubuchon and Rachel Alexander were persecuted for years by the AZ Bar Association because they prosecuted corrupt criminal politicians in AZ, as they had sworn to do. Those corrupt politicians included lawyer/judge politicians who were friends of the players at the Association, and of course that was the impetus behind the witch hunt the Ass’n conducted.

    But in this case we have two friends of the players at the Association who blithely waltz away, even though it was revealed several years ago they broke international laws & treaties and set up a pattern of activity to intentionally violate US & AZ laws. They did this knowing that their actions would result in the murders of countless Mexicans and very likely some Americans. And that in fact has occurred. Fast & Furious weapons have been linked to numerous murders in Mexico as well as in AZ, including the ambush murders of federal agents Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata.

    And the AZ Bar Ass’n?? – they encircle these two brother lawyers to hide them from public scrutiny until the unwashed masses & Congress forget their treasonous acts. Is it any wonder that more & more lawyers want nothing to do with the incestuous AZ Bar Ass’n?

    God bless America.

  3. LEO IN TSN says:

    When Prosecutor Thomas resigned to run for AG, the AZ Bar Ass’n immediately launched their witch hunt against him. The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors named Rick Romley to be the interim County Attorney, knowing he was friendly to the BOS and to the lawyer/judge/politicians who had been indicted by independent grand juries and knowing he would take care of them. In accordance with their wishes, Romley fired the CA staff who had worked for Prosecutor Thomas and then set out to dismiss all of the criminal cases pending against his friendlies. Those cases he didn’t want to dismiss himself, he farmed out to other friendly County Attorneys. Those cases were then ignored, dragged out and finally dismissed by those CA’s. All of those cases had originally been indicted by independent grand juries.

    Dennis Burke and Patrick Cunningham were shown to have lived a pattern of violating international laws & treaties, US & AZ criminal laws, and every ethical and moral restraint imaginable leading to incalculable loss of innocent human life including two American law enforcement agents to date, and both continue working as lawyers while the AZ Bar Ass’n fiddles away. But as we know, that is the history of the AZ Bar Ass’n. Go figure.

    God bless America.