AZ Conservative Coalition: Updated legislator ratings

The Arizona Conservative Coalition’s (ACC) most recent legislator ratings, reflecting legislative actions as of 5/26/2013 is now available. Click here for the updated report.

Legislators are assigned to a group based on their latest rating. Bills used in the evaluation along with the summary of criteria used to weight bills can be seen here. There is also an excellent, concise analysis of each bill considered.

Check out the FAQs section, which answers the question, “Why is a particular legislator rated better or worse then I would have expected?”

Be sure to take time to review Howard Levine’s informative weekly narrative, which provides background on the tracking process.

The folks at ACC provide individual grades for Arizona’s Republican Representatives and Senators. There is quite a variation. This week the Senate ratings range from a high of 92.4 down to the bottom-dragging RINO category of 38.4.

In the House of Representatives the top scorer received a 95.1 with the bottom of the list rating a weak RINO rating of 47.8.

Recently we witnessed a disgraceful act of Republican treachery, with 6 GOP state Senators colluding with and voting in tandem with the cohesive Democrats to endorse Arizona’s ObamaCare Medicaid Expansion, irresponsibly being pushed by Gov. Jan Brewer. The 6 Republican collaborators:  Rich Crandall (LD-16), Adam Driggs (LD-28), John McComish (LD18), Steve Pierce (LD-1), Michele Reagan (LD-23) and Bob Worsley (LD-25), should be remembered when the upcoming elections roll around. Not one of these defectors is worthy of conservative support.

The House has not yet taken up the matter and Speaker Andy Tobin, has decided to abrogate his responsibility by referring the issue to the ballot.

3 Responses to AZ Conservative Coalition: Updated legislator ratings

  1. eubykdisop says:

    We need to ask ourselves why Tobin would want this to go to the ballot.

    “Horne: Obama wants illegal immigrants to vote in Arizona”

    “By Howard Fischer, Jun 21, 2011”

    “Attorney General Tom Horne accused the Obama administration Tuesday of trying to thwart Arizona’s voter-ID laws in a bid to get more illegal immigrants to the polls — presumably to cast ballots for the president and Democrats.”

    “I think the motive is that the more illegals that vote, the better the Obama administration thinks it will do,’’ he said.”

    “Horne said there is no reason for the Obama administration to insert itself into the fight, other than for political reasons.”

    Arizonans passed Proposition 200 which required proof of citizenship to vote. That was challenged in court and AG Horne just argued the case before SCOTUS. The Obama administration joined in filing a brief in support of the plaintiffs. As it stands today, no proof of citizenship is legally required to vote in Arizona.

    Who stands to gain the most by the expansion of Medicaid? Illegal aliens! Under federal law, those not having ANY of the required documents to prove citizenship MUST be immediately enrolled in Medicaid and MUST begin immediately receiving benefits solely on the basis of meeting the income requirements.

    We have motive and we have means. Do you think that Tobin doesn’t realize that?

    • State Committeeman says:

      Speaker Tobin doesn’t want his future political aspirations to be tainted by his obvious alignment with the liberal Democrats, so the ballot is his refuge. He has run as a Republican, after all, although anyone paying attention knows that’s a farce. Remember how he gave cover to the union bills? His brother is a firefighter’s union honcho

      • eubykdisop says:

        That makes sense, State Committeeman, except that Tobin has already made it clear what he is. You know it. I know it. SRAZ articles have pointed it out and there have been many posts here about the “liberal” leanings of Tobin. So I don’t think that his primary motive is cover. It wouldn’t matter much if Medicaid expansion failed at the ballot box. I think his objective, however, is to see that it does pass and he seeks to accomplish that by putting it on the ballot.

        We have motive for illegal aliens to vote for it. They have the means of voting for it, since we have no requirement for documentation of citizenship in order to vote at this point. All that is missing to complete the “crime” is opportunity. Tobin seeks to provide that opportunity.

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