McCain slips into Syria, meets with jihadist rebels

John McCain, who has no problem with people slipping into the United States, now emulates them by sneaking into Syria to meet with rebel leaders.  The Islamic extremist rebels boldly informed McCain they want the U.S. to provide arms, a no-fly zone, and strikes on Hezbollah. Syria is in the midst of a bloody civil war in which an estimated 80,000 lives have been lost, many through the government’s use of chemical weapons.

Last year McCain said it was “embarrassing that the United States of America refuses to show leadership and come to the aid of the Syrian people.” The rebels are engaged in military action against Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces.

There appears to be no winning side (graphic video) in this ongoing violence. The leader of the al-Nusra Front, a jihadist group fighting in Syria, has pledged allegiance to the leader of al-Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri. A Reuters report providing background can be read here. 

But is the ubiquitous McCain the man to be acting as intermediary? As far back as 2008 while running for the presidency, he was having trouble keeping his extremists straight. In this case, Sen. Joe Lieberman had to whisper the correction in his ear, after McCain declared that Iranian operatives were “taking al-Qaeda into Iran, training them and sending them back” — despite the fact that Iran is a Shiite nation and al Qaeda are Sunni fighters.

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  1. eubykdisop says:

    “McCain’s rebel host commands jihadist-integrated units. Dotted with fighters, leaders who push Sharia law”

    “By Aaron Klein, May 28, 2013”

    “The rebel commander who hosted Sen. John McCain in Syria yesterday has openly integrated an al-Qaida-allied organization within the ranks of his fighting group, KleinOnline has learned.”

    “The commander further runs a council dotted with rebel leaders who push Islamic law.”

    “According to a report by Elizabeth O’Bagy of the Institute for the Study of War, field commanders who are now part of Igris’s council come from:”

    * The al-Tawhid Brigade.

    *The Suqour al-Sham Brigade.

    * The Farouq Brigades

    “The al-Tawhid Brigades is allied with the Muslim Brotherhood.”

    “The Suqour al-Sham Brigade pushes Islamic law.”

    “Across Syria, rebel-held areas are dotted with Islamic courts staffed by lawyers and clerics, and by fighting brigades led by extremists.”

    Another source states:

    “As I’ve revealed before,the Free Syrian Army and Al Nusrah, the two main armed factions of the Syrian resistance are jihadist groups run by the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda. Al-Nusrah in particular is nothing more than al-Qaeda’s franchise in Syraia, and is actually an officially designated terrorist group by our State Department.The SMC has very little to do with the actual leadership of the Free Syrian Army and General Idris is just a figurehead who has no real power, because almost all of the other members of the council are leaders of radical Islamist rebel groups whose only use for the SMC and General Idris to use them as a front to acquire weapons from the west and western intervention to take out Assad.”

    “I wonder if Senator McCain has the least clue about that?”

  2. Kathy says:


    • Army Of One says:

      All McCain cares about is having a microphone and camera in front of his face as he blathers. He clearly is enamored with himself and always has been. The fact that he’s a dunce has never intruded on his inflated ego. But those facts aside, this is one war where the US needs to keep its distance. None of the players are worth a dime. They are all radical followers of jihad and not worth a single American life. Let them kill one another off!

      • eubykdisop says:

        From what I’ve read, I’ve come to the same conclusion. There doesn’t seem to be a side in this which is aligned with American interests. In short, it’s none of our business and we should keep our nose out of it. I agree. Let them kill each other off.

  3. says:

    Recall McAmnesty!

    • American Patriot says:

      There was a recall against McCain back in 2001. It had the wind at its back and was gaining more signatures every day. The recall had an office in North Central Phoenix, and each time I went in to drop off filled petitions, there were others there doing the same. The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 pulled the plug on the recall. Americans had more to worry about than an egocentric jerk who attainted far more stature than he ever should have. (It’s good being born into a family of US Navy Admirals!)

      A recall is not the answer for this over-the-hill liberal who calls himself a Republican. Don’t attend any meetings he calls. Never stand and never applaud him. Never send him a thin dime. Call his local and DC offices and ask tough questions. Chances are, they’ll never get to him, but his staff might realize they’re working for a lightening rod despised within his own party, and start looking for greener pastures and leave him high and dry. Just a few thoughts.

  4. Clementine says:

    It’s not America’s position with regard to Syria that’s “embarrassing. ”
    The real embarrassment is John McCain.

  5. Kathy says:

    Here’s a headline on HotAir today: “McCain says we can identify the good guys in Syria — after he unwittingly meets with kidnappers.”
    As I said before – traitor. And we are suppose to trust this man in the Gang of 8 on amnesty????? Classic

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