LA Times’ farcical editorial reaches into AZ

The liberal LA Times newspaper is obviously no fan of Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer. Here at home, conservatives castigate the Republican for what has become a decidedly left-wing bent. Our opposition to her push for Obamaesque Medicaid expansion remains unequivocal.

But in Mexifornia, the Times editorial board rudely hands Brewer her head on a platter for not being liberal enough.  Blatant dishonesty, AP style-book Orwellian Newspeak and name-calling mark the piece. We take her to task when she disappoints the base. This editorial, rife with leftist dishonesty, claims she does “further damage to Arizona’s reputation.”

How amusing that a state that has twice elected ACORN-praising, tax-raising, aged hippie radical leftist Jerry Brown as governor, has record numbers of people on the government dole, and bankrupt cities dotting the state, has the temerity to mock Arizona’s “reputation.”

Message for Gov. Brewer: No matter how far you deviate from your core principles and the values of the people who elected you, it will never be enough to satisfy the loony left.

7 Responses to LA Times’ farcical editorial reaches into AZ

  1. PJ O'Malley says:

    Maybe the Times’ ploy is to get conservatives to cover for Brewer in her hour of unfair attack because, after all, she’s still (technically) one of us. And if we rescue the gov, we commit to the Medicaid expansion.
    Nuts to that; hang her out to dry. She still needs to be pilloried despite the Left’s diversionary tactic.

  2. Kent says:

    THIS is an indicator of how California is actually governed. More hypocracy!!

  3. Frankly Speaking says:

    Yes. That’s the liberal hypocracy, Kent. And these are the awful facts: This is California:

  4. eubykdisop says:

    California no longer recognizes The Constitution and it is no longer part of The United States. It is the first piece of former U. S. geography to come under the rule of the “New World Order”.

    “CA Democrats Expand Background Checks, Gun Confiscations”

    “by AWR Hawkins, 30 May 2013”

    “California Democrats passed eight new firearm-related regulations this week, including background checks for ammunition purchases and broadening of justifications for seizing firearms from California citizens.”

    “According to the Sacramento Bee, the background checks on ammo purchases are contained within SB 53, sponsored by Kevin de Leon (D-Los Angeles).”

    “The basic justifications for firearm confiscation are contained within SB 140, which has already been signed into law by CA Gov. Jerry Brown. This law allows CA officials to confiscate guns from people “with criminal pasts” or who are “mentally ill.”

    “Democrats also passed SB 755, which broadens SB 140 by adding alcoholism, drug addiction, and similar problems to the list of justifications for forfeiture of 2nd Amendment rights. SB 755 was sponsored by Lois Wolk (D-Davis).”

    “It’s important to note that SB 140 and SB 755 are only possible because the Democrats were first able to create a registry of all guns in the state. This is something they’ve been doing for years. With the registry in hand, they can now incrementally add new and various justifications for firearm confiscation.”

    “Democrats also banned detachable magazines on rifles and the mere possession of a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds. They reclassified certain shotguns as assault weapons and passed SB 683–a bill which forces Californians to get a certificate from the state before exercising their 2nd Amendment rights.”

    One state down. 49 to go.

  5. Vince says:

    The fact that GOP Gov. Brewer (who has become too liberal for Arizona Republicans) isn’t liberal enough for the amnesty agenda Democrats says it all, doesn’t it? The only way to win is by staying true to principles. Brewer has deviated and is now discredited by both the left and the right.

  6. eubykdisop says:

    Oh, ‘ya just gotta LOVE this one, LOL!

    “Border wall causes serious injuries, Tucson doctors say”

    “May 24, 2013, by Linda Valdez”

    “The wall is a constant source of injuries,” says Dr. John T. Ruth, head of orthopedic surgery at the UAMC.”

    Wait, wait, wait! The border wall CAUSES serious injuries? Now, how does a wall CAUSE injuries? So I guess the wall jumps out and smacks people?

    Kinda strange. Lots of walls where I live and no one gets hurt by them. In fact, I’ve never seen a single wall aggress on anyone in my entire life! I wonder what it is about the border wall which makes it “cause” injuries? Maybe the federal government will now require warning labels on walls; “Caution! This wall may cause serious personal injury!” Wonder how you write that in Spanish?

  7. eubykdisop says:

    The headline says it all:

    “Recall effort against Arizona’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio fails”,0,7548060.story