Welcome to AZ, Laura

Laura Ingraham says Jeff Flake “living up to his last name” 

The Daily Caller’s media reporter Jeff Poor, captured conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham’s words on her recent radio show, as she called out a number of Republican senators who voted to support the amnesty bill. Ingraham concluded the segment saying she was thinking about moving to Arizona to primary Sen. Jeff Flake, who is up for re-election in 2018.

Listen to Laura Ingraham here.

“Let me tell you — I am thinking of moving to Arizona,” Ingraham said. “You know why? I will primary challenge Sen. Jeff Flake myself, if that’s what this requires. Jeff Flake, living up to his last name, backed down from a previous promise his spokeswoman made to Breitbart. This is just like Marco [Rubio] breaking his promise, basically, that he would consider voting in favor of amendments to the Senate’s immigration bill that would close a loophole of allowing illegal immigrants access to state and local welfare. Jeff Flake voted with the liberals against the Ted Cruz amendment.”

Ingraham emphasized why this was an important issue and also suggested that Sens. John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Orrin Hatch be faced with primary opposition for their support of this measure as well.

“Should this be grounds to primary challenge every Republican who voted for this bill, and I mean every single one!” she continued. “I don’t care if they just got re-elected. Next time they’re up for re-election. Ann Coulter’s right. This is a single issue — this is a single-issue primary challenge. You know why? Because this is it. As Bill Kristol said on this show, as he said on this show, once you give this pathway to citizenship all these benefits, all this discretion to [Janet] Napolitano, it’s over. It’s too late to complain about it. It’s over.”

“Should these people be primary challenged — Jeff Flake, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and everyone else, Orrin Hatch,” Ingraham continued. “He just snuck in. He snuck in. He came on this show and he promised, ‘Oh I’m not for amnesty. I’m not for amnesty.’ Well, of course, Orrin Hatch voted — he voted with the Democrats on this issue.”

Heads up to Laura: 

Seeing Red AZ has dedicated an entire category to the slippery Arizona politician we call “Jeff the Flake.” The posts leading up to and during the 2012 campaign will give you plenty of background to mount a first-rate challenge. You’ve got the credentials and name recognition. Arizonans, living in the major border portal, will give you plenty of support.

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  1. Doc says:

    Oh Yeah, Baby! I’ll help her move if she wants…FOR FREE! Just don’t wait till 2018! Come NOW & take mcStain’s place!!!

  2. eubykdisop says:

    The SRAZ article quotes: “As Bill Kristol said on this show, as he said on this show, once you give this pathway to citizenship all these benefits, all this discretion to [Janet] Napolitano, it’s over. It’s too late to complain about it. It’s over.”

    Consider this:

    “Collision of national, NYC immigration bills could add thousands to voter rolls”

    “By Barnini Chakraborty, May 31, 2013”

    “WASHINGTON – A controversial proposal in New York City to give voting rights to hundreds of thousands of non-citizen immigrants could make them into a key vote in America’s largest city.”

    “The Big Apple proposal, though, could resonate with other municipalities, inspiring them to follow suit — and, if Congress approves an otherwise unrelated immigration overhaul, the number of newly eligible immigrant voters could swell into a potent voting bloc on the local level.”


    The legislation being promoted by Flake and the “Gang of 8” wouldn’t make illegals citizens immediately BUT they would become LEGAL non-citizens and eligible to vote locally under the plan being proposed in New York City. Municipalities in Massachusetts and Maryland are also seeking to implement the sort of legislation being proposed in New York City.

    • Night Owl says:

      What a convenient boost for Democrats!! Why do you think Jeff the Flake and John McAmnesty are pushing such an expansion of the Democrat voter rolls? Republicans will become irrelevant, with the help of these phonies.

      • eubykdisop says:

        Right you are, Night Owl!

        Well, I’ve said it before, and I’ll continue to say it, until either Conservatives get it or the country goes down, that the allegiance of Flake and McCain is to the “New World Order”, NOT to a political party. Don’t believe it?

        Recently I posted some things about the Council on Foreign Relations. Both John McCain and Michael Crow, President of ASU, are members of the CFR which promotes the “New World Order”. Now we have “The McCain Institute” at ASU!

        A promotional piece from ASU states, “McCain Institute offers students training in foreign policy”. Think about that for a minute! We have two Arizona members of the “New World Order” Council of Foreign Relations joining together to promote the “New World Order” to students! It is “…based in Washington, D. C…” and funded by a $9 million “gift” from the McCain Institute Foundation, a charitable trust funded by John McCain.

        There’s a website. Visit it. Take a GOOD look around. Here’s the link:


        If you look at the Board of Trustees, you will see this name; Lynn Forester de Rothschild. Who is she?

        “Lynn Forester, Lady de Rothschild (born Lynn Forester; July 2, 1954) is the chief executive officer of E.L. Rothschild, a holding company she owns with her third husband, Sir Evelyn Robert de Rothschild, a member of the Rothschild family.”

        “Lynn Forester de Rothschild was introduced to Sir Evelyn de Rothschild by Henry Kissinger at the 1998 Bilderberg Group conference in Scotland…”

        Now, if you aren’t familiar with them, do an internet search on “Rothschild” and another on “Bilderberg Group”. Just make sure that you’re sitting down when you do it! The Rothschild family AND the Bilderberg group are at the very heart of the “New World Order”!

  3. Not Fooled says:

    Ingraham can run circles around the Flake in the brains department. She’s sharp, thinks on her feet, and has national name recognition, not just in the East Valley. Flake is a known liar who rejected his own term-limits pledge when the power was too appealing. He lobbied for a South African uranium mining company with financial ties to Iran, which he now tires to massage into a beneficial effort. Laura is right. Flake lives up to his last name.

    Read this revealing article in National Journal:

    Conservative columnist Michelle Malkin cut him no slack on his slimy “Cap and Tax” vanishing act. Then he lied about his reason for missing the vote had to do with his daughter being in a beauty contest. She was competing in the talent portion days after he was AWOL on this critical vote.


    Honesty is a continual struggle for Jeff Flake, and one is is not winning..

  4. VINOAZ says:

    A friend is predicting a sweeping Republican victory in 2014. With Flake and McCain embarrassing Arizona and stinking up the Republican party, along with other RINOS, I remain skeptical.

  5. CD 9 says:

    I agree we will have a Republican victory in 2014 if half the Republican’s will shut up. At lunch today again another so-called good conservative wanted to know were the Republican Congressman were on Benghazi, and the IRS. We have another year to go, oh yea let Boehner spend all his time this year investigating and run out of steam for next year. The interest will go away n again we will be out.

    Jeff Flake is a liar, and not only on his term limit pledge, Randy Pullen said he lied to him on Amnesty, I want to know what Bill Montgomery has to say, he said I was wrong about McFlake, no Bill you were. Bill Montgomery betrayed us the same way McFlake and McStain has, if Laura runs let it be sooner not later. I did not hear her say that, but a friend called as soon as Laura made that statement, and it does not take much to be smarter than McFlake but Mc@#$%^&* term is coming faster.

    Beware all, there is going to be a plant in the appointment for Crandall’s seat when he resigns. Her name is Moira, she is going around pretending to be the conservative activist for the district, but is being supported by Crandall. All she will do is continue to keep the gang of 5 in power. But what is suspicious is why would Jerry want to put up a name for State Senate who has no Legislative experience? That LD is being led around by the nose by Crandall, McCommish and Pearce we need to make sure we get the R.I.N.O.’s out not keep them in power. Why is it Jerry did not want Kelly Townsend? A known Conservative? What is behind the Chairman’s pick?

    We are not only being played in the Federal Elections but the State too.

    • East Valley Conservative says:

      Is “Jerry’ Jerry Lewis? Last names help. Also, what is Moira’s full name?

      • CD 9 says:

        Jerry is the LD Chair Jerry Clingman, poor Jerry Lewis was used and tossed out, that was well deserved. I have much respect for the Mormon church, but their rules say no politics and the Liberal Mormons are as bad as the Liberal Republican’s.

        Moira is the first Vice Chair of LD 16, I will get the correct spelling of her name. I am not a conspiracy theorist, or a paranoid nut job, in fact I usually walk away from those things. But why not a proven quantity? Why take a rookie or someone no one really knows and try passing the off as a good conservative activist? If the powers that be are pushing her, Moira, then we need to beware, that may not be my LD. but look at what redistricting did us we all need to engage. To me, an unknown would be like deliberately adding to the ranks of our betrayers in the state.

        Read the writings of Thomas Grier, I myself was listening to some who said well he worked here and there so he must be a R.I.N.O., it turns out he was the CONSERVATIVE writer for these places, not the Liberal Policy Makers. Look I am not the best investigator, but I do check and make my apologies when I been wrong to someone.

        My question is why take someone who has only been active for a few months, never held office, remember we have many pretend Tea Party people elected we are now trying to get rid of. One got elected as the first tea party person and never shows up at another TP meeting and joins the Liberals in their quest to out the Conservatives, beware all. The biggest farce many fell for, BUT NOT ME, was “Build The Dang Fence”. Please tell me who said that, LOL. Another liar.

    • East Valley Conservative says:

      Thanks for the clarifications. However, I would never use the word “poor” to describe Jerry Lewis. He was not used. His solid opposition to Russell Pearce was well known and well documented. Behind the scenes the LDS church encouraged him to run and promoted his efforts. He is a well-connected part of the church hierarchy, as a former Church Bishop and Stake President. Lewis didn’t just fall off the amnesty promoting turnip truck.

      The LDS Church was fearful the fallout from Arizona’s SB 1070 would negatively impact its outreach on missionaries who proselytize to the state’s approximately 2 million Hispanics the church views as essential to its future growth.

      Lewis was redistricted out of his comfort zone and deserved to lose. He never deserved to win in the first place. Have you forgotten Lewis’ election was praised by AZ’s liberal former AG and perpetual Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry Goddard? And after his election, Lewis partied with the Hispanic lobby that joined with him in ousting Senate President Pearce.

      Poor Jerry Lewis? Not a chance!

      • CD 9 says:

        LOL, I was being sarcastic, Jerry was used and tossed aside of which I am more than happy.

    • rj says:

      Don’t forget that your boss, that you have played the blind expositor for in other posts on this blog, was a financial contributor to McFlake, Tobin, etal. and hired McFlake/McCain/Hamer toadies to be the top staff at the Party. It is amazing that you can advocate the perfection of Graham while expressing your hatred of the people that he has endorsed with his wallet. Situational ethics do not play well.

    • rj says:

      Just to clarify, the above post was posted to the original CD9 comment at 8:12 last evening. The computer placement could make it appear to be directed to EVC, which it was not.

  6. Hagar says:

    Let no one forget we also need primary challenges to state senate RINOs Pierce, Reagan, McComish, and the three Mormon Amigos, Worsley, Crandall and Driggs. Plus any Republican state representatives who vote for McBrewer’s Medicaid expansion travesty.

    • CD 9 says:

      I have had many conversations with the elected Legis, they say it will pass. I was at one LD meeting and Menard was speaking, more double speak than I have ever heard and he is going to vote for it because it is in with the budget now. I totally agree the “gang” of 5 need to be replaced.

  7. eubykdisop says:

    Jeff Flake and the “Gang of 8” have assured us that under their “comprehensive immigration reform”, illegal aliens will not get government benefits like welfare and Social Security. As we all know, if Flake says something, it has to be true.

    “Fla. illegal on welfare for 20 years shows others how to milk system”

    “by Janeen Capizola, May 31, 2013″

    “Welfare is not a career opportunity,” unless you’re an illegal immigrant, mother of seven on food stamps, and collecting social security, of all things, in the great state of Florida.”

    “Fox News’ Steve Harrigan reported on the completely out-of-control food stamp program in Fla. with a story that will set your teeth on edge.”

    “Illegal immigrant Marita Nelson, 50, is a single mother of seven who collects $240 in food stamps, receives child support, and “government funded housing, medication and $700 a month in social security.” And she has been getting assistance for the last 20 years. Twenty years. Now Nelson wants others in her situation to know they can get the same help.”

    “How she possibly collects social security isn’t explained, but Harrigan reported on Florida’s federal assistance recruiters who sign people – “clients” – up for “multiple federal aid programs at the same time.”


    Well, what do you know! Illegal aliens have ALREADY been receiving welfare AND Social Security checks… for TWENTY YEARS! And all of that money came out of YOUR pocket! Yes, while you were working away at your job, the Feds were taking money out of your paycheck, before you even saw it, to give it to Marita Neslon and her 7, count ’em, 7 children. Awww, ain’t the Welfare State grand! Hey, with no Daddy around, someone has to take care of Marita’s kids. Why not YOU?

  8. Seeing Red AZ says:

    Bernard Paluch:
    For some unknown reason, your last two comments ended up in our spam folder, which we routinely dump. In doing so tonight, it was noticed that yours were inadvertantly in the mix as it was being cleared, for which we apologize.

    There are times the spam inbox is too filled to check each inividual item. Your comments are among those that are posted automatically, so the fact that they ended up in that file is a mystery. We will be more careful in the future.

  9. LEO IN TSN says:

    I would love to see Laura Ingraham in AZ, and challenging McAmnesty or McFlake. But as well-loved as she is as a vocal, gutsy conservative, success for her would not be a given. We have had wonderful patriotic conservative candidates in our present past (Hayworth, Cardon) who should have strolled through a primary, but were publicly butchered by campaigns of lies. The McStrategy is working, thanks to huge campaign warchests for false advertising and to the constant efforts of the New AZ GOP in brainwashing their minions.

    I speak, of course, of the union of the LDS zombies, the CofC globalists and the LP schizos. Their efforts have given US our own Idi Amin McAmnesty, Senator for Life, and his little illegitimate son Idi Amin McFlake. Nationally, they assured US our servitude to Barak Hussein Obama, President for Life and his shadow government of illegal Czars. They have corrupted our State House with phony recalls and sleazy Republicans who detest the Republican platform and now work locally to destroy our freedoms.

    This is a destructive effort that has to be stopped before Republicans can elect a Republican. How can we do it?? Perhaps we should pose that question to AZ GOP Chairman Robert “Whozat?” Graham.

    God bless America.

    • Observer says:

      You’re right about JD Hayworth and Wil Cardon. They are both good men who each have more decency and commitment to Republican values in their little fingers than either McCain or Flake have in their entire bodies. They were defeated by well funded smear campaigns and the AZ GOP “powers that be” allowed it to happen without a peep, primarily because theMcCain and Kyl cabal ran the show. What I personally value about the Seeing Red AZ blog is the fact that it is a conservative site that has the tenacity to take on delinquent Republicans. They have written to the effect that we expect to be screwed over by Democrats but it is inconceivable when those who run and are elected as Republicans do it. I agree completely!!

      • CD 9 says:

        JD was defeated by McPieceofmanure’s 22 million bux and the strawpuke Jimmy Lee Deakin. But worse we had the naiveté of the Tea Party thinking they could get someone as lacking a Deakin in office, good McCain pick to divide the vote. Then last year instead of the field being cleared for Wil, we had the little deceitful Preacher full of hate slicing off votes and the Steve Hays or Mays, whatever his name is, group prostituting itself for McFlake with vile lies and the Independents can get fooled every time.

        Another thing we need to do is close our elections, or better yet make us a caucus state, I like Robert Graham, maybe more of you need to get his emails. Please tell me though why do you all want him in pissing contest with the governor, the Senators jerks they maybe. I heard daily here how is it the Democrats stick together? Then you call for the Chairman to fight openly with the elected officials. Unless he says I hate the illegals you refuse to accept he made a statement against Amnesty, it was not good enough. We have a class act, lets see what happens my Lord the elections was 4 months ago.

  10. LEO IN TSN says:

    The Chairman is supposed to be the leader of his representative group. That means taking public stands on issues that will effect, even harm, the group. McGraham had no trouble making his voice heard when he was campaigning for the Chair, but suddenly the Cone of Silence has dropped down over him when trouble showed its ugly head. Maybe that is because the troublemakers are his supporters and mentors.

    Taking a stand does not mean public confrontations with personalities, but it does mean public stands opposing the legislation that jackal “R’s” are trying to foist on US – McBrewercare, Gang of 8 Amnesty, firearm registration & confiscation, perpetually expanding government state & federal, vetoing good Pro-Arizona Pro-America bills, and on and on. McGraham has lost his voice. Claiming to speak to the strays in private accomplishes nothing except to leave the low-information voters uninformed on the issues. They don’t hear their Chairman criticize anything publicly, and in that vacuum are inundated with propaganda from the jackals that will convince them that bad is good. Nope, sorry – the Chair has to do his job, and that involves being visible.

    Even shy little Carolyn Cox, the County Chair down here in Baja AZ, has issued a public statement opposing McBrewercare. Maybe she can tutor McGraham.

    God bless America.