AZ Republic: Medicaid expansion, agenda-driven “news”

The search is on for advocates of Medicaid expansion

At first blush the Sunday article on Dr. Pearl Tang appeared to be a nice puff piece filled with Arizona history, recounting the medical career of the Maricopa County health care pioneer. The 92-year old widow of Judge Thomas Tang was a Shanghai-born immigrant who made great strides in her profession. 

The 3-page article/interview with the Paradise Valley resident is replete with five oversized photographs, along with those on one jump page actually covering more space than the print describing Dr. Tang. That was the initial clue there was more to this piece than just a happenstance opportunity to focus on her noteworthy career.


Near the conclusion of the “report’ was this actual ‘pearl’ — the well-timed reason for the multi-page coverage:  “At 92, she isn’t particularly interested in being drawn into public debates about health care. But she has opinions as she sees the federal expansion of health care buck up against the will of Arizona lawmakers. “I think Governor Brewer is correct in wanting to expand Medicaid,” she said. “Many people have lost their jobs, and they need health care. The expansion of Medicaid is the proper thing to do.” Like with the programs she instituted 60 years ago, Tang said. “The benefit of expansion will be seen through the lens of passing time.”

Get it?

7 Responses to AZ Republic: Medicaid expansion, agenda-driven “news”

  1. eubykdisop says:

    Dr. Tang left out a few things!

    It is mandated by federal law that that those who cannot produce a single document proving U. S. citizenship MUST immediately be enrolled in Medicaid and MUST immediately begin receiving Medicaid benefits SOLELY on the basis of demonstrating that they meet the income requirements.

    Let’s be absolutely crystal clear about this. The Medicaid expansion of Obama and Brewer is nothing but a benefits program for illegal aliens at the expense of U. S. citizen taxpayers. It is calculated to impoverish America and Americans. It is designed to “break the bank” because ruining America financially is necessary before the “New World Order”, with it’s end to sovereignty and the implementation of global governance, can be implemented.

    This goes hand in hand with Obama’s desire to put an end to congressional control of the national debt limit. Absolute national bankruptcy can be most quickly achieved by simultaneously spending as much as possible while putting no limit on the amount of debt the federal government can run up.

    • Observer says:

      Some of us get it! In this case, you certainly do, eubykdisop. This truth needs to get out! Obama intends to destroy this nation. There is nothing “compassionate” about weakening Americans, undermining our national sovereignty, having unionist teachers in government schools indoctrinating our children with leftist pablum, taxing us into oblivion, providing jobs and benefits to illegal aliens magically turned into US citizens, and impoverishing this country to third world status. Thinking Americans are beyond concerned. Why do you think gold and silver sales are escalating and food storage is addressed by mainline stores and warehouse clubs now selling such supplies? The term “prepper” has become mainstreamed as alarm is taking hold.

      • eubykdisop says:

        Suffice it to say that I cashed out my 401k, deciding to take the tax hit rather than to leave the entire sum as low hanging fruit for Obama to grab. SRAZ did an article on the very detailed plans of the Obama administration to confiscate retirement accounts, dishing out instead a monthly government dole that expires when you do. That’s a 100% death tax.

        The national debt is at about $17 trillion and there is over $19 trillion in retirement accounts. It’s a no brainer. Of course they’re going to grab that retirement account money just as Cyprus grabbed bank account money. They’ll get to bank accounts later.

        Those moves will financially wipe out the personal wealth of Americans forever. There will be no wealth to be inherited. It’s the ultimate in the “redistribution” of wealth and, forever after, Americans will be dependent upon what the government chooses to, or not to, dole out.

        Then, you had better stay “in line” or Uncle Barry will cut off your sustenance!

  2. Angie says:

    Thank you for your clearly analyzed and well informed comment. This is exactly what the average American doesn’t know. It’s sad to see how ignorant most people are of the true purpose of Obama Care, the debt, the non-mentioned attacks on the media and Conservative, intelligent, well informed citizens. It all goes together.

    • eubykdisop says:

      Thank you, Angie!

      Yes, Angie, It all goes together! THAT is the most important point!

      There appear to be discrete and unrelated issues plaguing our nation. In fact, all of the issues are linked together, part of a coordinated effort to bring about the demise of America as we have known it and to replace it with the global governance of the “New World Order”. Abortion, homosexual “marriage”, illegal immigration, gun control, fiscal irresponsibility, the weakening of the military, the attacks on Christianity and Judaism, governmental lawlessness, ignoring The Constitution, United Nations treaties, the Common Core education agenda and a plethora of other issues are all directed at achieving a single objective.

      We need to put a name on it, call it what it is and go after the heart of the beast rather than merely attacking it’s tentacles. On the one side are Conservatives seeking to preserve The Constitution. On the other side are those promoting the “New World Order” and global governance.

      There can be only one.

  3. Seen It All says:

    Dr. Tang is a lifelong Democrat. Her husband ran for his judgeship as a Democrat. Jan Brewer is giving a good portrayal of a Democrat. Of course Pearl Tang supports this Obrewercare expansion of Medicaid. What a joke!

  4. Villanova says:

    In the early 1970’s Judge Thomas Tang lost his judicial re-election after a slap on the wrist ruling in a highly publicized murder trial in which he allowed two teenagers (both nearing 18 as I recall) who had murdered a third to be tried as juveniles rather than adults, twice dismissing murder charges against them. Voters in Maricopa County were enraged at his leniency in the case. After being ousted from the Superior Court bench (when we could still vote for or against judges not just to “retain” them), he returned to private practice. His career was later resurrected when liberal President Jimmy Carter appointed him to the equally liberal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.