Petulant Brewer holds legislators hostage

Surprise special session!

Early this evening, in an unprecedented move reminiscent of a reigning monarch issuing decrees, Gov. Jan Brewer, issued this proclamation, unexpectedly calling state legislators into a special session. Her move is aimed at forcing through her issue of paramount importance — Medicaid expansion — to which she is inextricably bonded.

In the proclamation, she declares a single subject. That was accomplished by rolling the pesky state budget in with what she refers to as “supplemental appropriations related thereto such as funding for the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System and any mechanisms for the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System to secure enhanced federal financial participation to support and maintain its programs.”

In other words, Brewer believes a tooth fairy named Barack Obama will stop by and drop money under her pillow.

Her move came on the heels of  House Speaker Andy Tobin, (R-LD1), adjourning the legislative session for two days.


8 Responses to Petulant Brewer holds legislators hostage

  1. Sovereign says:

    Petulant Indeed! Not surprising for a governor who is designated to be one of Obama’s Board of Governors (Executive Order 13528) for our FEMA region IX! She’s already doing the bidding of her superiors.

  2. DL says:

    Ethan Orr is a friend of mine, but anyone who votes with this governor under these circumstances will lose my respect. Her behavior does not reflect well on the office she holds.

  3. Janelle says:

    SKEWER BREWER and her co-conspirators Steve #punk1 Pierce and Frank #punk2 Pratt. We need to make sure none of them are ever elected to public office again!

  4. rj says:

    In France they simply beheaded the monarch. That seems to be an appropriate course of action for this evil wench.

  5. State Delegate says:

    What’s this I hear about a coup to oust Tobin? Anyone here know anything?

  6. Hagar says:

    I heard the same about an attempt, perhaps even this evening, by Brewer and her henchmen to oust both Speaker Tobin and Senate President Andy Biggs. She’s counting on traitorous Republicans to side with the Dems on this.