Jeff Flake and the bi-partisan company he keeps

Jeff Flakes on the border: “This time is different” he vows

National Review Online’s Jonathan Strong uncovers the Jeff Flake Arizonans know well enough to call Jeff McFlake, in acknowledgement of his sycophantic allegiance to his mentor. And like John McCain, Flake has become the darling of the “bi-partisan” crowd. Translated, that means he is more comfortable with Democrats than the Republicans he used to further his career.

In truth, the Libertarian-leaning Flake was never at ease in conservative garb. He talked up his aversion to earmarks in order to gather the East Valleyites he needed to win a seat in the U.S. House, but remains silent regarding the $6.3 trillion price tag of implementing the mammoth amnesty scheme and deliberate destruction of the Republican Party.  Now in the Senate, and with six years before he has to answer his critics, Flake has put pedal to the metal on promoting the opening of our borders for upward of 25 million illegal aliens — not the mythical 11 million figure in use for over a decade. Stretching the truth comes easily to the aptly named Flake, who nimbly broke his term limits pledge when it no longer suited him.

Sen. Dick Durbin one of Flake’s “Gang of 8” amnesty partners, warmly refers to those in our country illegally as “courageous,”  while publicly stating he’s not sure bloggers and Tweeters should be afforded the Constitutional protections granted to all American citizens.

Using the vaguest of terms to describe his confidence in the penalties for violations, Flake claims there will be “consequences.”  Although in a rare moment of honest reflection, he concedes that Janet Napolitano’s Department of Homeland Security hasn’t always acted in good faith dealing with border enforcement. Flake and Napolitano share an Arizona history going back to his days as a congressional representative and hers as governor. She and McCain are such good buddies that even knowing her leftist proclivities, he and Jon Kyl — the duo who went to the mat shoehorning Flake as Kyl’s replacement — still supported her nomination as DHS chieftain.

Such are the alliances built when “bi-partisanship” is heralded. Astute politicos know that the accurate definition of bi-partisanship is Republicans setting aside principles to join forces with Democrats in promoting their agenda. That was illuminated by the Republican-bucking “maverick” John McCain yesterday, when he thumbed his nose at the push for 6,500 border agents by declaring on the Senate floor that “No border is ever going to be sealed.” *

*H/T Breitbart


5 Responses to Jeff Flake and the bi-partisan company he keeps

  1. Kathy says:

    But, but – what about the “dang” fence McCain. It’s only been 28 yrs when we were promised border security from the last amnesty bill. Ha yes, but we are suppose to trust politicians and Gov’t – NOT.

    • Jason says:

      Best advice, Kathy, is give up your quest for the “dang” fence. John McCain is nothing more than an accomplished liar. Somehow, taking this treatment from those with “R’s”after their names is worse than being handed your head in your hands from a Democrat. We all expect that, but hold out hope that things will be better if we only elect Republicans. Turns out they’re mostly the same. As a conservative, I’m continually disappointed.

      • Kathy says:

        Yes – I know, I was being sarcastic. There is very little difference between Republicans and Democrats. The difference is Conservative and Liberal; those that love this Country as founded and those that do not; elites and We the Legal People; the ruling class and We the Legal People; those who have principles and integrity and those that do not; the Govt and We the People as their slaves by way of taxes. Politicians no longer work for us as public servants – we now work to support their greed. Just today – politicians are complaining how much Obamacare is going to cost them and they must fix it – not repeal it, but fix it for themselves (as an opt out).

  2. Vince says:

    While far too many Americans continue to be unemployed or underemployed Jeff Fake thinks the answer is to open the floodgates and give work permits to millions of illegal aliens. Durbin wants to put them in our colleges and universities, displacing our own American students. This is nothing short of suicidal, both for the future of America and her citizens and the GOP. Establishment cons Flake, McCain and Kyl are elitist pretenders, looking out only for themselves. If they think all of these grateful new citizens are going to reward them with their votes, they must be nuts.

  3. Tucson Voter says:

    Why do Arizona Republicans keep electing these fakes and this Flake? I moved here years ago thinking this was the land of Barry Goldwater conservatives. Instead it’s where the mavericks play…play us for fools, that is.