Jan Brewer: Senate amnesty bill “A Victory for AZ”

 Brewer claims “we need to discuss the legalization, a pathway to citizenship — we need the workers in Arizona”

Remember last June when Barack Obama issued an unlawful executive order bypassing congress and exempting the so-called ‘dreamers’ from deportation? Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer exclaimed, “This was an outrageous announcement….that intends to grant back-door amnesty. It doesn’t take cynic to recognize this action for what it is, blatant political pandering.” Brewer called Obama’s action, “a preemptive strike against the anticipated (U.S. Supreme) court ruling.”

What a difference a year makes.

Fast forward to June 24, 2013. Brewer, Arizona’s schizophrenic governor, has apparently had a change of heart. Or maybe another brain freeze.  In any case, Brewer, the border state Republican head of state, who should know better, now claims “This Gang of Eight bill is a victory for Arizona.”

Brewer, using words similar to her McMentor, who has repeatedly said, “We need to secure the border first,” states, “We need the border secured before we move forward.”

Syndicated columnist and blogger Michelle Malkin correctly tells Sean Hannity, “I reject the premise of ‘secure the border first.’ I hate these platitudes.  It’s secure the border period.”   Malkin states, “Because the Constitution,  Article 4, Section 4 states, that it is the duty of the federal government — not only to provide for the common defense — but to secure the states against invasion.” Listen:


12 Responses to Jan Brewer: Senate amnesty bill “A Victory for AZ”

  1. Angie says:

    Brewer is a poor excuse for Governor of AZ. She is definitely showing symptoms of dementia. And, no Senate seat for Brewer. That’s the only reason for her becoming McCain’s lap dog. We need conservatives who won’t change their mind every time the wind blows in a different direction. No Mc’s or Brewers for AZ!

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      After the crap she’s pulled on us, even someone with the obvious limitations Jan Brewer has would know better than run for another office. She has burned every bridge she’s ever had, except those with McCain & Co.

  2. paul marchant says:

    omg, it just occurred to me she may have Presidential ambitions We’re screwed. all we need is another McCain.

  3. eubykdisop says:

    “…we need to discuss the legalization, a pathway to citizenship — we need the workers in Arizona” – Jan Brewer

    Let’s see if Brewer’s statement is supported by the facts!

    “Job Openings in the U.S. Drop From Almost Five-Year High”

    “By Alex Kowalski – May 7, 2013”

    “The number of positions waiting to be filled declined by 55,000 to 3.84 million from a revised 3.9 million the prior month that were the most since May 2008, the Labor Department said today in Washington. The report also showed hiring decelerated and firings climbed.”

    “Job openings slipped most at professional and business services, followed by health care and social assistance agencies. Retailers, hotels and restaurants were among the employers putting out more help-wanted signs in March.”


    First, we see that job openings nationally have dropped from a five year high, that hiring “decelerated” and that firings increased.

    Secondly, we see that there are 3.84 million job openings nationally while the number of illegal aliens is VERY conservatively estimated to be 11 million.

    Finally, we see that job openings decreased the most for higher paying jobs but increased for retail, hotels and restaurants, the lowest paying jobs.

    The number of illegal aliens in Arizona equals about one tenth of the number of job openings nationally. Is Brewer claiming that 10% of employment opportunities nationwide are in Arizona? Is there really a need for that many hotel maids and restaurant busboys in Arizona? Is that a reason to support amnesty?

  4. Gary says:

    This is the final roll call vote on Democrat Patrick Leahy’s phony Amendment supposedly to strengthen border security and enforcement. You’ll notice that Arizona’s two notorious RINO senators, John McCain and Jeff McFlake were onboard this debacle, as was McRubio. And Governor Brewer? She’s a true believer in any Flaky Dem McSecurity promises to come down the pike.


  5. Maggie says:

    If any of Arizona’s Republican members of Congress support this false security, we should show them the door. Although I’m a conservative, I don’t care if they are supportive of the Second Amendment and embrace the sanctity of life, I will campaign against them. Illegal immigration and the rewards being given to the invading hordes remain the overriding issue for me. This affects our nation in countless ways and will change the USA in ways we cannot even fathom. I regard each and every congressional member, Republican OR Democrat who support amnesty as a traitor to my country, it’s heritage and my family.

    • pcrcPC says:

      I must agree with you Maggie, I will not vote for or make ANY effort for any candidate that supports amnesty of any sort, no matter what race they are in or who it is against.

      I will not support anybody who is trying to destroy the party and the country just because they have an (R) by their name on a ballot. In fact I will actively work against them.

      And lets not parse words, if it is not repatriation, it IS amnesty.

      huge numbers of Republicans agree:
      ” among Republicans, the issue elicits much more passion, none of it good for immigration-reform advocates within the GOP. Nearly half, 49 percent, said lawmakers who back a proposal offering a pathway to citizenship will lose their support. Only 15 percent said it would make them more likely to back their incumbent”

  6. patriotmom says:

    Hear, hear! Maggie is absolutely correct. Immigration is the defining issue of our time and will result in the balkanization of this country if the House does not stop amnesty. Securing the border and the interior of our country is the foremost priority and should be the only thing addressed by the House right now.

    Unfortunately, business leaders are greasing the palms of Senators and Representatives in order to keep wages low and the number of job seekers high. It is not a coincidence that low wage businesses are hiring while better paying positions are being consolidated or cut.

    Personally, I’m tired of hearing about all these non-existent shadow-dwellers. Illegals march in our streets and campaign for their Dem supporters. Many have come forward because they know that Nobama has issued the “hands-off” order. They are living in our neighborhoods, driving cars, sending their kids to our schools, standing on street corners waiting for work, using our healthcare facilities… the list goes on. What they DO NOT DO is use our language nor respect our laws. For that they should NEVER be allowed to be citizens- EVER.

  7. Hagar says:

    Is there a dimmer bulb than Brewer among the nation’s governors?

  8. LEO IN TSN says:

    Michelle Malkin has always had it right, and she has the guts to tell it to the limelighters like panderer Hannity.


    Melt down the phone lines. Here is the contact info:
    Trent Franks phone: 202-225-4576 fax: 202-225-6328
    Paul McGosar Phone: (202) 225-2315 Fax: (202) 226-9739
    Matt McSalmon Phone: 202-225-2635 Fax: 202-226-4386
    David McSchweikert Phone: 202-225-2190 fax: 202-225-0096

    SENATE (ughhh):
    Juan McAmnesty ph: (202) 224-2235 fax: 202-228-2862
    Jeffie “Blonde Boy” McFlake ph: 202) 224-4521 fax: 202-228-0506

    God bless America.

  9. CD 9 says:

    I guess I have been proven right, again. I came out against Brewer month ago, and was called down by many of you. I said she was not a conservative, I said she waited a week to poll test SB1070 and that thrusted her into a Governors win. I said people were nuts to believe one bill signing did not make her a Conservative, breaking arm patting myself on the back.