Arizona Republicans gladly bid adios to Rich Crandall

The Casper Star-Tribune reports that Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead has selected Rich Crandall “recognized as a moderate Republican force in the Arizona Senate,” to run the state Education Department.

There are those in Arizona who would consider reporter Joan Barron’s description to be the height of understatement.

Aside from Crandall’s lackadaisical work ethic — during his term in the AZ House, he missed 254 out of 382 floor votes in the 2009 regular session — the phantom legislator is deceptively lacking in commitment to his constituents and his job. He blamed his chronic absenteeism on taking a post in New York — after having run to represent the district. Crandall was also one of the first RINOs to join with the unified Democrats in supporting OBrewerCare, the costly and unsustainable Medicaid expansion.

Additionally Crandall made the infamous Benedict Arnold list after joining with the unified Dems on five major bills in 2011.

Despite missing nearly 2/3 of the session votes and giving aid and comfort to the Democrats at every turn, Crandall’s reelection was paramount to the left-leaning establishment elites, who sunk $105,000 into his campaign to defeat a conservative candidate.

But the efforts on his behalf didn’t provide much incentive to Crandall. After being reelected, he anounced his intention to resign mid-term to pursue his quest for a “dream job” regardless of whether the Wyoming  job came through. It was rumored that Crandall, who has no background in education, was eyeing the superintendent’s post in Gilbert, AZ. He owns Crandall Corporate Dietitians, the nation’s largest provider of dietary consulting and menu services to nursing homes. The lucrative business apparently isn’t enough of a “dream job” to suit his tastes.

Fortunately for the residents of Gilbert, Crandall is leaving the state.  Wyoming’s parents should be outraged at the selection of this Obama Common Core advocate who will be directing the education policies for their children. However his move out of state is a gift to all Arizonans who will no longer be subject to his desire to federalize our education system from his perch on the senate education committee.

7 Responses to Arizona Republicans gladly bid adios to Rich Crandall

  1. eubykdisop says:

    So long, Rich, and don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out!

    That’s one down! :-)

    • Observer says:

      Good analogy since Rich Crandall is a horse’s ass. I wonder what kind of vetting process Gov. Mead employed. He must think the monied Crandall will be a high dollar donor to his next effort. Crandall is a part owner of the Arizona Rattlers and has a mega $$$ company. If I lived in Wyoming, I would be pretty damn disgusted that this slimeball was put in charge of my children’s education. Home schooling is the only answer for the residents of Wyoming.

      • eubykdisop says:

        This is the “game” today, Observer, to avoid accountability! Get into office, scorch the earth and then move on to an appointed position somewhere else where the big money people take care of you and reward you for your service to them.

  2. LD 16 PC says:

    I read that Mead and the state legislature promoted a new law removing Cindy Hill, Wyoming’s elected Superintendent of Public Instruction as head of the Education Department. He did this in the middle of her term. It looks to me that he must have a relationship with Crandall and pulled a fast one on Hill to create a vacancy for him to fill.

    Crandall represented (???) my district. What a flim-flammer!! We had no representation at all a good deal of the time. The rest was a disgrace. I’ll just say he didn’t represent us very well and certainly didn’t care if he did.

  3. Kimball says:

    Will this worst of the worst in the AZ legislature still be selling food to nursing homes ? .

  4. CD 9 says:

    Kelly Townsend is tossing her hat in the ring for Senate, I hope she gets it, she is a known Conservative and can brake the back of the 5 traitors.

  5. Hagar says:

    Good riddance to Crandall, but what a waste for Townsend to try to be appointed to replace him. The district will then have to replace her as a House member. Her one session in the legislature has swelled her head beyond recognition. Power corrupts, especially dilettantes.

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