McCain verbally mugs GOP Sen’s amnesty deviation

U.S. Sen. Deb Fischer’s dissent from McCain’s skewed views brings on rude tirade

Testy John McCain calls fellow U.S. Sen. Deb Fischer (R-NE) “So ill-informed in the statement I just saw that I don’t know where to begin,” as he expressed his “disappointment in the series of false statements that the senator just made.” McCain’s unhinged attack was in response to his senate colleague having the temerity to express criticism of his amnesty legislation.

McCain rudely trounced Republican Fischer after she publicly stated, “I will not support legislation simply because it might be vogue or politically expedient, or could ingratiate me with the inside-the-beltway club.”       

Sen. Fischer had the wisdom to oppose John McCain, his ardent sycophant Jeff Flake and their left-leaning “bi-partisan” clique of Eight Gangsters who are committed to ramming through the gift of amnesty for an estimated 25+ million illegal alien invaders of our sovereign nation. Foreign national relatives will also be entitled to eventual legalization through the chain migration practices known as family reunification. Legalization creates a pathway to massive new welfare expenditures, along with job and university placement competition, while incentivizing even more illegal immigration.

For her strong stance in support of the rule of law, the foul-mouthed Señor Juan McAmnesty maliciously blasted Sen. Fischer. The none-to-bright McCain asked Fischer if she had ever been to the Arizona-Mexico border — as if that alone qualifies one as an expert on border security. McCain’s made quite a show at the border, strolling along with Sheriff Babeu and demanding the completion of the “danged fence.” He even stood idly by and watched as illegals scaled the area where he staged a recent, contrived photo op.  Yet hypocrite McCain proceeded to castigate Fischer for suggesting the bill fails to provide security.

America would once again be respected and its laws observed if establishment leftists like Señor Juan McAmnesty would battle Democrats with the same ferocious determination reserved for launching attacks on conservatives.  But the man who delights in his “maverick” moniker is intolerant of dissent.

Arizona’s Machiavellian U.S. Senators have perfected the oily art of double talk on the border —  one for pre-election consumption and another for the day after.  For a memory refresher, here is border hawk candidate McCain. Here is the politically expedient border hawk candidate Jeff Flake  — an unwavering amnesty-supporting congressman — doing an about-face to win conservative votes for the senate seat he so blatantly coveted.

Seeing Red AZ has devoted an entire  category to each of these deceptive establishment politicos. We know them well. For that reason we commend formidable Nebraska Republican Sen. Deb Fischer.

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22 Responses to McCain verbally mugs GOP Sen’s amnesty deviation

  1. Delilah says:

    As usual the old goat trashes another Republican. Again are you Republican’s so freaking stupid as to cast your ballot for this old man? For God’s sake and the sake of this country please remember this at election time. Put the old fool out to Pasteur. Even Sarah Palin has had enough of him.

  2. Blaine Dunning says:

    What have you done John to secure this border? What have you done to stop illegals from entering this country? Why hasn’t the government been deporting all illegals like they are supposed to? Why have you done nothing about this for 25+ years?

    Then you have the gall to question someone who doesn’t like your bill, believes it won’t live up to its promise. Will grant amnesty to millions of people who broke our laws and you hand them citizenship for breaking the law.

    Many of us are fed up with your bullshit, we have had enough and don’t trust one thing you say. You have lied so many times about your record that you believe your own lies. We don’t trust you, your fellow RINO’s and your Democratic conspirators to do anything you say.

  3. LD 27 PC says:

    Sen. Deb Fischer is luckier than she realizes. At least McCain didn’t call her the “C” word as he did with his own wife. Hint: It didn’t stand for Cindy.

    He’s a disgusting old goon, who lies as easily as most of us tell the truth.

  4. pcrcPC says:

    the rnc wants to silence conservative voices. rove, preibus, the rnc all want us silenced in favor of lobbyist and special interest groups. McCain is one of their tools. we know what happens when politicians are bought by special interest, look at obrewercare and our traitorous legislators.

    apparently so to does Robert graham, according to a recent letter from john gotts at connectGOP graham want to stifle the base and control our local republican messaging in the state to quite possibly conform with karl roves messaging.

    if you have not seen the letter, I suggest you contact your LD, or county chair, it is information valuable to us all when considering the immediate need for graham to be replaced, here is a small portion:

    “Some questions recently came up regarding our working with the State Party.
    It is true that we stopped working with them a couple of weeks back. I am not much for drama but it seems that from questions we are being asked there is some confusion as to what happened. In a nutshell we didn’t feel comfortable with Robert Graham divulging trade secrets about our products,software and services to his classmates at the Thunderbird Business school without our consent when he made our company his class project (his words).He also wanted to put massive controls on all counties, districts, precincts
    and candidates so that HE could craft YOUR message and control your data. ”

    We need the azgop chair to publicly, full throatedly support the values of Arizona conservatives, be it against obrewercare or our amnesty senators among other things. we do not want “leadership” that is a tool of karl rove, the rnc, lobbyist and special interest.

    The time may have come for a vote of no confidence in graham and request his resignation.

    • LD 17 Voter says:

      lol, yes that is exactly what they tried doing to Tom Morrissey, but again the GOP is fighting, and you wonder why we lose. Oh well,

      • Night Owl says:

        Republicans, and especially party activists, have every right to expect those they helped elect stay true to the principles of the party and its platform. We have no illusions about what we get from Democrats. But when those who run as Republicans and then vote with Democrats get taken to the woodshed by infuriated Republicans, that is not why we lose. We lose because the party apparatus / leadership doesn’t call candidates in and talk turkey about what funding they expect to raise and how they will structure their campaigns. It is absolutely imperative that we don’t repeat having 9-way primaries that allow the Democrats to slip in while our candidates are busy brutalizing each other.

        We lose because we have been hoodwinked by posers such as our AZ US Senators and the phonies in our state legislature who claim to be Republicans and vote with Democrats. GOP PCs are getting fed up with working for those who betray us.

        We lose because state party leadership is in bed with the RINOs.

        What you call “fighting’ I call holding them accountable. Too many of those running as Rs are conspiring with and voting with Ds. It has to stop. Our state legislature is full of such traitors. Do you suggest we merely sit back and take it?

    • GOP PC No Longer says:

      How right you are! Whether on the national or state political scene, the liberals in the Republican party call the shots. When I see Karl Rove on my television screen, I switch channels before that creep opens his mouth. Graham has the 24th Street office filled with McCainiacs and Flakesters.
      Here in AZ we’ve had the McCain/Kyl cabal in control. Now it’s McCain and his flaky underling Jeff.
      I shudder to think who will replace codger McCain, but be assured there will be a lot of money and energy spent on making sure it’s another of his ilk. Being screwed over by those who run as Republicans is far more reprehensible to me than taking the garbage doled out by Democrats. Unless it’s someone who has a conservative track record, I will not support another faux Republican. It will be a cold day in hell before I send another check or pound another sign for those who have no concerns about screwing us over. I’m done!

      • Doc says:

        …so you quit your PC? I’ve seriously been considering this same course of action. These politicians make me sick. They won’t even CONSIDER logic & common sense…which scares me to death for my babies…& mcStain & mcFlake are just blatant liars…something I simply can’t abide. Oh Lord my head hurts…time for a Motorcycle ride…

      • State Committeeman says:

        Doc and GOP PC No Longer:
        We give up, the liberals, in BOTH parties, win.

        This is a war and one we must stand and fight…if not for ourselves and the preservation of the USA, then for our children and theirs. If we surrender to the left because it’s too troubling to deal with the perils we face, their futures are beyond bleak. Too much has preceded us, blood spilled and battles fought by brave heroes, for us to throw up our hands and walk away because the going gets rough. You must reconsider!!

        I don’t like what I see anymore than either of you, but I love my family more than I despise the deceit of McCain and Flake. That’s what drives me forward.

      • eubykdisop says:

        State Committeeman:

        No one is talking about giving up. What is being talked about is no longer participating in a political party which dictates to us and which, at the same time, no longer represents our views.

        “Palin Floats Leaving GOP”

        “by Tony Lee, 29 Jun 2013”

        “Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said on Saturday that if Republicans abandon conservatives, conservatives may have to consider leaving the Republican Party.”

        “Palin said that if Republicans vote for things like amnesty, “there will be a lot of us who start saying, ‘GOP, if you abandon us, we have nowhere else to go except to become more independent and not enlisted in one or the other private majority parties that rule in our nation.'”

        “She said that both national parties are “private parties” and nobody forces Americans to be “enlisted in either party.”

        We have to make a determination about whether or not we are whipping a dead horse in trying to work through the Republican Party. We can’t afford to waste time spinning our wheels if our efforts to save America are to be successful.

      • Doc says:

        State Committeeman-euby is correct in his assessment on my quitting my P.C. position. Give up th’ fight? My Dad would kick my @$$ ! I’m just done with this pack of liars & hypocrites. They set a bad example for my kids. From the local level all the way up, republicans embarrass themselves with their hypocrisy. Our elected officials, for the most part, need to have their butts kicked. Anyone with a brain cell still functioning can plainly see this. Yet, Americans in general, & Arizonans in particular, continue to bow to these moronic liars. I’m just done with ’em. RE-ELECT NO ONE…PERIOD.

  5. Vinoaz says:

    Machiavelli is largely misunderstood and his name frequently taken in vain. McCain is no Machiavelli, and is an insult to a great man. His epitaph reads “so great a man, no adequate praise”.

  6. personswithgrudges says:

    Anyone remember exactly when McCain endorsed Flake? It was before the primary, and 69% of voters in the GOP primary still voted for Flake.

    • Not Fooled says:

      McCain and Kyl were tremendously worried that their previous endorsement of Dr. Richard Carmona, a democrat, was going to come back and bite their buddy Flake and them in their collective asses. So the McKyl Duo traveled the state pimping for Flake. As a conservative, I can tell you that neither I nor many of my conservative friends voted for Flake. He (mis)represented us as a congressman, and we’d had our fill of his egocentrism.
      This what McKyl had to say about Dr. Carmona during his senate confirmation as US Surgeon General:

      The McKyl Duo did a neck breaking switcheroo when he was running for the same senate seat Flake was. Suddenly Carmona was “lacking in integrity!“ And why? Because he used their own words and images against them in a campaign ad.

      Now this background:
      “The man for all seasons with a compelling personal story.”

      Then watch THIS:

  7. eubykdisop says:

    You like attacking people, Senator McCain? Try this!

    The Search for America’s POWs

  8. LD 17 Voter says:

    No night owl I do not. I expect McCain and McFlake to adhere to the State Republican platform. But pcrc makes comments and then does not produce the proof. We all have proof McCain and Flake both betrayed us all. pcrc called for the removal of the Party Chair, that is what the Libs in the party tried doing to Tom Morrissey twice, a fair election the R.I.N.O.’s wanted overturned because Morrissey was married a bunch of times. They also accused him of not raising money and lying about how much was raised, that was not true but again who cares if they could wrestle the reins away from a Conservative and give them to McCain.

    Come out in the public and start a recall, what a fool, but then all the recall on Tom did was tear us apart. And unity is something that should never happen to us, only the opposition to make the DemoRats look like a more cohesive group. Many of you do not realize the RINO’s and Dems are both trying to cause disarray in the party, why give them ammunition.

    I did not vote for Flake, I refused. I did not care if the Democrat won, it would be better than McCain picking our Senator, and I am a PC.

    • LD 15 PC says:

      Morrissey’s numerous marriages had nothing to do with the discontent. The fact that Morrissey fell under the McCain/Establishment spell was what created internal party problems for him. They promised him money for the party and he sold out for it. Pure and simple.

  9. LD 17 Voter says:

    Oh no LD 15, the recalls all happened before he went to McCain for the bux, I know I was there for it all. Tom came to the Tea Party asked each and every one for a $5.00 or $10.00 donation monthly, to be taken out of their bank accounts, they refused. I guess the party needs no money to help Republican Candidates in the General?

    That is not saying I agree with Tom on that, I disagreed, McCain the Liar promised him money, but of course it never materialized, Tom lost that too. You can not trust old John, we all know that, but the party needs money to help Republican’s in the General election. Even the Tea Party would not give, Oh Well.

  10. eubykdisop says:

    LD 17 Voter:

    Your logic is false.

    Removal is an action which is inherently neither liberal nor conservative.

    Unity is not inherently virtuous. Whether unity is virtuous or not depends on what it is which is uniting people.

    Robert Graham needs to go. Why?

    Not only did Graham appoint two persons, Heywood and Martinez, from strongly pro illegal alien organizations, but Martinez actively supported and promoted Brewer’s Medicaid expansion.

    It is illogical to fail to take necessary action, the removal of Graham, for fear of seating a replacement who is worse. Life is inherently uncertain. Act, based upon the current situation, and then address the results as necessary.

    When fear is the rationale for inaction, the outcome is invariably bad.

  11. Seeing Red AZ says:

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