Zimmerman verdict: It’s over…or is it?

Florida jury finds George Zimmerman not guilty in the death of Trayvon Martin

Saturday evening, after two days of deliberations, a jury of six women found George Zimmerman, 29, not guilty in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

In response, race baiter Al Sharpton appears to be sending a clear message that this verdict should not stand: “This is an atrocity. This is a sad day in the country…a slap in the face to those who believe in justice in this country. I think that we clearly must move on to the next step in terms of the federal government and in terms of the civil courts.”

Breitbart reports that After the verdict was announced, New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz sent a threatening tweet that has since been deleted from his account. He tweeted, “Thoroughly confused. Zimmerman doesn’t last a year before the hood catches up to him.” And Cristina Silva, an Associated Press reporter, tweeted this from her verified twitter account: “So we can all kill teenagers now? Just checking.”

Make no mistake. This case — Zimmerman identifies as Hispanic and Martin was black — is steeped in race.  

Alex Jones’ Infowars reports on threats to stage riots, looting and racial violence if the verdict was anything but guilty.

The extremist New Black Panthers Party vowed to oversee “a rebellion” and pledged “unrest all over America” in the event of an acquittal —  amid claims its leader Samir Shabazz had vowed to burn down white communities.

What is the underlying message when law enforcement authorities felt the need to plead against rioting after a verdict is reached in the George Zimmerman trial? Where is the parallel outrage over the monumental black on black crime* that occurs daily around this country?

 *Bureau of Justice Statistics report


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  1. Fought For My Country says:

    When our justice system comes under attack for not falling prey to manipulation by specific groups it is a sad day for us all. Racial politics, regardless of which race plays them, are wrong. Manipulative threats by specific people and groups undermines the strength of our Constitutional form of government. Racial politics, regardless of which race plays them, are also destructive to us all. The jury heard the evidence, deliberated on those facts and rendered a verdict. I trust it acted appropriately based on what they heard.

    Did whites riot and burn down black homes when OJ Simpson went free? Based on evidence in that trial many Americans believed he murdered two innocent people.

  2. MacBeth says:

    Race is what it’s all about. Thanks for being clear about that. Watch the black university students on this video and listen to the skewed message black teachers gave to young black children. Despite all of the strides forward (ie the Civil Rights legislation and affirmative action programs, both put in place by white Americans) race continues to be divisive:

    • eubykdisop says:

      I beg to differ, MacBeth. Race is NOT what it is all about. Please get clear about that! What it IS about is the Liberal left seeking to use race as a wedge to keep AMERICAN CITIZENS divided while amnesty is implemented for illegal aliens!

      Don’t be suckered in by the propaganda and agitation of the Liberal left!

      Stop and think about it for a minute. We have the Black AMERICAN Leadership Alliance leading a “March for Jobs”, and against the “Gang of 8” immigration legislation, TOMORROW in Washington. If Black and White CITIZENS join together in opposition to illegal alien amnesty then the agenda of Marxist Obama is in trouble! It is therefore imperative for the Liberal left to do everything in it’s power to create and preserve a SPLIT between Blacks and Whites!

      “Divided we fall!” Most Blacks and most Whites are U. S. citizens and NOT illegal aliens. That is one thing which Blacks and Whites share in common. Since both Blacks and Whites are U. S. citizens BOTH Blacks and Whites will be hurt by illegal alien amnesty.

      Think citizen versus illegal alien rather than Black versus White! I assure you that the Liberal left does NOT want Whites thinking in those terms at this time as that would throw a major monkey wrench into their amnesty steamroller!

      • Realist says:

        I beg to differ with you eubykdisop. I too understand the liberal agenda and for sure this plays into their game plan. However, as far as the black community is concerned, the Zimmerman trial was all about race. To think otherwise is being woefully naïve.

      • eubykdisop says:

        And I beg to differ with you In this instance, Realist. Why? Because how “the black community” is defined determines what conclusion is reached!

        There are schisms in “the black community” just as there are in “the white community”. On the one hand, we have the NAACP, for example, supporting homosexual “marriage” while the Black clergy oppose it. We have organizations like the Black American Leadership Alliance urging the Congressional Black Caucus to oppose amnesty for illegal aliens while some Black politicians support it.

        Aside from all of that, we have a dog and pony show, likely orchestrated for the media by the Liberal left, to define for White America “the black community” in terms which benefit the Obama agenda. The New Black Panthers were out there agitating on Zimmerman but let us not forget the flap over how the Obama DOJ gave New Black Panthers members a free pass on voter intimidation. Clearly, the New Black Panthers are in cahoots with Obama and he can use them to do his work without getting his hands dirty!

      • Realist says:

        You made my point eubykdisop, it’s all about race.

      • eubykdisop says:

        You made my point Realist, it isn’t about race at all.

        Thank you!

      • Realist says:

        We both agree to disagree. A friend told me a long time ago “opinions are like “A” holes, everybody has one.

      • eubykdisop says:

        LOL! I’ll drink to that! ;-)

  3. eubykdisop says:

    To fully understand the significance of these events we need to put them in context.

    “The FBI in the 1950s would produce a 100-plus-page report (classified) strictly on the subject of campaigns. The bureau defined campaigns as “concentrated, continuous and concerted succession of agitation and propaganda activities specifically devised and timed to sway public opinion. All communist campaigns are intended to arouse, influence and mobilize as many people as possible to further communist goals.”

    Have we seen this sort of “agitation and propaganda” anywhere else recently?

    “Texas Police Confiscate Jars of Feces, Urine From Pro-Abortion Activists” – 12 Jul 2013

    “Texas police confirmed that they have confiscated numerous jars of feces and urine that pro-abortion activists allegedly planned to throw at legislators.”

    So we see Communist style agitation, propaganda and campaigns are now routinely taking place everywhere.

    Is the timing of the Zimmerman trial and verdict coincidental?

    “Breitbart News Network to Cover DC March for Jobs Immigration Rally LIVE”

    “The Black American Leadership Alliance announced today that they have granted Breitbart News Network the rights to broadcast in its entirety, the DC March for Jobs Rally live on July 15.”

    “The Rally is the first time a major protest unites Conservatives, Tea Party stalwarts, and Progressives in a fight focused on their collective opposition to the immigration bill recently passed by the Senate and currently under consideration in the House.”

    What did the FBI report say? “…specifically devised and TIMED to sway public opinion.”

    We have a Black leadership organization leading a march on Washington TOMORROW, a “March for Jobs” and in opposition to the “Gang of 8” immigration legislation. Furthermore, we have Conservatives, Tea Party activists AND Progressives participating in this Black led march.

    What impact do you think that the Zimmerman “agitation and propaganda” will have on the “March for Jobs”, and against the “Gang of 8” immigration bill, being led by the Black American Leadership Alliance?

    Do you think that Obama and the liberal left could permit that march to go unaddressed while immigration legislation has not yet been passed? How would you sabotage such a march?

    Divide and conquer is one of the oldest strategies in the book. If Blacks and Whites are joining together in their opposition to the immigration agenda of the Liberal left, what better way to sabotage things than to turn them against each other with a classic Communist style campaign!

  4. Kent says:

    Race overrides sanity in this context.

    I work with blacks who have been consistent in their opinion that “Trayvon” was an innocent who was brutally slaughtered by an aggressive “wannabe cop” white guy. These are educated people and one holding that opinion is a staunch political conservative. I can only imagine what the conversation will be like in the morning when we return to the office, but it will be one in which I will not engage.

    • eubykdisop says:

      You should engage in that conversation, Kent! Why? Because unless we dialogue with educated and conservative people, like those you describe above, we will lose the opportunity to have reason heard, one on one, face to face!

      But you have to be prepared to make a reasoned, rational case! What I have written above provides some information for making such a case. You have to get past emotionality!

      COMMON GROUND is the basis for uniting diverse populations. Both Blacks and Whites will be hurt by amnesty legislation BUT Blacks will take the brunt of it because they are largely competing for the same skill level jobs being taken by illegal aliens!

      Unemployment among Black men is much higher than the national average. That is part of why the Black American Leadership Alliance is having their march in Washington tomorrow. OF COURSE the Liberal left is going to respond by agitating and instigating along Black/White racial lines! That is classic Communist style strategy! Divide and conquer! Don’t fall into the Liberal trap!

      What do Obama and the Liberal left want? They want Blacks and Whites at each other’s throats! Why? Because that way neither side pays adequate attention to the economy, jobs and “comprehensive immigration reform”. Instead, they are paying attention to the “differences” between them which have been promoted by the agitators and propagandists of the Liberal left! In the meantime, Obama implements his Marxist agenda!

      “Class warfare!” That is what the Commies have always been about. They have seized upon Blacks and Whites as “classes” because the racial differences lend themselves so well to exploitation. They have actively promoted the same kind of warfare between Arabs and Jews. This is how the Commies have ALWAYS operated!

      • Sweet Pea says:

        Have you ever noticed that your “comments” have become longer than most of the posts you’re commenting on? Into dominance a tad? Maybe it’s time you started your own blog. It could be as wordy as you’d like and you could respond to yourself and cut yourself down with your wearisome sarcastic remarks.

      • eubykdisop says:

        Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Just how many aliases do you post under, LOL! Hint: using the exact same words and phrases is a dead giveaway! But thanks for the very thoughtful and informative comment on the topic! ;-)

  5. Brian says:

    I have to agree with Realist and Kent, as I read and listen to the reaction of the black community to the findings of the jury in the Zimmerman trial, this all comes down to race. Their outrage and cries of injustice completely defy logic and the facts of the case.

    Like Kent, I work with several well educated people of the Black race, however, I dare not engage in honest discourse with them about this matter without concern about being labeled a racist and hindering my professional career.

    I’m grateful that justice was served in the criminal justice system. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out in the civil court arena. As far as being manipulated by the “Commies,” it really does come down to individual choice. You can choose to fill your heart with hate based on race or you can choose to judge your fellow man by the fruit of his character.

    Threatening to harm Mr. Zimmerman after he has been declared an innocent man and others simply because they are White reveals a complete disregard for human life and the “Rule of Law.”

    • eubykdisop says:

      So you don’t think that Liberals and the political left have anything at all to do with what is being propagated about the Zimmerman case. It’s all just spontaneous and not orchestrated in any way. The Liberal left would completely pass on this opportunity to further their agenda.

      This is about as “spontaneous” as the rallies here in Arizona against SB 1070 and as “spontaneous” as the pro-abortionists attempting to bring jars of pee and poo into the Texas state house.

      The Liberal left is completely Machiavellian. It’s difficult for Conservatives to conceive of that sort of thinking, much less entertain it. However, we need to be able to think in the same Machiavellian manner as they do in order to understand what they are up to!

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    But wait, there’s a fly in the ointment for Holder—-his FBI agents have already documented that Zimmerman was NOT a racist.

    Read the column from McClatchey:

    • Orion says:

      If Zimmerman had no history of racism, trust that Eric Holder will find something. As a child Zimmerman might have torn off the black underwings of ladybugs.

  7. Orion says:

    These tweets tell who the real racists are. Caution, foul language along with the threats:


  8. eubykdisop says:

    “BALA Founder: D.C. March for Jobs ‘Terrifies’ Pro-Amnesty Elites”

    “by Tony Lee, 14 Jul 2013”

    “The founder of the Black American Leadership Alliance (BALA) said the outpouring of support from working class Americans of all backgrounds for Monday’s “D.C. March for Jobs” rally, which the group has organized, has scared proponents of the Senate’s immigration bill.”

    “Our opponents are fearful that the fight against illegal immigration, which has traditionally been considered part of a conservative agenda, is now attracting the broad support of everyday Americans – blacks and whites, religious and non-religious, Democrats and Republicans, men and women who run the gamut from progressive to conservative.”

    “She emphasized that the Senate’s immigration bill is so flawed that it has united working class Americans from liberal and conservative backgrounds who may not have much in common politically to come to the rally on Monday.”

    “Durant said those in favor of the Senate’s immigration bill are “attempting to use these differences to splinter and malign us. This is an old trick. What our opponents fail to understand, however, is that we are the very people who built this country and made it what it is today.”