Obama’s “Affordable Care Act” exposed as costly charade

Gov. Brewer’s Medicaid expansion guarantees additional expenses, AZ debt

The Indystar reports insurance rates in Indiana will increase 72 percent for those with individual plans under Barack Obama’s healthcare overhaul, according to the state’s insurance department.

Costs for individual plans are expected to spike from an average of $255 per member per month in 2012 to $570 in 2014, when the most aspects of the law go into effect. The WSJ’s Washington Wire reports  even Obama’s longtime collaborating labor unions are expressing their fears of what they call the ‘Destructive Consequences’ emanating from ObamaCare.

This calamity that others have run from is what Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has embraced in a breathless Medicaid expansion surrender. Her colossal acquiescence in February 2013 amid gimmickry and double talk remains beyond comprehension, and has put her at odds with Republicans in her own state. In fact it was only via the creation of an alliance with Democrats and complicit Republican betrayers, that she was able to force this monstrosity on Arizona’s citizens after initially opting out in November 2012.

Brewer and those voting with her have been censured by myriad AZ GOP districts. Her actions have caused Maricopa County Republican chairman A.J. LaFaro to declare, “Brewer will be one of the worst governors in AZ history.” As we reported Friday, LaFaro expressed his appreciation to those courageous and principled County and LD Republican Committees who have already conducted votes of “censure” and/or “no confidence.”

While ObamaCare was being pushed through Congress in 2010, the Obama administration and its allies were unequivocal in two claims: If you like your doctor and you like your current health care plan, you can keep them both. Now it turns out that’s a “well, maybe.”

The Weekly Standard exposes the rest of the administration’s trickery.

At that time, Glenn Beck was on to this deception. Watch and listen closely. It’s a learning experience:


12 Responses to Obama’s “Affordable Care Act” exposed as costly charade

  1. pcrcPC says:

    “Brewer and those voting with her have been censured by myriad AZ GOP districts.”

    just as they should be, and it should even go further, the districts should commit to actively working to defeat the traitors.

    which makes it all the more puzzling why adam kwasman who is supposedly conservative and running for the cd1 seat would appoint two of the traitors, shope and orr as campaign co-chairs.

    they should be reviled and condemned not be given enhancements by those they have deceived and betrayed. it causes grave concern as to what other areas kwasman will be willing to compromise principles. once politicians begin down that path and are not held accountable, they will just do it with increasing severity, frequency and disregard for those who put them in office.

    if they know we will not hold them responsible, they will not care what we think.

    there are those that are going to defend kwasman, because they know him and or like him or see him as the lesser of two evils. I ask those of you who will support him even though he supports and joins with traitors….how far is too far, and if you back him now, when he is going down the wrong path, what makes you think he wont continue down that path in the future knowing you will still support him.

    if you want to support kwasman I urge you to demand he rid himself of the obrewercare judases shope and orr, and let him prove where his loyalties lie, with the base or with the lobbyist and special interest groups.

    if he chooses the lobbyist and special interest groups I would hope you would withdraw your support for him, and condemn him as brewer and the brewercrats have been so deservingly condemned, and work to see somebody elected who one hundred percent supports the platform, the philosophy and the ideology, and also vigorously CONDEMNS and OPPOSES those calling themselves republicans who blatantly abuse the grass roots.

    if we do not start demanding loyalty from politicians, nothing will change, we will get more of the same, and it will be exactly what we deserve.

    • eubykdisop says:

      I usually agree with you, pcrcPC, but I think you’re losing perspective about Kwasman on the topic of the SRAZ article.

      “Medicaid expansion would be a ‘nightmare’ for Arizona”

      “by Adam Kwasman, February 20, 2013”

      “The proposed Obamacare Medicaid expansion is bad for taxpayers, bad for freedom and ultimately bad for Arizona’s health.”

      “The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that forcing the expansion of Medicaid is unconstitutional. In response, President Barack Obama has dangled the shiny object of federal funding in front of us. We shouldn’t be fooled into taking a bad deal.”

      “This program may sound good in theory, but it becomes a nightmare once fully implemented. Arizonans will be asked to pay $325 million in new taxes immediately. After an initial influx of federal dollars, Arizonans will be forced to pay for more and more of the expanded Medicaid rolls. Just as we have in the past, we will be placed at the mercy of federal regulators who have thus far failed us at virtually every turn.”

      “Greatly expanding Medicaid in Arizona is a risky move that could put our economic future in jeopardy. A recent Wall Street Journal editorial about the situation noted, “When the money inevitably runs out, states will retain permanently larger obligations and lose budget autonomy.”

      “We all agree government must provide a safety net to our fellow residents who have fallen on hard times, but trapping people into an inferior healthcare system that will only increase reliance on big government is not the path to prosperity, nor is it truly helping those in need.”

      “A much better alternative to the ever-encroaching leviathan of ObamaCare would be to expand the economy by enabling an environment best suited to economic growth. We must make it easier for businesses and individuals to provide for their own medical coverage in a competitive and innovative marketplace free of onerous government restrictions.”

      “Free-market competition, innovation, and the empowering principle of ownership are the only realistic ways to lower the cost of care and the cost of coverage, while increasing the health of those who need it the most.”

      “Allowing the Trojan Horse of ObamaCare into Arizona will only burden our state with unsustainable obligations while not equitably meeting the health care needs of our residents. Expanded Medicaid is not a workable or an affordable long-term solution. We simply become addicted to the fleeting drug of unreliable federal matching funds – funds that can and will probably disappear in future years.”

      “A strong and vibrant economy is the only long-term solution to the issue of health care coverage. A well-paying job and the ability to own one’s health care coverage in a personal account will provide more resources and options for medical care than another underfunded government scheme.”

      “The question for Arizona is this: Do we want to select a brighter future in which we are still free to choose our own doctor and treatment options, or will we be tricked into the false-hope of another empty government promise to “make things better?” The free-market, where people are able to trade goods and services without burdensome restrictions from government, is the best way to provide for the prosperity and health of our state for generations to come.”

      “The noose of big government is once again tightening around the neck of personal freedom. We need to cut the noose of government dependency and develop programs that will encourage opportunity, success and independence. Rejecting the proposed expansion of Medicaid will strike a chord with all those who value individual freedom and personal responsibility, while placing us on a long-term path toward real solutions for those Arizonans who need a sustainable safety net, not just another broken promise.”


      • pcrcPC says:

        There is no loss of perspective on my part, this is all about a politician saying one thing and doing another, or in the case of the capital times article penned by kwasman which you cite, writing one thing, then taking action directly opposing what was written.

        I read long ago the capital times article by kwasman and it certainly sounded good, and you would think if principled his actions would be in supporting it, not condoning the behavior and enhancing the stature of those committing treason and betraying the voters.

        And regarding this SRAZ article it states:
        “This calamity that others have run from is what Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has embraced in a breathless Medicaid expansion surrender. Her colossal acquiescence in February 2013 amid gimmickry and double talk remains beyond comprehension, and has put her at odds with Republicans in her own state. In fact it was only via the creation of an alliance with Democrats and complicit Republican betrayers, that she was able to force this monstrosity on Arizona’s citizens after initially opting out in November 2012.”

        By embracing Orr and shope(and probably the lobbyist and special interest who own them)two of the “complicit republican betrayers” kwasman is doing nothing different than enabling, supporting and enhancing the future political lives of those who have betrayed us. Doing this shows a willingness to compromise principle for political gain.

        If we do not demand full faith and loyalty from those we will be voting on, we will not get it. Don’t we all wish we would have gotten rid of McCain the FIRST time he sided with the enemy?

        Do not let the hope for a good candidate and the desire for a win cloud judgement, that’s why we are in the mess we are now.

        Ask yourself, what reason would kwasman have to be allied with these two turncoats? We’re there no conservatives in their districts where he could find support? Why would he choose to rejuvenate their political careers when the base wants them terminated, but the establishment like mccain,flake,graham, lobbyist etc… dont.

        As with most other things its probably follow the money, that’s what brought us obrewercare, and will be bringing us comprehensive continuous open borders amnesty.

        I do not want another bought and paid for politician, and that is how this race is starting out.

        Once again I suggest anybody wishing to support kwasman demand shope and Orr be replaced as co-chairs and see where his loyalties are, with the base or with the lobbyist. See if he can be rehabilitated.

        I know it’s cliche, but when you lay down with dogs, you get fleas.

      • eubykdisop says:

        Ummm, you seem to be overlooking an extremely fundamental fact, pcrcPC. Kwasman voted AGAINST Brewer’s Medicaid expansion and, unless he is an extremely talented actor, he was quite passionate about his vote and angry that the expansion measure passed!

      • pcrcPC says:

        euby, thread closed so im posting here,

        I was a small part of the effort to get that video posted to youtube right after he spoke that night, I also sent the video out everywhere, along with the capitol times article you reposted here. and was in fact one of kwasmans earliest supporters.

        his association and reliance, by choice, on those who actively seek to damage the party, the state, the citizens and the country abandoning principles for political gain render him unacceptable

        I am forgetting nothing, sure he voted against it, but now he is in bed with those who ensured it would pass, returning stature and some credibility to the traitors.

        all for political pandering, I say again, he has no need to have those two as co-chairs, they have in fact betrayed him and us in the past, so why is he doing it. there are principled conservatives he could have chosen, but instead he chose those out to destroy us.

        usually these things can be explained by following the money, the lobbyist, and special interest.

        I call again on those who would like to support kwasman to demand he rid himself of the big govt., socialized medicine, tax increasing, welfare increasing supporters of govt funded abortions shope and orr.

        he had to associate with them as a legislator, now he has gone out of his way to accept and embrace the traitors while reviving their political careers.

        if we do not demand better from politicians we will not get it, I for one am no longer settling just because there is an (R) next to a name on a ballot.

        settling got us to where we are today, graham, flake, McCain, mccommish, shope,orr etc…

        will we never learn, if you don’t demand better you will not get it.

        lie with dogs and you get fleas. shope and orr are infested and adam has chosen to bed down with them.

      • eubykdisop says:

        Ummm, you seem to have missed something, pcrcPC:

        “The freshman legislator cobbled together an impressive list of Republicans from across the district to serve as campaign co-chairs, including Maricopa’s Rep. Steve Smith, Payson’s Brenda Barton and House Majority Leader David Gowan of Sierra Vista.”


        “Arizona Conservative Coalition Republican Legislator Rankings”

        “Legislative Actions as of 6/14/2013”

        “Last Updated 6/28/2013”

        #3 – Steve Smith, 94.2, Pro-Freedom Republican

        #17 – David M. Gowan Sr., 79.2, Big Government Republican

        #19 – Brenda Barton, 76.8, Big Government Republican

        None of these were rated “Progressive Republican” or “RINO”.

        Their average score is 83.4 which rates as “Republican”.

      • pcrcPC says:

        Once again, I missed nothing, I know who the others are that are co-chairs, it does not change the fact that Orr and shope are also included, and did not need to be and should not have been.

        “Kwasman also announced co-chairpersons from every part of the district: House Majority Leader David Gowan; Reps. Brenda Barton, Bob Thorpe, T.J. Shope, Steve Smith, Ethan Orr, and David Stevens; Pima County Supervisor Ally Miller; Pinal County Assessor Douglas Wolf; Oro Valley Town Councilmen Joe Hornat and Lou Waters; and Flagstaff City Councilman Jeffrey Oravits.”

        29 Ethan Orr 9 46.4 RINO
        31 T.J. Shope 8 44.7 RINO

        Combine them with all of the others, including three big govt and two rinos you get 72.3, just getting into the big govt category and narrowly escaping the progressive category.

        This is far from the 83.4 you cite, that’s simply cherry picking, not sure if it was you or the source you cited coming up with the cherry picked numbers.

        Shope and Orr deserve condemnation, censure and removal from office. Kwasman is assisting in keeping the traitors in office, and by doing so further damaging the party, citizens,state and country. It also further separates the base from the party by siding with lobbyist and special interest over the conservatives

        Cd1 will be very competitive, iif kwasman ends up the nominee, maintaining shope and Orr as campaign co-chairs will ensure many of us do not work for kwasman, virtually ensuring a Kirkpatrick reelection. Too many of us are sick and tired of the lesser of two evils argument, or you have to work/vote for the republican or it’s the same as work/vote for the democrat.

        How about the candidate does the right thing for a change and is loyal to us, instead of us having to give blind loyalty to them.

        I say again, dump shope and Orr they are cancers and need to be eliminated not just from kwasmans campaign but the entire az Republican Party.

        If Adam would simply dump the traitorous rinos, replace them with conservatives and admit the mistake, it would go a long way towards regaining trust and restoring credibility.

      • eubykdisop says:

        Ummm, you seem to have missed something else, pcrcPC. Unless, of course, you also singlehandedly got this on the internet too!

        “Rep. Adam Kwasman reminds Obamacare-loving Governor Brewer how the legislative process works after she calls for a special session to pass Medicaid expansion.”

  2. BPaluch777@aol.com says:

    Re Brewercare, She is term limited, no suitable office (Senate) to run for, getting old, so, follow the money. Paid board seats, paid speaking gigs, book deal, ink, etc.. Bernard

  3. Stanford says:

    Obamacare is a disastrous fiasco that is a contrivance to bring America to its knees with massive debt, restricted health care and a socialized form of government. That is the truth behind Obama’s scheme. Too many are reluctant to state the obvious. Hurling the term “racism” is now the liberal mantra, using it to shut down conversation and debate whenever we expose the radical programs Obama pushes. Don’t allow yourselves to be bullied by the new language police of the left. Truth is the strongest disinfectant. Speak it fearlessly.

    Contact your Republican members of congress. Flood their phone and FAX lines. This is our last chance!

    Congressman David Schweikert DC Phone: (202) 225-2190 / Local: (480) 946-2411 schweikert.house.gov/contact-form

    Congressman Matt Salmon DC Phone: (202) 225-2635 / Local: (480) 699-8239 salmon.house.gov/contact/email-me

    Congressman Paul Gosar DC Phone: (202) 225-2315 / Local: (928) 445-1683 gosar.house.gov/contact-me/email-me

    Congressman Trent Franks DC Phone: (202) 225-4576 / Local: (623) 776-7911 franks.house.gov/contact-me/email-me

    • pcrcPC says:

      Thanks for listing the contact info, I would also like to add, when you contact them be sure to add NO AMNESTY of ANY sort.

      Do not parse words, if it is not repatriation it IS amnesty.

      • LD 23 PC says:

        I also tell them that bogus compromises that reward lawbreakers should never be an option. Jeff Flake and John McCain are each able to vote for ONLY ONE of the congressman from their own districts. We, those they consider the great unwashed riff raff (until elections roll around and then they cunningly lie to seek the votes we foolishly give them) hold far more power than they want to acknowledge. WE are the elected hard working precinct committeemen, the tea party activists, the thinking conservatives. We can and should put our concerted energies toward ousting any of them who talk like conservatives and vote like liberals. We need not only to do it but LET THEM KNOW that is our goal if they double cross us with amnesty. By their actions, they show us they are intent on gifting more Democrat voters to the liberals while actively working to destroy the Republican Party.
        Someone commenting here recently made the point that it should not matter if we personally “like” these deceivers. They still need to be voted out. I couldn’t agree more. I personally “like” my congressman, but I will not vote for him if he votes against my children’s future. He has nothing to lose. He has no children, only a dog with a human name.
        That is exactly how I view it. All they care about is getting reelected. I care about my family and the United States of America.