McCain and Obama: The Odd Couple


Victor and vanquished become affable companions

In yet another reportthis latest version in “AP’s The Big Story” — we are treated to a recitation of the cozy relationship that has blossomed between Barack Obama and John McCain, described as “Washington‘s Odd Couple.” The article states the partnership is “mutually beneficial and carries little risk,” giving further rise to the notion that McCain is serving his last term.

But this “Odd Couple” is not entertaining as were Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon who teamed in the movie — and later, Jack Klugman and Tony Randall in the televised sitcom.

This “real life Odd Couple” takes aim at sovereignty, security, and the American Dream, and it isn’t funny — it’s tragic — not to mention dangerous.

AP Photo/Ron Edmonds

10 Responses to McCain and Obama: The Odd Couple

  1. Lisa Andrews says:

    Who fit so well together!

  2. boo says:

    Two class-one assholes meet face to face……

  3. Dennis O'Brien says:

    Hey guys, show some compassion. It’s Sunday, a day I sleep in. Do you really feel it necessary to show this disgusting photo to me after my leisurely breakfast?

  4. Attila The Hunny says:

    I hope this doesn’t violate a policy here, but I thought this letter to the editor was too good to pass up. I was also surprised the liberals who run the AZ Repulsive actually printed it. Bravo to Moshe Shipkin. He’s a man who obviously gets it!!

    An inconsistent maverick

    Regarding Dana Milbank’s column, “The maverick McCain we so need is back” (Opinions, Thursday):
    I suppose that means the Sen. John McCain who discards conservative positions that help elect him.
    I find it interesting that Sen. McCain stated, “my strength and weakness is I enjoy being in the arena,” then quoted Teddy Roosevelt, “I like the fight.”
    I have to wonder then, where was this “fighter” when he ran against Barack Obama?
    There was no fight. It was a lame campaign with no bite to it.
    It was as if he wanted to lose.
    Contrast that campaign with the primary battle against J.D. Hayworth. The claws were out as McCain, aided by a decisive edge in financial resources, viciously attacked Hayworth, policywise as well as personally.
    The McCain that ran against Hayworth was a vastly different person than the one that ran such a lackluster race against Obama.
    In the primary, McCain extols conservative ideas; when elected, the “maverick” returns.

    — Moshe Shipkin, Phoenix

    • eubykdisop says:

      “There was no fight. It was a lame campaign with no bite to it. It was as if he wanted to lose.” Here’s what McCain’s running mate has to say about that:

      “Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said establishment Republican operatives who ran John McCain’s (R-AZ) presidential campaign in 2008 banned her from bringing up then-candidate Barack Obama’s record and his personal and professional associations.”

      “She said that sent a signal to Obama that he would not be held accountable by beltway Republicans and the mainstream press, resulting in a host of Obama administration scandals like Operation Fast and Furious and Benghazi.”

      “Appearing on Fox News’s On The Record on Friday, Palin said it was important that Americans understood that establishment Republican consultants prevented her from talking about Obama’s attendance to a “racist church” and Jeremiah Wright while the mainstream media were being trained to be Obama’s lapdogs.”

      “I was banned from talking about Jeremiah Wright and Obama’s friend Bill Ayers,” Palin said. “Couldn’t talk about Obama’s lack of knowledge and job experience.”

      “Palin said she was not allowed to talk about these issues because, “those elitists and brainiacs in the GOP machine who were running” the McCain campaign thought the media would “eat us alive” had she brought up those issues.”

  5. American Patriot says:

    Excellent letter Mr. Shipkin!! Thanks for the reminder. McCain fought like a tiger and outspent J. D. Hayworth by nearly 30 million dollars to retain the senate seat because he didn’t want to be embarrassingly shown the door as his Democrat ally Russ Feingold was in Wisconsin. They co-sponsored what was known as McCain–Feingold campaign finance act the main intent of which was to tie the hands of Republicans in fundraising. The unconstitutional legislation was challenged and the U.S. Supreme Court ultimately overturned most of its key provisions. This is yet another area in which Obama and McCain agree. Obama, who gets massive infusions of cash from Hollywood and unions liberals, was outspoken in his support of the restrictive legislation.

    • eubykdisop says:

      McCain is Harry Reid’s favorite “republican” as well.

      “McCain Orchestrates Another GOP Surrender”

      “by Mike Flynn 17 Jul 2013”

      “Sen. John McCain spent the weekend negotiating with Majority Leader Harry Reid on a deal to avert Reid’s threatened use of the “nuclear option” to change Senate rules to eliminate filibusters on Presidential nominations. Through his efforts, McCain was able to secure a complete GOP capitulation on 7 pending nominations. Reid secured all the benefits of exercising the “nuclear option” without the political cost of actually using it.”