Phx Council races: Sal DiCiccio deserves your vote

Dirty politics front and center

Phoenix City Council elections are right around the corner.  In what appears an attempt to keep voter participation low, early balloting begins August 1, — surely a death knell for active turnout during the extreme heat of a Phoenix summer.

Dirty politics has become more pervasive in the city races in recent years. As we pointed out in this post, District 8 Democrat Kate Gallego has been the subject of vicious race baiting and unconcealed bigotry. She has been referred to as a “white sham candidate in brown face” by Jarrett Maupin, II, a less than upstanding member of the Phoenix black community. His vicious assault on Gallego was compounded by this blatant racism offered in the form of a letter to the editor by former Phoenix City Council member Calvin Goode, who proposes a disturbing scheme of race-based districts. In his letter, he expounds on the impropriety of a “white woman” running in a council district that he says is uniquely black. Gallego is a liberal with union and pro-abortion support, not the type of candidate supported by Seeing Red AZ. However the offensive boorishness of her opponents should not be overlooked.

As despicable as that race is, District 6 Councilman Sal DiCiccio, running for re-election, has been the subject of dishonest hit pieces by his left-of-center opponent Karlene Keogh Parks. DiCiccio is a dedicated reformer, who has been vigilant in exposing union and city excesses and strongly opposes the Phoenix food tax which increased city employee salaries by $137 million paid out in raises since the food tax was passed. The average total compensation for all 14,600 employees is now $105,000. Check out DiCiccio’s “fact checked“ issues here.

In the most deceitful attempt to take DiCiccio down, Keogh Parks’ Democrat supporters — through an independent expenditure campaign — have initiated a cunning and disreputable effort of mailers and auto-dialers intentionally misinforming voters. They have placed maligning campaign signs that resemble DiCiccio’s own along the roadways. City Hall reporter Dustin Gardiner writes the smears may have violated campaign finance laws.  A complaint is being investigated by the AZ Attorney General’s office.

As she asks for your vote, be aware that Karlene Keogh Parks wasn’t interested enough in the City of Phoenix elections to participate in voting herself — repeatedly throwing away her opportunity to cast a ballot.

A supporter of consolidated elections, DiCiccio has wisely made the case that Scottsdale’s voter turnout increased from 15 percent to 85 percent after the city switched to fall elections in the same years as state general elections, a move that has also resulted in savings of more than $100,000. Phoenix, dependent on low voter turnout consisting primarily of city employees and union members has resisted this sound effort.

DiCiccio resides in Ahwatukee Foothills. District 6 also includes Arcadia, the Biltmore area and parts of east Phoenix.

If you live in this bifurcated district, (map) the clear choice is Sal DiCiccio.

8 Responses to Phx Council races: Sal DiCiccio deserves your vote

  1. Observer says:

    Karlene Keogh Parks works hard at concealing her true political leanings. She calls herself “Independent” rather than identifying with a party in the supposedly “non-partisan” city races—a huge farce in and of itself. Everyone knows that Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton is a major Democrat operative, and friend of Napolitano and Obama, with longstanding ties to the unions and the Democrat party. That explains why he has endorsed Karlene Keogh Parks. Former Mayor Phil Gordon was also a known Democrat.

    Only the intentionally uninformed, lazy voter doesn’t know the political leanings of these candidates who try to pull the wool over our eyes.

    During the last election Jim Waring boldly placed the word “Republican” on his campaign signs. He won. I’d like to see more of this. The idea of any election being “non partisan” makes a mockery of the election process and serves the purposes of the left.

  2. Teller Of Truth says:

    As a conservative, I long ago came to the conclusion that too few candidates for any office are true conservatives. DiCiccio fits that category. Having said that I will add that he’s heads and shoulders above Keogh Parks. He speaks out on issues without regard to the consequences, which in this case was the entry of liberal Mayor Greg Stanton’s handpicked candidate Karlene Keogh Parks as a challenger. I don’t live in District 6, but have friends who do and I’ve advised them to vote for Sal DiCiccio.

    • pcrcPC says:

      I second your conclusion that very few candidates are actually conservative. I am disturbed by your conclusion that he is another “lesser of two evils” (my words not yours) vs parks. if that is the case, shouldn’t we demand better and look for an alternative?

      I will also say that while I enjoy seeingredaz, and it is a daily read for me, do not trust a candidate just because it is endorsed by any individual or blog site. we all get it wrong sometimes.

      for all of us voters out there, do you own research, go to where candidates are speaking and question them. look at who their campaign is staffed by and who the donors are.

      just because a candidate has (R) by their name or have some endorsements does not make them a good candidate. this goes for all candidates in every election.

      just my two cents, I know nothing about sal diciccio if hes good, bad or other. but I don’t need to, I am not in his district.

      make the choice of whatever candidate you back your own, use your mind to decide. not somebody elses. that’s how we and the republican party has gotten where we are today, republican in name, democrat in deed.

      • Teller Of Truth says:

        Sorry if I gave you the wrong impression. DiCiccio has my support not because he is the “lesser of two evils,” but because he takes on the left without equivocation. I’m a constitutional conservative, so few people meet my high expectations. Even Ronald Reagan fell short when he gave the gift of amnesty to millions of illegals who had invaded the United States by stealth. He later admitted he regretted that action. Now we have our AZ RINO Senators McCain and McFlake conspiring with Democrats to repeat that monstrosity on an even grander scale of 25 to 40 million (the actual estimated numbers!). I wait with trepidation as I expect AZ’s Republican congressmen will commit the same political suicide, thanking our invaders by presenting them our citizenship for sneaking into our country and costing us billions, while taking American jobs. I’m sick of hearing these are all farm laborers. Illegals displaced my brother who worked in construction for nearly 20 years, since his employer could undercut his salary. Will he be any better off when they are magically made legal?

    • pcrcPC says:

      Teller of truth, replying to you here there is no reply button on your last post.

      I believe you are right on the az congressmen and amnesty, with the possible exception of franks. Amnesty is a death wish for the party and the country unless you are one of the monied rulers.

      illegal aliens and legal immigrants are destroying the wage base of the middle and lower class. its all about supply and demand. virtually ALL of the increased unemployment/welfare numbers since match up to the numbers of illegal aliens and legal immigrants coming into the country since the late 90’s displacing American workers, driving down wages, and quality of life while increasing poverty among American Citizens. every illegal alien we kick out means a job for an American and an increase in wages

      the supply outweighs the demand by 10’s of millions of people so wages are down and unemployment/welfare is up. very simple.

      and now these idiots want to add up to 50million more

      this is all about lobbyist, special interest and illegal foreign invaders paying off republicans for their votes. for democrats its about increasing welfare and a permanent democrat voting majority.

      amnesty will turn us even more into a welfare/wage slave nation with one party rule and permanent outrageous unemployment rates.

      In addition we hear so much about “border security” yes border security is important but it does nothing about the tens of millions of illegal aliens already here and all the babies they will be pushing out while here and the 10’s of millions of chain migrants lining up to join them.

      they must go, that’s why INTERNAL enforcement is so much more important and why politicians and pundits WILL NOT talk about it.

      remember this when you hear blah blah blah…border security. no different than locking an empty barn AFTER the horses escaped

      internal enforcement is much important, its also more cost effective, the infrastructure is pretty much in place. we can be doing internal enforcement immediately, while the border will take quite some time to secure.

      Every illegal alien we kick out of the country either frees up a job for an American and/or elimintates welfare recipients.

      While it may seem futile I urge everybody to call our az politicians and tell them no amnesty of any sort, under any circumstances. Do not parse words let them know anything other
      than repatriation IS amnesty, and if they support amnesty of ANY sort you will do everything in your power to remove them from office

      • AZ Conservative Guy says:

        How right you are on all counts, pcrcPC !!

        CALL the Republican AZ Congressmen and TELL THEM NO BOGUS COMPROMISES OR REWARDING LAWBREAKING. AMERICAN JOBS SHOULD GO TO AMERICAN WORKERS. No parsing words and giving us a load of baloney. No go along to get along votes when this comes to the House. Pick up the phone and call NOW.

        Congressman David Schweikert
        DC Phone: (202)225-2190/Local: (480)946-2411

        Congressman Matt Salmon

        DC Phone: (202)225-2635/Local: (480)699-8239

        Congressman Paul Gosar
        DC Phone: (202)225-2315/Local: (928)445-1683

        Congressman Trent Franks
        DC Phone: (202)225-4576/Local: (623)776-7911

  3. Maggie says:

    Karlene Keogh Parks deceitful campaign signs declare that “Lobbyists Support Sal DiCiccio” and “Developers Support Sal DiCiccio,” calling him “our man and “our guy.” I did a double take the first time I saw them and actually thought I had misread the signs.

    If Karlene Keogh Parks is desperate enough to stoop to that level of outright lies to win political office, think of what comes next from this dishonest woman if she were to be successful. God help us if bottom dwelling liberals of this low caliber are promoting themselves as “public servants.”

  4. LD 23 PC says:

    I’m always surprised by people running for public office who rarely bother to vote. Karlene Keogh Parks wants US to vote for HER when she couldn’t bother to vote for others and showed zero interest in attending city policy meetings? She reminds me of little Bennie Quayle, who found time to post on ‘The Dirty’ webiste using a porn star’s alias, but couldn’t make time to vote.