Are your GOP U.S. Reps holding town halls?


Although it seems much longer ago, it was just last August when Clint Eastwood gave this memorable speech at the 2012 Republican National Convention. He addressed an empty chair — which represented Barack Obama.

Now we hear that high paid political strategists are advising their clients — the members of congress we electedagainst holding town hall meetings with us — their constituents, many of whom want their voices heard in advance of a House amnesty vote.

To address those who are still “looking for an appropriate venue,” haven’t finalized their schedule “yet” or have one planned after the vote, we offer this suggestion:  How about holding “empty chair” town halls?

The name and picture of the U.S. Representative who is too busy to meet with us during the 5-week congressional recess we so generously provide for them, could be affixed to an empty chair.  Questions from the audience would then be read to the MIA member of congress.  Video tape the events and post them to YouTube. 

Then re-invite the absent representatives. They might decide to show up. If they don’t, we will be there on Election Day, and hopefully elect someone who honestly responds to our very valid concerns, minus the practiced talking points about securing the border “first.”

Here’s what the AZ Republicans each have posted on their websites:

CD 4 U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar refers to “Immigration and Homeland Security” on a page called “foreign affairs.”

CD 5 U.S. Rep. Matt Salmon has a “Defense and National Security” page that skirts the issue.

CD 6 U.S. Rep. David Schweikert calls his page “Immigration.”

CD 8 U.S. Rep. Trent Franks has an “Immigration” page.

If you see any of these folks, it would be good to remind them that “immigration” is a legal act. Illegal entry is not. Our system is not “broken.” However, the abysmal lack of resolve to meaningfully address the invasion of our nation exemplifies an utter absence of will to tackle the tough issues they assured us they would handle if we sent them to D. C.

They are there.

We recommend reading conservative commentator Ann Coulter’s fact-filled column, “Hispanicked GOP elite: They’ll respect us in the morning.” It will provide the basis for excellent questions to direct to the empty chairs you encounter.

18 Responses to Are your GOP U.S. Reps holding town halls?

  1. pcrcPC says:


    empty chair townhalls, I love it, if the cowards need to be shamed into meeting with those who put them into office so be it.

    best idea I have heard in a long time, this is something I would love to see go viral nation wide. this is a movement and an article to send to everybody on all of our mailing lists, start a youtube channel and get videos submitted from across the country. then send links to tiplines at drudge, breitbart etc…

    we need to get or LD’s and county committees going on this, but not stop there. if anybody has contacts with national tea party leadership, conservative groups, or you just post to conservative blog sites, get this to them. spread it far and wide as possible.

    we are all extremely angry and annoyed at our supposed “representatives” ignoring us, this presents a way for us to actually make them take notice and address the issue.

    • eubykdisop says:

      Rah, rah, pcrcPC. Now tell us how Adam Kwasman and Attorney General Horne fit into your oh-so-conservative scheme of things. Do you still think that Kwasman is stabbing people in the back? Do you still think that AG Horne “legitimized” illegal alien students by meeting with them, even though he made fools of them? Let’s take it from ideology to where the rubber meets the road in the real world! Lay it on us, pcrcPC!

      • pcrcPC says:

        You can interpret what I said about Horne anyway you want as very wrong as it may be. That’s your choice, and there is no arguing since I’m sure you believe you know everything, also as wrong as that may be.

        And absolutely kwasman is being a traitor by enabling sellouts shope and Orr by lending them any scrap of a political lifeline for whatever political expediency he sees fit. It is wrong to lend ANY backing or support to those who have sold us out, in doing so kwasman is doing the same. Myself and many others who are out gathering signatures in the az summer to get stopping obrewercare on the ballot hold them responsible and kwasman IS enabling them to be able to do the same thing to us again in the future.

        Don’t really care if you agree or not, or whatever smug diatribes you may post in the future, you are every bit the hypocrite when you complain about Graham’s associations and disregard others with like associations.

        Enjoy your hypocrisy. :)

      • eubykdisop says:

        Bwahahahahaha! Typical Liberal crap, LOL! You expose yourself for the Liberal that you are! Thanks for making my job so easy!

        Liberals NEVER want to talk about HARD FACTS. That’s because the facts aren’t on their side! Instead, they want to engage in smears and personal attacks, just as pcrcPC has done here. But let’s look at the facts anyway, shall we?

        Adam Kwasman has an acceptable voting record AND he voted AGAINST Brewer’s Medicaid expansion. That’s probably why the Liberal pcrcPC is on his case!

        Since this is the second time that my Liberal friend has brought this up, let’s address his comment about our hero, Mr. Graham.

        pcrcPC wrote: “…you are every bit the hypocrite when you complain about Graham’s associations and disregard others with like associations.”

        First, notice the classic Liberal accusation of being a hypocrite. You would think the poor boy could at least come up with something original, LOL! But let’s shred this feeble excuse for an argument.

        pcrcPC’s complaints about Kwasman center on people serving on his campaign committee. These are NOT people who Kwasman has appointed to any position of power in the state Republican Party.

        Graham, on the other hand, appointed as Executive Director and Chief of Staff of the Arizona Republican Party not one, but TWO people from strongly illegal alien friendly entities.

        Heywood, the Executive Director, worked for Jeff “The Snake” Flake who, along with Luis Gutierrez of Chicago, co-authored the STRIVE Act illegal alien amnesty legislation. Flake is also part of the “Gang of 8”.

        Gretchen Conger Martinez, the Chief of Staff, was Director of Government Relations for the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry which signed on to the lawsuit against SB 1070 and which opposed numerous pieces of immigration legislation in the Arizona legislature. Martinez ALSO endorsed and promoted Brewer’s Medicaid expansion.

        So where does pcrcPC stand? He attacks Adam Kwasman, claiming that Kwasman is stabbing people in the back. He attacks Attorney General Horne, claiming that Horne “legitimized” illegal alien students by meeting with them and debunking their Liberal propaganda. He equates serving on a campaign committee with appointments to the highest positions in the Arizona Republican Party for the express purpose of trying to fabricate an argument for “hypocrisy”.

        Sorry, pcrcPC, but your masquerade has flopped! You are busted as a Liberal troll trying to pass yourself off as a Conservative.

        Now run along to Daily Kos where you belong. I told you that when you posted under one of your previous user names. What, you thought you could sneak back in under a new user name and that I wouldn’t recognize you? Try again, LOL!

        Have a nice day, pcrcPC! :-)

      • East Valley PC says:

        So…do you think the AZ Republican party will put any pressure on these missing congressmen? Will they be told they have a responsibility to talk to us about the most important issue facing this country and certainly the GOP in decades? Will the state chairman leverage the courage to call these FOUR men and explain that AZ Republicans want to hear from them NOW not after they vote? The party will suffer tremendously if they vote as the senate did. I hear my neighbors, those at the office who dare discuss the events that touch our lives, friends, family members other PCs and most of them are beyond fed up. Those who are Republicans are talking about voting with their feet, away from the GOP,if we are sold down the river.

        McCain, Flake & Co. have already done the dems work for them. I want to hear from those who claim to be conservatives.

      • eubykdisop says:

        I don’t think that the Arizona Republican Party will put any pressure on these Congressman, East Valley PC, except perhaps pressure to pass some form of “immigration reform” legislation. The RNC has already called for that. The only pressure to not pass any “immigration reform”, including Eric Cantor’s version of the DREAM Act, will come from voters.

  2. Catching On says:

    Excellent post, SRAZ! I’m more than tired of hearing “we’re working on it,” when I call the office of my congressman and ask about the townhall meetings he’s planned. He was always “out there” during campaign season. This, and his weak position talking around amnesty on the link you provided gives me the best clue as to why he’s mysteriously vanished.
    If he caves on this critical vote and gives us double talk to back up this indefensible position, I will cave on him.
    That’s the simple solution, but one that won’t help my kids or eventually, theirs.

  3. eubykdisop says:

    An excellent article, SRAZ! Nice lead in, good background information and useful links. Well done! :-)

    This is why we need to get on and stay on Arizona Republicans in the U. S. House:

    “Gosar, Salmon, Schweikert on immigration reform”

    “May 6, 2013”

    “There is no question that our immigration system is not working, and debates on how to reform it spurs deep emotions for those on all sides of the issue.”

    “Reforming our immigration system must start by streamlining and expanding legal immigration for skilled workers. American businesses are plagued by a shortage of skilled and educated workers particularly in the fields of science, math, engineering and technology.”

    “Reforming our immigration system to address the status of the 11 million people in our country illegally should focus on normalizing their legal status without access to federal benefits or a special pathway to citizenship.”

    First of all, Conservatives don’t care about “deep emotions”. That’s for Liberal social workers. Secondly, there is no shortage of “skilled and educated” workers who are American citizens. Finally, we don’t “normalize” criminals. They are to be subjected to the penalties appropriate to their crimes.

  4. LD 23 PC says:

    I fully agree with the comments here. It’s up to us (conservatives) to address this Republican limp wristed acquiescence now or it will soon be too late to rectify it. We stand at the crossroads.

    pcrcPC is correct. This post needs to get exposure. I still have hope that congress can be embarrassed into acting with dignity rather than hiding from those of us who not only voted for them and donated to them, but put in sweat equity as well. If amnesty succeeds in the House of Representatives, I will spend my future time away from the political scene, since we will have been told loud and strong that we are extraneous to the designs of the left. I don’t mean the Democrats, but the RINOs who run right and vote left.

    I will join in sending this out to my email list. It’s not just an Arizona issue! Send it to everyone who cares about the future of America.

  5. Clementine says:

    Ann Coulter’s article is a must read (and reread) gem. Looking at the accompanying photo of Marco Rubio, I can’t help but reflect on how his rising political star crashed and burned after partnering with McCain and his Gang of 8. I can only hope the same fate for Jeff McFlake. They are hard at work with the most liberal of democrats to ensure the death of the GOP. No wonder Obama praises their efforts!!!

  6. Observer says:

    Ha! You nailed it with the single sentence….. “remind them that “immigration” is a legal act. Illegal entry is not.”

  7. Vince says:

    Thank you for this! I hope it’s read by some of those disappointing so called “representatives.” Are they representing us, the lobbyists and donor establishment class or the illegal aliens? I think this empty chair concept is a terrific means of addressing those congressmen who refuse to interact with us. I sure don’t want another of the controlled conference calls with a bunch of staged people who are already on the line and we wait and wait and never get through. Pure BS!

  8. LEO IN TSN says:

    Keep the AZ heat turned up on these squishy cowards Express your thoughts to all of them, not just your own. Don’t let one or two or five calls suffice. Tie up the phone & fax lines for all of them. Keep the heat on.

    CD 4 US Rep. Paul McGosar, Prescott Office (928) 445-1683 [fax number unlisted]
    CD 5 US Rep. Matt McSalmon, Gilbert Office phone (480) 699-8239 fax (480) 699-4730
    CD 6 US Rep. David McSchweikert, Scottsdale Office phone (480) 946-2411 fax (480) 926-2446
    CD 8 US Rep. Trent Franks, Glendale Office phone (623) 776-7911 fax (623) 776-7832
    God bless America.

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      I caught the sly misspelling of the names in your list of AZ GOP Congressmen. I agree completely. I have no doubt they are going to attempt to sell us a bill of goods that will be amnesty tied up with the phony ribbon of “border security.” Their mentor Señor Juan McAmnesty has already let the cat out of their bags by saying he doesn’t think the border can be secured.

      If that’s the case, why not just roll out the red carpet to any and all who want to invade us? We will be a destroyed nation in no time, bankrupt and devastated by those who want to deplete our resources and generosity along with those who want to destroy us through terrorist actions. Are we too brain dead to remember September 11, 2001?

      This video tells the truth none of the liberals and RINOs want to acknowledge:

      • Fly Guy says:

        Yep! How many ways are there to spell “flim-flam?” I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t even trust the members of the delegation I previously regarded as solid. Their votes will tell the whole story about who is actually trustworthy and who is a McClone. I’ll watch closely and vote accordingly, though if this self defeating lunacy (amnesty legislation) passes, we are doomed anyway. Never before in my lifetime have I felt so abused and used by office holders. The political party lines have blurred to the point that I see no point in giving further effort to the Republican party. They do the job of the Democrats in Washington and here in Arizona. Our state legislature is filled with RINOs and the governor’s office is occupied by one!

  9. American Dad says:

    Grand plan, SRAZ!!! Now we need to get it implemented.

    Does anyone here have access to GOP district chairmen who might be bold enough to follow through on a plan like this on behalf of their PCs and the voting citizens of their districts who deserve to be able to interact with their congressional representatives?

    Tea parties? Step up to the plate. “Don’t tread on me” once stood for something. It’s time to revive that spirit! The clock is ticking.

  10. pcrcPC says:

    “Townhall Tactic 2013: Why do you want to deport my daddy?”

    “Exploiting children to achieve full amnesty — Actual question asked of Rep. Tom Reed: “Would you consider adopting one of those kids?”

    “It was at once a brilliant and ridiculous question, supposing that the problem is enforcement of the law not the person who broke the law to come here and later had children. It also supposes that the parent would leave the child behind in the U.S. — what kind of parent would do that?”

    • eubykdisop says:

      ROFL! This is the most basic Liberal troll strategy in the book, LOL! How does it work? It works like this:

      1 – Go to a Conservative blog.

      2 – Make gung ho posts in support of issues that Conservatives are hot about.

      3 – THEN, weave in Liberal propaganda!

      Liberal trolls pat you on the back with one hand and slip a Liberal knife between your ribs with the other! Let’s look at how pcrcPC does this!

      pcrcPC is all gung ho about immigration issues. That makes him appear to be very Conservative. At the same time, however, pcrcPC weaves in attacks on Adam Kwasman, claiming that Kwasman is stabbing people in the back. pcrcPC has also attacked Attorney General Horne, claiming that Horne “legitimized” illegal alien students by meeting with them, even though Horne thoroughly debunked their Liberal propaganda. When I expose pcrcPC, he attacks me, with a phony argument, for being a “hypocrite”. “Hypocrisy” and “bullying” are two of the favorite accusations of the Liberal left toward Conservatives!

      The problem with being a Liberal troll is this; sooner or later Liberal trolls HAVE to present Liberal propaganda. Why? Because that is one of their fundamental objectives in being a troll in the first place!

      So if you want to catch a Liberal troll, pay attention to EVERYTHING that they write and look for the Liberal propaganda in the midst of their “conservative” cheer leading. In the case of pcrcPC, that would be an attack on Kwasman and an attack on Horne.

      pcrcPC appears to be all for Conservative IDEOLOGY but he has problems with the flesh and blood people in office who implement a Conservative agenda as with Kwasman voting AGAINST Brewer’s Medicaid expansion and Horne meeting with and turning the tables on illegal alien students by informing them that he is from Canada and came to the U. S. legally!

      Have a nice day, pcrcPC! :-)