Doug Ducey and the company he keeps

Jon Kyl heads Ducey’s exploratory committee policy group

Arizona State Treasurer Doug Ducey revealed today that former Sen. Jon Kyl has agreed to lead a group of policy advisers for his recently-announced exploratory committee for the 2014 governor’s race.

The Monday morning press release includes a hearty exchange of compliments between Doug Ducey and Jon Kyl and then cuts to the bios of those he selected to be instrumental in setting policy for his gubernatorial campaign. Kyl will be leading a policy group for Ducey 2014 that includes:

Cathi Herrod, highly respected lawyer and Arizona’s leading advocate for the foundational values of life, traditional marriage and family, and religious liberty.

The Honorable Robert Fannin, former U.S. Ambassador to the Dominican Republic, former Chair of the Arizona Republican Party, and a highly respected leader in business and law.

The Honorable Bill Montgomery, Maricopa County Attorney. A West Point Graduate who received the Bronze Star for his service in the Gulf War. He then graduated Magna Cum Laude from the ASU College of Law receiving the Order of the Coif.

Lea Marquez Peterson, an entrepreneur and advocate for the Southern Arizona business community. Lea runs the largest Latino business organization in the State of Arizona.

Randy Kendrick, lawyer, founder and past president of the Virginia Women Attorneys Association, health care policy expert, and philanthropist.

Ducey says, “I’m fortunate to have such policy grounded leaders advising me, and I’m grateful to each of them for giving time and energy to my exploratory committee for governor.”


23 Responses to Doug Ducey and the company he keeps

  1. sgt flapjaw says:

    Lotsa Lawyers, strike one!

  2. PJ O'Malley says:

    Watch out. Kyl will be manhandling Ducey’s career the way McRino is doing to Flake, like a hand puppet.

    • eubykdisop says:

      And where has Kyl’s hand been lately?

      “Jon Kyl, Kay Bailey Hutchison introduce immigration reform bill”

      “By SEUNG MIN KIM, 11/27/12”

      “A pair of Senate Republicans on Tuesday made the first major post-election move on immigration reform by rolling out legislation that would give legal status to children who were brought into the country illegally.”

      “Sens. Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas and Jon Kyl of Arizona – who are both retiring after this term – introduced the bill, called the ACHIEVE Act, which they touted as a alternative to the DREAM Act that could garner bipartisan support.”

      “The ACHIEVE Act would legalize undocumented children in three steps.”

      “We have to get this ball rolling,” Kyl said at a news conference Tuesday.”

  3. MacBeth says:

    …and the long arm of McCain.

    • eubykdisop says:

      Jon Kyl still has a pretty long arm himself, even though he is no longer in office!

      “Congress Members Sprint for Money to Lobby After Election”

      “Looking to expand its lobbying and government affairs practice, Covington & Burling (1175L) LLP turned to those who know Congress best: elected officials just finishing their terms on Capitol Hill.”

      “The law firm in March hired Jon Kyl of Arizona, who last year was the second highest ranking Senate Republican, and Howard Berman, a California Democrat who had been chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.”

      “Gun Lobbying”

      “Americans for Responsible Solutions, started by former Representative Gabrielle Giffords and her husband, Mark Kelly, to promote gun control, hired Covington on March 12. Kyl and Berman both served on their chamber’s judiciary committees, which will have jurisdiction over the legislation. That experience can inform their advice to Covington’s lobbyists about how to pitch House and Senate committee members.”

  4. pcrcPC says:

    Lea Márquez Peterson (President/CEO of the Tucson Hispanic Chamber)
    August 13
    It was an honor to host Senator John McCain today at the Tucson Hispanic Chamber office. Our Board and Staff applauded his work on Immigration Reform! We will meet with Republican Congressmen in Arizona this month to discuss the economic benefits to our state and encourage them to support Immigration Reform.
    ‪#‎THCC‬ ‪#‎TucsonHispanicChamber‬ ‪#‎SenatorMcCain‬ ‪#‎LeaMarquezPeterson‬

    Lea Marquez Peterson, President/CEO, Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
    And Glenn Hamer, President/CEO, Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry


    Medicaid restoration is a critical issue facing our state Legislature this year. The implications for Tucson’s economy and small business are significant.

    Major health care employers, such as the University of Arizona Health Network and Carondelet Health Network, have experienced unprecedented increases in uncompensated care since the Legislature froze Medicaid eligibility for certain low-income individuals. Uncompensated care in hospital emergency rooms leads directly to higher insurance premiums for all Southern Arizona businesses.

    Fortunately, Gov. Brewer has a fiscally conservative plan that will remedy the situation.

    The Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Tucson Hispanic Chamber applaud those legislators who have made a courageous decision and supported the governor’s plan for Medicaid restoration. Legislative leadership is needed to make the difficult decisions that will provide financial solutions that make business-sense for our state.

    • LD 23 PC says:

      Looks like bad advice right out of the chute. I expected more from a seasoned politician.

      • eubykdisop says:

        Nice to see that you are consistently supportive of comments by pcrcPC, LD 23 PC. It’s been noticed.

      • pcrcPC says:

        LOL about euby’s comment to you. he has become my own personal stalker,or perhaps he has a crush on me, im not sure which. it appears euby considers this his personal blog site and he wants to eliminate any who disagree with him, now he is even resorting to thinly veiled threats to other commenters. sorry about that LD 23, watch out you may be his next diatribe victim. LOL….

        so scary.

        truly a pathetic little man he is

      • eubykdisop says:

        Oh! “Little man”! My, my, my! From which Liberal troll did we hear that EXACT phrase used about me in the past? Anyone remember?

        The more you write, the more you give yourself away, my Liberal troll friend, LOL! ;-)

    • eubykdisop says:

      Well, pcrcPC, are you still peddling the idea that Adam Kwasman, who voted AGAINST Brewer’s Medicaid expansion, is stabbing us in the back?

      Do you still “stand firm” that Attorney General Horne “legitimized” illegal alien students by meeting with them and debunking their Liberal propaganda?

      Do you still equate serving on a potential candidate’s campaign committee with appointments to Executive Director and Chief of Staff of the Arizona Republican Party?

      Well, do ‘ya?

      • pcrcPC says:

        Wow, it appears I have a stalker, or perhaps, as i suspect, you have a crush on me euby, or, I guess it could be both.

        If it is a crush, sorry bud I don’t swing that way, if you are a stalker enjoy.

        You try to bully people posting here into silence, typical alinsky tactics. People who disagree with you bring out multiple, long harangues indicating some sort of need to prove yourself. Suffering a bit of an inferiority complex are you?

        You disagree with me on some issues, so what.

        I think republican politicians should avoid doing things like meeting with illegal aliens, the only associations we should have with illegals are ones like when sheriff joe has them lined up on a curb cuffed. We should not be calling illegal aliens “immigrants”‘ we should not call amnesty “immigration reform”‘ nor should illegal aliens be doing things like testifying before congress. All of these things lend legitimacy and normalcy to the presence of illegal aliens.

        You disagree, once again, so what.

        I think we should judge politicians among other things, by their associations, for instance, if you have campaign advisors/chairmen who are supporters of obamacare/obrewercare and/or amnesty, like Ducey and Kwasman have, and the presence of such progressives means I cannot support those candidates, I don’t agree with voting for a candidate just because they have (R) by their name. That’s what gets us mccains, flakes, brewers, grahams etc…

        You disagree, again, so what.

        I am not stupid or naive enough to believe the support of individuals like shope, Orr, Marquez-peterson will not involve payback that is damaging to conservative ideals.

        You seem to consider this your personal blog site and try to scare others away who disagree with you. Now you are resorting to veiled threats to others on the site who happen to comment on one of my posts, you are truly a small little man. Well tough. I’m going to keep posting and your goofy diatribes, whining and bullying tactics do nothing but make you look even more foolish.

        You tend to accuse those who disagree with of using progressive alinsky tactics, how about I turn the tables here. You unleash long, monotonous, repetitive, accusatory diatribes, incessantly whine, and try to bully those who disagree with you. Nothing is more progressive or alinsky than that.

        I have my own opinions and will continue to state them, if you would like to keep stalking me, have fun and if it is, as i suspect, a crush on me I suggest you look elsewhere, once again I don’t swing that way.

      • eubykdisop says:

        Bwahahahahahaha Too funny! Classic LIBERAL chapter and verse, LOL! Here’s the best part:

        “You try to bully people…” Oh, you mean like this, my Liberal friend?

        “Conservatives: Giant Bullies Who Abuse the Weak”

        “Mitt Romney is a bully. And he’s just right for the GOP.”

        “The Republican Party has been practicing “bully politics” at its best since the election of President Obama.”

        Yes, pcrcPC, we already know that LIBERALS like you think that all Conservatives and even all Republicans are bullies. Maybe you should file a complaint with Eric Holder’s DOJ, LOL!

        You disappoint me, pcrcPC. You offer the same LIBERAL troll arguments that we heard ten years ago! Nothing new, innovative or clever! But that’s just how LIBERAL trolls are!

        So while you appear to support Conservative ideology, you continue to attack the flesh and blood PEOPLE who actually implement Conservative principles! My, my! The classic Liberal troll pat on the back with one hand while slipping the knife in with the other! Net result? A Liberal attack! Ain’t that something!

        You claim that Adam Kwasman, who voted AGAINST Brewer’s Medicaid expansion and who was very vocal in his opposition to both Brewer AND Medicaid expansion, is stabbing us in the back!

        You claim that Attorney General Horne, who met with illegal alien students and completely debunked their Liberal propaganda, “legitimized” the illegal alien students!

        You try to equate people serving on Kwasman’s campaign committee with the appointment by Graham of Heywod as Executive Director and Gretchen Conger Martinez as Chief of Staff of the Arizona Republican Party.

        What you are REALLY upset about, pcrcPC, is that while you fancy yourself to be an exceedingly clever LIBERAL troll, you were quickly and easily exposed for what you are.

        It’s not your fault, pcrcPC. They didn’t adequately prepare you to face Conservatives in Liberal Troll School. Go back and take some advanced Liberal troll classes and have another shot at it, not that it will do you any good, LOL!

        Now you have yourself a wonderful Liberal troll day, pcrcPC! :-)

  5. Maggie says:

    Good Lord, not more of the same! I would never have expected such a blatant announcement from any thinking candidate. Ducey must think this is a top notch group, but few conservatives would agree, and we’re the ones who turnout for primaries. Huge misstep for one with such grand political aspirations.

  6. Ellsworth says:

    What is this, another Brewer administration in the making? Been there, done that, Doug.

  7. Orion says:

    I hate to say this, but we’re consistently getting worse from the RINOs than we got from JNo. What’s going on?

  8. LEO IN TSN says:

    Thanks again, SRA, for turning on the spotlights. Mr. Ducey has indeed been rumored to be a “moderate”, and hasn’t been shy about expressing his silence in chorus with our current AZ GOP cabal. Apparently the presence of some conservative, patriotic gubernatorial candidates is forcing this team out of the AZ GOP HQ closet. Let’s start to examine Mr. Ducey’s friends to gain a little insight. SRA people, help me out here.

    Juan McKyl – his philosophy, in his own words as AZ senator, is “You just elect us, and we’ll make the decisions about policy.” Again, in his own nationally-televised words after his 2007 McAmnesty bill went down in flames, anyone who opposed that bill is a “racist and a bigot.”

    Cathi Herrod – runs a great organization that had done some great work in AZ, up until McBrewercare. Then Mrs. Herrod, apparently out of loyalty to her long-time friend McBrewer, bailed on life and family values. She took a position of “neutrality” on a terrible bill that mandates government-funded abortion on demand, government-mandated abortion pills to little girls over the counter of local drug stores, government-funded contraceptive chemicals on demand, not to mention the terrible effects on family life in AZ when the state budget collapses under McBrewercare. I actually appealed to Mrs. Herrod for an explanation of her public retreat, but never got a response.

    Robert Fannin – don’t know about him, but have to assume he likes being on this team and fits right in.

    Bill Montgomery – ran as a conservative, but as soon as the votes had been counted he was in DC stumping for AMNESTY for illegal aliens. He still loves the thought.

    Leah Marquez Peterson – thanks pcrcPC for the insight on her and her ties to McBrewercare and AMNESTY for illegal aliens. She fits right in on this team.

    Randy Kendrick “from Virginia” – don’t know about her, but I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess that she may be hugely supportive of McBrewercare, obamaocare and AMNESTY for illegal aliens.

    Quite a team for Mr. McDucey. Kinda reminds me of the old public service announcement, “Republican friends don’t let Republican friends drive McKyl.”

    God bless America.

    • Seen It All says:

      Randy Kendrick actually lives in Paradise Valley. She is the wife of Aizona Diamondbacks owner Ken Kendrick. They are high dollar donors to the AZ GOP and establishment insiders.

      Cathi Herrod’s husband was selected for a Superior Court judgeship by Jan Brewer (another McCainiac and Kyl supporter). That’s why Herrod “oddly” supported OBrewerCare. It was quid pro quo.

      Robert Fannin is part of the same crew. He was a longtime lobbyist and a previous left of center AZ GOP chairman.

      • Realist says:

        If you are going to run for a state wide office – you need to have money and support from across the board. The choice of Cathi Herrod sends a signal to the pro-life contingent. Randy Kendrick is an anti Obama & Obamacare advocate who is battling the establishment on the obamacare issue. Fannin is only a name for the establishment and Bill Montgomery is a true conservative who does not give his endorsements frivolously. Peterson, I’m not familiar with, but Ducey must see this as the best messenger to the Hispanic community.
        One thing for certain, should he be the nominee, he will be a damn sight far better than anyone the democrats put forth.

    • LD 23 PC says:

      You’re right about Montgomery and his amnesty positions pre election and after the fact. He was secretly taped by Supervisor Don Stapley as he was trying to get the Board of Supervisors to appoint him to fill the term of Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas who bailed on the job. He thought dissing Sheriff Arpaio would win over the board. Though Arpaio hosted events for him, Montgomery mocked him to lowlife Stapley. He was recorded saying that talking to Arpaio was like visiting an Alzheimer’s ward. Swell. maybe he’ll turn on Ducey, too.

    • LEO IN TSN says:

      …and say, didn’t Mr. McMontgomery frivolously endorse a McFlake in a recent AZ Senate primary election, along with “I won’t get involved” McKyl and Juan McAmnesty?


  9. Army Of One says:

    Ducey is the former CEO of Cold Stone Creamery. He should have been associated with Marble Slab. This list of establishment insiders and sell outs,will ensure he is politically “cold slabbed” in his quest for the governor’s office. We’ve had enough of the McCain/Kyl intrusions into the AZ election process. They worked their tails off to drag Jeff Flake across the finish line to continue their leftward bent and will attempt the same here to keep their control over the state of Arizona. It’s a shame Ducey would fall prey to this liberal element. He looked the best of the lot to me, but now will not get my vote.

  10. Gary D. says:

    I believe that, with just a tug, we may be able to get the National Tea Party AND AZ Tea Party to support J. D. Hayworth for governor. For crying out loud, he was with the Tea Party movement before it reached any type of stature, and still is! Op-Ed as recently as 3 weeks ago on border security under Tea Party contributor status. Let’s get some money together folks and run this guy for governor. Joe A. is not going to be a formiidible opponent against illegal immigration and law enforcement. He has supported us, let us support him.

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