Alert issued for Lindsey: In company of “creepy old man”

Sunday’s Seeing Red AZ post calling for “empty chair town hall meetings” generated an extraordinarily large number of hits — although we suspect they were dwarfed in comparison to the response Carolina Conservatives United received.  The group’s formal request asking South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley to issue a statewide “Silver Alert” in the hopes of finding missing Sen. Lindsey Graham made the pages of Breitbart.

Graham, whose photo Carolina Conservatives United has affixed on a milk carton, was last reportedly seen “in Egypt, and Washington DC in the company of a creepy old man.” The milk carton bulletin is being circulated throughout South Carolina.

“Lindsey Graham has not been seen in the state of South Carolina for most of the last two years,” said Bruce Carroll, Chairman of CCU. ”In addition, Graham isn’t holding any town hall meetings during the August recess. Finally, his behavior on television has been disturbing, erratic and devoid of any consistent conservative principles. We are truly concerned that he may be in need of help.”

“It is imperative that we find Lindsey Graham and bring him home. He is suffering from Potomac Fever and has definitely lost his way,” said Breeanne Howe, CCU board member.

The group includes a page on its website titled, “Why Graham must go.”

Nancy Mace, a conservative with tea party backing, is mounting a challenge to Lindsey Graham in the upcoming South Carolina GOP Senate primary. Read her impressive bio.  Support her candidacy here.

10 Responses to Alert issued for Lindsey: In company of “creepy old man”

  1. Delilah says:

    I saw that on Breitbart yesterday, its great. If we can get rid of him too will the “Creepy Old Man” McLiar cry for him like he cried for Feingold.

    • eubykdisop says:

      “Defeat Lindsey Graham”

      “Published on Jul 24, 2013”

      “Tired of being told one thing while getting another? Then you’re tired of Lindsey Graham.”

    • eubykdisop says:

      “Carolina Conservatives United”, who made the above video, has a website dedicated to defeating Lindsey Graham.

      “Why Graham Must Go”

      “When conservatives express their concerns about Lindsey Graham, the common refrain from Inside-The-Beltway Republicans is “What Difference Does It Make.” Graham is a solid Republican vote and would help elect a GOP Majority Leader in 2015 they say.”

      “Big deal. America has seen enough of what Beltway Republicans, like Graham and John McCain, have done to our nation. Graham is not a conservative and he no longer represents the views of the South Carolina constituents who first elected him.”

      “The truth is Lindsey Graham only panders with conservative language once every six years. But every day he shows his true stripes by bashing small government conservative activists and “voting wrong” on many of the most important issues before us.”

      “On issue after issue after issue, South Carolina voters have no idea which way the Lindsey Graham wind will blow from day to day.”

  2. pcrcPC says:

    can any of our more computer savvy people generate some milk cartons with images of az’s Washington politicians on them and post them somewhere we can copy them?, they would make some nice signs and posters if there happen to be any empty chair town halls here.

    isn’t it sad how our reps are avoiding us? i’m sure they wont be so hard to find when they are looking for donations or gotv efforts when they want us to get them elected or re-elected

    • eubykdisop says:

      Well, you SOUND very Conservative, pcrcPC. But we know better!

      You attack Adam Kwasman, who voted AGAINST Brewer’s Medicaid expansion, claiming that he is stabbing us in the back!

      You attack Attorney General Horne, claiming that he “legitimized” illegal alien students when he met with them and completely demolished their Liberal propaganda.

      You equate people serving on Kwasman’s campaign committee with the appointment by Graham of Heywood and Gretchen Conger Martinez to the highest positions in the Arizona Republican Party.

      Isn’t it something that you appear to be so gung ho for Conservative ideology BUT that you consistently attack those PEOPLE in Arizona who implement and actually apply Conservative principles in practice!

      Have yourself a wonderful Liberal troll day, pcrcPC! :-)

      • pcrcPC says:

        LOL. I see you still have a crush on me, I told you in my last post I don’t swing that way:

        pcrcPC says:

        August 20, 2013 at 8:32 am

        Wow, it appears I have a stalker, or perhaps, as i suspect, you have a crush on me euby, or, I guess it could be both.

        If it is a crush, sorry bud I don’t swing that way, if you are a stalker enjoy.

        You try to bully people posting here into silence, typical alinsky tactics. People who disagree with you bring out multiple, long harangues indicating some sort of need to prove yourself. Suffering a bit of an inferiority complex are you?

        You disagree with me on some issues, so what.

        I think republican politicians should avoid doing things like meeting with illegal aliens, the only associations we should have with illegals are ones like when sheriff joe has them lined up on a curb cuffed. We should not be calling illegal aliens “immigrants”‘ we should not call amnesty “immigration reform”‘ nor should illegal aliens be doing things like testifying before congress. All of these things lend legitimacy and normalcy to the presence of illegal aliens.

        You disagree, once again, so what.

        I think we should judge politicians among other things, by their associations, for instance, if you have campaign advisors/chairmen who are supporters of obamacare/obrewercare and/or amnesty, like Ducey and Kwasman have, and the presence of such progressives means I cannot support those candidates, I don’t agree with voting for a candidate just because they have (R) by their name. That’s what gets us mccains, flakes, brewers, grahams etc…

        You disagree, again, so what.

        I am not stupid or naive enough to believe the support of individuals like shope, Orr, Marquez-peterson will not involve payback that is damaging to conservative ideals.

        You seem to consider this your personal blog site and try to scare others away who disagree with you. Now you are resorting to veiled threats to others on the site who happen to comment on one of my posts, you are truly a small little man. Well tough. I’m going to keep posting and your goofy diatribes, whining and bullying tactics do nothing but make you look even more foolish.

        You tend to accuse those who disagree with of using progressive alinsky tactics, how about I turn the tables here. You unleash long, monotonous, repetitive, accusatory diatribes, incessantly whine, and try to bully those who disagree with you. Nothing is more progressive or alinsky than that.

        I have my own opinions and will continue to state them, if you would like to keep stalking me, have fun and if it is, as i suspect, a crush on me I suggest you look elsewhere, once again I don’t swing that way.

      • eubykdisop says:

        Well, let’s cut to the bottom line, my Liberal troll friend!

        You attack Adam Kwasman, who voted AGAINST Brewer’s expansion of Medicaid, claiming that he is stabbing us in the back.

        You attack Attorney General Horne, claiming that he “legitimized” illegal alien students by meeting with them and demolishing their Liberal propaganda.

        You equate people serving on Kwasman’s campaign committee with appointing Heywood and Gretchen Conger Martinez to the highest positions in the Arizona Republican Party.

        While you attempt to appear gung ho on Conservative issues, you consistently attack those PEOPLE in Arizona who actually apply Conservative principles in practice.

        Now, who attacks, in a Conservative blog, those who actually apply Conservative principles in the real world? Why, LIBERAL trolls like you do!

        Have yourself a wonderful Liberal troll day, pcrcPC! :-)

      • Maggie says:

        Enough of the infighting!! That’s precisely why we lose.

        Let’s get together and do something similar here in Arizona as we expose our two RINO senators, McCreepy and his obedient follower McFlake. Bravo to these Carolinians, who did a great job on their exposé ! Interjecting humor was key.

      • eubykdisop says:

        Wrong, Maggie. It’s not “infighting”, as you seek to characterize it, because pcrcPC is NOT a Conservative but rather a LIBERAL troll. If we “lose”, it’s because people like you lack either the discrimination or the courage to identify and take on LIBERALS like pcrcPC.

        You remind me of Neville Chamberlin, the pacifist, who attempted to appease Adolf Hitler and who promised “peace in our time”. No, you fight Liberal evil where ever it rears it’s ugly head, especially when it comes to you, invading your turf!

  3. Realist says:

    I wonder if McShame is going to spend another $23 million to try and keep his a-hole buddy Grahamnisty? Those two are insuperable. I keep waiting to see a cartoon depicting a dog resembling McFlake throwing a bucket of water on John & Lindsey.