Are you with OBrewerCare or an extreme fringe group?

In a deceptive email rife with half truths and outright fabrication, Restoring Arizona, cites a recent poll declaring “68% of all Arizonans probably or definitely” support Medicaid expansion — which they deviously refer to as “Restoration.” The group declares “fringe groups” which it refers to as “extreme,” “comprise the opposition which continues to dismiss the will of the voters.”

Those “extreme fringe groups” would be Arizona’s taxpaying citizens who are attempting to collect enough petition signatures to qualify the issue for ballot placement.

In a classic case of bait and switch, Restoring Arizona claims not only to be protecting our health care future, but rural hospitals and veterans.  No mention that Gov. Jan Brewer has actually authorized imposing a bed tax on hospital patients to fund the unsustainable Medicaid expansion — a hallmark of Barack Obama’s administration.

The poll was commissioned by the lobbying /consulting firm of HighGround owned by none other than ad hoc governor Chuck Coughlin, a top strategist and longtime advisor to Jan Brewer, who has been at her side as she caved to Barack Obama and began mightily pushing his ObamaCare agenda.  

According to the Arizona Capitol Times polling has consistently shown public support for Medicaid expansion. But support, they write, has never been as high as it was in the HighGround poll.

 What a surprise! We have a population that has been led to believe the pie-in-the-sky entity known as “government” owes them a variety of goodies, most notably health care. They don’t care that their grandchildren will be born deeply in debt, funding this monstrosity.  

Arizona’s Republican governor, who once shook her finger in the face of Obama, now warmly welcomes him to the state as he gives an upbeat speech about home ownership that was smoke ‘n mirrors at its best. Home ownership has actually plunged to an 18-year low.

 Expanding Medicaid is essential to Obama’s strategy. Those who oppose this governmental overreach are neither fringe nor extreme.  They are conservatives who are tired of the deceit — regardless of where it originates, including the office of Arizona Gov. Brewer, her strategists, state legislators who run as Republicans and vote with Democrats, or Barack Obama himself.


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  1. Orion says:

    Jan Brewer has turned out to be a bigger disappointment than I ever could have imagined. She epitomizes the adage “be careful what you wish for.”

    • eubykdisop says:

      Well, the good news, Orion, is that we have people like ADAM KWASMAN who voted against Brewer’s Medicaid expansion and who had this to say about Obamacare:

      “Kwasman On The Issues”


      “Obamacare is a monstrosity and must be repealed. It raises taxes, creates uncertainty in the marketplace and has prevented employers from hiring, cuts a quarter trillion dollars from Medicare and puts medical decisions in the hands of unelected bureaucrats while premiums skyrocket. Worse, it will not improve outcomes for patients.”

      “Congress should allow health care to be purchased across state lines, making it more affordable for everyone, enable association health plans, expand Health Savings Accounts, and put patients in charge of their own health care.”

    • eubykdisop says:

      Rep. Adam Kwasman’s speech against the final vote for AZ’s Obamacare Medicaid expansion.

    • eubykdisop says:

      Rep. Adam Kwasman reminds Obamacare-loving Governor Brewer how the legislative process works after she calls for a special session to pass Medicaid expansion.

    • eubykdisop says:

      Not only did ADAM KWASMAN vote AGAINST Brewer’s Medicaid expansion but in this article he explains in detail why such expansion is bad for Arizona.

      “Medicaid expansion would be a ‘nightmare’ for Arizona”

      “Adam Kwasman, February 20, 2013”

      “The proposed Obamacare Medicaid expansion is bad for taxpayers, bad for freedom and ultimately bad for Arizona’s health.”

      “The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that forcing the expansion of Medicaid is unconstitutional. In response, President Barack Obama has dangled the shiny object of federal funding in front of us. We shouldn’t be fooled into taking a bad deal.”

      “This program may sound good in theory, but it becomes a nightmare once fully implemented. Arizonans will be asked to pay $325 million in new taxes immediately. After an initial influx of federal dollars, Arizonans will be forced to pay for more and more of the expanded Medicaid rolls. Just as we have in the past, we will be placed at the mercy of federal regulators who have thus far failed us at virtually every turn.”

      “Greatly expanding Medicaid in Arizona is a risky move that could put our economic future in jeopardy. A recent Wall Street Journal editorial about the situation noted, “When the money inevitably runs out, states will retain permanently larger obligations and lose budget autonomy.”

      “We all agree government must provide a safety net to our fellow residents who have fallen on hard times, but trapping people into an inferior healthcare system that will only increase reliance on big government is not the path to prosperity, nor is it truly helping those in need.”

      “A much better alternative to the ever-encroaching leviathan of ObamaCare would be to expand the economy by enabling an environment best suited to economic growth. We must make it easier for businesses and individuals to provide for their own medical coverage in a competitive and innovative marketplace free of onerous government restrictions.”

      “Free-market competition, innovation, and the empowering principle of ownership are the only realistic ways to lower the cost of care and the cost of coverage, while increasing the health of those who need it the most.”

      “Allowing the Trojan Horse of ObamaCare into Arizona will only burden our state with unsustainable obligations while not equitably meeting the health care needs of our residents. Expanded Medicaid is not a workable or an affordable long-term solution. We simply become addicted to the fleeting drug of unreliable federal matching funds – funds that can and will probably disappear in future years.”

      “A strong and vibrant economy is the only long-term solution to the issue of health care coverage. A well-paying job and the ability to own one’s health care coverage in a personal account will provide more resources and options for medical care than another underfunded government scheme.”

      “The question for Arizona is this: Do we want to select a brighter future in which we are still free to choose our own doctor and treatment options, or will we be tricked into the false-hope of another empty government promise to “make things better?” The free-market, where people are able to trade goods and services without burdensome restrictions from government, is the best way to provide for the prosperity and health of our state for generations to come.”

      “The noose of big government is once again tightening around the neck of personal freedom. We need to cut the noose of government dependency and develop programs that will encourage opportunity, success and independence. Rejecting the proposed expansion of Medicaid will strike a chord with all those who value individual freedom and personal responsibility, while placing us on a long-term path toward real solutions for those Arizonans who need a sustainable safety net, not just another broken promise.”

  2. pcrcPC says:

    az politicians seem to have sold us out here at home on the obrewercare expansion, just as our Washington delegation is going to sell us out on amnesty and not defunding obamacare.

    where are our state legislators, and why are they not actively supporting things like the URAPC movement? any support for getting obrewercare on the ballot by the state legislators seems luke warm at best. why are they not consistently, vocally out there supporting the elimination of obrewercare. it happens but its pretty rare. I would suggest its another “follow the money” issue they cast safe “conservative” votes against obrewercare (heck, even mccain voted against obamacare, does that make him conservative?) but now are silent so they can receive the same lobbyist, special interest money as the traitors.

    heck some legislators are even promoting the treason committing. obamacare/obrewercare, higher taxes, increased welfare, increased govt. funded abortion loving republican in name, democrat in deed legislators. revitalizing their political careers and trying to give them credibility. do not support the rinos or their enablers, they are sleeping with the enemy and are bound to catch something nasty.

    …..”He then went on to personally mention the names of the Conservatives in the gallery.

    Funny…TJ Shope and Ethan Orr were not on that list.

    It was just back in March that his own district 11 censured Brewer for her attempt to expand Medicaid in Arizona. She pulled it off with the help of 15 liberals which included…Ethan Orr and TJ Shope.

    Now, Mr. Kwasman has chosen to bring Mr. Orr and Mr. Shope into his inner circle as he uses his new found fame to run for Congress. No doubt to try and be the “big tent” candidate.

    Some things in politics really never change.


    euby, who has a man crush on me and has become my personal stalker in 5…4…3…2…1

    • eubykdisop says:

      Hi, my Liberal troll friend! How are things going for you today?

      Well, that’s some link you posted there, pcrcPC! It’s a comment in a blog by an anonymous poster who goes by the user name “SHIELD”.

      Hey, you wouldn’t be “SHIELD”, would you? I mean, you wouldn’t quote yourself posting in another blog, would you?

      Why sure you would! Liberals have no ethics or honesty so Liberal Obama trolls don’t either, LOL!

      Next time why don’t you try quoting a more credible and objective source… like ADAM KWASMAN himself!

      Oh yeah, and I would be negligent if I failed to remind readers that ADAM KWASMAN voted AGAINST Brewer’s Medicaid expansion.

      Now you have yourself a wonderful Liberal Obama troll day, pcrcPC! :-)

  3. Kathy says:

    We must act – get a petition and get out and get signatures to try to stop this! I’m working on this. A note met a elderly lady in Pine AZ and she was collecting signatures at a craft fair a couple weeks ago. We can do this! While your at it get a petition to stop Common Core as well. Thanks.

    • pcrcPC says:


      Visit to get petition forms or information regarding signature gathering events, time is getting short and a push must be made.

      We can do this, I know it’s summer and hot, but on the bright side I have sweated off more than a few pounds gathering signatures LOL.

  4. sgt flapjaw says:

    Any one who is asking why the Legislators or others are not out working against the Governor and the rest of her cabal, but not working themselves, are no better than the ones who are being criticized. Just saying.

  5. Orion says:

    Glad to see the actual governor is identified here…..and his name ain’t Jan!!

  6. Ajo Joe says:

    What is there for Jan Brewer to “restore?” This is an obscene overreach by another Arizona RINO. On the issue expanding Medicaid, Brewer is in cahoots with the most radically Marxist politician to ever occupy the Oval Office.
    To think we were overjoyed when Napolitano left office for DC! Brewer will long be remembered for staffing her office with McCain strategists and relying on them for leftist advice.
    Her finest moment was her televised brain freeze during the debates. Although it was an embarrassment for Arizonans, she was unable to do any damage when her mind and mouth were simultaneously out of gear.

  7. Carol Santiago says:

    It has been very unsettling to see our formerly strong Governor Jan Brewer, become no better than our politically week-kneed Senator’s McCain and Flake. That is the WORST thing to do in order to improve Arizona’s economy. President though he may be, Obama does nothing that is not in his best interest or his extreme liberal left-wing ideology. In signing on to this “Medicaid expansion”, Brewer has made the mistake of making not only herself, but the State of Arizona beholding to Obama. There will come a time to “pay the piper” and it will not be pretty. We MUST stop Obamacare at all costs!