McCain & Flake stage a one-way “conversation”

Amnesty con rolls into high gear with McFlakery

A tightly-controlled, so-called “Conversation on Immigration” with AZ Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake will take place Tuesday, August 27, between 10 -11:00 am, at the Mesa Arts Center. The announcement indicates that due to “limited seating” tickets will not available to the public. Instead, they invite concerned citizens to Twitter questions in advance and say they may be used during the mid-morning event.

Don’t count on it.

John McCain and Jeff Flake, both of whom run as Republicans and align with Democrats, are leaders of the Gang of Eight — instrumental in crafting and promoting amnesty with the most ardent liberals in the US Senate.

Know this: This event is going to be a one-way “conversation.” The time frame is explicitly restricted and further contrived to ensure non-participation of concerned taxpaying citizens who have jobs.  Those specifically uninvited by virtue of the time and location are the ones who foot the mammoth bills for this deception referred to by the McFlake duo as “immigration.” Immigration is the lawful practice  of gaining citizenship. Their one-note topic is actually legalizing the invasion of an estimated 25 – 40 million of  illegal aliens upon whom the duplicitous McCain and Flake want to confer citizenship “for the good of the Republican party.”  Just the opposite is true. This is a gift to the Democrats. From Obama down, they are all too happy to accept this guaranteed death of the GOP by tens of millions of newly minted Democrats.

This issue doesn’t need more empty promises, laws, studies or “conversations.”  It needs leadership and enforcement. America doesn’t need immigration reform, it needs leadership reform. Our government has steadfastly failed to enforce existing immigration laws. Why should any American citizen believe they will do so with expanded “reforms?” We traveled this road when Ronald Reagan signed what he believed to be a “one-time” amnesty of what was then claimed to be 3 million illegals in 1986. The problem has worsened in the intervening years.

Count on McCain and Flake to spew their same, rehashed tripe, about “broken borders” and promise to “secure” them with the passage of “reforms” including the gift of U.S. citizenship to the lawbreakers, their children and extended family through chain migration and family  “reunification”  If their mouths are moving, the two practiced tricksters, McCain and Flake, are lying.

Tuesday’s event is sponsored by The Arizona Republic, 12 News and USA Today — all Gannett family members with a decidedly liberal, open borders agenda. They will live stream this contrivance. 

A “Rally Against The Gang Of 8 Amnesty Bill” from 7:30 am until noon is planned outside the McCain/Flake oratory at the Mesa Arts Center (Directions here). Join the protestors who intend to surround the entire facility with “NO AMNESTY” signs.  The rally is organized by Riders United For A Sovereign America.  (call-to-action-mccain-and-flake-to-hold-another-staged-town-hall-farce.)

In this same context, The Kingman Daily Miner runs a Guest Column that is worthy of attention. It was written by Jan E. Freeman, a resident of Golden Valley, Arizona.  Ms. Freeman articulates the views and frustrations of many in her column:John McCain and his sycophant, Jeff Flake.”

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  1. Kimball says:

    Thank you for outing the deception being sold to us as a “conversation.” There is no conversation when there is no dialogue. This is a LECTURE with an agenda.

    Let’s be honest here. McCain is the same liberal he has always been. Nothing has changed. His pals have been Ted Kennedy, Russ Feingold, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer and other leftists As much as he promised amnesty in the past with his then Senate chum Jon Kyl, Hispanics still abandoned his presidential bid and voted for Obama in record numbers. His dedication to open borders did nothing for his aspirations OR the GOP. Now he has Jeff Flake onboard. Flake is exactly that…a Flake. He is also LDS and the Mormon Church has greatly expanded its numbers through converting Hispanic Catholics to Mormonism.
    This was recently printed in the Salt lake Tribune:
    Mormon leader: Obama’s immigration plan matches LDS values.

    The idea that Mormons have been known as political conservatives takes a decided backseat to blindly following church policy. McCain has the most willing partner in this undermining of America’s legal route of immigration. Is the LDS church going to dictate our immigration policy? If this was a real conversation, I would pose that question !

    • Matt DeGennaro says:

      Catholics bear equal guilt in this ploy to increase their numbers at the peril of our country’s future. The deceptive effort has come to be known as “pew filling,” as the churches that are intent on bringing more into the collection plates are able to claim their numbers are increasing. They might as well be Obama’s preacher Jeremiah Wright who cried out “God, Damn America!” We were all horrified then, but this mass amnesty will accomplish the same thing under the guise of “compassion.” Where is the compassion for American citizens? These efforts are merely self serving. My family and I left the Catholic Church en masse over this single, critical issue.

      This tells the story:
      Catholic Church set to launch mass immigration amnesty pitch

      This article was originally printed in the Washington Times.

    • Delilah says:

      In 2010 we had JD Hayworth, but the 23 million bux McLiar spent to destroy JD’s life won. Jimmy Deakin was nothing but a McShame troll dividing the conservative vote, never mind McCain a supporter bought Jimmy’s home on a repo and now he is back living in it for the discount price.

      Last year we had Wil Cardon but Club for Growth spent millions to help Mcflake. Nothing will ever get these two out if the people of Arizona don’t start paying attention. I do not care who runs against them, that is who I vote for, but keep two and three out so they do not split the vote and allow these two back in.

    • Hagar says:

      As a former Mormon bishop I am embarrassed that my church, with Euro-socialist Dieter Uchtdorf leading the way, has abandoned its long-held tenet of sustaining the law of the land. Since his addition to the First Presidency of the church there has been a decided shift to the left. Add the other member of the First Presidency, Henry Eyring, an academic with ties to uber-liberal Stanford University and the die was cast. However, not every Mormon is falling in line with this coup. Do you suppose Uchtdorf and Eyring would dare add support for amnesty for illegals to the temple recommend interview? I think not.

  2. Delilah says:

    Both Catholics and Mormons bear the responsibitity for helping to ruin this country and bring it down to a 3rd world mentality. Mormon’s are a little worse, look at what they did to Russell Pearce.

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      Actually many evangelical churches are involved in this deception, too. They cleverly configure their treasonous acts as “good deeds.”

      The truth is amnesty is immoral and should be disdained by any faith based institution. Amnesty provides benefits paid for by our own citizens to those who disregard and disrespect our laws and national sovereignty. It is the basic tenet of Karl Marx a founder of Communism, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”

      Those who follow these church teachings are complicit in the destruction of America.

  3. eubykdisop says:

    Let us not forget about the NEWEST double talking “immigration reform” supporter trying to pass himself off as a “conservative”; U. S. Senator Ted Cruz!

    “Sen Ted Cruz Wants to DOUBLE Immigration”

    “Published on Jul 27, 2013”

    Ted Cruz – the “controlled opposition.”

    “Yeah, he wants to close the border and stop illegal immigration. BUT he wants to DOUBLE “legal” immigration…”

    After talking about securing the border, at 3:27 into this video Senator Cruz makes his pitch for INCREASING immigration and voices his support for “reform” legislation.

    Cruz ALSO proposed legislation DOUBLING the number of green card visas per year and increasing by FIVE TIMES the number of H-1B visas per year.

    Folks, that ain’t Conservative! That is pandering to foreign nationals and their supporters AT THE EXPENSE of American citizens and American jobs!

    Don’t be taken in by U. S. Senator Ted Cruz! He’s an “immigration reform” supporter in Conservative clothing! “No sale, Ted!” We’ve been deceived and betrayed enough times to know better now! You’re OUT, Ted!

  4. pcrcPC says:

    “Immigration Special Interest Groups Claim Grand Bargain Deal Close”

    ““Manufacturers and business leaders are spending the bulk of the August congressional recess canvassing the country, sitting down with lawmakers”

    “In her article, Needham quotes several different special interest groups advocating for amnesty for America’s 11 million illegal aliens, including the Business Roundtable, the Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), the National Council of La Raza, and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) as all working together to push for amnesty.”

    americans have been sold out in favor of illegal foreign invaders.

    amnesty=republican deathwish 2014

    • eubykdisop says:

      Hi, pcrcPC! That’s very interesting! While you state that we have been “sold out” in favor of illegal foreign invaders you ALSO claim that we are being “stabbed in the back” by Arizona State Representative Adam Kwasman! And how did Kwasman perform when the chips were down? He was one of the Republicans who voted AGAINST Brewer’s Medicaid expansion!

      This is nothing but a very old and tired Liberal Obama troll tactic. How does it work? It works like this!

      1 – Find a Conservative blog.
      2 – Write comments staunchly supporting Conservative positions.
      3 – THEN, attack those PERSONS who actually implement and apply Conservative principles in practice!

      The vociferous support of Conservative positions is simply to provide cover for attacking those in office who have been instrumental in furthering the Conservative agenda.

      In the same manner, pcrcPC was critical of Arizona Attorney General Horne for meeting with illegal alien students, claiming that Attorney General Horne “legitimized” the illegal alien students. In reality, Horne made fools of them by pointing out that he himself is from Canada and came here LEGALLY!

      Like all Liberal Obama trolls, pcrcPC is deceptive, giving lip service to Conservative positions while making certain to attack and castigate those in office who actually further the Conservative agenda.

      Now you have yourself a wonderful Liberal Obama troll day, pcrcPC! :-)

    • Hometown Guy says:

      Good reminder for us all to remember: “Amnesty=Republican death wish 2014.”
      Nothing could be more true! As the post states, Obama and the Democrats are delighted to have the RepubliCrats onboard this head long foray into third world status.
      McCain calls himself a “maverick,” and Flake calls himself “Flake.” That sums up their traitorous aisle crossing very well.

      I couldn’t be more disgusted with these frauds. What I’d really like to know is what is actually going on in their heads as the glibly sell us out.The rest of us need to strenuously unify against these men. They are going to be taking up this effort against us when they return to DC after their taxpayer paid 5 week “recess.”

  5. Delilah says:

    Ted Cruz said he would double the number of visa’s for the smartest of immigrants. He realizes we have enough dish washers and grass cutters. We here in America are not producing enough engineers, while I do not agree on doubling them, I see the need. We need Doctors and not just because of Obamacare, the population is aging, there needs to be an incentive to have children, and not a bunch of illegitimate welfare babies.

    All that said, I still support Cruz, especially over another Paul who said he did not believe in borders.

    • eubykdisop says:

      Perhaps the “need” you see is a mirage placed in your mind by the clever propagandists of the Liberal left.

      “Jobs Americans Can’t Do? The Myth of a Skilled Worker Shortage (2011)”

      “Executive Summary”

      “Corporate executives in the tech industry have long called for an increase in pliant, lower-cost foreign labor. They argue that the U.S. is failing to produce a sufficient number of talented scientists and engineers. These claims, however, are based upon no actual evidence and do not hold up to scrutiny. Behind the industry’s calls for guest worker programs that attract the “best and brightest” is the reality that U.S. tech companies are cutting wages by discriminating against qualified American workers, with the full complicity of the federal government. Labor market data clearly indicate that the U.S. has no shortage of qualified scientists and engineers, and economic research demonstrates that immigrants do not make any special contribution to innovation. However, the flood of low-wage guest workers harms American workers and may threaten the nation’s future competitiveness.”

      “This report contains the following findings:”

      “•There is no evidence that there is, or will exist in the foreseeable future, a shortage of qualified native-born scientists and engineers in the United States.”

      “•The glut of science and engineering (S&E) degree holders in the United States has caused many S&E graduates to seek work in other fields. Less than one-third of S&E degree holders are working in a field closely related to their degree, while 65 percent are either employed in or training for a career in another field within two years of graduating.”

      “•Wages in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) occupations have not kept pace with those of other college graduates, and in some occupations have actually decreased.”

      “•The Government Accountability Office found that some U.S. employers acknowledged that “H-1B workers were often prepared to work for less money than U.S. workers” and this factored into the employers’ hiring decision.”

      Ted Cruz is yet another Flake/McCain “immigration reform” supporter who is addressing a “need” which does not exist. If you continue to back Ted Cruz, and he attains a more powerful position and implements his ideas, you’ll be saying the same things about Cruz which you now say about McCain and Flake.

      “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!”

    • eubykdisop says:

      While Ted Cruz wants to increase the number of H-1B visas permitted annually by 500%, the evidence does not support a need for any increase at all! In fact, the evidence points to a need for a DECREASE in H-1B visas. Ted Cruz is merely promoting the Obama/McCain/Flake phony “immigration reform” agenda. Dump Cruz!

      “The Bogus High-Tech Worker Shortage: How Guest Workers Lower US Wages”

      “By Hal Salzman, B. Lindsay Lowell and Daniel Kuehn”

      “(Hal Salzman is a professor at the John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development and the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers University. B. Lindsay Lowell is director of policy studies at the Institute for the Study of International Migration at Georgetown University. Daniel Kuehn is an adjunct professor and doctoral candidate in American University’s department of economics.)”

      “We’re Already Generating More Qualified Students Than Jobs”

      “Our analysis of the data finds that high-skill guest worker programs supply the preponderance of all new hires for the IT industry. The inflow of guest workers is equal to half of all IT hires each year and fully two-thirds of annual hires of workers younger than 30.”

      “At the same time, U.S. colleges are graduating more than twice as many science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) graduates than the number of STEM openings generated by our economy each year. In short, there is little justification to support the escalating numbers of new guest workers called for in the Senate’s S744 legislation.”

      “Currently, U.S. colleges graduate far more scientists and engineers than find employment in those fields every year — about 200,000 more — while the IT industry fills about two-thirds of its entry-level positions with guest workers.”

      “Asking domestic graduates, both native-born and immigrant, to compete with guest workers on wages is not a winning strategy for strengthening U.S. science, technology and innovation.”

  6. AZ Conservative Guy says:

    Seating is limited at the Mesa Arts Center? It’s a state of the art facility that hosts large concerts!! These phonies don’t want to interact with us. How much clearer could they be?

  7. AZ WI says:

    NO one really cares what John McCain or his puppet say!

    • Army Of One says:

      You might think that, AZ WI, but as two of the elite group of 100, they wield immense power. Wake up and stop kidding yourself. They belong to a club that you and I will never be a part of, and have the ability to impact our lives and those of our kids and theirs for decades to come. We need to get them out!!

  8. FACE-IT (@Forums4Justice) says:

    Making Our Case
    government of the people, by the people, for the people

  9. Fed Up says:

    Are you aware that access to this charade is by INVITATION ONLY?
    Let’s remember that when these slimey bastards run for reelection. They’ll act like they’re our best friends when they want our votes. They sure don’t need our money. The fat cat lobbyists representing the illegal labor profiteers who want the market flooded with low wage labor, will take good care of both Jeff Flake and his mentor McCain.
    Pi** on them both! Ditto the Chambers of Commerce who put greed before America.

    • eubykdisop says:

      And the same for U. S. Senator Ted Cruz who wants to DOUBLE the number of green card visas issued per year and increase by FIVE TIMES the number of H-1B visas issued each year!

  10. Vince says:

    I notice the morning edition of the AZ Republic dropped the word “conversation” and substituted “forum” in it’s coverage. I laughed out loud when I saw that this was the banner headline slammed across the front page. An agenda, ya think?

    This will be a lecture (not a conversation) as they get their pro-amnesty views out to a select few who will be allowed admittance. They don’t want any opposition to their script.

  11. Fought For My Country says:

    I’ve watched the Republic’s live stream as long I could stand it. What a bunch of BS spewing from these two RINO deceivers! John McCain and Jeff Flake said if the border commission goals (“secure border and path to citizenship and the treatment of an issue that is not going away“) aren’t reached within FIVE YEARS, $2 BILLION dollars would be made available to address it. More of our money down a rat hole. These two cons had the gall to tell us, “This is not amnesty.”

    There are “fees and fines and other requirements that would ensure compliance” that would be made available to re-address the problem. The audience was stacked with those who agreed with them, such as staffers of liberal state legislators and even included people from other Gannett publications to repeatedly ask softball questions that were probably written by the staffers for McCain and Flake. Channel 12’s host Mark Curtis even had the nerve to say people who “couldn’t get here today,” were able to Twitter questions. “Couldn’t get here today?” They were actually denied access by those putting this farce together

    McCain actually said opening the doors to illegals it will increase our economy, and insulted us all by saying everyone violates the law and are worthy of “redemption!” Using that as a standard, why not fling the prison doors open?

    McCain says he and Flake have become friends with AFL-CIO union boss Richard Trumka! Not much of a surprise there since McCain has always partnered with the likes of Kennedy and Schumer and Flake was in his element with far leftist Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez when they were both in the House. I won’t say “served” since they served their own interests.

    And typically as Flake lied, he kept his sh*t-eating grin on his face.

    • State Delegate says:

      Thanks for the overview. I wouldn’t have subjected myself to the lies, so I give you credit for watching what you did. The newspaper and it’s in-house TV station Channel 12, will pump this sham for all it’s worth.

      I have a job. I’m the guy they didn’t want to attend and disallowed access to the show. They just want me to pay their inflated salaries and cought up the bilions of dollars for the illegals.

      God bless those who were able to get out to protest these phonies. I heard it was a good turnout!!

  12. Philip Alu says:

    They,dumb and dumber or rich and richer, have turned their back to America and work for special interest….lobbyist, Muslim’s, academic progressives…. never like either…..

  13. leroy says:

    Take them out at all costs, even if it means voting Democrat if a primary challenge fails.

  14. docfnc says:
    Guest Opinions
    Opinion: U.S. Senate’s immigration legislation hurts America’s unemployed

    Aug. 17, 2013 1:35 PM |

    Written by
    David Olen Cross

    Oregon Senators Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden joining the Gang of Eight in the passage of Senate Bill 744 (S.744), termed comprehensive immigration reform by some, amnesty by others, is unconscionable legislation considering the United States’ June seasonally adjusted number of 12.2 million unemployed citizens; 7.6 percent of the country’s civilian labor force.

    According the “February 1, 2011 Pew Hispanic Center, Unauthorized Immigrant Population: National and State Trends, 2010” there are 8.0 million unauthorized workers in the U.S.

    With so many unemployed American citizens looking for jobs and 8.0 million unauthorized workers currently holding the jobs many citizens will do, the U.S. Senate’s legislation at best seems oblivious to the plight of the unemployed in this country.

    Two of the negative consequences of S. 744 are revealed in a June 2013 Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report which indicates the legislation will cause unemployment to increase through 2020 and average wages to decline through 2025.

    An evaluation of the seasonally adjusted unemployment numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, News Release from July 18, 2013 titled “Regional and State Employment and Unemployment — June” reveals unemployment rates in the states represented by the Gang of Eight plus their two Oregonian senatorial sidekicks: Oregon 7.9 percent; Arizona 8.0 percent; Colorado 7.0 percent; Florida 7.1 percent; Illinois 9.2 percent; New Jersey 8.7 percent; New York 7.5 percent; and South Carolina 8.1 percent. Five of the preceding eight states had higher unemployment numbers than the national average.

    During the five week summer congressional recess, as Senators Merkley and Wyden return to Oregon, the Senators should take a look at the number of unemployed in the state and unemployment numbers of the individual counties they choose visit across the state.

    In Oregon there were 158,147 citizens unemployed in June; the state ranked 16th in fifty states for the percentage of unemployed.

    (Page 2 of 2)

    Locally, Marion County’s 13,504 unemployed in June equated to 8.5 percent of the county’s work force; 8.5 percent of the state’s unemployed.

    Including Marion, twenty-four of thirty-six Oregon counties (66.7 percent of the states counties) in June had a higher unemployment rate than the national average of 7.6 percent: Baker 9.1 percent; Columbia 8.2 percent; Coos 10.2 percent; Crook 12.6 percent; Curry 10.6 percent; Deschutes 10.0 percent; Douglas 10.9 percent; Grant 12.1 percent; Harney 13.0 percent; Jackson 9.6 percent; Jefferson 10.6 percent; Josephine 11.3 percent; Klamath 10.8 percent; Lake 11.5 percent; Lane 7.9 percent; Lincoln 8.4 percent; Linn 9.9 percent; Malheur 9.0 percent; Morrow 9.1 percent; Polk 7.9 percent; Umatilla 8.2 percent; Union 8.2 percent; and Wallowa 9.7 percent. Eleven of the preceding counties had double-digit unemployment.

    Back to the Pew Hispanic Center report, according to the Pew report in Oregon there are an estimated 110,000 unauthorized workers in the state.

    If S. 744 is passed by both sides of congress and signed into law by the president, the addition of 110,000 unauthorized workers into state’s civilian labor force, if the CBO report is right, will likely increase unemployment in Oregon; a setback for a state still mired and struggling to come out of a severe recession.

    Hopefully for the unemployed of this state and across the country, the U.S. House of Representatives, they face the nation’s voters every two years, will take a more incremental approach to any type of immigration reform and first pass standalone legislation requiring a federally mandated national employment verification system like E-Verify which the federal government currently uses on all its new hires.

    Oregon’s 158,147 unemployed U.S. citizens should contact during the congressional recess Senators Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden, along with Congressman Kurt Schrader, and tell the Senators and Congressman, Oregonians should never have to compete for scarce jobs now or in the future with persons illegal present in the country; furthermore, the U.S. Congress passing a standalone federally mandated E-Verify system is best way to get those unemployed in the state and across the country back to fulltime work.

    David Olen Cross of Salem writes on immigration issues and foreign national crime. Contact him at