City of Phoenix election results – 2013


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Today, Tuesday, August 27, 2013, the City of Phoenix held its  regularly scheduled City Council Election for voters in Council Districts 2, 4, 6 and 8. Since the terms of the council members are staggered, there is no election for council members in Council Districts 1, 3, 5 and 7 this year.

The unofficial City of Phoenix election results can be viewed HERE.

19 Responses to City of Phoenix election results – 2013

  1. PV Voter says:

    Phoenix city elections should be timed to coincide with county or state elections. The turnout would be increased and the costs decreased. No doubt the city officials prefer it this way. The turnout is lighter and those voting in greater numbers are the union members (police, firefighters, teachers) and city employees. That serves the purpose.

  2. Sgt. Preston says:

    I voted for DiCiccio, but held my nose after receiving a disgusting hit piece from him in which he viciously attacked JD Hayworth, who has nothing at all to do with this race. For me it was a choice between a liberal and a snake. I chose the snake. I hope the tight race will give him reason to reevaluate his tactics.

    • Realist says:

      I like Sal and am pleased he won. Because of Stanton and company, I can/could see this city going the way of Detroit. Hopefully Sal and Jim Waring can put a stop gap in the progressive unionist hold on city hall.. However, I was not aware of a hit piece regarding JD. If that’s the case he needs for a few Conservatives (who know Sal) to set him straight.

      • Sgt. Preston says:

        The fact that DiCiccio has fought the unions is an issue I agree with. But “set him straight?” This is who he is. Let’s not forget that he worked for John McCain, (as did Waring) and still says his high school teacher Harry Mitchell was a strong influence on his career choice.

        You might remember liberal Harry Mitchell was the one who ran a campaign ad against JD Hayworth showing him in the target of a gun sight….Just another peace loving Democrat!

        DiCiccio’s disgusting mailer has deep roots with links to both Mitchell and McCain.

    • LD18 Republican Precinct Committeeman says:

      I have known Sal DiCiccio personally for a few years. Sal does NOT engage in vicious attacks against ANYONE, let alone a fellow Republican, and certainly not JD Hayworth. Sal’s campaign was outspent two to one and didn’t have extra money lying around to send mail that was irrelevant to the race. This “hit piece” you mention sounds like yet another effort by his opponents to depress turnout among conservative Republicans – Sal’s voting base. Just like the phony “lobbyists support” signs, the “CD9 exploratory committee” Twitter account impersonating him, and the endless robocalls and attack pieces. I am thankful that Phoenix 6 voters were smart enough to see through all that crap and turn out in record numbers, delivering Sal a 9-point victory. That’s not a “tight race,” that’s a landslide for fiscal conservatism, strong leadership, and integrity. If anyone needs to “reevaluate his tactics,” it’s the people who spent three quarters of a million dollars trying to tarnish a good man’s name and character.
      Oh, one more thing. Please send that “hit piece” to Sal’s campaign office… Someone may find it useful as evidence.
      DiCiccio for City Council
      1928 E. Highland Ave., F-104/469
      Phoenix, AZ 85016

      • Sgt. Preston says:

        The flyer had a “Paid for by DiCiccio for City Council” tag line in a box and shows distorted photos of both Karlene Keough Parks and JD Hayworth and says she donated to his campaign. I seriously doubt that she was behind that. She was badly portrayed and photo shopped. Since you’re such good friends with him, ask Sal about it.

      • rj says:

        LD18 PC – Do some research – or at least check with your candidate committee before you embarrass yourself. Sgt Preston is right. The piece follows the law and is printed with the disclaimer that DiCiccio paid for the piece.

        The piece was an obvious attempt to do two things – reduce Parks votes in Democrat households AND maliciously smear JD once again like Johnny Mac did during their campaign.

        You are probably so new to the process that you do not know Diciccio was a McCain staffer. The staff that he employs tells more about his allegiances than his use of the union issue. He is trying to build his base with people who do not know who he ultimately reports to.

        Today – before all the ballots have even been counted – he or his friends are polling to see how much support he would get if he leaves his council seat to run for mayor. Connect the dots of all this major supporters and they all lead to the same cesspool.

  3. Sgt. Preston says:

    PS Meant to say “thanks” for the election results.

    • Realist says:

      Sgt. Preston, I’m aware of his past employers and relationships. However, he also has relationships with individuals who are no fans of Juan McShame. He doesn’t seem to let old acquaintances or friendships influence new relationships nor get in the way of helping anti-McShame constituents(like McLiar does).
      Anyway, he’s a damn shot better than that Karlene would have been.

      • Sgt. Preston says:

        Better than Karlene? Absolutely! A phony conservative? Absolutely! He tailors his issues and campaigns to the voter base of his district NOT to any strongly held conservative beliefs.

        As to the relationships you mention…think expediency. His political sights are set higher, and he needs them ALL to attain his goal.

      • Janelle says:

        Sgt Preston is 100% dead on with his analysis. The McCain clones know when to drop the sheep’s clothing and start acting like the wolves they are.

      • Realist says:

        Sgt. Preston,
        Obviously, I mistook you for a rational individual. You are either a closet Diciccio hater or just another 100% my way or the highway conservative with a case of the dumb ass. Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself “could my attitude be one of the reasons progressive leftists are taking over the political scene in this country”?

      • Sgt. Preston says:

        I don’t have to prove my conservative creds to you or anyone else. Neither am I “hater,” or “a dumb ass “
        I’ve worked for years to support conservatives and will continue to do so. As to the “leftists taking over the political scene in this country,” that is rooted in a number of fundamentals, including conservatives routinely being duped by candidates who have their own agendas that are in no way conservative. How much of that do you suggest we continue to take?

        In this state we have elected Kyl, McCain, Flake, Brewer and a whole load of such people to represent us in the state legislature. They run as Republicans and say all the right things to bring us onboard, Once elected, they do an immediate about-face and work with the liberals promoting liberal causes on a wide range of issues. I’ll readily admit I’m tired of it.

        My “attitude” has become jaded when those I regarded as conservative and worked to elect kick sand in our faces. I’m “rational,” but angry. As to DiCiccio, his mailer reached a new low. My point was that DiCiccio is tight with two people (McCain and Mitchell) who ran vicious campaigns against JD Hayworth and DiCiccio obviously regards that as a winning strategy. In the future, I intend to be far more selective in the campaigns I donate to and work for. Hope that works for you.

      • Dennis O'Brien says:

        Sarge has got it right. That mailer was despicable. I didn’t receive it since I’m not in Sal DiCiccio’s district, but I have relatives who were outraged by it and it cost him their votes. DiCiccio was the recipient of dirty campaign tactics by his opponent Karlene Keogh Parks. What he engaged in by calling J.D. Hayworth a religious bigot was equally as scummy. What was the point of inaccurately sliming a former Congressman who has nothing to do with this race? The only connection was both of DiCiccio’s mentors were Hayworth’s opponents. Shame on Sal. And shame on you, Realist, for engaging in inexcusable name calling of another commenter here who is simply stating his opinion just as you are free to do.

      • Realist says:

        Sgt. Preston, Janelle and Dennis:
        Why all the anger and combativeness? I thought this was an avenue to express our thoughts. Not to be belittled or scolded if we happen to disagree with one another.

      • Realist says:

        No apologies necessary, but thank you. By the way Sgt. Preston, is your name derived from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police? Aye? If so, you should be more of a peacenik. Release the vitriol and let it go. You’ll feel much better.

      • Sgt. Preston says:

        You began the name calling by referring to me as “irrational,” a hater,” and “a dumb ass.“

        Now you innocently inquire about “all the anger and combativeness.” Since you agree this is not the venue for belittling, how about not engaging it it? I’d be happy to accept your apology.

  4. Observer says:

    Interesting that “white” Kate Gallegos was able to win the Dist. 8 “minority seat.” The race baiting didn’t work out for the black or Hispanic establishments who thought they owned the seat. She put them in their places when she said, “I don’t think there’s an African-American or Latino way to fill a pothole.” She’s a solid liberal, married to a liberal state legislator, so I have no illusions about her political bent, but she worked it and gave the bigots (yes, they come in all colors!!) what they deserved.

    Also glad to see US Rep. Ed Pastor’s daughter Laura lost again. I hope this puts an end to her political dynasty aspirations.

    • Ben F says:

      Unfortunately, Pastor has not lost. She and Johnson will be in the runoff election in November. Neither approached the 50% needed to be elected in this vote.