Forward looking DiCiccio already exploring mayor’s race?

Sal DiCiccio doesn’t appear to be letting any grass grow under his feet. Within hours of the final ballot count confirming that he had retained his District 6 City Council seat by 9.26 percentage points against a union-backed liberal, he’s looking ahead.

We’ve had reports of robo calls asking the single question: “If the race for Phoenix Mayor were held today and the candidates were Sal DiCiccio and Greg Stanton, which man would you support.  Press One for DiCiccio.  Press Two for Stanton.” 

Connected Democrat Stanton is currently Phoenix mayor.

The auto-dialer could win the award for posing the shortest survey. And DiCiccio could easily walk away with the eagerness trophy.

4 Responses to Forward looking DiCiccio already exploring mayor’s race?

  1. Seen It All says:

    It’s no secret Stanton hopes to use his White House connections to get outta Dodge, as it were. With his friends, he has the ability to raise a ton of cash to put himself in a Congressional seat.

  2. American Patriot says:

    Aspirations are a good thing. But this next day polling sure qualifies as over the top in my book. It might make doing the job you were just returned to seem like drudgery when your eye is on a greater “prize.”.

  3. Maggie says:

    I’d say “Press One for DiCiccio, Press Two for Stanton,” rather than the other way around is the big give away.

  4. The Klute (@the_klute) says:

    DiCiccio’s a big man in Arcadia. Phoenix is more than Arcadia though, isn’t it?