McCain schedules mystery meetings in AZ today* & Updates

Calculated to reduce citizen participation

CBS TV 5 is reporting that AZ Sen. John McCain has planned town hall meetings in Phoenix and Tucson to sell the unpopular Obama plan to authorize U.S. military action in Syria.

He is also scheduled to discuss the sweeping amnesty “reforms” which undermine Americans by granting citizenship to illegal invaders – a scheme being pushed by McCain and Jeff Flake along with the notoriously left-leaning Senate Gang of Eight.

Although the events are scheduled for Thursday morning in Phoenix and in Tucson this afternoon, there is deliberate secrecy surrounding the times and venues — which are mysteriously missing from the news report. In typical Mcfashion, the limited information and lack of advance notice is devised to curtail active citizen participation. Midday meetings are scheduled to keep those with jobs out of the action.

It turns out the Phoenix meeting is already underway at the Burton Barr Library at Central and McDowell. It began minutes ago at 10:00 am.

It’s past time to get angry. We are being deceived by those who lie to get elected and then refuse to face us.

* Correction: We previously  — and incorrectly reported the Tucson meeting as Friday. It will be this afternoon.


H/T to commenter Kate who informs us that McCain will speak at the Tucson Interagency Fire Center, 2646 E. Commerce Center Place in Tucson at 2:00 pm. today.

This is the FOX News report detailing the heckling McCain received at the Phoenix meeting where he made his and Obama’s case for launching a U.S. attack on Syria. Although not in attendance, Jeff Flake supports the action, as heard in his audio response to the news station.


26 Responses to McCain schedules mystery meetings in AZ today* & Updates

  1. Fed Up says:

    So typical of this slime ball. He and his handlers don’t want this swindler to face us. Why do you think McCain and Flake had that bogus closed to the public, fake “conversation on immigration.” It was clearly a media event intended to exclude us. Seeing Red hit the nail on the head regarding the times these fake forums are scheduled….when we are at work trying to support our families.

  2. eubykdisop says:

    “It’s past time to get angry.”

    We’ve been angry for a long time. It’s easy to elicit anger by mentioning anything McCain does and it’s a certain way to get an abundance of comments posted in the blog. However, McCain isn’t going anywhere. He had his shot at the presidency and lost. The only way he can get into a more powerful position is by appointment, not by election. So there’s little benefit to pointing out how terrible is John McCain. He just turned 77 and the only place he is going is to hell.

    Jeff Flake, on the other hand, is relatively young and in his first term as a U. S. Senator. He’s someone that we have a chance to do something about down the road. We also have a chance to debunk allegedly Conservative Republicans. like Ted Cruz, before they hoodwink their way onto the Republican ticket in 2016.

    Then, there are potential Democrat 2016 contenders like Hillary Clinton to go after. RINOs don’t make Democrats go away!


    • Doc says:

      euby-I may be wrong here but I believe “billary’s” got NO LEGIT Chance in 2016. NOBODY’S gonna’ forget, “…what difference does it make…”

      • eubkdisop says:

        That would be wonderful, Doc, but let US not forget that Obama got a second term AFTER things like “Fast and Furious” and AFTER his Attorney General, Eric Holder, became the first sitting U. S. Attorney General ever to be found in contempt of Congress, with Obama protecting him through the assertion of “executive privilege”.

        Conservatives won’t forget about Hillary’s numerous transgressions but do you think that the media will remind voters about Hillary’s failures?

        “Hillary Clinton mini-series planned for network TV”

        “NBC set to air Clinton mini-series in 2016”

        “BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. –
        A Hillary Rodham Clinton miniseries timed to precede the 2016 presidential election is part of NBC’s effort to create “event” programming…”

        “The four-hour miniseries “Hillary,” starring Diane Lane as the former first lady and secretary of state, is one such bid for distinctive programming, he said.”

    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      As a prolific commenter yourself, please be advised that what we post is not intended to generate comments. There are days we have many comments and others with few. While we appreciate the use of this forum by our readers, we are busy getting information out, not devising ways to hype the comment section. Your efforts would be better concentrated on those trying to deceive us rather than advancing motives on the part of Seeing Red AZ that do not exist.

      • eubykdisop says:

        Seeing Rd AZ.
        As a prolific writer of articles, please be advised that what you post is frequently about John McCain and that does generate a plethora of fruitless “ain’t he awful” comments, or have you failed to observe that? Your efforts would be better concentrated on those who we can actually do something about rather than advancing the cause of the “Let’s Complain About John McCain Yet Once Again Society”.

        You have a potent tool at your disposal with this blog. Often, you use that tool very well. Try to not let your shared intense dislike of McCain cause you to focus away from what is actionable and toward what usually degenerates into a never-ending reassertion of what we already know; McCain stinks!

      • D B Cooper says:

        Seeing Red AZ:
        I’m a longtime and grateful reader of this blog. This “euby” character is a mixed bag. He often posts worthy comments (along with his numerous and tedious cut and pastes from other sites, when a link would do the trick). But at times has also become so antagonistic to other commenters that he has spitefully driven them away. Westnash and pcrcPC immediately spring to mind. I don’t have to agree with someone to hear them out.

        In the past, others have suggested euby’s over the top need to dominate should be satisfied by starting his own blog. I doubt he has the patience to do more than needle. Don’t fall prey to his attempts at agitation. Currently it appears he’s miffed that you posted something less than scathing about Ted Cruz. We have plenty of time to weigh all of the potential 2016 candidates. I want to get all the information I can in the meantime. Even what euby posts. Just would prefer it without the bile spew.

      • eubykdisop says:

        Seeing Red AZ,
        I am a longtime and grateful reader of this blog. This “Cooper” character is a mixed bag. He rarely posts anything (with no links to any useful information at all, let alone contributing something new to the blog). But at times he also has become tedious and irrelevant by choosing to comment on other posters rather than addressing a political topic. He is sympathetic to Westnash, a proven Liberal troll, and to pcrcPC who attacked ADAM KWASMAN, claiming that KWASMAN “stabbed us in the back”. pcrcPC was also critical of our wonderful Attorney General, Tom Horne, for allegedly “legitimizing” illegal alien students by meeting with them to debunk their Liberal propaganda. I heard them both out and they are both Liberal trolls.

        In the past, other Liberals, like D B Cooper, have wasted the time of readers with the same pathetic accusations of a “need to dominate”, “delusions of grandeur”, being “tyrannical”, and so on, and suggesting that I should start my own blog. Never, of course, does anything new, interesting, useful or relevant for Conservatives come from these Liberals, let alone anything thoughtful. It’s the same old Liberal attacks repeated ad nauseam. Such is the intellectual poverty of Liberals. Don’t get suckered in by the classic “bomb-throwing” tactic of the Liberal left.

        Currently it appears he’s miffed that I have exposed Ted Cruz as holding positions on immigration which are not Conservative. We can rule out some candidates right now because they hold immigration views mirroring those of Glenn Hamer of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The bile spew of D B Cooper is characteristic of Liberal leftists who support Obama trolls like Westnash and pcrcPC.

        “D. B. Cooper is a media epithet popularly used to refer to an unidentified man who hijacked a Boeing 727 aircraft in the airspace between Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington, on November 24, 1971, extorted $200,000 in ransom, and parachuted to an uncertain fate. Despite an extensive manhunt and an ongoing FBI investigation, the perpetrator has never been located or positively identified. The case remains the only unsolved air piracy in American aviation history.”

        What does it tell us that this poster would choose as his user name an epithet referring to a hijacker, extortionist, air pirate and fugitive from justice?

    • Fought For My Country says:

      So you still think SRAZ is going after McCain in order to generate comments? Watch this revealing video about your buddy John McCain:

      The last time McCain and Kerry partnered up…it was to screw over American veterans.

      • eubykdisop says:

        Hey, nice video! Here’s a video of your buddy, TED CRUZ, making his pitch for increased immigration and voicing his support for “reform” legislation!

  3. East Valley PC says:

    Thanks again to all of you who voted for this sneaky con. John McCain is an elitist who regards us as an inconvenient nuisance except when he needs our votes. Then he takes a border walk with Sheriff Babeu and wants the “danged fence” built!

    Flake is no different. He did a complete turnaround on the issue of illegal aliens while he campaigned. Those of us who know him well, knew it was nothing more than campaign BS to get him elected. And sure enough, the day after the votes were counted, he was back on track with amnesty as he has always been!

  4. Kate says:

    JUST now got the info. At 2 PM, he’ll be @ Tucson Interagency Fire Center, 2646 E. Commerce Center Place. Tucson. Feel free to show up and ask questions!!!

  5. Standing Tall says:

    These “meetings” are nothing more than a device to give McCain and or Flake the ability to say they interacted with us when in truth the events they have are staged media productions, designed to keep us out.

    I’m convinced Carmona would have been no worse than Flake. Conservative JD Hayworth would have been a welcome relief from McLiar.

    The ill informed tea party folks harmed Hayworth with their support for Jimmie Lee Deakin as much as the multimillion $$ Team McCain did. Flake had the (once well regarded) Club for Growth run the knuckle dragging independent expenditure campaign full of lies and distortions about conservative Wil Cardon. Wise up, folks. Supporting outers such as Deakin, Van the Radio Man and Bryan Hackbarth dilutes the vote to the point that actually help frauds like Flake and McCain. Get the blinders off. You are following the wrong messiahs!!

  6. Hobbs says:

    WOW – this man is dangerous!!! He seems to be typical of little short men and has a Napoleonic Complex as well as Alzheimer’s.

    He got away from us here in Phoenix so please try to have someone in Tucson ask him to NAME the leader(s) of the Syrians who are fighting for “freedom” and do they wear uniforms, do they have any leadership that we can negotiate with? Name NAMES ……………

    • Orion says:

      We are being screwed without a kiss by those RINOs who claim to represent us. In truth they represent only themselves and their pet projects such as turning America into Mexico Norte.

      Now they want to involve us in a war in which we don’t belong and can’t win since both sides are equally reprehensible. When Flake and McCain are on the same side as Obama and Nancy Pelosi that tells me all I need to know.

      Fight the posers ! Fight them for the sake of our country and our children. Flake and McCain and their ilk (usually democrats) are in it for themselves. We are only beneficial to them when they need campaign peons and donors. Don’t fall for their shams.

  7. says:

    Way past time to recall McAmnesty and hand-puppet Flake.

  8. ZOO says:

    Let’s give those votes siphoned off by “spoilers” in the 2010 & 2012 Arizona U.S. Senate Republican primaries to the runner-ups, J.D. Hayworth and Wil Cardon:

    McCain – 284,374
    Hayworth – 221, 949*
    *(includes 59,447 Deakin votes)

    Flake – 289,743
    Cardon – 128,245*
    *(includes 23,660 Van Steenwyk votes, and 15.389 Hackbarth votes)

    There. That’s better.

    I guess it is impossible to resign to the fact that the overwhelming majority of Arizona Republican voters are party hacks, Chamber of Commerce strumpets, and illegal immigration profiteers.

    You remember “illegal immigration/amnesty”? That was the issue that both Hayworth and Cardon made the focus of their campaigns.

    • Seen It All says:

      You neglect to take into consideration the megabucks generated by virtue of incumbancy that these “winners” received. There is an imbalance that far supercedes the raw numbers. It has to do with how those numbers became what they were. When endless negative ads and mailers paid for by the big business amnesty-loving Chambers of Commerce, Independent Expenditure committees and lobbying organizations (that count the incumbents as loyalists worthy of retention), are factored in to this equation….then we have the hard facts that make up the actual picture. Until then, those numbers amount to little.

      If you are implying that amnesty is a losing issue, I wonder if you will retain that concept when your grandkids are bumped from university admissions in favor of the “new citizens,” and jobs are scarce as hen’s teeth due to millions of newly minted citizens competing for the constricted number of available jobs. Full time jobs are already falling by the wayside due to the high cost of implementing Obamacare.

      • ZOO says:

        SIA – I am familiar with the $$$ and good ol’ boy factors which you have eloquently described, but I thought I covered that above under “party hacks.”

        In 2005, John McCain was censured by the Arizona Republican Assembly for among other things, ” working with Democrat Senator Ted Kennedy to promote amnesty for border invaders.”
        A GOPUSA/Arizona poll showed a 93% approval of the censure.

        Now look at where we are:

        1. Arizona Republican primary voters have sent two KNOWN amnesty concubines right into the U.S. Senate to lead the fight for amnesty

        2. Not a single high-profile Arizona Republican currently in office has spoken out against the Senate amnesty bill, nor McCain, nor Flake

        3. The Arizona Republican Party has not produced a single criticism about the antics of McCain and Flake, because McCain now runs it from D.C.

        4. ALL Arizona Republican U.S. representatives are M.I.A.’s, promising voters 30 days ago they were “looking for venues, dates, and times for town halls.” Where the hell are they?

        5. The RNC has endorsed the Senate amnesty bill, just a little over a year since their platform touted enforcement, border security, and self-deportation aka attrition

        The “toughest state on illegal immigration” and the country clubbers that run the RNC are sending out a weather forecast: it’s going to rain amnesty.

        If the GOP believes that a Republican-assisted suicide [amnesty] is going to fade with voters suffering from short-term memory loss, or pale under the nightmare of another two-plus years of Obama, they are making a serious miscalculation. Conservative voters in Arizona crossed over and brought Richard Carmona within 3 percentage points of Flake. That was a warning shot that the GOP had better take to heart.

    • Night Owl says:

      Your response to Seen It All as well as SIA’s comment are both excellent. This is great dialogue, in that I am reminded of some facts and learned others from the interaction. Good stuff! Thanks to you both.

      • ZOO says:

        Thanks Night Owl. I am so sickened by Republicans in this state, I almost can’t wait for it to turn blue.

  9. Saguaro Sam says:

    John McCain ‏@SenJohnMcCain

    Another spirited town hall on #Syria in #Tucson this afternoon, with lots of participation – and great t-shirts!

  10. Doc says:

    …wants to put American Soldiers in harms way for ???
    …excited about t-shirts…moron…

  11. Realist says:

    There are no surprises when dealing with Sen. McFool. What bewilders me is how quickly Flake has degraded himself by becoming McFoo’ls lap dog.
    With Lindsey Graham hopefully on his way out, Obama lite Sen. Juan McFool will have Disgraced McFlake full time to wipe the drool off his face and change his depends.

  12. Doc says:

    SRA & Fellow Conservatives- THIS from “the Prescott Daily Courier”:

    mcStain “Townhall” in Prescott TODAY…