Invasion‘s magical lingo: “Migrants, undocumented, refugees, asylum seekers…”

….replacing the suddenly politically incorrect “illegal aliens”

Our normally dry Valley is awash, not just with a drenching downpour, but also with a flood of what the daily newspaper cunningly refers to as “migrants.” We know them as illegal aliens, and most often view them as invading the United States via Arizona’s southern border, from Mexico, South and Central America.

Sunday’s edition disabuses us of such notions. An oversized front page report, continuing for two additional jump pages, details the “hundreds, maybe even thousands, of undocumented migrants from India” smuggled yearly into Arizona seeking “asylum.” On average, they pay $35,000 apiece to gain access, using dubious claims of facing danger in their homeland. The numbers of such claimants is surging. Even the open-borders newspaper reports officials are suspicious of their pitiful tales — though the steady flood  of humanity continues.

Today’s edition provides more of the same. In this saga, it is a Hutu farmer living in Zimbabwe being helped to “rejoin his family” by the Grand Canyon chapter of the American Red Cross. He has not seen his Tutsi wife and children since he fled a refugee camp in Zambia, leaving them behind in 2005.  He is still in Africa, but count on him arriving  in Phoenix soon. For reasons undisclosed, the family requested their names not be released.

Despite being assured by former Homeland InSecurity chieftain, Janet Napolitano that “our borders have never been stronger,” exactly the opposite is true. Watch this sobering WSB Atlanta Action News report detailing the OTM’s (Other Than Mexicans) from terror sponsoring nations, who have learned Spanish and infiltrated the USA.

Is there a genial way to say “We told you so?” Probably not. We will simply self-congratulate on our own early perceptions of the transmogrifications of amnesty and the threats Americans are facing, ignored by our own government officials at both the federal and state level.  

In 2008, we saw it coming, in the post “Lawbreakers morphing into asylum seekers,” noting the reconfiguring of illegal aliens into victims. It was an ideal pretext for the open borders Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona Republic), providing the leftist decimator of pap another convenient hook for its endless promotion of amnesty. And it perfectly comported with the United Nation’s expanded concept of refugees in its 1967 Convention and Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees, to include persons fleeing violence in their home country.

In 2010, we wrote “The ball to keep your eyes on: Newly configured ‘political refugees.’” We followed in 2011 with “Asylum! The hottest ticket for ‘political refugees.’”

The claim worked well for Barack Obama’s Kenyan-born aunt Zeituni Onyango who lived in taxpayer supported public housing in Boston. She was granted asylum in a private hearing six years after being ordered deported.

4 Responses to Invasion‘s magical lingo: “Migrants, undocumented, refugees, asylum seekers…”

  1. Vince says:

    Employing deceptive language to describe our invaders is part of the scheme to ensure we become a third rate, third world nation. Why our own government would be a party to this boggles the mind. Who is there to expose the con when the media is part and parcel of the Big Lie?

  2. Kimball says:

    The press is not what many of us remember,Vince. Journalistic standards are gone and “news” is often crafted to mesh with the editorial board’s prevailing agenda. Puff pieces pass as reporting. The Arizona Republic exists on milking tragedies and promoting LGBT issues, along with the favorite topic of all…amnesty for illegals. I’m glad Seeing Red AZ stopped putting in links to the Repulsive’s articles. Why drive people to their website? We canceled our subscription a few years ago after many years as subscribers. It finally dawned on us that we were supporting the daily spew that we found so distasteful. No more heartburn with breakfast and extra money in our pockets. A definite win-win.

  3. LD 23 PC says:

    We are being overtaken by invaders aided and abetted not only by the media, but also by John McCain and Jeff Flake, as well as previously by Jon Kyl.I will never understand this rush to degrade America and fill it with undeducated people who have little desire to acclimate, speak our language or cherish our founding documents and history. All other (LRGAL) immigrants were happy tto become Americans. The illegals want us to learn Spanish and threaten to “retake” the American Southwest.

    The terrorists coming into our land are another story. I watched the video (great to see JD Hayworth being interviewed!!) and realized that we never see such coverage here. This was an Atlanta TV station revealing the sad state of affairs in Arizona.

  4. eubykdisop says:


    A while back, SRAZ did an article exposing how the Obama administration is planning to seize individual retirement accounts.

    Then came the situation in Cyprus with some of the money of private bank depositors being seized by the national government.

    Now, we have this from Poland:

    “Poland confiscates half of citizens’ pensions”

    “Attempt to delay European nation’s looming debt crisis”

    “Jerome R. Corsi”

    “NEW YORK – Quietly, as the looming possibility of a U.S. military attack on Syria dominated news internationally, the government of Poland announced a decision to confiscate half of the nation’s pension funds in an attempt to delay an impending government debt crisis.”

    While Obama may ultimately come after savings accounts and checking accounts, it appears that his first target for the “redistribution of wealth” will likely be individual retirement accounts. Cyprus and Poland are trial runs. Our turn is coming!

    Forewarned is forearmed!

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