Linda Valdez: 6 sentences score for liberalism

The Arizona República’s leftist, Obama-lovin’ wizardress Linda Valdez is at it again.  Her recent 6-sentence “Quick Hit” is titled, “One-track Congress can’t seem to juggle the issues.”

As a seasoned editorialist for the daily fish wrap, she’s not above concocting facts to suit her fancy. Still we marvel that in a few words, she manages to promote both amnesty and Obamacare, insult the GOP and falsely declare that Congressional Republicans want to shut down government.  Apparently in Valdez’ world of federal nannism where Marxism reigns supreme, advocating for defunding Obamacare, equates to shutting down government.

Here ‘tiz:

Today’s quiz: Can Congress multitask? A Reuters news story recently suggested that Congress might be flummoxed by too many issues. The question of whether to bomb Syria (just say no) may crowd out comprehensive immigration reform (just say yes).

After all, the GOP still has to fuss about the budget and shut down the government while trying to kill “Obamacare.” So much to do! You have to wonder if any of these folks could handle a job in the private sector.

Although your humble bloggers are far from fashionistas, it didn’t escape our notice that Ms. Valdez has ditched her bizarre self portrait taken in front of a silver Airstream travel trailer and replaced it with a curly-haired moppet photo reminiscent of Little Orphan Annie. Or is that Raggedy Ann? Whichever, it beats the heck out of the humble abode shot in the Old Pueblo. 

7 Responses to Linda Valdez: 6 sentences score for liberalism

  1. Dennis O'Brien says:

    From reading her liberal rants in the past, it’s clear Valdez is an adherent of Karl Marx’s axiom “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” That belief underscores Obama’s policies, as well.

    As a committed leftist, she wants “free” healthcare that actually costs us dearly, both in terms of dollars and restricted care. Valdez has made advocating for the expansion of government (state and federal) programs her mantra. Hers is a typical cradle to grave mentality that is founded in the idea that government can do more for us than we can do for ourselves and do a better job of it.

    The rest of us cherish our freedoms. I doubt she even a nodding familiarity with our Constitution and Bill of Rights. If she has, she obviously views them as outdated. This is a prime example of why subscribing to this loathsome newspaper is foolish. Why support this printed sewage?

  2. eubykdisop says:

    The really funny thing is that Ms. Valdez, an alleged “journalist”, isn’t even keeping up with the latest news!

    “Report: House GOP Leadership Plan Procedural Trick to Avoid Obamacare Funding Fight”

    “by Matthew Boyle, 9 Sep 2013”

    “Sources close to House conservative leaders have confirmed to Breitbart News that House GOP leadership is planning to cave and fund Obamacare’s implementation for at least the rest of 2013.”

    “The source added that House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is “shopping an idea of passing defund through the House with the CR, but with a mechanism that would allow it to be decoupled in the Senate, defeated, and then the base CR be passed without coming back to the House.”

    Ms. Valdez doesn’t even realize how Republican House leadership is seeking to sell us out on everything from Obamacare to “immigration reform”!

  3. Frankly Speaking says:

    Valdez and her lovely out of the closet boss Randy Lovely must be spitting nails today. Their cherished same sex marriage initative was unable to muster the necessary number of signatures to put redefining marriage on the AZ ballot. Watch for an editorial explaining the AZ summer heat was too intense to collect the signatures. The simple explanation is likely based in the truth that Arizonans voted in support of DOMA , the Defense of Marriage Amendment, and continue to believe that marriage is between one man and one woman!

  4. Realist says:

    If John Boehner would lay off the “sauce” long enough to clear his mind…obamacare could be stopped. Last month Eric Cantor was in Scottsdale for an invitation only breakfast-fundraiser. When the topic of obamacare came up, his mind was not open to any ideas or solutions that could defund or stop the implementation of obamacare.
    Breitbart has it right. The GOP leadership in the House does not really intend to stop obamacare. Do these people have any clue regarding the direction this country is headed???
    Unless they are totally controlled by the pharmaceuticals, medical insurers or wall street pension fund providers (in which case they should be thrown out of office)…they are in need of a good ass-kicken!!! Actually, regardless of their motives, they deserve both!

    • Kent says:

      Very good assessment of the con job we are being subjected to by the GOP congress. Your handle Realist is fitting! I am beyond disgusted by the lack of conservative leadership from those who tricked us pre-election and take us to the cleaners post-election.And that damned McCain is back to working with Democrats—this time on Syria. He and Lindsey Graham should take a romantic vacation together and get out of our sight!

      PS Grahamnesty is said to be faring poorly in his Senate primary. I hope the voters in South Carolina hand him his head on a platter.

      That’s what we should have done to McCain when we had the opportunity. Let’s gear up to oust McCain Junior, Jeff Flake.

    • eubykdisop says:

      Not only that, Realist, but Cantor actually went to New York City to have breakfast with Michael Bloomberg at Gracie Mansion as part of Cantor’s efforts to shove “comprehensive immigration reform” legislation down the throats of Republicans!

      “House Leaders to Educate Voters About Immigration: ‘Become America'”

      “by Joel B. Pollak, 18 Jul 2013”

      “House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) will lead a tour of House leaders next week aimed at educating Americans, and each other, about the history and importance of immigration to the United States. The tour, dubbed the “Become America” tour, will feature events and speeches aimed at overcoming opposition to the passage of comprehensive immigration reform, which has stumbled amidst opposition from conservatives.”

      “The lawmakers will attend events on Ellis Island and at the Museum of Jewish Heritage and the African Burial Ground National Monument, according to an itinerary of the trip,” Politico reported late Wednesday evening. “Leaders will speak at a naturalization ceremony, and the group will also have a breakfast meeting at Gracie Mansion with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a key advocate of immigration reform.”