September 11, 2001: We will not forget

We also need to get smarter and drop the politically correct descriptions

Twin towers

Twelve years ago today, 2,973 people were murdered by terrorists who commandeered two commercial airliners and flew them into the World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York City and  a third into the Pentagon. The death toll includes 40 passengers and crew members aboard the fourth hijacked plane, United 93, which crashed in a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, as courageous passengers rushed the cockpit.

 Along with our American citizens, people from 90 other countries were killed in the attacks perpetrated by those we have referred to each year as we post this memorial as “Islamo-fascist extremists.”

Today as we also remember the orchestrated attack on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi on this same date just last year  — resulting in the deaths of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Ty Woods, Sean Smith and Glen Doherty, we are changing our descriptive terminology.

Bare Naked Islam (BNI), a site which boldly declares, “It isn’t Islamophobia when they really ARE trying to kill you,” exposes the fact that these terrorists are not an aberration of Islam, but rather devout followers extolled as the “Magnificent 19” and, in fact, revered for their heinous acts by their families and their communities. BNI includes portions of a book ‘Perfect Soldiers: The 9/11 Hijackers, Who They Were, Why They Did It’, written by LA Times reporter Terry McDermott.  After doing in-depth research for his book, McDermott concludes they were all “model Muslims,” actually “perfect soldiers” for Allah, deeply religious and following the tenets of their faith.

“Allahu Akbar! translates to “Allah is Greater.” It is an Islamic Arabic expression, used as both an informal expression of faith and as a formal declaration — often accompanying Jihadist terror attacks.

Days ago, Arizona’s senior Sen. John McCain foolishly compared shouts of “Allahu Akbar!” to a Christian saying “Thank God.” The post and the video can be seen here. This is exactly the type of irrational political correctness that needs to be replaced.

We begin today.

7 Responses to September 11, 2001: We will not forget

  1. eubykdisop says:

    Today, the Muslims had planned a 1 million Muslim march on Washington, D. C.. This is what actually happened instead!

    “Published on Sep 11, 2013”

    “911 Riders of 2013 Washington DC HERE WE COME!!”

    “Here they come! 2 million bikers in remembrance of 9/11”

  2. Villanova says:

    We are repeatedly warned not to inflame Muslims. But Allah’s avengers have no problem imposing their fabricated ire on us. The worst of it is that they intentionally chose the day when 19 Muslims savagely and premeditatedly caused the worst havoc on American soil to hold their ‘rally.”.

    Remember how the Muslims worldwide reacted? They danced in the streets and handed out candy to their children. Thanks for clarifying what and who this enemy is. There is nothing wrong (and a whole lot that is right) with these clarifications.

    Commit these images of jubilant, celebratory Muslims to memory!

    • Matt DeGennaro says:

      The very fact that a group calling itself the “American” (quotes are mine) Muslim Political Action Committee has scheduled a rally to draw attention to what they regard as unfair fear of Muslims after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on this day of national mourning is beyond infuriating.

      Let’s be clear. Muslims who have made their home in America are not and should not be “feared,” although many view them with suspicion. As the Seeing Red AZ post states, ALL nineteen of the murderous terrorists were regarded as deeply devout followers of Islam. The silence from the AMERICAN Muslim community following the horrific events of September 11, 2001 should never be forgotten. The video showing Muslims celebrating nearly 3000 deaths tells more about their mindset than any words could convey.

  3. says:

    I agree. McAmnesty and his hand-puppet Flake do not represent the citizens of Arizona and should be replaced. Unfortunately, a recall of an elected federal official is not possible. _’0E%2C*PL%5B%3A%230%20%20%0A_ ('0E,*PL%5B:#0%20%20 ) . Bernard

  4. eubykdisop says:

    And now, for your up-to-the-minute score: MUSLIMS, 25. BIKERS, 1,000,000!

    “WASHINGTON – It was originally billed as “The Million Muslim March,” though organizers later revised it to the “Million American March Against Fear.””

    “But at noon Wednesday in the nation’s capital, there weren’t a million Muslims or Americans to be found anywhere – not even close.”

    “Mark Segraves of the NBC affiliate in Washington reported that only “about 25 people,” including activist Cornel West, were at the Muslim march as of 12:30 p.m. Wednesday, with a group of Christians about the same size nearby.”

    “However, the counterprotest by bikers was in evidence everywhere.”

    “Driving in from Canada and all over the United States, the bikers, who were denied a permit for their demonstration, were flooding the capital.”

    “At approximately 1 p.m., “2 Million Bikers to DC” Facebook page co-founder Belinda Bee posted that police have counted nearly one million bikers are on the streets of Washington.”

    I think that B. Hussein Obama is going to go golfing again real soon! Two Dem Colorado state legislators were recalled and ousted from office yesterday over the passage of gun control legislation and today the 1,000,000 Muslim march turned out to be the 25 Muslim march!

    Obama and his agenda are nothing but a bunch of media hot air backed up by… NOTHING!

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