McCain, Kerry base Syrian hawkishness on young liar

Politico exposes Dr. Elizabeth O’Bagy, the gal with a fake Ph.D, whose op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal served as a catalyst for urging U.S. use of force in the Syrian powder keg.

The 26-year-old Syria researcher’s writing was cited by both Secretary of State John Kerry and Sen. John McCain during congressional hearings regarding U.S. strikes.  O’Bagy has since been fired by the Institute for the Study of War for lying about her educational credentials, the ISW announced in this terse memo on Wednesday.

In addition to her work for the Institute for the Study of War, O’Bagy is also the political director for the Syrian Emergency Task Force (SETF), a group that advocates within the United States on behalf Syria’s rebels — a fact that the Journal did not disclose along with O’Bagy’s editorial.

Daniel Greenfield of FrontPageMag has the rest of the toe-curling story, “McCain’s Syria Expert Doubles as Syrian Lobbyist.”

The Daily Caller’s Charles Johnson reveals that O’Bagy, McCain’s “Syria expert” wears at least two hats — lobbyist for the rebel faction being just one.

Here in Arizona we think we know this duplicitous guy.  Read these linked articles to get a flavor of how little we actually know about McCain’s back door dealing in the halls of the senate.  It’s bad enough that we are continually deceived by this marginal man of ample ego and limited intelligence, but his advocacy for entering a war zone from which there is little hope of resolution — based on the urgings of a winsome lobbyist paid to encourage our involvement, is beyond reprehensible.

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  1. eubykdisop says:

    While we’re at it, let’s not forget about our OTHER U. S. Senator, JEFF FLAKE, who sided with B. Hussein Obama in a Senate vote on intervention in Syria:

    “Split Senate Panel Approves Giving Obama Limited Authority on Syria”


    “WASHINGTON — A sharply divided Senate committee voted Wednesday to give President Obama limited authority to use force against Syria, the first step in what remains a treacherous path for Mr. Obama to win Congressional approval for a military attack.”

    “Still, the Senate vote was hardly resounding. Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee, co-author of the resolution and the ranking Republican on the committee, was one of the Republicans who sided with Mr. Obama. Another was Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona, a freshman…”

    • eubykdisop says:

      The SRAZ article states of John McCain: “…his advocacy for entering a war zone from which there is little hope of resolution —based on the urgings of a winsome lobbyist paid to encourage our involvement, is beyond reprehensible.”

      Here is what JEFF FLAKE has to say on his own website:

      “Sen. Flake Votes to Authorize Military Action in Syria”

      “Sep 04 2013”

      “After reviewing both the classified and unclassified evidence, I am convinced that the Syrian regime did launch a chemical-weapons attack, and it is in our national interest that it faces the consequences.”

      Is it any less “reprehensible” when JEFF FLAKE advocates “entering a war zone” than when John McCain advocates entering the same war zone? Isn’t this an issue where BOTH McCain AND Flake should be called out, not JUST McCain?

  2. East Valley Conservative says:

    Excellent reminder, euby. Flake is as treacherous as McCain and follows his lead on the issues. And don’t for a moment think that Jon Kyl is not in the mix. He might be officially “retired” from the US Senate, but he isn’t retired from exerting influence. He and McCain worked too long and hard to get Jeff Flake in the senate to allow him to go rogue. That’s not a consideration, in any event, since Flake is not (nor has he ever been) a conservative. He is a Libertarian with grand aspirations who will willingly and with his ever-present grin slapped on his face, follow his mentors into political hell.

    • eubykdisop says:

      Hi, East Valley Conservative, and thank you very much!

      Lest we forget, JEFF FLAKE was endorsed by the favorite newspaper of SRAZ, The Arizona Republic:

      “A leader for these times”

      “The Republic, September 12, 2013”

      “This is Jeff Flake’s moment. The Arizona Republic recommends voters support Flake for the U.S. Senate, replacing retiring Sen. Jon Kyl.”

      In support of your statement that JEFF FLAKE is Libertarian, SRAZ itself referred to the Goldwater Institute, for which JEFF FLAKE served as Executive Director, as Libertarian:

      “The Goldwater Institute did not issue biased report in a vacuum”

      “Who’s actually calling the shots?”

      “The report on Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio issued by Clint Bolick of the libertarian Goldwater Institute lists legislative recommendations intended to hamstring the popular sheriff.” – Seeing Red AZ, December 3, 2008

      This, of course, may cause one to wonder why the Conservative SRAZ has a link to the Libertarian Goldwater Institute in the blogroll on it’s home page.

  3. Frankly Speaking says:

    The Foreign Policy news site reported in June that the Syrian Emergency Task Force “boasts extensive contacts with rebel commanders” and “spent months lobbying Congress, the State Department and the White House for everything from small arms to anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons to body armor to advanced communications equipment for the rebels.” That indisputably substantiates the fact that both McCain and Flake have been working with the enemy.

    In whom do Americans place their trust when we are being sold out by those purporting to represent us?

    • eubykdisop says:

      Hi, Frankly Speaking!

      Yes, BOTH McCain AND Flake are on the same traitorous page. It appears to me that JEFF FLAKE is being positioned to ultimately become the Republican presidential candidate at some point. Why do I say that?

      Well, first of all, he has moved up from the House to the Senate. Secondly, he has the backing of “the establishment”, most notably McCain and Kyl. But there’s more than is obvious!

      If you search for things related to Jeff Flake, you will almost invariably find that Flake is mentioned secondarily along with John McCain. There is very little to be found featuring Flake alone. That makes it difficult to pin anything on Flake in the future.

      Furthermore, there isn’t much out there, aside from immigration, where Flake has taken strong stands on controversial issues and there isn’t that much out there highly critical of Flake. You have to dig pretty hard to find such information. That suggests that Flake is thinking to the future when he speaks and that the search engines, which are Liberal, are protecting Flake. After all, many of Flake’s positions are, in fact, those supported by the Liberal left.

      Finally, it’s doubtful that the Mormon establishment has given up on installing a Mormon in the White House just because Mitt Romney failed this time around. I think that Jeff Flake is the Mormon presidential candidate of the future. He’s the right age, has the “right” backing and is on the upswing, having gone from Congressman to U. S. Senator.

  4. Peter J. O'Malley says:

    This is an astute observation, Euby. Certainly there are many who would like to be president, some of which could do a credible job. But in order to get there, one has to be a lefty parading as a conservative, get the endorsement of the progressives, and lust mightily for the appointment. It is an appointment, not an election, because the Insiders who, for example, put Obama in office, have only to anoint their choice, and once they do it is just a matter of the Anointed walking the Insider line all the way to the Great House.
    Flako is likely on their short list.

    • Matt DeGennaro says:

      Euby and Peter,
      You have both ruined the rest of my day with this observation. I have long regarded Flake as the most appropriately named man in man in Congress until I found out that there is actually an Idaho Congressman named Mike Crapo. He’s another BYU graduate.

      It’s imperative that another credentialed candidate runs against The Flake. Otherwise, you could be right. Please God, don‘t let that happen.

    • eubykdisop says:

      Peter and Matt:

      I think it’s clear that the LDS Church is maneuvering politically to get a Mormon in the White House. What possible evidence is there of that?

      Just prior to the Russell Pearce recall, the LDS Church issued a new position statement on immigration and immigrants. They essentially attacked Pearce and his positions without mentioning Pearce’s name. Then, of course, they backed Lewis to replace Pearce. What would that have to do with the presidency?

      Well, a softer position on immigration and immigrants would remove that issue as a potential stumbling block for a Mormon presidential candidate. It could enable him to capture more of the Hispanic vote. The fastest growing segment of the LDS Church in America is made up of Hispanic immigrants! So some of that constituency could go to a Mormon Republican instead of a Democrat.

      After the presidential election, the LDS Church came out in support of the new policy of the Boy Scouts of America to admit openly homosexual boys. Obviously, an apparent softening of the LDS Church position regarding homosexuality could be useful to a Mormon presidential candidate.

      Romney made inroads. He was elected governor outside of Utah in Massachusetts, a state with a significant Catholic population. As a presidential candidate, Romney “broke the ice”, getting voters used to seeing a Mormon in such a position.

      Next up is Jeff Flake, the “new, modern” face of the LDS Church. He does have appeal for some women as a “hunk”. He’s young. He’s connected, not just nationally but internationally. He has support from mainstream “establishment” players. He’s even slicker than “Slick Willy”. Talk about the “Teflon Don”! Nothing seems to stick to Flake no matter how outrageous his actions. That’s no accident!

      I predict that Flake will end up on a Republican presidential ticket in the not very distant future.

  5. LEO IN TSN says:

    A big AZ hat tip to Lisa E. Benson ( who exposed this miserable spy in her news report of Sep 7 and her ensuing weekly radio show (The Lisa Benson Show for National Security, KKNT 960AM The Patriot).

    She also focused the spotlights on McAmnesty’s traitorous alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda. (Remember his Syrian photo-op a month ago?)

    I guess we also remember too well when a handful of patriotic, conservative federal representatives (none, sadly, from AZ) recently wrote a letter to Eric Oholder requesting an investigation into the growing influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Obamao government. It was our own Juan McAmnesty who launched an irrational attack on these patriots for questioning the loyalty of Hillary Clinton’s Muslim Brotherhood Chief-of-Staff. (Did I mention that none of those patriots were AZ Representatives?)

    America has been made to be the laughingstock of the world; AZ is the laughingstock of US. How sad

    God bless America.