McCain’s AZ GOP disconnect featured on Drudge Report

National news begins covering AZ GOP aversion to McCain

Under a banner “AZ GOP issues formal rebuke of John McCain,” the widely read Drudge Report links to Breitbart, sending readers to Official Arizona GOP Body Passes Formal Rebuke of John McCain.

The report details the censure of John McCain contained in a resolution overwhelmingly passed by the elected Precinct Committeemen of Legislative District 26. This is the second such report in days, telling of the Republican grassroots dissatisfaction with the party establishment — personified by McCain, imperiously disregarding the AZ GOP base. 

But Jeff Flake doesn’t get a pass. Though McCain’s sycophantic protégée, he has earned no such entitlement. Amnesty promoter Flake showed his duplicity and brazen disregard of Arizonans in the congress where he served 6 terms after pledging in 2000 to limit himself to three two-year terms. He later blithely admitted, “I lied.”

Calling out both John McCain and Jeff Flake, district officer Matt Papke said “John McCain is the poster child for term limits, his back room dealings, insatiable war drum, and eroding base, call to question why this man is our Senator. It is my hope that Senators McCain and Flake work to reestablish their relationships with the boots on the ground members of Legislative District 26 Republicans.”

20 Responses to McCain’s AZ GOP disconnect featured on Drudge Report

  1. StetsonXXX says:

    Hooray! Finally this travesty we Arizonans are living with is garnering national attention!! The dopes who put the two liars in the senate should be horsewhipped. The other day someone described them as senior citizens, AZ newcomers, Mormons (in Flake’s case), and/or those who live under rocks and are news deprived I agree. These men would both be more honest if they reregistered as Democrats and be done with it.

    • eubykdisop says:

      Right on, StetsonXXX! And, as the article states, Flake openly admitted lying to voters. Well, here, you can watch him say it for yourself:

  2. Delilah says:

    I only hope the voters stay pissed at the old goat.

    • eubykdisop says:

      Let’s hope that voters stay pissed at BOTH goats, McCain AND Flake, After all, Flake just entered the Senate and is relatively young whereas McCain just turned 77 and failed in his bid to become president.

      Besides, while McCain supported the “Gang of 8” Senate legislation, Flake, when still in the House, came up with his very own illegal alien amnesty legislation; the STRIVE Act.

      “Bilbray exposes the amnesty scam contained in the Flake-Gutierrez legislation (STRIVE Act).”

  3. cj says:

    He has become very arrogant and has no respect or regard to the people who elected him into office. McCain and Flake must go!

  4. Van says:

    This issue of Flake and the Strive Act was discussed at several GOP & Tea Party Groups before the primary and many told me they were concerned about the most electable theology, when compared to Carmona. I tried to tell them that and the Better of Two Evils is sending the GOP down the path to nowhere as the Independents are growing mostly from disgruntled former Republicans and it fell on dead ears, opportunities keep slipping away in the name of Wining vs. Issues time to lose and office to win a War. God Bless You All; Van

    • MacBeth says:

      I imagine you meant well, but in your own way you helped elect Flake by siphoning off votes from Wil Cardon. Yours weren’t enough to matter and neither were Hackbarf’s but you two had no chance of either generating a sufficient statewide base of support, raising funds or winning and should have worked to help elect Wil Cardon. No one considered either of you two electable which is why the big money was thrown at defeating conservative Cardon.

      • delilah says:

        Thank you MacBeth. I have been screaming that since that fool Deakin, and Van was just as bad. Why get in for our ego? I hope the Tea Party and grass roots realize we can not defeat McLiar and McFlake with three candidates in the race.

  5. ZOO says:

    It was just a couple of days ago that SRA accurately hailed the two preeminent issues facing Americans as (1) getting drawn into an unwanted war with Syria (2) the pending amnesty sellout simmering in Congress. The bleached-out criminal and racketeer John McCain has his middle finger buried to the hilt in both “issues” – as expected, from the wrong side.

    So the big hoopla raised by LD 26 is McCain’s role in presidential appointments? Are starving conservatives so hungry that THIS passes for ‘an outcry against John McCain?’ The blistering blurbs aimed at McCain were contrived to avoid the smoldering issues that have victory (or disaster) tethered on a 60-day time line, aside from an aloof comment relating to “war drums.”

    I repeat: the Arizona GOP and the RNC are connivingly in the tank for amnesty, and not one high-profile Arizona Republican currently holding public office has spoken out against it, nor McCain, nor Flake. For the Drudge Report to label off-topic and irrelevant statements by a single legislative district as the “AZ GOP issues formal rebuke of John McCain” is pure hype and absurd.

    Since when does a “formal rebuke” offer an olive branch: “…It is my hope that Senators McCain and Flake work to reestablish their relationships with the boots on the ground members of Legislative District 26 Republicans…” Are they kidding?

    Anyone who doesn’t believe that the RNC has issued a “gag order” on the pending amnesty vote is on drugs. There are Republican statesmen that have clearly ‘bucked the system’ and publicly screamed bloody murder at the prospect of legalizing 30 million invaders from Mexico. But none are from Arizona….it has been scrubbed clean like a toilet bowl.

    • eubykdisop says:

      Ah! A classic ZOO skewer! Music to my ears! You haven’t lost the “magic touch”, ZOO! :-)

    • State Committeeman says:

      You nailed it, ZOO! I have to admit to being taken in by what you have clarified as limp-wristed allegations against Arizona’s Senate Gruesome Twosome. I was enthused by the LD 26 resolution until you zeroed in on the foolish issues they hammered McCain and Flake for. There are much bigger and more damaging ones than grousing about Obama’s appointments. Working to grant amnesty for illegals who have nothing but contempt for America, her language, history and founding documents is tantamount to digging our own national grave .It certainly will be the undoing of the Republican Party or anything remotely resembling it. Tell me again why so-called Republicans are pushing this amnesty monstrosity?
      Additionally, angling to get us in a war in which there is no defined exit strategy and each crazed Muslim side is equally linked to obscene acts of terror, based on op-ed ramblings by a hot Syrian lobbyist babe with a fake Ph.D is worse than disgusting. LD 26 missed the mark BIG TIME.

    • Seen It All says:

      Superb analysis. ZOO. Five stars!!!

      We are being sold out by the very people we worked to elect, as well as the state and national Republican leadership. Thank God for Maricopa County Republican Chairman A.J. LaFaro. He alone is unafraid to speak the truth. Sadly the AZ GOP headquarters is filled with McCainiacs.

    • ZOO says:

      Thanks euby, SC, and SIA. The McCain Arizona Republican Congressional Delegation of 2004 who OPPOSED Arizona Proposition 200 is the same McCain Arizona Republican Congressional Delegation we have today, except for some new faces and a collateral to “clam up” under duress from BIG Daddy and BIG party. What happened to those August recess town hall meetings? This is a CLEAR warning of what to expect when the frijole hits the fan, perhaps in the next 30 days.

      As for LD 26, this is a collection of Old Pueblo Del Norte elites where an illegal alien turd is never a discouraging word. With their “closing statement”, they should be featured in Wikipedia for being the only state legislative district in the U.S. represented by BOTH state senators. Oh wait, they were referring to the Grand Old Party Good ‘Ol Boys [GOPGOB].

  6. LEO IN TSN says:

    A big AZ hat tip to Lisa E. Benson
    who exposed this miserable spy in her news report of Sep 7 and her ensuing weekly radio show (The Lisa Benson Show for National Security, KKNT 960AM The Patriot).

    She also focused the spotlights on McAmnesty’s traitorous alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda. (Remember his Syrian photo-op a month ago?)

    I guess we also remember too well when a handful of patriotic, conservative federal representatives (none, sadly, from AZ) recently wrote a letter to Eric Oholder requesting an investigation into the growing influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Obamao government. It was our own Juan McAmnesty who launched an irrational attack on these patriots for questioning the loyalty of Hillary Clinton’s Muslim Brotherhood Chief-of-Staff. (Did I mention that none of those patriots were AZ Representatives?)

    America has been made to be the laughingstock of the world; AZ is the laughingstock of US. How sad

    God bless America.

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