Yet another takes notice of AZ GOP rift with McCain

Since we’ve been following the rash of national sites — Drudge Report and Breitbart News, among them — we add yet another to those who have noticed the widening of the chasm between Arizona’s grassroots Republicans and Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake.

McCain’s capitulation to, and colluding with, the most liberal of Democrats has finally given rise to legislative district voices raised in opposition. Throughout his years in the House of Representative, Jeff Flake has done the same, championing amnesty and additional benefits for illegal aliens and their families by co-sponsoring the STRIVE Act and closely aligning with Democrat Illinois U.S.  Rep. Luis Gutierrez, who is noted for declaring his “only” loyalty is to the “immigrant community.”

The latest to take notice is BizPac Review, in this post “Arizona GOP group tells McCain knock it off, act like a Republican,” by Michael Dorstewitz.

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  1. Backstabbed Conservative says:

    McCain looks horrible in Michele’s bathrobe. I wish he would go back to dressing like a Republican and stop trying to be Obama’s sidekick.

  2. eubykdisop says:

    The major positions of McCain and Flake are virtually identical but McCain is getting a lot of heat while Flake gets none. Why is that? What is the difference between Flake and McCain?

    McCain is older but that wouldn’t account for it.

    Flake is a freshman in the Senate but he has served in the House so that wouldn’t account for it.

    The only other major difference between McCain and Flake is that Flake is Mormon and McCain is not.

    Could it be that the Mormon establishment is hiding Flake behind McCain so that Flake can be a viable Mormon presidential candidate at some point in the future? ‘Ya think?

    • eubykdisop says:

      From the plethora of articles dealing with McCain, one might get the impression that there is nothing at all going on out there with regard to JEFF FLAKE. That, however, is not the case. In fact, the Senate Conservatives Fund ran a 60 second radio ad against FLAKE for refusing to support defunding Obamacare:

      “PAC uses ads to attack Senator Flake over tweet”

      “BY: The Associated Press, September 3, 2013”

      “The Arizona Republic reports that the Senate Conservatives Fund, a “tea party”-style group that backed Flake in Arizona’s 2012 Republican Senate primary, last week began airing a radio ad against Flake for refusing to support defunding President Barack Obama’s signature health care law.”

      “Jeff Flake won’t stand up to President Obama and join conservatives in pledging to oppose funding for the implementation of ‘Obamacare,’ ” said the 60-second commercial from the group founded by former U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C.”

      So while McCain was being “censured”, FLAKE was having radio ads run against him! My, my! ;-)

      • Seeing Red AZ says:

        You might have missed the September post we ran titled, “Scathing SCF ads compare Flake to McCain.”

        Both of the ads excoriating Flake — “Whatever” and “Nowhere” — were linked in the post.

      • eubykdisop says:

        No, SRAZ, actually I didn’t miss that post. It was a good one! :-)

        It’s just that since that last post about Flake, there have been a plethora of posts about McCain, many of them revisiting the same subject. So I figured that it must be okay to repeat things about Flake as well. We have to give our two senators equal time you know!

        Well, here. These are the SRAZ posts dealing in some way with McCain since that last post about Flake:

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        Yet another takes notice of AZ GOP rift with McCain
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        I don’t like McCain any more than you do BUT I don’t like Flake any more than I do McCain! Flake is just as bad, maybe even worse, and just as dangerous! Since September 3, you’ve had a post with a headline about McCain almost every day while neglecting Jeff! That’s not very fair to poor Jeff! Let’s give Jeff some headlines too, instead of treating him as an afterthought to McCain! After all, Jeff is now a U. S. Senator in his own right just like McCain! ;-)

      • eubykdisop says:

        P. S.: You know, you don’t always have to cite the stories of others. You can generate your own original articles. You write well. If you create something, you could send it to major conservative media outlets. Maybe they’ll use it and give SRAZ credit. You could promote the blog and/or yourself that way. Who knows what could come of it?

        For example, how it is that McCain gets censured but Flake doesn’t? Flake’s track record is one which would certainly warrant censure by Republicans. Why was only McCain censured?

        What about the failure of Arizona homosexual activists to get a marriage referendum on the ballot in Arizona? Some of the “facts” behind that story don’t wash and smack of Liberal propaganda. What appears to be the REAL reason they failed?

        The facts about the Colorado recalls are out there and the changes in gun laws in Chicago are out there but who has connected the dots on what is happening to Obama’s gun control agenda? There’s a very significant pattern emerging. What are the implications for the future of the 2nd Amendment? You are certainly free to speculate about that!

        The petition drive to get Medicaid expansion on the ballot in Arizona failed. Why did it fail and what can be learned from that?

        There’s a ton of stuff going on with the Common Core education curriculum. What’s going on and where does Arizona fit in that?

        Jeff Flake promoted a land swap deal in Arizona which benefitted Rio Tinto. Is that actually paying off as Flake claimed it would? What other land swap deals has Flake promoted?

        Want to talk about McCain? What is the McCain Institute about and who is behind it? What are they up to?

        How about how Phil Gordon got federal money for Phoenix as the result of inflated kidnapping figures from the police department under Jack Harris? What happened to the whistle blower cop they went after in that case? What has happened with Gordon and Harris over that?

        Go for it! It’s a target-rich environment out there! ;-)

    • eubykdisop says:

      FLAKE is also taking heat from others in the media:

      “Jeff Flake: I’d Love To Defund Obamacare, But Let’s Not”

      “by Tom Kludt, August 23, 2013”

      “As much as he’d love to defund Obamacare, Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) said Wednesday that he just doesn’t think the effort being pushed by some of his GOP colleagues is practical.”

      “There’s a move by my Republican colleagues to use the continuing resolution to defund Obamacare,” Flake said, as quoted by The Arizona Republic. “I would love to defund Obamacare, but the continuing resolution is not the mechanism.”

      Oh, that JEFF!

  3. vinoaz says:

    Would be nice if he acted like a Conservative and an American. He is sad and pathetic. Worse yet dangerous. He should just shut up, but he is far too arrogant.

  4. Wm T Sparky Smith says:

    Senator, May we introduce you to the Samson Project. If they can’t take out you RINOs in the Primary—they are going to vote with the Dems in the General . You are a prime example of why this is catching on!!!

  5. LEO IN TSN says:

    Speaking of causes for concern, it has been announced that AZ LD16 Senator Rich “Gypsy” Crandall has been formally replaced, thusly:

    “(…) The supervisor representing the Maricopa County District where former Senator Crandall used to live, Steve Chucri, was given deference to make the decision on the appointment. According to Capitol sources, Chucri selected Farnsworth because he was the “establishment” candidate. Sources say that Chucri “did not want to appoint someone with strong ties to the tea party.”

    And who is Establishment MCD2 Supervisor Chucri who picked Establishment Senator Farnsworth? [His bio says:]

    Supervisor Steve Chucri (R-?) Dist 2

    President and CEO of the Arizona Restaurant Association

    A Board Member for the National Restaurant Association, Mesa Chamber of Commerce, and the MAG Regional Council and Economic Development Committee

    6 years on Capitol Hill working for an Arizona Congressman [Matt McSalmon]

    [In the interest of full disclosure, I think the article did say that Establishment Senator Farnsworth was the pick of the LD16 Committee also.]

    God bless America, including AZ.

  6. willie says:

    Why hasn’t there been a movement to recall this imbecile, and the Flake right on his coat tails?