Weekend reading, viewing guaranteed to make you smarter

Today we recommend you cultivate the habit of checking in with NumbersUSA. The site is chock-full of valuable information in a well-catalogued style featuring eight pull-down tabs at the top of the home page, which address the myriad questions surrounding “immigration reform” —-  more correctly known as amnesty.

The site has a state-by-state congressional immigration report card, a bill tracker complete with updates and provides free faxing while protecting your privacy. This week there is an op-ed by Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala), which appeared in The Hill. His main focus is the detrimental effects the Gang of Eight’s immigration bill, S.744, would have on the labor force by creating dramatic increases in legal immigration levels.

We recommend you read the shocking facts contained in Corporate Layoffs Precede Call for More Foreign Workers, Amnesty. At the top of the page, there is a sign-in to receive NumbersUSA email updates.

Many of you are familiar with Roy Beck, the executive director of NumbersUSA by virtue of his exceptional immigration “gumballs” video.

Call your Arizona U.S. Representatives and Senators and tell them to stop the Gang of 8 from passing anti-America legislation that hurts the American worker.

17 Responses to Weekend reading, viewing guaranteed to make you smarter

  1. ZOO says:

    As it has been seemingly forever, it is America vs. corporate scum of the earth, criminals holding public office, insane screeching liberal factions who never sleep, conspirators hiding their money machines behind “faith”, racketeering unions, and last but certainly not least, Mexico and its exported operatives.

    To understand how we got here, IMHO, we need to look back a decade at where it started. Arizona, led by four true patriots, was the first state to stand up and say “NO!” Russell Pearce, Kathy McKee, Rusty Childress, and Randy Graf stood up against incredible opposition and informed voters who passed the first “comprehensive” law(s) to save Arizona from the massive re-directed invasion from Mexico.

    Although the corporate whores making up the “opposition” have grown 20-fold, most of the filth that opposed us THEN is the same filth opposing us now. This list (unmolested) is the same list that was received in mailboxes throughout Arizona. The white-haired albino U.S. Senator [criminal] led it then in 2004, led it again in 2007, and leads in now in 2013.

    U.S. Senator John McCain
    Governor Janet Napolitano
    The entire 10 member Arizona Congressional Delegation
    Attorney General Terry Goddard
    Phoenix Mayor, Phil Gordon
    Tucson Mayor, Bob Walkup
    Maricopa County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox
    Ray Borane, Mayor of Douglas
    Former Attorney General Grant Woods
    Arizona Chamber of Commerce
    Arizonans United for Immigration Reform
    Arizona Interfaith Network
    Arizona Hospital Association
    Phoenix Firefighters
    Arizona Education Association
    Arizona Sexual Assault Network
    American Friends Service Committee
    The Coalition for an Informed & Healthy Arizona
    The City of South Tucson
    National Council of La Raza
    Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN)
    Bishops of the Arizona’s Catholic Conference
    Julie Pace, Chairman of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce’s Immigration Committee
    The Statute of Liberty Committee
    Eddie Basha, Bashas Markets
    John Rivers, Arizona Hospital Association
    Billie Shields, United Phoenix Firefighters

    • eubykdisop says:

      Quite a list there, ZOO! Let’s see, who should we feature? How about former Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon and his Chief of Police, Jack Harris. From “Judicial Watch”:

      “On April 15, 2009, the City of Phoenix applied for two federal grants, totaling $2,437,194, under two stimulus fund programs: “Operation Home Defense” and “Project Eagle Eye.” The fund application included representations of the increase in kidnapping cases in Phoenix to justify the city’s need for the funds.”

      “Both then-Police Chief Harris and then-Mayor Phil Gordon testified before Congress regarding the kidnapping crisis in Phoenix. Ultimately, the city received a good chunk of the money it sought, based on the statistics in the application.”

      “But here’s the problem. The numbers were erroneously, if not intentionally, inflated.”

      “Statistics continually are shifted and moved around to meet agendas and perpetuate the idea that Kidnappings and Home Invasions required a huge police response with millions of dollars of federal grant money . . . in spite of the fact that the number of ‘operation’ kidnappings have drastically decreased and the organized Home Invasion Crews seem to be few and far between.”

      “The error rate, as noted in a subsequent analysis of the kidnapping statistics, was a staggering 38%. (For those of you outside Phoenix, these stats were used to justify more “porkulus” federal funds from the Obama stimulus bill from 2009. This story shows how local corruption can have national implications – in that we all pay for it!)”

      “Police Chief Harris subsequently resigned in 2011. Phil Gordon ended his reign as Phoenix Mayor in 2012.”

      Ah, yes! A couple of paragons of virtue, exemplifying the very best of the “immigration reform” leadership! ;-)

    • eubykdisop says:

      Oh! Look! There’s the Arizona Hospital Association!

      “Traveling nurses win class action lawsuit”

      “by Suzanne Adams-Ockrassa, 5/23/2011”

      “The Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association and more than 80 of its members, including Kingman Regional Medical Center, Western Arizona Regional Medical Center and Havasu Regional Medical Center, were named in a 2007 class action lawsuit for allegedly fixing the pay of nurses hired through temporary per diem or traveling nurse agencies. A final settlement plan for the nearly $22.5 million lawsuit was approved by a judge in March.”


      Of course, the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association admitted to no wrongdoing… but they and their members are dishing out $22.5 million anyway, LOL!

      I’m telling ‘ya, ZOO, you really came up with the “A” list!

      • American Dad says:

        I agree. That list of liberal individuals and organizations was quite a find. It’s also quite a video in the post! It brings home the struggles Americans are facing in this still terrible economy. The guy with a business degree who is stacking pallets since that’s the only job he could find, illustrates the desperate shape Americans are in as Obama and his open borders pals including political swindlers /RINOs John McCain and Jeff Flake actively work at bringing in an estimated 20 to 40 million foreign workers to compete with American citizens for jobs in our own country. We must be nuts to keep electing these pieces of human waste.

    • Dennis O'Brien says:

      McCain and Flake are terrible, but so are the faith based organizations and church leaders who promote the destruction of the American middle class and the country we have all known, loved and respected. Churches and their affiliates are shamefully playing an active hand in destroying this nation to swell their own numbers and collection plates. I have no respect for either the clergy or hierarchy of any church that sells the USA and American citizens out for self interest under the guise of “loving humanity” or some other such rot. This is a preposterous notion and the reason so many are leaving their churches behind. There has been some written here about Flake being a Mormon. I couldn’t care less what his personal faith is, but I do care that his church policy supports amnesty. This is the same church that kept black men from the priesthood, until LDS church president Spencer Kimball suddenly had a “revelation” and changed the policy. Once again, this change had a lot to do with increasing membership, since the policy reversal was announced shortly before the Mormon church opened its new temple in Brazil, which is a country that has a huge mixed race population. There are many bad actors in this undercutting of America and Americans. The Catholic Bishops, both in AZ and nationally are in this for the same reason. Their influence and numbers are declining and an influx of illiterates from predominately Catholic countries is seen as the key to survival. Just as Spencer Kimball had a timely “revelation,” the new Pope is now talking about the possibility of married priests, finally wising up to the fact that celibacy isn’t going to be the hook to bring many into the priesthood, especially when it’s widely known that few priests are actually celibate. Count the Chambers of Commerce seeking cheap foreign labor as among those undercutting our way of life in America. All of these groups have their own angle, but none of them are concerned with American citizens or the lives we lead.

    • East Valley Conservative says:

      This is quite a list of open borders/amnesty frauds, phonies & their liberal cronies. What jumps out are the names of RINO amnesty supporter former Attorney General Grant Woods, dedicated liberal democrats former Phx Mayor Phil Gordon & Phx firefighter union chief honcho & lobbyist Billy Shields (also a close friend of current Dem Phx Mayor Greg Stanton, who in turn is tight as clams with Obama & Janet Napolitano). Along with Arpaio hater RINO Rick Romley, they all previously endorsed now disbarred lawyer Andrew Thomas when he ran for County Attorney. He’s now campaigning as a conservative for Arizona Governor. Strange bedfellows, yes?

      • ZOO says:

        EVC: I never associated Andrew Thomas with this group, nor cared about their ‘liberal’ endorsement. Rob Haney endorsed Thomas for governor about three weeks ago, but of course there was no mention of it here.

    • East Valley Conservative says:

      Don’t forget these endorsements were not done in a vacuum. Andrew Thomas stood with these liberals and gratefully accepted their endorsements. What does that say about his conservative core principles?

      Here are some photos of those previously mentioned strange bedfellows you can check out for yourself. One of them even shows Thomas cheerily yukking it up with Phil Gordon at his own election night party!!



      As with phonies Flake and McCain, we hear what candidates tell us. Whether we choose to believe them is another story. There’s always a whole lot going on behind the scenes we never know about. And unless you read the newspaper, you’d have missed seeing these telling photos. Thomas sure isn’t playing them up in his latest campaign, is he? As to Rob Haney, I’ve met him and voted for him for County Chairman both times he ran. He’s a good man and dedicated conservative, but fallible like the rest of us. Speaking of silence, he also endorsed McCain supported AZ Republican State Chairman Robert Graham, proving anyone of us can be taken in.

      • ZOO says:

        I never said that Haney’s endorsement was a litmus test. But he is consistently well respected among conservatives, even though “fallible”, by your definition.

        As I have said before, Thomas ran for county attorney with the primary campaign plank of “stop illegal immigration.” He efforts in office were exactly in tune with his campaign, something as rare as it gets. There is nothing you can tie with the “liberal endorsement” to Thomas’ actions during his tenure as attorney general. If anything, it was the complete opposite.

        The Maricopa County Supervisors, led by Mary Rose Lardcox, did everything in their power to cripple the Arpaio/Thomas team, including confiscating funding given to Sheriff Joe by the state legislature to fight human smuggling. Then you have corrupt and criminal Superior court judges, who were turning lose border-hopping nabees as fast as Joe could bring them in.

        Of course in the new “immigrant compassionate” Arizona, that was forgotten in order to railroad Thomas out of office and out of his law license. The filth that makes up the open borders cabal and the Arizona Republican party took out Russell Pearce, denied J.D. Hayworth, crushed Thomas, denied Wil Cardon, and did their damnedest to get Sheriff Joe.

        So with the exception of Joe Arpaio, the new and improved “Jerry Lewis/Bob Worsley” Republican party got EVERY anti-illegal immigration warrior out of the picture. Now in coitus with the Arizona Chamber of Commerce, they can boast in the name of tourism “our cheeks are wide open” to illegal immigration. That is why we saw 9 Republicans in the legislature killed-dead 5 anti-illegal immigration bills in March 2011.

        Conservatives that STILL pledge allegiance to the Arizona Republican party are by definition, party hacks, among other things. If Thomas can come back as governor, that would be the first step in de-RINOing the sellouts in the alleged “conservative” state GOP. I will support Thomas all the way, regardless of what the “scrubbers” of Arizona’s anti-illegal immigration past have to say about it. Screw them.

      • ZOO says:

        correction: “…Thomas’ actions during his tenure as county attorney [not attorney general]…”

      • eubkdisop says:

        Nice to have you back, ZOO! :-)

    • East Valley Conservative says:

      I noticed your radar screen was misblipping, since Andrew Thomas LOST the race for Attorney General BOTH times he ran (2002 and 2010) so he had no “tenure” there as you claimed. If you (a supporter) can’t get those simple facts right in the first place, why would anything else you say be considered knowledge based?

      You’re obviously a Kool Aid drinker, chanting the same corrupt judiciary song disbarred Thomas sings. Disagreeing with a court decision does not make the judge corrupt. Do you consider Thomas corrupt for abusing the power of his (former) office to indict his political enemies? Did you watch any of the hearing online from Sept. 12, 2011 through Nov. 2, 2011? The evidence presented through testimony, even his own, might change even your mind. Thousands who wanted to be informed watched it daily. Thomas’ testimony and stiff necked arrogance were mesmerizing. He even threw his loyal employees under the bus. He was not “railroaded” out of office, but showing no commitment to his supporters, willingly left the post he had recently been REelected to.

      I’ve been identifying as a Conservative rather than Republican for several years now, registering as an PND and resigning as a GOP PC when Pullen was chairman. The Arizona Republican Party is the party of McCain, Flake and Kyl. It’s now led by Robert McGraham and the 24th Street office staffed by the McCain and Flake clique.

      Senate President Russell Pearce was the victim of changed district borders, the Randy Parraz amnesty brigade and most nauseatingly, his own LDS church, which fiercely promotes amnesty although the church’s Doctrines and Covenants Section 134 demands obedience of the laws of the land in which believers live.

      Wil Cardon, another member of the same church was crushed for taking an anti amnesty position. The pro amnesty Club for Growth, which many conservatives stupidly support, ran countless ads against Cardon. They were filled with lies, which Flake knew, but kept silent about since they were helping him. Hayworth lost to McCain’s millions. He wasn’t helped by the dimwit tea party crowd that supported Jimmie Deakin, a closet McCain ally.

      A vote for Thomas for Governor will put radical leftist Fred Duval (a Napolitano, Clinton and Gore crony) in the state‘s top job. Small thinking = big picture. If you’re concerned with de-RINOing the GOP, take a long hard look at those pictures again. Thomas talks a good game but in the end associates with RINOs and libs in a desperate attempt for support, wherever he can find it. Think it over, pal. Would those be people you’d be seeking endorsements from or cozying up to at your own party? Would you even let Phil Gordon in the door?

      • ZOO says:

        The definition of the word “tenure” includes: “the holding or possessing of anything: the tenure of an office; the period or term of holding something”

        Since you jumped out of the gate arguing semantics and hurling insults, it could be expected there was little more than the same old argument(s) to follow; certainly you didn’t disappoint.

        That said, I do find it curious that you hint, from a post-mortem perspective, that if Andrew Thomas is the Republican candidate for governor, you and the GOP club will do the unthinkable and vote for a Democrat. I promise you will see plenty of that in 2014, but it won’t be restricted to Thomas.

        I would hate to end it at that without asking the question:

        Why exactly did you resign as GOP PC during Randy Pullen’s TENURE as chairman?

    • East Valley Conservative says:

      My resignation as a PC was not specific to Randy Pullen’s term as state chairman. It was based solely in the fact that I ultimately came to the realization that as a political conservative, the Republican party no longer represented me.
      Former Democrat turned Conservative icon, President Ronald Reagan famously said, “I didn’t leave the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party left me.” I well understand his sentiment. I spent years working for and donating to the AZ GOP and Republican candidates, only to find that far too many of those candidates took a decided left turn after election. I’m a Constitutionalist, pro-Second Amendment, pro-life and anti-amnesty. Those are my deciding factors when I vote. The GOP establishment talks a good game but in the end too many support the McCain, Kyl and Flake Lite rebranding of the GOP. I also want to win. We need sharp, articulate, unblemished candidates who can carry a strong message, engage the voters and have the ability to get elected. We also need to unify in throwing the rest of the BR’s (bogus Republicans) out.

      • ZOO says:

        Pullen served as chairman from 2007 to 2011. The Arizona Legislature passed SB 1070 in February 2010, Brewer signed it in April 2010. In my opinion, the Arizona GOP was hitting on all cylinders (in regards to illegal immigration) during Pullen’s reign. It wasn’t until March of 2011 when we all saw that “left turn” by the sellouts in the GOP-controlled legislature. You will recall the hand-delivered Chamber of Commerce manifesto, lead by Cindy McCain, that WAS the turning point in the Arizona Legislature. It appears you bailed from the GOP prior to the left lean, when they were standing their ground.

        If you’re looking for successful “unblemished” candidates that will openly oppose illegal immigration and amnesty, that isn’t going to happen. As soon as they start their campaign (ala Cardon), the current McCain/Chamber of Commerce-controlled Arizona GOP will find a way to ‘blemish’ them. Jesus Christ could have been running against McCain, and the goose-steppers still would have re-elected him.

        As I said, there has been a wholesale house cleaning by the McMachine to eliminate anyone who opposes McCain’s amnesty/anti-enforcement agenda. To dismiss Hayworth, Pearce, Cardon, and Thomas as “damaged goods” is playing right into the hands of the party “makeover” team.

        The establishment/party hack/Chamber of Commerce profiteer Republican party primary voters are what sent Hayworth, Pearce, and Cardon to the showers. Because voters that defeated Pearce are Mormons, that does not separate them from being Republicans. I have seen every possible excuse under the sun (including “voters were fooled”) from those who just cannot admit they no longer are represented by a party in this state. GOP voters had clear day/night choices, and they chose incumbency and an attempt to white-wash Arizona’s “anti-immigrant’ posture – as directed by the Arizona Chamber of Commerce. That is reality.

  2. LEO IN TSN says:

    SRA People, for weekend listening for freedom join Lisa Benson today with special guest Erick Stakelbeck to discuss the Muslim Brotherhood “Project” to conquer US and the free world. The “Project” is well underway in America, thanks to MB recruits like our own Juan McAmnesty. Mr. Stakelbeck has written two best-selling books about the Muslim Brotherhood and their “Project.”

    Listen today at 2 PM in Phoenix, on KKNT 960AM The Patriot to The Lisa Benson Show for National Security. (www.nationalsecurityspeaker.com)

    God bless America, and all her patriots.

    • Fought For My Country says:

      Thanks for mentioning Lisa Benson’s program. I wasn’t able to listen to this one, but have heard her previously. These are extremely informative shows, particularly in view of the current Middle East turmoil and Obama’s desire to bring us into something we can neither afford nor have any realistic expectations of an exit strategy or meaningful solution. With devoted Muslim radicals on each side, our involvement will signal the end of days game plan. John McCain and Jeff Flake are deceptively vouching for the rebels as “moderates.” I’ll believe them when they send their own children in to side with these so called “moderates,” that McCain claims he knows well. I don’t think McCain always recognizes the face staring back in the mirror when he’s shaving.

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