Janet Napolitano’s new bungalow rates zero local press

If you’re looking for news about Janet Napolitano’s opulent new living style in California, don’t expect to find it in the pages of the Arizona República.  Stories abound of the onetime Arizona governor and Obama’s former Homeland Security chieftain being hired on as the University of California president. But nary a word about her lavish new digs — a mansion being restored by the nearly bankrupt state of California at a cost estimated up to $6 million. In 2008 the costly renovation was ditched when the estimates came in at $8 to $9 million. The historic Blake House has been home to university presidents for decades and the now vacant property — which sits on 10 acres of Mediterranean gardens —  is in need of updating.  In UC lingo, the showplace is needed to “accommodate essential entertainment functions.”

The deluxe residence overlooking the bay, is quite a leap from the more humble walk-up condo at Renaissance Square in downtown Phoenix where Napolitano previously hung her hat. The never married Napolitano will presumably be rattling around the grand expanses solo.

While the renovation is underway, she will reside in a 3,500 square foot rental in Oakland with a mere $10,000 monthly price tag — thoughtfully provided by the university system.

Since Napolitano’s base annual salary is reportedly $570,000, plus an additional $142,500 in moving expenses. It seems she could kick in a buck or two toward the rental.

The University of California is hardly in a position to gush such generosity since budget cuts have caused student tuition fees to double and teachers to be sacked. Yet despite the reductions, The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the UC regents’ buildings and grounds committee voted unanimously Tuesday to begin the renovations to the three-bedroom, seven-bath residence. Plans include adding a laundry, kitchen and upgraded bathrooms, along with roof repairs to the 4,300-square-foot private living quarters in the 13,269-square-foot mansion. 

Even the UK’s Daily Mail’ has a complete report including photos, which can be read here. The República’s report? Don’t hold your breath.

H/T to SRAZ reader and commenter Saguaro Sam

8 Responses to Janet Napolitano’s new bungalow rates zero local press

  1. eubykdisop says:

    Now ‘ya see? Democrats are for the poor. That’s why they work so hard to make more people poor every day.

    Republicans and Conservatives, they’re for big business and the rich, don’t ‘ya know!

    Poor Janet! The monster which she and her fellow Liberals created is turning on her!

    “‘Militaristic’ Napolitano hit with laundry list of demands from liberal UCal groups”

    “September 10, 2013”

    “Janet Napolitano’s experience dealing with terror threats while secretary of Homeland Security may come in handy at her new gig as president of the University of California system, where liberal students have already presented her with a list of wacky demands.”

    “A letter endorsed by nearly a dozen student groups includes the phrase: “We demand that you implement the following across the UC system.” Those demands include making the system a “sanctuary” for illegal immigrants, barring the use of system funds or resources going to help Immigration and Customs Enforcement (which Napolitano oversaw in her previous job), impose mandatory sensitivity training on campus police and prohibit police from interfering with student demonstrations.”

    “As people of color, queer, undocumented, womyn (sic), and allies within the UC system, our work is to ensure that the UC is inclusive to our communities and that the UC system lives up to its mission ‘to serve as a center of higher learning,’” reads the letter, which was initially published on DreamActivist.org Sunday.”

    “It goes on to cite Napolitano’s “specific experience in managing militaristic entities” as reasons why they are “uneasy” about her taking over the system.”


    Welcome to California, Janet, the Liberal capital of the world, LOL!

    • Vince says:

      Flat broke and with numerous bankrupt cites statewide, the People’s Republic of Mexifornia is the ideal landing spot for Janet Napolitano. Still the state continues to spend, and liberals like Napolitano and her former boss Barack Hussein Obama think the geese (US!) will continue providing them with golden eggs. Not only do they make sure they have lavish lifestyles, but they think throwing our money at failing, terror sponsoring nations that hate us, will buy us friends. Liberals are not only stupid and arrogant, but exceedingly dangerous.

      • eubykdisop says:

        Yes, Vince, dangerous! Why? Because all Liberal ideas have their root in the Communist doctrines of Marx and Engels. And what’s wrong with that?

        “The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression” is a book written by several European academics and edited by Stéphane Courtois. It documents 94 million people slaughtered around the world by the Communists:

        65 million in the People’s Republic of China
        20 million in the Soviet Union
        2 million in Cambodia
        2 million in North Korea
        1.7 million in Africa
        1.5 million in Afghanistan
        1 million in the Communist states of Eastern Europe
        1 million in Vietnam
        150,000 in Latin America (mainly Cuba)
        10,000 deaths “resulting from actions of the international Communist movement and Communist parties not in power.”

        THAT is the real face of Communism from which all Liberal ideas spring!

  2. Kent says:

    Janet Napolitano might not be “rattling around” the swell digs alone. She could bring in her old gal pal Jeanine L’Ecuyer or even Suzanne Barr to liven things up. Then there are the fav Mercury players who might drop in for a visit. She won’t be alone.

  3. Hagar says:

    Why presume she’ll be rattling about her new mansion solo? It’s UC Berkeley and the San Francisco area for Pete’s sake.

  4. Realist says:

    Ever notice when socialist move into government housing, it’s always a step-up! Nothing but the best for the folks on the left…at the taxpayers expense.
    It’s a shame she has to live in Oakland while her new “digs” is being renovated. Wonder if fellow defender of the homeless, Nancy Pelosi would let Janet stay at her San Francisco area estate during the interim?

    • eubykdisop says:

      Bwaaahahahahahaha! Oh, what a mental image! I can just see Pelosi, in her Neiman Marcus negligee, running into Napolitano, in her L. L. Bean flannel pajamas, heading for their first cup of Starbucks coffee in the morning! Have to support the homosexual “marriage” coffee company, you know! ;-)