Common Core deception: In AZ it starts with Huppenthal

Today’s “Weekend Reading Guaranteed to Make You Smarter” deserves its own headline

Conservative syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin’s recent post titled “Jeb Bush’s latest Common Core snit fit,” is a must read. Additionally, it dovetails well with our Thursday post “Huppenthal’s con job: Pushes renaming Common Core,” revealing the underhanded tactics being used by John Huppenthal, Arizona’s Superintendent of Public Instruction.

The Republican turned Obamacrat, is facing opposition from openly defiant parents over what he misconstrues as simply a “politically charged name.” Thinking Arizona voters can be easily duped, Huppenthal’s dishonest solution as he faces knowledgeable conservative challenger Diane Douglas, is to simply rebrand the liberal scheme. Presto!  “Common Core” will become “Arizona College and Career Ready Standards,” if he is able to slip this grotesque deception through. He admits that nothing other than the name will change in his Obama-influenced vision for Arizona classrooms.

As we previously noted, Huppenthal claimed conservative credentials as a candidate, but is now cozying up to Obama’s education point man Arne Duncan as the duo recently made the rounds of the state. Now, rather than protecting Arizona’s Constitutional requirement for local control of our district schools, Huppenthal is shamefully pushing policies intended to cede control of every facet of our education system to federal bureaucrats.

Scroll down through Malkin’s Jeb Bush article to click on the myriad exposés of Common Core. This critical topic is one that conservative Malkin pledged to devote considerable energies to illuminating, and she has remained true to her word with her “Rotten to the Core“ series.

Then watch this shocking video of a father merely questioning the implementation of Common Core getting hauled out of the meeting by security — and arrested!  Malkin’s accompanying post is chilling:  Parents, you need to question these people!:” Shock video of dad arrested at school meeting after challenging Common Core. The left is in this for the long haul and will go to any lengths to silence dissent.

Common Core is serious business and America‘s children are the pawns in the alarming game of federal overreach. As happens too frequently, those we trusted are attempting to hoodwink us with catchy jargon and glib name changes. Now as a worried candidate facing angry parents, Huppenthal is hard at work — reconstructing the name but keeping the rotten core of Common Core. 

 Our education house is made of cards. It’s time to rebuild with a solid foundation


12 Responses to Common Core deception: In AZ it starts with Huppenthal

  1. John Q says:

    Huppenthal called on Arizona’s leading advocate for OBrewercare to issue an Executive Order to implement his despicable relabeling of the government brainwashing program. The poison and pornography that will be dispensed to innocent children and their parents with Common Core is criminal.

    Reading exercises in the classroom contain language that would require the book to be kept behind the counter at CircleK and a clerk that sold it to anyone under age could be criminally charged.

    Elected officials of either party that would have supported such immoral advocacy in a school would have been drummed out of office only ten years ago. It is time to return to the standards that made America the envy of the world.

    Diane Douglas has an impeccable record on the Peoria School Board for advocating scholastic achievement, classroom discipline and fiscal accountability in our schools. It is past time for a change at the AZ Dept of Education.

    • eubykdisop says:

      The interesting thing is that we see the same sort of hypocrisy from Obama and Huppenthal with “Common Core” that we see from Liberals on every other issue!

      “Statement of President-elect Obama on Human Rights Day”

      “The United States was founded on the idea that all people are endowed with inalienable rights, and that principle has allowed us to work to perfect our union at home while standing as a beacon of hope to the world. Today, that principle is embodied in agreements Americans helped forge — the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Geneva Conventions, and treaties against torture and genocide — and it unites us with people from every country and culture.”

      Really, Barry? Is that right?

      “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”

      “Article 26.”

      “• (3) Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children.”

      Did Obama and Huppenthal recognize the “prior right” of parents to choose whether or not to have their children given a “Common Core” education in Arizona?

  2. eubykdisop says:

    SRAZ has, in this article and in a previous article, established that Huppenthal is a “Common Core” guy. To fully understand what that tells us about Huppenthal we have to fully understand what “Common Core” is.

    “1989 Governor Association on Education – Shirley McCune from the McRel Foundation, under, Gov Bill Clinton, Pres Bush 41, changed education in America forever stating:”

    “• Students are human capital.”

    “• The purpose of education is to transform society from individualism to collectivism.”

    “• Fact Based Education is no longer the primary focus of education.”

    “The roots of communism began to sprout.”

    Those are pretty bold allegations! Are they true or are they simply “conspiracy theory”? See and hear Shirley McCune say these things for yourself. Watch to the entire video and listen very carefully. You will even hear Phoenix extolled as being a leader in implementing this agenda!

    “1989 Governors Conference-Shirley McCune”

    • Night Owl says:

      My God…listen to her! This woman, Shirley McCune, is not even attempting to hide the massive federal scheme of taking over the education of America’s youth, which is NOT a task delegated to the federal government. . She actually said “what we’re talking about is a total restructuring and transformation of our society.” Know this: They want it in Obama’s image, which the liberal union teaching monopolies worship. If you have school aged children, get them out of the government school system….yesterday!

      • eubykdisop says:

        Hi, Night Owl! :-)

        I’m glad that you took the time and trouble to watch the above video. I also appreciate your comment as when I post something like this I often don’t know if anyone actually bothered to look at it.

        I think that anyone who watches this video will have the same reaction you did; “My God…listen to her!” I think that is especially true after people hear her introduced and know more about who she is and what her credentials are.

        This is the “Common Core” agenda being pushed by Obama and Huppenthal unmasked!

      • eubykdisop says:

        BTW, Night Owl, it might interest you to know that Dr. Shirley McCune at one time worked for the College of Education at Arizona State University providing technical assistance to the Arizona School to Work system. Kinda makes ‘ya feel warm and fuzzy all over, doesn’t it?

  3. rj says:

    Are we really surprised about being am-bushed? GHW Bush started increasing federal insertion into our education system with America 2000, then “W” put the process on steroids with NCSL and both have joined Jeb with supporting the Obama-Duncan Common Core betrayal of our student achievement outcomes.

    Considering those facts, it is not surprising that Huppenthal and Brewer have joined in. It really is now or never for the future of our children to compete as adults in the world economy.

    I strongly support Diane Douglas as she leads the fight to provide sensible Arizona solutions to our education system. Please go to her website and sign her petition and fill out her CCEC $5.00 Qualifying Form.

  4. eubykdisop says:

    If you want to know where Huppenthal is coming from, follow the money behind his “Common Core” agenda!

    “Globalist and Eugenics proponent, Bill Gates, is one of the Founding Fathers of the Common Core movement and its copyright holders, NGA/CCSSO. Gates donated about $25 million dollars to promote his version of global education.”

    “Gates is listed as partner with UNESCO/UN to fund ”Education For All,” which in turn was transferred to the National Governors Association which changed the name to Common Core.”

    Now, Huppenthal wants to change the name again! And who is going to profit from Huppenthal’s “Common Core” agenda?

    “Common Core: What’s in It for Bill Gates?”

    “By Carole Hornsby Haynes, August 29, 2013”

    “With all those billions being plowed into education, we have to wonder if there is something other than left wing philanthropy that has the attention of the Gates Foundation. A bit of research reveals just how profitable Common Core will be for Bill Gates and friends.”

    “One component of Common Core is assessments or tests. The profits here are staggering. According to surveys by the Pew Center on the States and the Brookings Institution, state spending on standardized testing rose from $552 million in 2001 to $1.7 billion in 2012.”

    “The Gates Foundation has partnered with Pearson, the giant textbook publisher, to create online curriculum for Common Core which will drive the volume of testing.”

    “Data mining is another component of Common Core that will reap huge profits for Gates. In a public-private collaborative, the foundation and others gave $100 million to inBloom for a public school database. The purpose is to collect and analyze data which will be shared with private companies that sell educational products and services. These lucky insiders get to mine the information and create new tailored products to sell.”


    • Chuck says:

      Ed Sup Hupp thinks we’re as out to lunch as he is! We’re not! We’re on to this deception and bogus name change as he attempts to calm the waters, shut our mouths and deceive us. It won’t work, pal.

      And thanks, Euby, for once again bringing even more clarity to the picture. Between what I read in the posts and comments here, I’m getting a good education.

      • eubykdisop says:

        Hi, Chuck, and thank you very much! :-)

        The excellent articles and many of the comments here make SRAZ a good place to learn more about issues of importance to Conservatives!

  5. Braveheart says:

    I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve just begun following this topic, but I’ve just read some of Malkin’s Rotten to the Core posts, and can certainly see why AZ’s state Superintendent of Public Instruction Huppenthal wants to change the name. He’s been in elected office for decades and has enough campaign related savvy to know that if the voters are “on to you,” your chances of reelection go way down. Let’s face it, isn’t THAT (reelection) what he really cares about? Why else change the name and keep the identical program? I’m a registered Republican, but wish there was a Conservative Party to join. One thing I do know is that party labels are starting to be meaningless. When liberals like McCain and Flake sail to victory under the GOP banner, something is terribly wrong. McCain is a leftie and Flake is his Libertarian brownnoser. Neither of them is a Republican and certainly not a conservative. Huppenthal is leaning so far left he’s nearly on the floor. That’s where he deserves to land, so he can be swept up and tossed out.

  6. eubykdisop says:

    Watch as the silver-tongued John Huppenthal promotes “Common Core” on PBS along with Arizona Education Association President Andrew Morrill.