Gov. Brewer, AZ SPI Huppenthal, partner on education deceit

Common Core deceptively rebranded “Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards”

Shocking and intentionally misleading double-talk is the order of the day in Arizona when it comes to the Obama education standards known as Common Core.

First we have this Sept. 20, 2013 press release from Governor Jan Brewer touting her issuance of an Executive Order regarding the contrived federal takeover of our schools, Common Core.

But wait a minute! Nowhere do the words, “Common Core” actually find their way into her order, which is cunningly crafted into a “Reaffirmation of Arizona’s authority to set [its] own education policy.”

Be aware that what she refers to as “Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards,” is nothing short of the renaming of the rotten to the core Common Core curriculum so despised by alarmed parents and concerned teachers.

Keep your eye on the ball, folks. Today, Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction (SPI) John Huppenthal, Gov. Brewer’s ally in this education deception, is given ample space on the editorial page of the far-left Arizona Republic. His “My Turn” column titled: “Why we dropped Common Core name on reforms,” actually acknowledges the deceptive rebranding. The online version carries the handle, “Why Common Core needs a new name.”

Last week when speaking before the Rodel Foundation, a liberal think tank, Huppenthal said he was changing the name but keeping the materials provided by Common Core. In today’s editorial, he dances that back.

If every Arizona student must take this national test to pass, then the state has to write standards that align with the federal mandates. Say goodbye to local control of education.

Scroll through the Rodel Board of Directors and read their bios. The listing includes such liberal notables as Obama pal Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton, and Louis A. (Chip) Weil III, retired chairman, president and CEO of Central Newspapers, Inc. — more commonly known as the Arizona Republic.  What a surprise.

But there is honor among the ranks of Republican governors. Today, the Miami Herald reports Florida Gov. Rick Scott directed the state Education Board to withdraw from the national consortium creating tests to accompany the new Common Core State Standards — known as PARCC (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers.) Read Gov. Scott’s news release here.

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10 Responses to Gov. Brewer, AZ SPI Huppenthal, partner on education deceit

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    What a coincidence that Obama’s friend Stanton and the innocuous sounding Chip Weil are part and parcel of the back-dooring of Common Core. Michelle Malkin has done extraordinary work on exposing this sham and federal power grab of our children. Check her site to locate her series of articles:

    • John Lewis Mealer says:

      I am very happy that someone else saw this. I believe Brewer and Obama (and the team) are grooming Stanton to play Governor. I’m in the gubernatorial race, so this WILL BE Interesting if he enters it and I call them all out of the fraud.

  2. Janelle says:

    The self-identified brilliant Johnny Huppenthal cannot come up with a unique name as a replacement. To nearly mimic the PARCC name would be humorous, if the outcomes were not so destructive to our state.

    Obviously, Jaime Molera is incensed by John’s end-run around the State Board of Education in the renaming. It is reliably reported that Jaime’s absence at yesterday’s Board meeting was due to his anger at the sneaky process that went through the Ninth Floor.

    It is important to reinforce that any deficit in academic standards in Arizona lies directly at the feet at Huppenthal who was the author and prime sponsor of SB1038 in 2005 that lowered the previous standards.

    He slithers away from responsibility when questioned on this fact by stating that he cannot possibly be expected to remember an eight year old bill. That is not disingenuous, it is downright deceitful and he should be called to task on such double talk.

  3. Ben F says:

    Right on SRAZ! You and Diane Douglas seem to be the lone voices in the Common Core wilderness. Check out her positions at:

  4. Hagar says:

    Another good source is S.H.I.E.L.D. at

    SHIELD has been blogging about the dangers of Common Core for months.

    • Ben F says:

      Sorry, you are right. Harry Mathews (SHIELD), Anita Christy (Gilbert Watch), the Reynolds and others have also been leading the fight. Douglas’ taking up the banner to challenge Huppenthal brought me to focus on her actions now.

  5. MARICOPAGOP says:

    Oh that we had a Republican Governor that actually served the people that elected her. Her treacherous sellout on Obamacare is now being doubled down by her sellout on Duncancare.

    I wonder if she will next support the placing of the AZ Department of Public Safety under the direct control of the US Department of Homeland Security?

    When the guv had her last facelift, they must have performed a lobotomy at the same time. From lush to mush in one easy step.

    • Anerican Dad says:

      This is quite a twosome. Dumb and dumber. Brewer, who has been co-opted by the McCain body snatchers, is sheltering Huppenthal, who is being played like a fiddle by Obama and his Education Czar Arne Duncan. When I read that Huppenthal was making the rounds with Duncan I knew the contrivance was underway. We Republicans have to stop allowing ourselves to be taken in my slicksters claiming to be conservatives. Must the world come crashing down on our children and their futures before we wake up?

      Funny line about the facelift!

  6. Delilah says:

    The Eagle forum was congratulating the Az. speaker on what a great governor we had. Ron Ludders had a speech prepared and decided to change it and tell the forum just what Brewer has done to the state. He had them in shock, but now they have been informed on what a catastrophe she is.

    • Night Owl says:

      At nearly 90 years of age, Phyllis Schlafly is not up to the task of discernment when it comes to Jan Brewer. I’ll give Schlafly a pass for her years of fine conservative service to this nation. But I hope others have taken on the duties and realize what we are dealing with here.