Educrat trio: Huppenthal, Brewer, AZ Republic

Striving for a bold approach and strutting its leftward stuff, the Arizona Republic has outdone itself in editorially supporting Obama’s attempt to nationalize the American education system. Reacting to the ham-handed dual efforts of Gov. Jan Brewer and Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal to magically re-christen Common Core as “Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards” — hoping no one will notice — the newspaper now advises them to “Go ahead, say Common Core.”

Although the Republic recently provided Huppenthal ample space for a “My Turn” column titled:Why Common Core needs a new name,” — in which he actually acknowledges the deceptive rebranding — the editorial board has had a change of heart.

The latest editorial claims the name change is a mistaken effort to “pacify the far right,” showing the disconnect the paper has with concerned citizens and alarmed parents. With the back of its inky hand, the newspaper and its cohorts have clearly dismissed us as the tin foil hat brigade.

Brewer and Huppenthal have come to the conclusion that Arizonans and Americans across the nation (video) have figured out that Common Core, when fully implemented, will place control of our school system in the hands of unelected Washington bureaucrats. But deceptively attempting to alter the name of this federal overreach is the least of the problems AZ’s Common Core proponents have.

Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal is out of step with Arizona parents and teachers who are united in opposition to Common Core. The obvious dangers of the implementation of Common Core by Obama/Duncan Department of Education are just the tip of the iceberg. As with all federal programs, the full extent of the collateral damage will best be viewed in retrospect. Concerns about the demise of our nation from the pre-eminent leader of the world to second class status are not limited to the “far right.” Americans of every political persuasion care about their children and understand the basic concept of retaining local control of public schools.

Conservative political commentator and syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin has pledged to devote her energies to exposing the federal overreach that is Common Core. Some of her articles can be read here.

6 Responses to Educrat trio: Huppenthal, Brewer, AZ Republic

  1. American Dad says:

    To have this disreputable trio pushing in unison, what we know to be Common Core, should be a flashing red light warning to anyone paying attention. The fact that Huppenthal and Brewer so slickly slid the name change through gives a good indictor of the full extent of what they are trying to conceal. Why else would they work together to obliterate the rotten to the core name Common Core? As to the editorial urging them to keep the name: That is beyond deceptive and should be viewed with the suspicion it deserves. The newspaper is well aware that the altered name was signed, sealed and delivered. This is nothing more than a stunt they can point to in trying to establish credibility on the issue when they have none!

  2. Pima Pal says:

    The newspaper, the Guv and this sham Education Supe all stink. Fortunately she is prohibited from running again. After all of his years slopping at the public trough, Huppenthal should be termed out. Too bad he isn’t. He was too paralyzed with fright to move a muscle on the Tucson Unified School District’s anti-American Mexican (MAS) “Reconquista” (reconquer) studies program. Many of us saw firsthand his lack of resolve to address the lunacy being funded with our tax dollars, as Mexican students were taught the American southwest would eventually be returned to Mexico, and that white Americans were oppressors. His predecessor Tom Horne was a stalwart taking the issue on. Huppenthal will have a tough time generating support among Republicans in Tucson.

  3. eubykdisop says:

    “A Tale of a Common Core”

    “Once upon a time, in a land far away, in a vast country lived a population 4 times of the U.S. Not only did they have a common core, albeit called something else, there was a common curriculum–national standard curriculum. Furthermore, there was only one national standard college entrance exam. Ah, the beauty of standard and the efficiency of centralization!”

    “That’s right. It was true for all the years of primary and secondary education (12 years in all) and for all the school aged children (over 200 million). All the elementary kids used the same curriculum. All the middle school kids used the same curriculum. And all the high school kids used the same curriculum.”

    “You guessed it right! That country was China, where I was born and educated all the way through college. This “one common standard”, “one common curriculum”, and “one common college entrance exam” system was put in place in 1950’s right after the Communist Party came to power.”

  4. eubykdisop says:


    “Congressman: SWAT told ‘stand down’ at Navy Yard”

    “Rescue team could have responded immediately to mass shooting”

    “by Bob Unruh”

    “A congressman has confirmed a “stand down” order was given to a rescue team that could have responded almost immediately to the shooter running amok at the Washington Navy Yard more than a week ago.”

    “In an interview with Jake Tapper of CNN, Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, said his information came from a member of the rescue team.”

    “I just happened to bump into one of these SWAT team members outside the classified briefing room at the Capitol and he told me about how the … and I heard this firsthand, that his commanding SWAT team officer told them to stand down.”

    “McCaul, in his interview with Tapper, said that agencies, reportedly, were having problems communicating with each other.”

    “The idea that we’re not interoperable is really inexcusable, so we will be investigating that,” he said. “I plan to hold a hearing on the House Homeland Security Committee on this issue.”

    Are “communications problems” really credible after the enormous focus on that problem following the attacks of 09/11/2001?

  5. says:

    I suggest that, in the future, any mention you make of liberals and the bird cage liner AZ Republica be prefaced with “extreme far left radical”

  6. Braveheart says:

    Now THIS is amazing! 10,000 blank sheets of paper are needed to answer covernor’s questions about Common Core. Apparently Gov. Jan Brewer has no such quest for knowledge regarding this intrusive federal program intended to turn our kids into Obamabots.

    North Carolina Lt. Governor Dan Forest continues to stand up for educational freedom in his state by questioning the stakes connected to the implementation of the Common Core national education standards. Arizona should have this guy leading our Education Department and boot Huppenthal to the curb.