Elected Sheriff Arpaio hindered in duties by appointed judge

Law enforcement authority constrained as illegal invasion OKed

U.S. District Judge G. Murray Snow has unilaterally approved a plan to install an independent monitor inside the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office to ensure the department is not “racial profiling.” Snow’s 58-page ruling can be read here.

Last May, Snow ruled that Arpaio’s office was engaging in racial profiling aimed at targeting and detaining Hispanics suspected of illegal entry into the United States. Snow was nominated to the federal bench by President George W. Bush.

For additional background on this ongoing attempt by the federal courts to constrain Sheriff Arpaio in the performance of the duties of his office, read our 2011 post, Federal judge ramps it up on Sheriff Arpaio.

As sheriff, Arpaio is the chief law enforcement officer for Maricopa County, overseeing a massive office. He is the longest serving sheriff since statehood, unprecedentedly elected by the citizens to six 4-year terms. Maricopa County ranks fourth among the nation’s counties with a population greater than 23 states. In land area alone, it is greater in size than seven states.  Arizona abuts the sieve-like Mexican border.

Judge Snow’s latest ruling irrationally orders the sheriff’s office to promote an internal policy “that unauthorized presence in the United States is not a crime and does not itself constitute reasonable suspicion or probable cause to believe that a person has committed or is committing any crime.” His words signal an unmistakable green light to our nation’s invaders — all of them.

Read Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s statement regarding Snow’s Melendres v. Arpaio ruling here.


24 Responses to Elected Sheriff Arpaio hindered in duties by appointed judge

  1. ZOO says:

    If I recall, the ‘investigation’ into MCSO began under the G.W. Filth administration. Isn’t is lucky that this insane ruling came from a judge appointed by Filth himself? What are the odds?

    Joe’s mistake was not limiting his crime suppression sweeps to Red Mountain Ranch and Greystone. Operating these patrols in east, south, and west Phoenix where the Hispanic population can reach 90% saturation surely would ruffle the feathers of the Father Of Illegal Immigration, and produce numbers that could be easily be prevaricated as “profiling.”

    SRAZ hit the nail with the “green light” reference. It was Joe himself that commented “Obama and His Band of Merry Men Might as Well Erect their own Pink Neon Sign” telling Illegals, “Welcome all Illegals to Your United States.”

    • PV PC says:

      How right you are, ZOO! G. Dubya Bush was/is an open borders guy, as his father before him and brother Jeb, who is now unbelievably eyeing the presidency. And follow the Jeb dots. He and Clint Bolick of the libertarian (NOT Conservative) Goldwater Institute have co-authored a book on “immigration reform” that advocates granting citizenship to illegals FIRST and THEN (perhaps) dealing with the dangerously open border. (Thanks to Seeing Red AZ for pointing out the terrorist link).

      Bolick previously wrote two scathing reports on Sheriff Arpaio which his open borders cronies at the AZ Republic were all too happy to print in their entirety, since they play the exact same tune. Now Bolick’s wife Shawnna (she deceptively calls herself a pro-growth conservative) is once again running for the state legislature (she lost last time) to promote the same agenda her husband, the GI and the Bushes have advocated, as they play out the program for the leftwing newspaper, McCain, Flake (the former director of Goldwater) and the Chambers of Commerce they all so admire….that of cheap imported labor that undercuts American workers.

      Flake, now a US Senator, even promoted his own immigration lawyer brother-in-law Kevin Gibbons to run against Russell Pearce. In the AZ Senate, Pearce favored strong law enforcement and border security. No wonder he had to go.

      • ZOO says:

        It’s sickening PV PC. Jeb Clampbush would do well to heed the words of his mother: “there’s been enough Bushes in the White House.” I have felt reassured in the past couple of years that the general population seems to be on to the open-border lobby’s game. But then, the pro-invasion pro-amnesty crowd has grown to staggering numbers, being empowered by elected scum of the earth. The line between ‘free speech’ and ‘aiding and abetting’ has been erased.

        As for President Pearce, Tom Tancredo accurately stated that there should be a bronze statue of Russell at the state capitol, and I couldn’t agree more.

      • Seen It All says:

        Good information PV PC. One small addition. Pro Amnesty Adam Driggs is the RINO state senator from the same district 28. Kate McGee is in the same bed. They all stink whether they are RINOs or the Dem non-practicing doctor state Rep.Eric Meyer. But at least they’ll be termed out. Ms. Bolick, if elected, will be in the House seat for years and then switch over to the senate. Voting for her in an effort to get one of them out is short sighted and self defeating for any conservative. Strong efforts should be made to find a true conservative to run. The district has many. They are just lying low with Scott O’Connor as district chairman. Why bother going to the meetings to be hammered with RINOism?

      • ZOO says:

        SIA – This is not what I wanted to hear. I inherited Driggs due to redistricting, hate his guts to hell, and voted for Meyer. Since Bolick is a Libertarian in Republican clothing, let’s do hope a conservative steps up for the primary. What would you think about Vernon Parker making the run?

  2. eubykdisop says:

    The judge is wrong, both as regards his basic contentions and as regards decisions by courts in other jurisdictions.

    From FAIR:

    “Each year the Border Patrol apprehends hundreds of thousands of aliens who flagrantly violate our nation’s laws by unlawfully crossing U.S. borders. Such illegal entry is a misdemeanor, and, if repeated after being deported, becomes punishable as a felony.”

    Do many deported illegal aliens return to the U. S., constituting a felony?

    “Deported illegal immigrants return repeatedly”

    “By Stephanie Czekalinski, August 1, 2011”

    “A Dispatch investigation revealed that it is common for deported immigrants to return to the United States despite the threat of felony charges.”


    And what have the courts said?

    “Wyoming U.S. District Court decision (Case No. 2:96-cv-099-J (2006)): “…the duly elected sheriff of a county is the highest law enforcement official within a county and has law enforcement powers EXCEEDING that of any other state OR federal official.”

    So a county Sheriff has the right and the duty to investigate possible felonies and the Sheriff also has the right and the duty to apprehend those reasonably suspected of having committed a felony whether the feds approve or not!

  3. Kimball says:

    Judge Snow presides over a courtroom in Phoenix. Joe Arpaio has the vast expanses of Maricopa County under his mandate. Arpaio is immensely popular with the CITIZENS here, winning his elections by wide margins. Snow is echoing the expediently evolving teachings of his church that enrich the church population rolls and tithing. The LDS church has vastly expanded it’s proselytizing efforts to Spanish speaking nations. Utah has become a sanctuary state for illegals, since they are being brought into the church.


    The LDS Article of Faith, Chapter 1, Article 12 clearly state ”We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law.


    The US Constitution is unambiguous in stating that the duty of the federal government to protect the general welfare of the citizens of this great nation. That includes keeping our sovereign borders secure. Our Founders could never have envisioned terrorist attacks on this country or the unconscionable acts of our own judiciary laying out a welcome mat for invaders.

    • eubykdisop says:

      “At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.” – Abraham Lincoln, January 27, 1838

    • ZOO says:

      Wow Kimball, thanks for making the LDS connection. I don’t think most of us would have connected the dots.

      • Kimball says:

        These links are worth checking into, ZOO. I’ve come to believe none of this occurs in a vacuum. On Snow’s bio page it says he went to Brigham Young University in Utah.
        He also clerked for Stephen H. Anderson who was a 10th Circuit Federal Appeals Judge.
        And who would have guessed? Anderson was born in Utah and was also an alum of BYU’s J. Reuben Clark Law School. It’s called keeping it in the family.

        Snow practices in the Phoenix U.S. Courthouse named for Sandra Day O’Connor, who conned Reagan into thinking she was a conservative. That just about brings this full circle, doesn’t it?

        Although I no longer attend the LDS Church, I have many family members who do. Know this, I am not anti-“Mormon.” I just know the drill.

  4. alice says:

    Question: Which of our illustrious “open borders” senators nominated Snow

  5. eubykdisop says:



    As an experiment, I once tried posting at “Daily Kos” in opposition to homosexual marriage. I was banned from the site. “Kos” has a rule that if enough posters vote to boot you, you’re out. This is further proof of the fact that Liberals, despite what they claim, don’t want debate and discussion. They want to silence those who oppose their views.

    Next, I posted at an Arizona blog which bills itself as “conservative”. The blog was running “advertisements” promoting Jeff Flake for U. S. Senate. When I posted facts which showed Flake for what he is, my posts began to disappear and I was unable to respond to those who were defending Flake. That’s not surprising considering that the person who runs the blog is a contracted employee of the Arizona Republican Party and will, when push comes to shove, toe the party line.

    Then I came to “Seeing Red AZ”. “SRAZ” was also exposing the facts about Jeff Flake and welcomed factual posts revealing Flake’s nature and positions. When I posted facts about U. S. Senator Ted Cruz, “SRAZ”, whether it agreed with me or not, permitted those facts to be posted and permitted unfettered discussion and debate about Cruz. THAT is how real Conservatives behave because real Conservatives are not afraid of the truth. They welcome it!

    I noticed that the website “Breitbart” was consistently promoting Ted Cruz with articles about him and photos of him on their website every day without fail. I contacted “Breitbart” to inform them of certain facts about Ted Cruz which indicate that, at best, Cruz is Libertarian rather than Conservative. “Breitbart” continued their unabashed promotion of Cruz. So I signed up for their blog and began posting verifiable facts, with links, about the history and positions of Ted Cruz. Within a couple of days, my posts would no longer appear! So it’s clear that “Breitbart”, white it is aware of the facts about Cruz, wants to suppress those facts and promote Cruz anyway. That is not the sort of behavior which we see from a genuinely Conservative blog like “SRAZ”. It’s exactly the same behavior manifested by the Liberal “Daily Kos”.

    So, what can we learn from this?

    1 – Liberal blogs seek to avoid legitimate discussion and debate and are actually one-sided propaganda machines rather than blogs.

    2 – Not every Arizona blog which bills itself as “conservative” is actually Conservative.

    3 – “Seeing Red AZ” has, across time, manifested all of the qualities of a genuinely Conservative blog.

    4 – Even national news/blog websites which bill themselves as “conservative” may not really be Conservative!

    While I think that it’s fine to cite good articles from “Breitbart”, it is important to understand that “Breitbart” has an agenda with regard to Ted Cruz and they are not interested in letting the facts get in the way. That is a disservice to Conservatives who want to be informed, the way “SRAZ” informs Conservatives, so that they may make informed decisions about who to support and who to vote for. While “Breitbart” has run countless articles on Ted Cruz, it hasn’t run a single article about the history and positions of Ted Cruz which Conservatives would not like and would not support. That’s not informing Conservatives as “SRAZ” does. That’s biased propaganda!

    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      We appreciate the kudos, euby, but have to confess that we, too, have disallowed certain comments. Seeing Red AZ is among the many state blogs —- unfortunately most are categorically liberal —- that are posted on a daily blog roll owned by the Tucson Citizen. While we appreciate the exposure, we also get our share of rigid and abusive lefties who have attempted to dominate specific posts. They are not welcome here.

      You are correct in noting that although we don’t always agree on each and every issue, those who chose to assemble at SRAZ get a fair shake. On occasion, we’ve even changed our own opinions on issues after reading cogent comments. Term limits is one such area. It’s an force we long resisted, but one we now see as an imperative.

      Readers need not wonder about SRAZ’s bent. We are a proudly conservative site.

      • eubykdisop says:

        Hi, SRAZ! :-)

        I know that you have, on occasion, disallowed comments BUT you have never, EVER disallowed a comment for presenting factual, documented evidence, with verifying links, for the purpose of making an evidence-based argument, no matter what position was being taken. THAT is what is important! You have never sought to stifle facts, whether you agree with someone’s position or not.

        We don’t agree on term limits, for example, but when the issue arises, you have never prevented me from presenting an evidence-based case for my point of view.

        Most of the comments of which I am aware that you have disallowed were simply inappropriate in some manner and were NOT comments seeking to present factual evidence to support a point of view. That is one of the exceedingly important differences between “Seeing Red AZ” and Liberal or faux Conservative blogs.

    • ZOO says:

      Euby, this looks like a scrub job by Breitbart. We all know that the practice of dissolving bad press or history about a ‘favored’ person or firm is common.

      I had a 2007 article from AZCentral linked for reference, which exposed the pre-amnesty rise in tax filings by illegals and the ‘cottage’ industry of Mexican tax preparation services, specifically Campos Enterprises – now that article has vaporized. I was able to land Campos in trouble with the Arizona Attorney General’s office, and I believe they (26 locations in Arizona) went under and resurfaced under new name. But that’s another story.

      I remember how hard you worked on the Flake project and finding the needle in the haystack, you produced videos that had Flake stating his family had ALWAYS knowingly hired illegal aliens at their ranch. That hit Mr. Republican party right where he lived. Fortunately, I doubt that he can use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on the Brookings Institute site.

      We’ve talked about the reverse-psychology ploy of the establishment GOP pretending to hate Cruz. The party is desperate to have a “star” in the offing, and that may behind why you were silenced for exposing Cruz “too early.”

      And speaking of too early, I believe the old political doctrine of “peaking too early” fits Cruz’ sudden and contrived leap into the sky. It’s a long road to November 2016, so the big flaws in his conservative stance likely will be ‘fair game’ at a later time. Or, maybe you were silenced for not following tradition – vet the candidate AFTER he is elected.

      • eubykdisop says:

        Hi, ZOO! :-)

        Wow! You have an amazing, accurate and detailed memory! I can’t believe that you remember that Flake video I found and posted! Even if you don’t remain Republican, keep the elephant as a symbol of your memory, LOL!

        Yeah, “Breitbart” was looking suspicious and I wanted to find out where they were coming from with Cruz. I think that part of it is that Andrew Breitbart was a big fan of Cruz and his namesake website wants to honor that. Unfortunately, Andrew Breitbart passed away at a relatively young age on March 1, 2012 and Cruz has covered a lot of new ground since that time. I don’t know if Andrew Breitbart would be so enthusiastic about Cruz today if Andrew Breitbart were still alive! I also don’t know if those now running the website are as Conservative as was Andrew Breitbart!

        Great story about Campos Enterprises! Sounds like a confirmed kill to me, even if Campos re-spawned!

        Since the last time I posted anything here at SRAZ about Ted Cruz, I’ve found a lot more factual information. You know me, Mr. Digger, LOL! Unfortunately none of it is good and some of it is shocking and scary! There is not the slightest doubt, based upon what I have uncovered, that Ted Cruz is NOT what he is being presented to be! Not even close! In fact, he’s the exact opposite of what he is being presented to be!

        As you know, ZOO, I’m an old hand at internet research. I can tell you, based on my research on Ted Cruz, that there has been a whole lot of scrubbing going on! For someone who is 42 years old and who has been a relatively significant figure for a long time, finding any details about his past activities is next to impossible! It’s also quite clear to me that the Liberal search engines, Google and Bing, are actively facilitating that. For example, on the 20th variant of search terms I enter, I finally get something which SHOULD have come up under the first search terms I entered! Having done this sort of thing a lot for a long time, I can easily detect that sort of anomaly.

        Let me just say that, based upon my research, Ted Cruz is absolutely, positively, without the slightest question, a Trojan horse being wheeled in to fool the political right and capture their votes. If Cruz should capture the Republican presidential nomination it’s going to be McCain versus Obama all over again! In other words, a stacked deck. No matter which candidate is elected, Cruz or the Democrat, we would end up with exactly the same “One World”, “Agenda 21”, “New World Order” programs!

      • ZOO says:

        Oops, unfortunately Campos is still alive. Searches for “Hispanic tax service” drew a blank, then “Latino” finally pulled them up. Some outfit called “Grupo” seems to have stolen their thunder.

        A couple of years ago, I found a solicitation postcard from Campos in my mail box – but it had not been mailed – a federal offense. I filed a complaint with the post office. The postcard featured a picture of a home with the caption “do your taxes with us and you could win this home.” Strike two. Such a “contest” requiring a purchase is illegal. I spoke with the AG’s office, and they ask me to fax over a shot of the solicitation.

        I was angry about having a Campos employee sticking his/her hand in my mailbox. They are a bunch of slimeballs, and apparently alive and well.

      • eubykdisop says:

        Just the same, good stuff, ZOO! Anything to make their life harder, especially if they feel that they can violate the law with impunity!

        I’ve never had any luck either with law enforcement or the feds or the state AG. But I HAVE kicked some major butt in court! The law CAN humble both the high and haughty IF you can persist and make it work for you. You can easily figure on it taking four or five years but that’s part of the game to get you to crump, LOL! If you’re a stubborn coot like me, the words “give up” are not in your vocabulary! ;-)

  6. LEO IN TSN says:

    This is outrageous that any federal flunky should be allowed to harass Sheriff Joe over a fabricated complaint by the Anti-American Communist Lawyers Union.

    Ted Cruz opposes AMNESTY for illegal aliens, open borders, obamaocare and all of the other tentacles of the obamao communist takeover of America. He supports controlled legal immigration that allows US to marshal and utilize global resources beneficial to US. He is one of the very few legislators willing to stand up publicly and advocate for US, focusing on himself the wrath of obamao and the so-called “R’s”.

    On the other hand, here in Arizona we have two anti-American senators who have dropped all façade of working for US. We have four “R” congressbugs (an insect without a spine) who refuse to meet Arizonans, who work behind closed doors and with secret votes to oppose the will of the people, caving in to AMNESTY for illegal aliens, an ever-expanding & destructive obamao tyrannical machine, obamaocare by dribs & drabs, and an ever-spiraling federal debt limit – all designed to enslave US.

    Maybe we need more of Ted Cruz, Michele Bachmann, Louie Gohmert, Peter King, Mike Lee, and etc. Maybe we should support those who word for US, and criticize and target those who work against US.

    God bless America.

  7. eubykdisop says:

    Well, Leo, your comments about Ted Cruz demand a response and one which provides useful, factual information about Cruz which Conservatives may use to decide whether to support Cruz or not. So let’s address your statement about Cruz.

    You say that Ted Cruz opposes amnesty for illegal aliens. Yes, he opposed the amnesty provisions in the “Gang of 8” legislation. However, Cruz is NOT opposed to a “pathway to citizenship”.

    In speaking in the Senate in support of amendments he proposed to the “Gang of 8” legislation, Ted Cruz said this:

    “If this amendment is adopted to the current bill the effect would be that those 11 million under this current bill would still be eligible for RPI status. They would still be eligible for legal status and, indeed, under the terms of the bill, they would be eligible for LPR status…” – U. S. Senator Ted Cruz

    Cruz makes the point that under the legislation he proposed that 11 million would still be eligible for RPI status. RPI status leads to LPR status (green card) in ten years and three years after that allows for U. S. citizenship per the Senate bill. So Cruz has no objection to a 13 year pathway to citizenship. Furthermore, both RPI status and LPR status permit those illegal aliens already in the U. S. to remain here and any children they have while here automatically become natural born U. S. citizens without the need for any legislation to make them citizens.

    Ted Cruz proposed legislation to double the annual cap on green card visas and increase by five times the annual cap on H-1B visas. Passage of those measures would be an absolute disaster for America and Americans. Why?

    Right now 53% of Americans don’t have a full time job, 8 million Americans have been forced into part time jobs, there are a record number of Americans at or below the poverty level and a record number of Americans receiving “nutritional assistance” through food stamps or other programs. This is not the time to dramatically increase the number of temporary foreign workers coming to America to compete for jobs.

    In addition, those on H-1B visas are cheap labor which drives down wages. There is a loophole in H-1B visa law, which Congress has known about for 23 years, which does, in fact, permit employers to pay those with H-1B visas less than American workers.

    Beyond that, many employers hiring people with H-1B visas use them to outsource work which would otherwise be done here in the U. S. and in that way hurt our economy.

    Furthermore, I can cite countless studies from reliable sources proving that each year America produces high tech science and engineering graduates who cannot find work in their field of expertise and leave their field to retrain in another or are forced to find work outside of their area of expertise. In short, there is a glut of American STEM graduates, not a shortage. So we have no need for those with H-1B visas.

    Is Ted Cruz conservative? Famed Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz had this to say about his student, Ted Cruz: “He was always very active in class, presenting a libertarian point of view.”

    While at Harvard Law School, Ted Cruz was a founding editor, and listed as the “general editor” of the first edition, of the Harvard Latino Law Review. The Conservative news site, “The Daily Caller’, refers to the Harvard Latino Law Review as “progressive”. Let’s look at an article published by the Harvard Latino Law Review and decide for ourselves if it seems “progressive”.

    “The Road to S.B. 1070: How Arizona Became Ground Zero for the Immigrants’ Rights Movement and the Continuing Struggle for Latino Civil Rights in America”

    “Kristina M. Campbell”

    “Harvard Latino Law Review, Vol. 14, Spring 2011”

    “This Article examines the road leading up to the passage of SB 1070 in early 2010, and attempts to demonstrate how it and other state immigration laws that purport to be a legitimate exercise of governmental authority are, in fact, tools of oppression, racism, and xenophobia, particularly against Latinos.”

    That is not only “progressive” but it is pitching radical Hispanic activism with leftist terms, regarding SB 1070, like “oppression”, “racism” and “xenophobia”. This is what is being publish in the Harvard Latino Law Review of which Ted Cruz was a founding editor.

    This is only a small part of what I have discovered about Ted Cruz. At best Cruz is a Libertarian and at worst he’s a Liberal. Your opinions about Cruz are based on cherry picked information which has been spoon fed to the public for the express purpose of promoting Cruz. What you need to know is the REST of the story!