State gambling director resigns to run for AG

State Department of Gambling director Mark Brnovich has resigned his post and filed his intention to run for Arizona Attorney General. The only problem is, we already have a Republican with an impressive bio ably leading the AG’s office — a conservative who has personally and successfully argued cases to the U.S. Supreme Court.

We do have one poser for Brnovich. Why is betting called gambling if the wagers are on sporting events, but when the state gets a cut of the action the activity suddenly morphs into “gaming?”

Brnovich was appointed to the gambling post several years ago by Gov. Jan Brewer and has ties to the rest of the McCain/Kyl/Flake Establishment cabal via his roots in the Libertarian pro-amnesty Goldwater Institute. The connection comes full circle since Jeff Flake was the Executive Director of Goldwater for seven years before opting for the rarified air along the Potomac.

Brnovich’s varied background also includes a stint as senior lobbyist for the Corrections Corporation of America, the mega operator of privatized prison facilities.  Gov. Brewer recently appointed him to a spot on the State Parks Board for a term that expires in 2019. Now as he concentrates his energies on his campaign, will he resign that post also?

We’ve sniffed out a hint of his campaign style. Brnovich is using the casual touch, filing his campaign with the Secretary of State as simply “Mark for AZ.”

With all of the illegal intrusions on state sovereignty, AZ voters cannot afford to gamble on a longtime political operative as its highest elected law enforcement officer.

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  1. eubykdisop says:

    Yes! A very concise, well written, total and complete bust of this turkey! You’re getting as sharp a razor, SRAZ! :-)

  2. says:

    I am intrigued by the description of the Goldwater Institute as pro-amnesty. I’m being solicited for a contribution, and I totally oppose amnesty. So, what’s “the rest of the story”? Bernard

    • ZOO says:

      Hey Euby. You want to grab this one?

      • PV PC says:

        My pleasure, ZOO. It’s intimidating to stand it for euby, but I couldn’t resist giving it a try! Time was short, as well. Those who express interest in knowing the facts should be able to locate truth from the conservative crew here.

      • eubykdisop says:

        Hey, PV PC, no reason at all to feel intimidated! We all have good input and each of us expresses that in our own unique way. Your way is as good as mine or that of anyone else. Always jump right in there! This is a cooperative effort by all of us! ;-)

    • PV PC says:

      Since you are not pro-amnesty, the Goldwater Institute is not the place to send any of your money. Please take some time to read my comment under the post “Elected Sheriff Arpaio hindered in duties by appointed judge,” yesterday.

      I describe some of Goldwater’s involvement with the Chambers of Commerce and illegal alien profiteer business crowd who would rather hire cheap illegals or newly amnestied labor than employ Americans. The Goldwater Institute’s Clint Bolick is tied at the hip with Jeb Bush (another pro-amnesty Bush) as the two travel the country promoting the book about amnesty they co-authored.

      Bolick previously wrote disreputable reports targeting Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio that were reprinted in the extreme leftwing Arizona Republic. The newspaper lapped them up like a feline at a milk bowl. Bolick even advocated legislative recommendations intended to restrict the abilities of Arpaio and other AZ sheriffs in their law enforcement duties.

      There’s far more but unfortunately I have a meeting to attend and have to sign off. SRAZ has written about these issues before. Here’s one I just found going back to 2008 by doing a Google search. Don’t have time to read it, but I would bet it will fill in the questions you have.

    • Delilah says:

      I was watching Jeb Bush and Clint Bolick on tv promoting their book, about 2 – 3 months ago, Clint Bolick said “No border security till amnesty is passed”. That is a quote.

    • eubykdisop says:

      I’ll throw in my two cents. ZOO! :-)

      First, Jeff Flake, who was Executive Director of the Goldwater Institute, co-authored, along with Chicago Democrat Luis Gutierrez, the STRIVE Act illegal alien amnesty legislation which was killed by Republicans. As a U. S. Senator, Jeff Flake was part of the “Gang of 8”.

      Secondly, the Goldwater Institute has this to say on their website:

      “Polls show that Hispanic voters will support any preconditions to legal immigration, including forcing illegal immigrants to return to their native countries for a time, so long as a path to citizenship is created.”

      So the Goldwater Institute doesn’t use the term “amnesty”, instead it talks about “a path to citizenship”. This is the standard disingenuous ruse used to claim that what is being proposed is not, in fact, “amnesty”. “A path to citizenship” IS amnesty by another name!

      Finally, here is a video of the Director of the Goldwater Institute, Clint Bolick, talking about the new book he has co-authored with Jeb Bush on immigration. Notice in the video that while Bolick remains Director of the Goldwater Institute, he says that he is doing this “on my own”. ROFL! That’s about as comical as claiming that “a path to citizenship” isn’t “amnesty”! In the video, Bolick pitches the same “path to citizenship” that the Goldwater institute talked about on it’s website!

      Bolick’s claims in the video can be shredded by the objective facts and I’ll be happy to do that if you wish me to.

      • Dennis O'Brien says:

        Please do, euby!
        What a bunch of bowl lick by Clint Bolick. Thanks for this fine video reminder of what we are dealing with. Listen as he says, “the Republican Party has lost its way on immigration.” He states “we have a social welfare system that we can’t afford” without newcomers to support it. Think that through. If we can’t afford something that basically stinks, why not dismantle it? What a novel approach…to have people actually working for their own sustenance and shelter! The so-called Great Society formed by Democrat LBJ destroyed incentive, the sense of individual responsibility and worst of all, families, as fathers were often replaced by welfare checks. The Black community is a perfect example of the destruction of families with that liberal ideal at work over decades. Bill Cosby has lectured on it.

        And listen closely to his words as he slips and slides around the Goldwater Institute‘s position on illegals. He also quotes Bill Montgomery, another amnesty supporter! Bolick must have been born in an oil slick, he’s that slippery!!

      • eubykdisop says:

        Hi, Dennis! :-)

        Yeah, that’s the part that got me the most too, LOL! It’s the “newcomers” who are sucking up all of the welfare program money while lowering wages and putting American citizens out of work!

        You’re right about this clearly showing what a slimy and slippery sleazeball Bolick is. You want his wife in office? Errrr… I don’t think so! “He who walks with wolves learns to howl.” ;-)

      • eubykdisop says:

        At about 5:15 into the video, Clint Bolick says this:

        “We have, right now, only 65,000 visas for highly skilled workers every year… We need to increase dramatically the number of people who can come in and fill the brain drain that we are having right now.”

        The allegedly “conservative” U. S. Senator TED CRUZ is in complete AGREEMENT with CLINT BOLICK! Here, from the official Senate website of TED CRUZ, is his proposal to increase the cap on H-1B (high skilled) visas by FIVE times:

        “Cruz 1325: Increase high-skilled temporary worker visas (H-1B visas) five-fold”

        “This amendment would improve our nation’s legal immigration system by increasing the H-1B cap from 65,000 to 325,000. It would also help America retain the people it educates by authorizing dual-intent student visas and address the need for high-skilled labor by creating a block grant to promote domestic high-skilled workers.”

        So TED CRUZ actually crafted and proposed legislation to IMPLEMENT what CLINT BOLICK wants! Folks, that means that TED CRUZ is NOT Conservative.

        Numerous studies show that both TED CRUZ and CLINT BOLICK are wrong in their assertions. This from the Federation for American Immigration Reform:

        “The Myth of a Skilled Worker Shortage”

        “Executive Summary”

        “Labor market data clearly indicate that the U.S. has no shortage of qualified scientists and engineers, and economic research demonstrates that immigrants do not make any special contribution to innovation.”

        “There is no evidence that there is, or will exist in the foreseeable future, a shortage of qualified native-born scientists and engineers in the United States.”

        “The glut of science and engineering (S&E) degree holders in the United States has caused many S&E graduates to seek work in other fields. Less than one-third of S&E degree holders are working in a field closely related to their degree, while 65 percent are either employed in or training for a career in another field within two years of graduating.”

        So both TED CRUZ and CLINT BOLICK are wrong and TED CRUZ sought to pass legislation in Congress to implement exactly what selazeball CLINT BOLICK wants!

    • Bernard says:

      Thanks to everyone for the input on the Goldwater Institute. Their request letter just passed through my shredder.

      • eubykdisop says:

        For my part, Bernard, you’re most welcome. You made a good decision to check things out with the people who congregate here at SRAZ. Together, we have a lot of info and a lot of facts at our fingertips! I agree that the shredder is the right place to “file” the request letter. ;-)

  3. ZOO says:

    OFF TOPIC: The Obamanez administration has shut down the federal E-Verify website as part of its war on the federal time out.
    This is just in time for the Christmas hiring season.

    How conveeeeeeeeenient!

    • eubykdisop says:

      ROFL! Yeah, I saw that one at NumbersUSA! Hey, I’m sure that keeping E-verify going costs a lot more than the millions Obama gives to Planned Parenthood and La Raza, LOL! ;-)

  4. Vince says:

    Hey, did you guys drop a vowel around here someplace? Doesn’t Brnovich need an “A”, “E,” “I,” “O,” or “U??” Seriously, is this an error you need to correct?

  5. Villanova says:

    Mark Brnovich is cozy with Gov. Jan McBrewer, who appoints him to various jobs. But it was liberal Gov. Janet Napolitano who appointed his wife to a judgeship on the Maricopa County Superior Court. That should give us all a good, warm feeling.

    Although Brnovich bounces from job to job, McBrewer always covers his ass.

  6. Sgt. Preston says:

    Three star Vice Admiral Tim Giardina has been demoted and relieved of duty as second-in-command at the military organization that oversees all U.S. nuclear forces. He is under investigation in a gambling matter. uh….let’s just call it GAMING, and give him his stars, rank and salary back. Maybe he can even run for Arizona Attorney General?!?