AZ Republic: Moving the deck chairs OFF the Titanic

The Phoenix Business Journal relates the dire circumstances reporters are facing at the Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona Republic).  We’ve previously noted the shrinkage in size and content of the state’s increasingly irrelevant newspaper. But this latest installation regarding the severely destabilized condition of its festering carcass is shocking.

Reporter Hayley Ringle details the news that top editors from the Republic met with reporters from various Valley community sections late last week to inform them they were being ejected from the offices where they formerly toiled, to become “mobile reporters” with laptops. Their files, they were advised, could be kept in their cars.

It was suggested by the brass that the newly “mobile” deskless reporters park themselves in Starbucks or McDonald’s since both establishments have free Wi-Fi.

The dual agenda newspaper, whose reliably liberal pre-election endorsements are routinely disregarded, continues to layoff employees, enact voluntary retirement programs and close printing facilities. The rollout of a paywall last year has done little more than add to the daily’s excruciating death watch.

If things get dull at Starbucks or McDonald’s the former reporters might offer to fill in for the barista or burger flipper to augment what is likely to be their decreasing incomes. If the newspaper’s trend continues, there’s a good chance those “mobile” jobs could be short timers.


6 Responses to AZ Republic: Moving the deck chairs OFF the Titanic

  1. eubykdisop says:

    ROFL! Absolutely hilarious, SRAZ! What a comic cut, LOL! :-)

    • Clementine says:

      Indeed! I do have a degree of sympathy for those stationed at McDonald’s and Starbucks, but they were working for purveyors of trash and lies. They should be able to do better.

  2. Army Of One says:

    Would love to see all of the vicious liberals fall off their deck chairs and into the briney! They are all intent on destroying our Constitutionally based freedoms and government of, by and for American citizens.

  3. Realist says:

    and the beat goes on….. (temporarily)

  4. Blackbeard says:

    Step aside guys! Today is the “International Day of the Girl,” another means of dividing and separating us by way of that “diversity,” so adored by liberals. That’s probably why the journohags are running the distortion machine today.

  5. G Norman says:

    Sad. I used to deliver the Az Republic over 40 years ago when it was a conservative newspaper. I subscribed faithfully into adulthood and noticed that year after year the paper was turning into an opinion rag. I finally couldn’t take it and quit. They continued to bill me for several months, even though I never received a paper! Like AOL their circulation was higher than it really was and like AOL, they tried to screw their subscribers. What a rag.