Christine Jones AZ Guv? Might have better luck in Texas

Christine Jones, 45, is an arrogant embarrassment.  Along with her husband Gary Dean Jones, she has made numerous political campaign contributions to Democrats and RINOs. Now the former Go Daddy honcho, who has never shown her face within the GOP party in any meaningful way, is running as a Republican in the Arizona 2014 gubernatorial race.

Such egotism is rightly defined as audacious.

Listen as Republican poser Jones, better known for her racy Go Daddy ads than any political expertise or involvement, cluelessly says illegals are crossing the Rio Grande to enter Arizona.  Displaying her inability to grasp issues, she also thinks Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is putting water out to aid the illegals crossers invading our country.

Rather than run for governor, she’d do well to take a remedial course in geography. The Rio Grande doesn’t touch Arizona, Ms. Jones. It begins the San Juan Mountains of southern Colorado, then flows south through New Mexico, forming the natural border between Texas and the nation of Mexico as it moves southeast to the Gulf of Mexico.

Scroll through this revealing list to see the many key liberals such as DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz who were the recipients of Go Daddy PAC contributions. Christine Jones was also a key high dollar bundler for John McCain.

Daniel Strauss reporting for Talking Points Memo (TPM) exposes the hilarity. Be sure to watch the included video clip. Read GOP Guv Wannabe Sings A Sour Note on Arizona Geography. You won’t soon forget it!


8 Responses to Christine Jones AZ Guv? Might have better luck in Texas

  1. Clair Van Steenwyk says:

    I’m sponsoring a Gubernatorial Forum on Dec. 12 in SCW, would one of your members care to pose this in a question form at that event. God Bless You; Van

  2. eubykdisop says:

    Bwahahahaha! Oh please, SRAZ, stop! You’re making me laugh until it hurts! :-)

    Here’s something else to laugh about! Arizona has made it as the lead story, top of the page, at the Fox News website with this:

    “Arizona defies fed order to eliminate apartments for the deaf at a housing complex built specifically…FOR THE DEAF”

    “APACHE ASL TRAILS, a 75-unit affordable housing facility in Tempe, Ariz., built for the hearing impaired, is the focus of a battle between the state and the federal Housing and Urban Development agency that says too many residents are — hearing impaired.”

    “However, when HUD approved and helped fund the project in 2008, it did so knowing that the property was specifically “designed for seniors who are deaf, hard of hearing and deaf blind.”

    “State housing director Michael Trailor refuses to comply with the federal orders.”

    I guess they must want more federally funded public housing in the Tempe legislative district for illegal aliens instead of for hearing impaired senior U. S. citizens! You know, expand the Democrat voter base of illegal aliens! ;-)

    • MacBeth says:

      Hard to disagree with your conclusion regarding the feds desire for housing for their hotly anticipated newly minted dem voters.

      As to Gov. candidate Christine Jones, she is another ego trying to buy a top job. We went through this previously with the 2010 candidacy of Pauldin, AZ resident Buz Mills, who was never interested in the GOP until he decided to run.How interesting that these people want to start at the top! No stint at the state legislature for them, although that’s where most of AZ’s congressional delegation got their start, and where Gov. Brewer first entered the political arena.

      • eubykdisop says:

        Hey, MacBeth! :-)

        Sure they want to start at the top! That way they don’t tip their hand with a Pinko legislative voting record! Beware of those without a trail of bread crumbs to follow! ;-)

  3. Blaine Dunning says:

    Not surprising they would try to plant someone inside to maybe influence the primary to get someone they could win against. I expect she won’t be alone in muddying the waters for the governors race.

    • Former GOP PC says:

      Unless we Republicans think with our heads and play it smart, we will end up with the dem for governor. I hate to say it, but they far surpass us in strategy. The Dems pare their candidates down as the old AZ GOP once did, by talking turkey to the bloated egos and not having primaries with multiple candidates who spend their money brutalizing one another as the dems sit back and take in the slaughter/show. After our candidates kill one another off, we supply the dems with talking points to take out our general election candidate. Too bad we don’t have party leadership with a spine to keep this cycle from repeating itself. The party previously used the very effective hammer of withholding money. Now they don’t have it to give if they desired to, which I sincerely believe they don’t. After decades in the GOP trenches, I’ve hung it up.

      • eubykdisop says:

        Former GOP PC wrote: “I hate to say it, but they far surpass us in strategy.”

        The underlying problem is that there ISN’T any “us” any more! There’s only “them” masquerading as “us”! That means that the “Democrat” strategy IS the “Republican” strategy! Why is that?

        That’s because distinctions between “D” and “R” are now meaningless and have been for a long time. Both the Democrat establishment and the Republican establishment stand together with the primary objective of bringing about “One World”, the “New World Order”, the “North American Union” and “Agenda 21”, otherwise known as “global governance”, WITHOUT sovereignty OR The Constitution!

        Want proof? Look at McCain and Flake! Do you see anything even remotely “Republican” about them, let alone “conservative”?

        If that’s not enough, look at John Boehner and Eric Cantor! Boehner just did a Nancy Pelosi, bringing legislation to the floor for a vote knowing full well that the majority of Republicans opposed it! Eric Cantor had his “Become America” tour where he actually went to NYC to have breakfast with Michael Bloomberg at Gracie Mansion to promote amnesty!

        Wake up! The old “D” and “R” paradigm has gone the way of the dinosaur! The Republican Party is no longer any sort of alternative to the Democrat Party. It’s going to take third party and/or independent Conservative candidates to get us out of this!

  4. State Committeeman says:

    What frosts me is that former state GOP chair Tom Morrissey gave this woman the stage and mic to strut her stuff at last January’s state Republican meeting. I was one of the delegates who was ticked off that someone who had never bothered to show any interest in the party was allowed ANY time to speak, let alone the excessive amount she was given. After listening to all I could take of her pompous self-inflation. I walked out. There were many others in the lobby along with me and those I spoke with were asking the same questions, “who is she?” “Why is she here?” “Why was she given so much time when the meeting was already running long?”
    Now we find out that she donates to Democrats. I invite Christine Jones to get lost! I’m a conservative and she sure as hell won’t get my vote.