CAP’s Cathi Herrod fed up with liars McCain, Flake

Over many years family-centered and faith-based Center for Arizona Policy President Cathi Herrod has curried a strong relationship with the state’s Republican senators and congressional delegation. Suddenly, her ire has erupted in this message of “deep disappointment and shock.“ The object of her wrath is none other than Arizona’s two U.S. Senators.

Read Senators McCain and Flake Break Their Promise to Arizona Voters. It’s definitely worth your time.

Herrod substantiates her shock with both McCain’s and Flake’s answers to CAP’s voter guide questionnaire regarding the so-called Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA).  Both men gave assurances they would not support this legislation that “compromises our first freedom – to practice our faith, free from government interference.”

Herrod’s blog correctly states, “ENDA is a false bill of goods: while it claims to end discrimination, this bill in fact fosters discrimination against business owners and employers with sincerely held religious beliefs.”

Here are the senator’s voter guide surveys:

Senator John McCain’s 2010 survey (See question 10)

Senator Jeff Flake’s 2012 survey (See question 8 and note on page 2)

Will her ire dissipate as election time rolls around?  Herrod is a smart woman, a lawyer running a massive business enterprise.  She’s been around the political track long enough not to be considered naive.  What would make her think these two acknowledged duplicitous RINOs would be dependable? Yet she seems stunned that their pre-election assurances meant nothing once they were safely ensconced in those cushy offices along the Potomac as part of the Club of 100 senate elites.  It’s long been their modus operandi.  She must not have been paying attention.

Here’s a pre-campaign memory refresher on amnesty-supporter John McCain. And Jeff Flake? He began by reneging on his term limits pledge, smirking as he admitted, “I lied.” Then the AZ Republic came editorially unglued when he backtracked his amnesty commitment —- until the votes were counted.

Those are six-year terms. They hope that by the time they need our votes again, we will forget this deception. Will you? Will Cathi Herrod?

23 Responses to CAP’s Cathi Herrod fed up with liars McCain, Flake

  1. Andre Leonard says:

    Anyone familiar with these two RINO’s knows they are career politicians who will say anything to curry favor/votes. Then do just the opposite.

  2. eubykdisop says:

    From “Seeing Red AZ”, March 27, 2013:

    “AZ Medicaid expansion takes a major blow”

    “Abortion funding assured under Gov. Brewer’s surrender to ObamaCare”

    “We also include this letter to Gov. Brewer and AZ House and Senate leadership from Cathi Herrod, President of pro-life, pro-family Center for Arizona Policy. Oddly the organization “remains neutral” on the massive and costly federal intrusion into our personal health care delivery system, although offering alternative language to the Medicaid legislation, to guarantee “no increased funding to abortion providers results” from the implementation of the health care scheme.”

    “We applaud all pro-life efforts, on either end of the life cycle. But taking a resolute stand against the encroachment of socialism in no way diminishes the importance of honoring the sanctity of life.”

    • PV Voter says:

      Excellent reminder, Euby. Let’s not forget that for all the good CAP does, it is political from stem to stern. The group cozies up to politicos who can help in the promotion of their causes and fundraising but has been silent when they needed to speak up for fear of alienating their powerful buddies. You can’t have it both ways. I’m betting Herrod will develop amnesia by the next election cycle.

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      Your link omitted Herrod’s letter in which she disappointingly “remained neutral” on Gov. Brewer’s Medicaid expansion which would increase funding to abortion providers. How does a pro-life group do that, you ask? Gov. Brewer holds a special place in Herrod’s heart. She appointed Herrod’s husband to a superior court judgeship.

      Her outrage will be shortlived when John and Cindy and Jeff and Cheryl buy a few tables at CAP’s next event.

  3. Hagar says:

    Unfortunately, CAP is very selective as to which issues to support. They gladly accept support from other conservative groups who support their issues, but they won’t lift a finger to help another conservative group’s issue, if it is not one of their sacred cows. At least their website no longer links to a book store that advertises anti-Mormon books. That went down just before their darling, Len Munsil, ran for governor. Very convenient I think. I don’t trust them in the least.

    Note Munsil’s sophistry in rationalizing why many evangelicals refused to vote for Romney, a Mormon. Some analysts have reported that the fall-off in Republican votes between 2008 and 2012 was due in large part to evangelicals refusing to support a Mormon.

    I, for one, have been asked to leave a grass roots group run by evangelicals because they found out I was a Mormon.

    • LD 25 PC says:

      Sorry to hear about your experience with the evangelical group, but it oesn’t surprise me a bit. I’m not Mormon, but have heard more negativaty than I care to recall regarding Mormons from supposedly political conservative Baptists and other evangelicals who asserted that they would “never vote for a Mormon.” I guess they thought a Muslim was preferable. Anti-Mormon bigotry is rampant and disgusting.

  4. Hagar says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention. A few years ago Kid’s Care was before the legislature, a bill to greatly expand Medicaid in Arizona and, of course, supported by the self-serving medical establishment..Then Governor Hull called a rally at the capitol in support of the bill so we showed up with signs as a counter rally. However, before that rally got underway, CAP, was holding their own rally on the capitol mall in support of pro-life legislation which was also before the legislature. We arrived early to support CAP at their rally. However, before it started, Cathi Herrod came up to us and told us that we were not welcome at their rally unless we took off our “Stop Kids Scare” buttons and set our signs aside.

  5. Seeing Red AZ says:

    A commenter purporting to be a former state senator needs to identify with the correct spelling of your FIRST name, which has an extra vowel in the pending comment. Since you used the name of a known person (who has never previously commented on this site) we are merely attempting to verify the authenticity. It was posted at 1:31 pm.

  6. ZOO says:

    Apparently Cathi Harrod has no problem lip-locking with McCain in support of Doug Ducey, who played hostess to one of McCain’s late summer Sovereignty Bar-B-Ques. I guess she is un-phased by John McScheib’s spray painting the country with 30 million illegal aliens until they dry, harden, and cure – as long as they aren’t sexual deviants or abortion-prone.

    • Seen It All says:

      She is first and foremost a political operative, ZOO. Religion is her stepping stool to reach the masses. That ability is why she is so valued by many in the marginal GOP establishment.

      • Night Owl says:

        What the “gay and proud” contingent actually want is more.  Toleration is an affront. We are now told to embrace their desire to marry and raise families, as they attempt to normalize the abnormal. Celebrate their deviancy, or the onus is on YOU, not them. And that deviancy has now been declassified as such by the geniuses at the American Psychiatric Society. Soon they will expect public acknowledgment of the joys of pedophilia. Are we becoming so brain dead that anything goes and everything is ‘celebrated?”
        Wake up America! This isn’t even about religion. It’s about restoring common sense.

    • eubykdisop says:

      Are you still supportive of Pullen, ZOO, despite his support for Brewer’s Medicaid expansion?

      • ZOO says:

        That would depend on who ultimately winds up on the ballot one year from now. If it’s Pullen, Sepulveda, and a Democrat(s), then yes. Perhaps you should also direct this question to SRAZ.

      • eubykdisop says:

        I directed the question to you, not to SRAZ.

        So you call out Kathi Herrod for “lip-locking” with John McCain but you are perfectly willing to support Randy Pullen who wrote this in support of Brewer’s Medicaid expansion:


        “Republican leadership needs to step forward and make another smart choice – follow the Governor’s lead.” – Randy Pullen

        SRAZ wrote this about the Center for Arizona Policy’s lack of opposition to Brewer’s Medicaid expansion:

        “We applaud all pro-life efforts, on either end of the life cycle. But taking a resolute stand against the encroachment of socialism in no way diminishes the importance of honoring the sanctity of life.”

        So SRAZ clearly considers Brewer’s Medicaid expansion to be “the encroachment of socialism” and yet you are willing to vote for someone who actively supports and who has actively promoted that encroachment of socialism.

        When you post here, ZOO, are you doing so claiming to be a Conservative?

  7. Kent says:

    Does anyone here have any idea of the annual salary CAP pays Ms. Herrod? It will blow your socks off!

  8. Aristotle says:

    Intemperate column, intemperate comments, poorly argued. You aren’t conservatives, you are thugs. Please be gone from the public square, you shame us all.

    • eubykdisop says:

      ROFL! You’ll forgive us if we aren’t moved by the statements of someone who was not an American citizen and who has been dead since 332 B. C.. Why don’t you go help your fellow Greeks. Lord knows they could use it right now! ;-)

  9. Fed Up says:

    The “war” between Cathi Herrod and the establishment squishes won’t last. She’ll forgive them their transgressions in order to share the limelight, just as she “remained neutral” when her good friend Jan Brewer expanded Medicaid and the abortion “services” it provides. There’s usually a back story. No exception here. This one exposes the hypocrisy of CAP as well as the McCain-Flake liars. There’s plenty to go around.

  10. LEO IN TSN says:

    You are probably right again, SRA, Mrs. Herrod just wasn’t paying attention. Or maybe she fell into the trap of the low-information voter in just listening to campaign rhetoric and ignoring a candidate’s record. Maybe noone told her when McFlake was showering his internet buddies with his bleached-blond beefcake photos from a desert isle retreat.

    The McTwins both supported the destructive homosexualization of the American military, McAmnesty with his words and McFlake with his votes. By their actions and inactions on the “job” they have shown they support the purge of military commanders who opposed this agenda to emasculate the military; they support the persecution & prosecution of soldiers who refuse to publicly support the queer agenda in the military; they support the expulsion of Christian Chaplains who refuse to betray their beliefs; and they support the desecration of the churches, chapel and clubs that serve Christian military people.

    The McTwins support the illegal use of the uniforms in the queer parades; they support the Air Force in hosting and promoting “Drag Queen Festivals” on American military bases; and they support the outrageous use of military training materials and classes that categorize people of faith as “terrorists.”

    …and now Mrs. Herrod is shocked that the McTwins both support ENDA? I guess she just didn’t know.

    God bless America.