JD Radio: Guest hosts for Huckabee 10 -1:00 today

Spend time with JD Hayworth:  A post-Thanksgiving treat

Listen to JD Hayworth as he guest hosts for Mike Huckabee today — Friday —  from 10:00 am -1:00 pm, AZ time!

To listen live at: KSFO, click HERE.

You can also hear JD Hayworth locally via tape delay on 1100am KFNX in Phoenix from 1:00 -3:00 pm. If you’re out shopping today, listen to him in the car on 1100am on your radio dial.

4 Responses to JD Radio: Guest hosts for Huckabee 10 -1:00 today

  1. LD 23 PC says:

    I’ll be tuned in!! Thanks for the heads-up!!

  2. Seeing Red AZ says:

    Euby, Your comment was filled with blatant lies and distortions citing left-wing sources, and has been removed.
    These are the facts regarding he U. S. Department of Justice’s exoneration — on ALL charges and the begrudging acknowledgement by the Arizona Republic newspaper. You will not use this blog to spread falsehoods

  3. Sally Forth says:

    JD is the best! He’s as sharp as any national conservative radio talk show host I’ve heard. I so miss listening to him here in Phoenix. John McAwful has long and vindictive tentacles. Hayworth’s sole problem was having the temerity to challenge the old RINO jerk for the senate.

    PS Thanks for removing eubykdisop’s offensive comment.

    • PV PC says:

      I agree on both counts. JD Hayworth is exceptional. It’s no wonder national conservative talk show hosts invite him to guest host.

      To be honest, I’ve wondered if Seeing Red AZ was turning over control of its site to this fringe wacko referred to as “euby.” I’ve had enough of the childish rants and churlish tirades. It’s coming down to losing him or losing many other reliable readers who have long appreciated this blog.