Wild mob of illegals brazenly enters U.S.

Abysmal lack of security on dangerously sieve-like southern border 

The appalling situation on our nation’s southern border is worsening as illegal aliens armed with rocks and water bottles are now brazenly attacking U. S. Border Patrol agents. (Video second frame down in this link.)

Although the mob of approximately 150 illegals were ordered to stop, they ignored the warnings and unrelentingly pelted the officers, while continuing to walk across the border into the United States. Even with reinforcements, agents were outnumbered, dodging the rocks and other projectiles.

Katie Pavlich, News Editor at Townhall has written that as talks of amnesty have once again increased, illegal crossings have doubled — making the border less secure and the work of Border Patrol Agents more difficult. Illegal immigration has steadily increased in Arizona.

An agent speaking to Townhall said, “We’ve seen the number of illegal aliens double, maybe even triple, since amnesty talk started happening.” The agent requested anonymity due to fear of retaliation within Customs and Border Protection [CBP], something he said is common. “A lot of these people, although not the majority, are criminals or aggravated felons. This is a direct danger to our communities.”

Meanwhile we read that cities across the United States from Tucson to Chicago, Chattanooga to Dayton are inexplicably and irrationally implementing plans to lure illegal workers and passing laws benefiting foreign nationals who have illegally invaded our nation.

Though the Obama administration’s Department of Justice has sued Arizona to keep our state from enforcing SB1070, the federal government has “done nothing to hold these local communities and states accountable for policies that impede immigration enforcement,” says Ira Mehlman of the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

No disrespect intended, Mr. Mehlman, but we’d classify that as an understatement.

10 Responses to Wild mob of illegals brazenly enters U.S.

  1. Sgt. Preston says:

    All the way back in October 2001, WorldNetDaily detailed  the problem we face with illegals from around the globe using our southern border with Mexico as a portal to enter the United States.


    Illegals from the former Soviet Union, throughout Asia, and even terrorist sponsoring nations in the Middle East are joining the flood of Mexicans, Central and South Americans, all sneaking into our country through our extremely accessible and porous South border. Apprehensions have included illegals from the Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan and even Iran.

    That this is allowed to occur after September 11, 2001 is beyond reprehensible. Where is this nation’s leadership? Does anyone care about the future of this country or only in increasing the Dem base?

  2. Seen It All says:

    America’s inaction as it relates to protecting our nation and citizens is no secret and only serves to embolden those who choose to invade us, undercut American jobs and/or intend us harm. This is the Obama Doctrine given even firmer footing with Janet Napolitano while leading the Sept. of Homeland Security. But George Bush was also limp-wristed on the topic of the invasion. His brother Jeb, if given half a chance, will carry on the ignoble tradition of undermining the United States of America aided and abetted by the Goldwater Institute’s Clint Bolick. To this clique, the illegals have as much right to be here as we do.

  3. Anthem Al says:

    Let’s hope we’ve seen the last of this disturbed commenter. People like this are troubling. “eubykdisop” often speaks of having deep faith in God, but his (her?) actions counter any devotion to faithfulness or truth and treating one’s neighbor as one’s self.

  4. Brandy Baron says:

    I’m curious as to what the whole story is as to why these idiots did this ‘demonstration’. In looking at the video done from the mob’s side the people didn’t appear to be very serious about illegally entering the U.S. as they did about causing trouble for the BP. Normally, when an illegal is planning to head into our country you’d expect them to at the very least carry a backpack or something to carry a few necessities. I have to wonder if there was something else going on somewhere else along the border.

    • StetsonXXX says:

      Thanks for the video link, Brandy. I agree with your thoughts and think this exercise was a show of strength intending to prove a point. Illegals get encouragement on a nearly daily basis from our left wing pro-open borders newspaper that strangely characterizes these criminal invaders as saints.

  5. Night Owl says:

    Meanwhile in the height of absurdity, the farcical President of the United States whose duty it is to protect our nation and its citizens, stopped to commend illegal activists who are fasting in a tent on the National Mall as they protest what they consider congressional foot dragging on amnesty legislation! Would Obama graciously welcome criminal bands of home invaders into his living quarters? Why should Americans welcome those who criminally invade our homeland?

  6. LEO IN TSN says:

    This is the same Traitor-in-Chief who last month used his Gestapo Park Rangers to kick honorable, law-abiding World War II vets out of the DC monuments, while at the same time using the same Gestapo to provide security for illegal aliens to gather & protest on the National Mall.

    It is the obamao agenda that our loyal military and law enforcement people should become targets for destruction during his transformation. That is why he is purging the military of loyal, patriotic general officers and replacing them with his lapdogs. That is why he has stacked his cabinet and administration with anti-American liberal & muslim activists.

    Where are the AZ4? Where is the AZ GOP? I don’t hear them. I don’t see them.

    God bless America.

    • Fought For My Country says:

      Your cogent questions deserve an answer. The best one I can provide is that the “AZ4,” the AZ senators, and the AZ GOP are all in collusion with the left on the majority of issues regarding the protection of our country and her citizens. It’s beyond shameful that the President of the United States would meet with and encourage our own invaders. Illegals have been characterized as “good people simply coming to make a better life,” rather than the criminals they are, even by members of the U.S. Congress. Using that mantra as a guide, are we then supposed to take in all of the global needy and ensure ourselves Third World status? This country has a legal pathway to citizenship for those who truly desire to become proud and acclimated Americans.

    • Fed Up says:

      I have little doubt the AZ 4 will be standing with Boehner, et al, Leo. America is being sold out at breakneck speed. Warm and fuzzy overules legal and Constitutional with these elites. I never thought I’d say this, but I will not vote for an incumbent in the upcoming election.


  7. americanforchange says:

    I can’t understand how our nation is loving illegals more than the Patriots that live here and support our economy. They are getting more free handouts than we are, they are not afraid to hide anymore. And they are loved by the Comrade in Charge himself, Barack “I hate Americans” Obama. Ship him and all of his liberal buddies to Mexico for a months and see how they love living a third world life.