Readying for amnesty DHS hires radical lawyers

Townhall’s Katie Pavlich has written a disturbing exposé regarding the radical Obama comrades brought on as new hires to oversee and manage immigration litigation as amnesty is front-burnered by the administration and its enthusiasts in the U.S. House and Senate.

We urge you to read “Department of Homeland Security Stacked With Pro-Amnesty Attorneys Ahead of Illegal Immigration Fight.”

Former DOJ attorney J. Christian Adams writing for  PJ Media has also done a masterful job researching the pro-amnesty and pro-asylum backgrounds of the new hires. In a country where normalcy reigned, these people would be revealed as reprehensible infiltrators intending to bring harm to the United States and criminally charged.

Michelle Malkin has written extensively about Thomas Perez, radical assistant attorney general for Obama’s DOJ Civil Rights Division and now Obama’s Secretary of Labor. (Senate confirmation vote here.)

Arizonans will remember that it was Perez who spearheaded the lawsuit against our state over our immigration enforcement measures and launched a three-year DOJ witch-hunt against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The vengeful investigation against Arpaio, the nation’s most outspoken local law enforcement official against illegal alien crime, was dropped without charges* by the DOJ in August of 2012. Malkin wrote that Perez was leading similar witch-hunts against police departments across the country based on leftwing junk science theories about racial “disparate impacts.”

To get a flavor of why Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is so admired, read his strong response to Perez’ intending-to-intimidate press conference December 15, 2011.

As expected, senate shamnesty gangsters John McCain, Jeff Flake, Lindsey Graham & Co. have folded like lawn chairs on Obamamnesty. Keep your eyes on our AZ House members and any attempts to sign on to what is being referred to as “piecemeal legislation,” but is in fact incremental steps toward full-blown amnesty. Rewarding criminality and demands with the great gift of American citizenship should not be on any of their agendas.

*letter via AZ Republic


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  1. MacBeth says:

    Subversives don’t get charged with espionage anymore. Now they work for Obama at the federal government level or the Arizona Republic! Today the rag’s Linda Valdez advocates on behalf of “stopping all deportations for anyone who might become a citizen under immigration reform.” That would have included the September 11 terrorists who killed thousands of Americans. They were in the US legally on student visas.

  2. Ellsworth says:

    Here is lunatic leftwing Colorado US Rep. Jared Polis repeating the McFlake lie about laws enforcing our national borders as “tearing families apart.” The families can remain intact in their own countries!! What crap! Polis is co-chair of Congress’ pro-homosexual “Equality Caucus.” With Congress charged with actual duties outlined in our US Constitution, why does such a group even exist?

  3. Standing Tall says:

    The left always repeats the “Secure our borders” lie which they have no intention of supporting. Lying John McAmnesty gave that myth legs.

    Another of their favorite lies is there are “12 million” illegally residing in the USA. That same number has been repeated for the last decade although more keep slithering in and their birthrates exceed that of American citizens.

    A more accurate number of illegal invaders is closer to 3 times that figure. This is a somewhat more accuratedepiction from a site that complies data from various sources and still undercounts:

  4. ZOO says:

    LD 23 PC hit the nail recently in pointing out that Republicans are poised for mid-term victories under the fallout from Obamacare – and subsequently drunk with audacity. After all, their record is riddled with failure so it is only natural to become giddy when signs point to a turnaround. Their 2007 congressional amnesty drive – failed. Their 2008 presidential drive with head amnesty cheerleader McCain – failed. Their 2012 presidential drive feigning ‘rule of law’ with flip-flop Mitt Romney and Café Con Leche Republican hero Paul Ryan – failed.

    Arguably Obamacare was the best thing that could ever happen for the GOP. The objections over their multi-year marathon of flooding the country will millions of illegal aliens and stumping for their permanence garner considerably less wrath than it has in years past, although the hard facts are undeniable.

    While the voice of anger still cries out against the GOP Mexicanization doctrine, it could wither and die at the ballot box. The direct in-your-face impact of Obamacare on millions was the magic bullet needed to remove the threat of any meaningful retribution against the Republican/U.S. Chamber of Commerce long-term plan. Be ready for anything.

    As for AZ Republican House members, no need to head scratch over Trent Franks. He is solidly onboard the Nogales Express:

    • Vince says:

      Republicans might have appeared poised for midterm victories after the Obamacare debacle, but as only we can, will find a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. By conspiring with the left on amnesty in all of its related forms (ie: the nightmarish DREAM Act, chain migration for blood and via marriage relatives of illegals, even including same sex “marriage” partners, etc.), we will give the Democrats exactly what they want—which is millions more Democrats. The Republican party will disintegrate due to…REPUBLICAN elected “leaders“!!! How ignorant are we?

  5. Sally Forth says:

    When will America repeal the birthright citizenship provisions of the Fourteenth Amendment? It was intended to address the specific needs of American born children of newly freed African born slaves immediately after the war between the states. It has no relevance today, but has been misused to the point that there is actually a massive birth tourism industry in the United States.

    Pregnant women who can afford it arrive from Mexico, Saudi Arabia, throughout Asia and numerous other nations, to give birth here and insuring that their children are American citizens. They return home after the birth, with their key to the citizenship of the entire family wrapped in baby blankets.

  6. Attila The Hunny says:

    How many of you noticed what is being promoted beside the picture of AZ GOP Chairman Robert Graham in the AZ GOP newsletter ? “Congressional Field Hearing in Tucson: Mexico Security and Trade.” It sounds suspiciously like an “amnesty alert.”
    I followed this link and bingo!
    Congressmen David Schweikert & Matt Salmon will be there and Matt’s old staffer, the infamous establishment boot licker Glenn “Open Borders” Hamer, will be among those testifying.

    Since Republicans have the majority in the House, this is essentially a GOP-run Field Hearing. So, who will be there to testify on the importance of Securing the Border, Denying Amnesty, and the recent Chinese “Trade Deal” with the Cartels?

    This should give us a preview of the “other shoe dropping”….. the new piecemeal approach to Amnesty that House Speaker John Boehner et al are embracing, courtesy of ex-McCain staffer Rebecca Tallent joining the Speaker’s staff.

    Conversely, it gives Salmon and Schweikert the chance to “speak up” in opposition to Amnesty. Does anyone think they will? Potomac Fever is a highly infectious contagion. Its most aggressive symptom is an insatiable desire to stay in DC and continue drinking the same water that caused the ailment in the first place.

  7. LEO IN TSN says:

    This has been going on since Day 1 with Obamao. His first official order to Eric Holder was to dismiss the charges against the Philadelphia Black Panthers. His first official speech was an outreach to the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo. He has officially supported, funded and armed the muslim brotherhood caliph in the Middle East.

    Obamao, Holder and Napolitano have been imbedding muslim brotherhood operatives and other anti-American radicals throughout the government. They have placed them in powerful policy-making positions and given them access to all of our national security plans & processes. They are in the very top levels of this administration, such as probable muslim-converts as Sec’y of Defense and CIA Director. In each case of confirmation, a lap-dog Senate has rolled over for Obamao with no public vetting of the nominee.

    Katie Pavlich, a true patriot (author: Fast & Furious), again highlights this traitorous betrayal. Wake up, America, there really are enemies – foreign & domestic, and they are working very hard to destroy US.

    God bless America.

    • LEO IN TSN says:

      …not to mention John F’ing Kerry, who served in Viet Nam, betrayed his fellow veterans in the field and after, held secret Paris meetings with the enemy to strategize our defeat, and became the darling of the Marxist radicals – obamao’s Sec’y of State, confirmed a with a wink & a nod, one of the Senate’s own.