Sen. Kelli Ward acts to ban unconstitutional NSA spying in AZ

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Republican State Sen. Kelli Ward (Dist.5) is making national news. The Washington Times reports that the Lake Havasu physician/legislator will introduce legislation in the upcoming session to ban the National Security Agency from unconstitutional operations in Arizona. Ward describes her nullification legislation, the Fourth Amendment Protection Act, as a pre-emptive strike against the federal agency’s overreaches.

“While media attention is focused on a possible effort to shut off water to the NSA data center in Utah, I’m introducing the Arizona Fourth Amendment Protection Act to back our neighbors up,” Ward said, referencing actions by Utah’s privacy advocates to drive the agency from its borders.

“Just in case the NSA gets any ideas about moving south, I want them to know the NSA isn’t welcome in Arizona unless it follows the Constitution. There is no question that the NSA program, as it is now being run, violates the Fourth Amendment. This is a way to stop it.”

Arizona would be the first state to take such action against the NSA, though Ward’s legislation could well serve as a template for other states.

Critics claim the move has no teeth, that the Supremacy Clause binds all states to every federal mandate, regardless of its constitutionality. Advocates for constitutional protections against federal power abuse disagree, citing* both Supreme Court precedents and the philosophical roots of the Constitution itself. As more states move to assert their constitutional rights, the debate over state’s rights will surely continue.

Ward’s legislation would ban state and local officials from providing material support to the NSA — including water and electricity —  make data collected by the NSA without a warrant inadmissible in state court, forbid public colleges from working with the NSA and levy sanctions against companies working with the electronic spy agency.

Read the complete news article here. And while you’re at it, take some additional time to read Dr./Sen. Ward’s impressive bio, linked under her name in the first paragraph of this post. Arizonans are electing some impressive conservatives

*H/T Heritage Foundation


8 Responses to Sen. Kelli Ward acts to ban unconstitutional NSA spying in AZ

  1. Van says:

    I’m glad to see Kelli take this stand and am wondering when those who are suppose to represent US in DC do the same instead of some who continue to fund the programs that enable the NSA do do the things they’re doing to all of US, and hope some of them read what we already know to be True, you’re voting for Un Constitutional Depts. to Violate Our Constitutional Rights, no Honor in Your Oath. God Bless You; Van

  2. PV PC says:

    Bravo, Sen. Kelli Ward!! You speak for many of us. Hope you have the votes in the upcoming session to get this legislation passed. We have an over abundance of RINOs down on West Washington Street. My district 28 has two of them (Driggs and Brophy-McGee) that are on equal par with the Democrat state Rep. The district chairman (O’Connor)should change parties and lead the Dems.

  3. Chad Palmer says:

    I’m grateful for Senator Ward standing up for our rights, we need more help in the fight to hold the line. Now is the time to run for office from PC to Congress, it’s time to stop talking and make a difference. You can do it, we will help. Or you can just keep complaining and watch liberty and freedom die. Let’s roll…

  4. Kent says:

    You’re right, SRAZ. That’s quite a bio! Dr. Ward has some accomplished family members also. Brainy family!! Glad we have her here in our state legislature.

  5. ZOO says:

    Off topic, but the Weekly Standard is reporting 30 members of the U.S. House have signed onto a resolution to bring civil action against Obama for policies/actions out of his authority regarding Obamacare changes not passed by Congress and his illegal and unconstitutional “Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals” (DACA) – illegal aliens. This is long overdue and exactly what should be done. I would not expect Democrat House members from Arizona to rally behind it, but we should demand that House Republicans representing the state get onboard.

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      Good information, ZOO. I see that so far 29 members of Congress are co-sponsoring South Carolina Congressman Tom Rice’s Resolution: Bachmann (MN-06), Bridenstine (OK-01), Chaffetz (UT-03), J. Duncan (SC-03), DeSantis (FL-06), Franks (AZ-08), Gowdy (SC-04), Harris (MD-01), Lamborn (CO-05), LaMalfa (CA-01), Marino (PA-10), McClintock (CA-04), Meadows (NC-11), Nunnelee (MS-01), Pittenger (NC-09), Posey (FL-08), Tom Price (GA-06), Ribble (WI-08), Salmon (AZ-05), Sanford (SC-01), Schweikert (AZ-06), Stewart (UT-02), Stockman (TX-36), Walberg (MI-07), Weber (TX-14), Wenstrup (OH-02), Williams (TX-25), Joe Wilson (SC-02), and Yoho FL-03.

      I also see not always as dependable on amnesty/DREAM Act and related issues as they were while in campaign mode, AZ Reps. Trent Franks, David Schweikert and Matt Salmon’s names on the roster. They’re looking into the crystal ball and seeing midterm elections fast approaching. Gosar? No crystal ball?

      • Van says:

        Congressmen Want to Bring Obama to Court for Not Faithfully Executing Laws. 30 members support the House Resolution calling for civil action.Is this suppose to make up for all the bad votes by some who’ve signed onto this resolution I suppose to them it’s a Headline and we don’t pay any attention to the Votes they’ve cast that Violate the US Constitution and Our God Granted Rights, I believe it’s time for them to understand we’re NOT STUPID. God Bless You; Van

  6. Army Of One says:

    US News and World Reports also has an article on AZ Senator Kelli Ward.

    She’s getting excellent coverage for her creative and bold legislation. No wonder the liberal daily newspaper editorially mocks her action as a “Legislative selfie.” When that lousy leftwing rag finally folds, it won’t be soon enough.