WH in panic mode as Obamacare fails

Latest policy shift delays individual mandate for those whose plans were canceled

The administration, clearly in panic mode, has a new scheme in the works, as Obama’s signature health care overhaul is exposed as a series of lies, security breaches and malfunctions.

The latest incarnation of the debacle is the offer of an exemption of Obamacare to the millions of people who lost their own insurance — the one  Obama repeatedly promised we could all keep. This was exposed as a blatant lie after millions of people received notification from their insurance companies informing them their current policies did not meet coverage requirements of the so-called Affordable Care Act, and could no longer be offered.

Under the new dodge, Obama is urging insurers to expand offers of bare-bones health insurance plans to cover catastrophic care. This strategy will also allow people to self-determine if they are in a hardship situation.

The Obamacare mandate requires everyone to have health insurance or face a tax penalty. These latest exemptions are certain to intensify the confusion for consumers.

Instead of continuing exemptions, waivers and delays, Obama should provide all Americans relief from his failed socialist experiment. Forcing citizens to purchase a product they don’t want — one dictated by the federal government — or face sanctions from the Internal Revenue Service, violates basic principles of freedom.

U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), summed the situation up with these words, “The sad reality is that when the law takes effect [on] January 1, more Americans will be without coverage under Obamacare than one year ago.”

No wonder this latest poll shows 53% of Americans would like to see Obamacare repealed, while 67% want it delayed. Overall, by a 54-38 percent margin, people wish the health care law had never passed and the 2009 system were still in place.

Read more and watch the informative FOX News video here.

And Barack Obama?  He and his family are taking advantage of the generosity of strapped American taxpayers and are preparing to hop aboard Air Force One for their annual Christmas soiree in Hawaii. They’ll be gone 17 days.


5 Responses to WH in panic mode as Obamacare fails

  1. MacBeth says:

    This December Gallup poll shows record numbers of Americans now view big government as a the biggest threat facing this country. A full 72% of U.S. adults polled believe big government is the largest threat to America’s future. That’s OVER 7 out of 10 Americans!

    Since Barack Obama epitomizes federal overreaches, I view this as a repudiation not only of Obama’s policies, but of liberalism, as a whole. Let’s hope we see this translated into votes to turn the US Senate around and add conservatives to the House.


  2. Ajo Joe says:

    I began by viewing the arrogant Barack Obama and his pompous strategists as tone deaf when it came to considering the American people. Now I’ve come to the realization that they have absolutely no concern about any of us. As he bragged, “I won!” In other words, “All of you can go to hell!”

    Obamacare is nothing short of the imposition of socialized medicine with all of the age and condition related restrictions that come with it. Those fools who think they are getting something for nothing have no concept of what the reality will be. One need only look to at our neighbors in Canada where people requiring surgeries they were denied in their own country came to the USA to get the care they needed. Now where will WE go?

  3. Kathy says:

    Exactly what is the Affordable Care – Obamacare Law??? It’s been illegally revised so many times, it’s nothing like what was argued before the US Supreme Court. Business as usual tho in the Obama regime – lawlessness breeds lawlessness and the Country suffers.

  4. Braveheart says:

    FINALLY….some truth from Obama’s moving lips today during his year end press conference before leaving on his nearly three week long Hawaiian Christmas trip. When asked about the disastrous “rollout” of ObamaCare, Obama acknowledged, “we screwed it up.” 

  5. Villanova says:

    Wonder of wonders! The Wall Street Journal actually characterizes this in a headline as “Obama Repeals ObamaCare”

    They write, “It seems Nancy Pelosi was wrong when she said “we have to pass” ObamaCare to “find out what’s in it.” No one may ever know because the White House keeps treating the Affordable Care Act’s text as a mere suggestion subject to day-to-day revision. Its latest political retrofit is the most brazen: President Obama is partly suspending the individual mandate.”
    Read it here: