Driver’s licenses for illegals, er…“immigrants, undocumented ”

What kind of distorted thinking regards the illegal entry into the United States as worthy of rewards?

No surprise here. The open borders supporters at the Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona Republic)!

The daily heralds the news that based on Barack Obama’s executive order — his regal route for bypassing congress — the  AZ Department of Transportation will uphold a policy making not only illegal aliens eligible for state issued driver’s licenses, but also their spouses, children and parents, if a non-citizen relative is serving in the military.

The online version of the article, which refers to illegal invaders as “immigrants” or “undocumented” 15 times, with the sympathetic qualifier “young” sprinkled liberally throughout, is topped by a preposterous video featuring the outer columnist E. J. Montini and illegal champion reporter Richard Ruelas. The duo are engaged in  a choreographed discourse in which they conclude Gov. Jan Brewer has been driven by “spite,” in arguing against providing driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. She has contended that only Congress has the authority to grant non-citizens legal presence, which is required under state law to obtain a driver’s license or state issued ID.

A 1996 Arizona law, in statute as 41-1080 requires persons seeking a state license to show their presence is “authorized under federal law.”

We happily provide our readers with this helpful primer “Deciphering Republicese,” which includes a link to our popular “Lingo.” Number three on the list explains the actual meaning of “undocumented.”

9 Responses to Driver’s licenses for illegals, er…“immigrants, undocumented ”

  1. MacBeth says:

    I’ve read this will affect tens of thousands of illegals (most likely underestimated when you consider the illegal extended family members) currently living in the state of Arizona….all of whom will qualify for this legal lunacy. What kind of a burden will that put on our roadways and law enforcement?

  2. Kent says:

    Why would a president whose lawful presence to serve in the nation’s highest office has been the subject of numerous questions and lawsuits, give more than momentary thought to verifying anyone else’s unlawful presence in the United States? His illegal relatives have been living in the United States for years. An aunt was living in taxpayer funded public housing in Chicago and collecting welfare although she was able to make a generous contribution to his presidential campaign. A Kenyan half bother…one of many, was recently exposed as living here illegally. Obama has denied knowing they were here although they both said they have had contact with him.

  3. Joseph Bickley says:

    Politically correct terminology seems to be the Republica’s compulsion. However, they consistently get it wrong when they discuss an Arizona “Driver’s License.” There is no such thing. It is simply and officially called a Driver License. Take a look at that document in your wallet now.
    The state has worked laboriously for years to change the name from the erstwhile nomenclature of “Driver’s License,” both in written form and in the public’s mind.
    Apparently some crafty recipient of too many traffic tickets argued in court that the state could not take away his license owing to the fact that it clearly said it was his: “Driver’s” being possessive and indicating that it belonged to him. So, the state underwent an extensive and expensive mission to truncate the name to its current form.
    Had the Republica done its due diligence it would have been able to write a more accurate story/editorial.

  4. ZOO says:

    There are similar articles on USA Today and the East Valley Tribune. Was this move strategically planned to hatch under the Christmas holiday for distraction/cover? The articles indicate open-border foes will use this to argue for licenses under DACA. A can of worms and a foot in the door. Is the Arizona legislature going to take action to stop this? What about the Attorney General? Can we expect a total collapse to invaders under lame duck Brewer?

  5. Delilah says:

    I am hoping we have a Legislator brave enough to introduce bills that we do not accept DL from other states without a birth certificate, and for damn sure we will not give drivers licenses to any of these interlopers or their kids. If we do not get any real conservatives elected in 2014 we might as well begin to realize it is the end to our

  6. Dennis O'Brien says:

    What better way to increase the ranks of the democrat party? Grateful illegals will flock to register with the clique that gave them gifts of countless benefits and no penalties for disregarding our laws and national boundaries.

    Can anyone tell me why any Republicans would be in support of something so outrageously self defeating? But Ariz. Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake are leading the pack of amnesty supporters. They will also find support from the members of congress who talk out of both sides of their mouths, but let the cat out of the bag when they give approval to what is now being called “piecemeal” legislation to regularize the illegals. We are being led to our own destruction by partaking of the amnesty poison. Actual “immigrants” who enter the USA legally.
    How does any of this stop the flow? It doesn’t! It only encourages more.

    And check out the following ilist, which shows the only developed nations to continue to grant birthright citizenship to children born to parents illegally residing in the countries.

  7. americanforchange says:

    I am still trying to figure out how our states are granting illegals, those who broke the law drivers licenses at all. It is unbelievable that someone can come into our country against the rules of our nation and be rewarded the luxury of driving in our nation legally. If we go to Mexico can we drive there legally as well? Hell no we rot in a Mexican prison.
    It seems as time goes by this nation is losing its moral values and common sense and forgetting what is right and wrong with this country.
    If we continue this way we will not have a country to call our own.

  8. Bob at Civil Candor says:

    What an incredibly cynical calculation on the part of public officials looking for tax dollars in the present and support in the future. How else can illegals get to the jobs they cannot legally hold to earn the minimum wage guaranteed them by our government whether or not they have the right to work?

    How ironic that states get whacked when they try to enforce federal immigration law, but are progressive heroes when they agree to ignore it. Driver’s licenses are just another part of passing amnesty in bits and pieces in lieu of a sweeping federal bill. Take a look at the DACA approval vs. rejection numbers if you want to see where this is headed. If we erase the distinction between citizen and non-citizen, immigration status will become irrelevant.

  9. In response to Delilah, I wrote the bill in 1996 when I was the MVD Director that they are talking about, and the law says in order to get and Arizona Drivers License or Arizona ID care one must “prove” legal presence in the United States. Obama’s order is not Constitutional and Arizona law prohibits them from getting a D.L. OR ID. The Governor nor the President can change the law with their magic wand. It is illegal un Arizona Law and they should be sued if they comply with the illegal order of the President. He cannot by pass Congress that has sole authority to regulate immigration (that means to set the conditions of legal entry). The law is clear and cannot be changed except by the legislature. It is also illegal under 8 USC 1324 to aid or abet or to encourage or to give aid to illegal aliens and that is what this is tantamount to doing. It is illegal under state and federal law!!!!