2014: This New Year rich with opportunities


Seeing Red AZ sends sincere best wishes for a satisfying, productive, safe and healthy New Year to our readers.

As we embark upon this New Year, there is no better time to renew our acquaintance with America’s founding documents: The Declaration of Independence, our U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They have served us well. The least we can do is stay familiar with what they contain and ensure that our children know what blessings we have been given as a nation.

We urge our readers to get involved in the elective process. This year will feature important mid-term congressional and statewide elections. It is crucial we elect dependable and consistent conservatives to turn this country around — while there is still a chance.

11 Responses to 2014: This New Year rich with opportunities

  1. Army Of One says:

    Best wishes in the new year to all who congregate here. We have our work cut out for us as the election season nears. We can no longer buy a bill of goods from candidates without holding their feet to the fire on the issues that matter most. They have to be held accountable and so do we. This time around as never before, it’s imperative we don’t screw up and support posers instead of conservatives.

    • Night Owl says:

      You’ve got that right, Army! We’ve been suckered too often by the RINOs you well describe as “posers.” If we don’t get it right this upcoming cycle, there will be fewer opportunities for do-overs.

      There are numerous questions to ask state GOP leadership. Are good people being recruited and groomed? What is being done to pare down the number of GOP candidates who run for a specific office so we don’t end up with so many of our folks attacking one another in the primary and allowing a liberal like Kyrsten Sinema to slide into congress? We could learn a thing or two from the Dems, who currently have a single candidate running for both governor and secretary of state.

      Best in the New Year.

  2. SuzanneC says:

    Night Owl, we at Headquarters can not recruit candidates. We can not groom Candidates. Please realize that. Grooming is the job of the Candidates Team and advisors. There are times the Candidates do not even come in the office to tell us they are running for office, we find out the same way you do. I know of a Candidate running for office, I had to reach this person through facebook, he told me his people would get in touch with me, some in the Tea Partys want him at their meeting, that was three months ago. I have yet to hear from his people. Yes some Women’s or Men’s Clubs and Tea Parties call for contact info on candidates.

    My job is to work closely with the grassroots activist, so far most of them fight over candidates. I too want the most conservative, but if they Conservative loses the primary I will support the Winning Republican, if we do not stand together in the General we again will loose. Look at SC, there was one woman running against Lindsey Graham, now there are 3 candidates. Good luck getting him out now. Maybe the grass roots need to not vote third party, we got three Democrats because of that when we should have won.

    Remember, JD and Wil, they had opposition not from the two people in office for many years but from two people who could not win. Both Deakin and Van should have stayed out and supported someone who could have actually won. No matter how much you like someone a vote for the loser will not get you the win.

    Try working with us instead of blaming us for not doing what you seem to think we are supposed to do but can’t. You are the recruiter, you are the groomer, remember Aikens in Missouri no one told him to not talk to reporters about abortion, same as Nebraska, and Nebraska that happened after Missouri, I guess there was no lesson learned. Whose fault is that? The Republican Parties?

    Here is to a great New Years for all Republican’s, here is to hoping the grass roots activist remember I am here to work with you. Call me at Headquarters, I will meet with all of you. 602.957.7770.

    • Ellsworth says:

      You mentioned great conservatives JD Hayworth and Wil Cardon. Van the Radio man and Jimmy Lee Deakin deserved no support, but foolish voters cast ballots for them. The AZ GOP stood aside and did nothing because McCain and Flake are their guys.

      Are you ready to acknowledge the establishment (McCain and Kyl) busting their tails to push Jeff the Flake and the despicable distortive ads from Club for Growth against Cardon? This was a unified effort by the establishment that wanted to continue the control they have and knew Flake would be a willing underling. After winning, he has been just that !! He has hopped right on McCain’s sleazy coattails, joining with McCain and Democrats on promoting amnesty for criminal invaders of our United States as a member of the “Gang of Eight.” Flake even lies like McCain. Get a clue!!

      • SuzanneC says:

        Are you trying to tell me Tom Morrissey supported McCain and Flake? If you remember that is who was in charge at headquarters at the time of Flake and McCain. I disagree with your assertion about Tom. But Tom was not to help anybody till the General election and he was to help the winner of the Primary.

        Is that a surprise that Flake did that? I guess it is not me who needs to get a clue. I heard Van is talking about running again, great that is all we need. Yes Club for Growth is a very nasty group, I for one will never give them a dime, but you had a Conservative Candidate do you think for one minute anything said on TV would change my vote? Tom Horne is going through the same thing right now, do you think for one minute I will change my vote because of the media? I refuse to listen to trash politics? Tom has gone three times in front of the supremes and won, that alone makes him a great AG in my book.

        Remember what the Media did to Sarah Palin, it was the Republican’s who turned on her, the Dims did not. But again, that was the media and you listened to them. To this day I am still telling people, “No, Sarah did not say she saw Russia from her house”, but many still believe that.

        Please you need to get a clue, you read my comments wrong maybe it was deliberate because I work at headquarters and you refuse to do anything but complain.

    • Sgt. Preston says:

      A bit of a self absorbed, no nothing windbag? “I am here to work with you?” No thanks!! My pooch knows more about politics AND grammar. If the last paragraph is an example of the “help,” time to sign up for remedial English 101.

    • Night Owl says:

      Ridiculous, Suzanne! You have somehow managed to blend your arrogant pomposity with that of an incredibly naive Kool Aid drinker. In years past, AZ GOP insiders engaged in recruitment of good candidates. There were also instructional seminars to “groom” candidates and explain the inner workings of getting campaigns moving in a winning direction. The state party advised on everything from strategies to signs and mailing houses. There were also closed door meetings with candidates asking the hard questions of how they actually intended to raise the necessary funding to win. With such responsible party leadership there were fewer primary candidates running who bloodied and bruised one another, allowing Democrat candidates to sit back and watch the internecine action with a smile, as the multitude of Republicans did their dirty work on one another. By the end of the primary, the public was so disgusted they often voted for neither of the pugilists. We saw that most recently with the 2012 Congressional District 9 race. The GOP had SEVEN candidates. Far left radical Sinema had an easy ride.

      Lessons were learned for a while, but were quickly forgotten. I doubt you recall how we first got liberal Sen. Dennis DeConcini. AZ Republican Congressmen John Conlan (CD4) and Sam Steiger (CD3) brutalized each other to the point they were both so damaged, the liberal won the senate seat. Ditto Janet Napolitano. She rose through the ranks after winning the 1998 Attorney General’s race after Republican John Kaites ran such a vicious primary smear campaign against Tom McGovern, that voters abandoned them both for liberal Napolitano.

      The average voter isn’t attuned to what party platforms stand for. They vote for particular candidates for a wide variety of reasons that have little to do with policy or stances. Women often vote for other women. People vote on the basis of race or ethnicity or for names that appeal to them without knowing a single thing about the candidates. The abysmal RINO McCain has repeatedly won because his name and face are ubiquitous and his years in DC have given him access to Washington lobbyists and their enormous bankrolls of money. Ditto for Jeff Flake. These are the facts. You finally admit you’re on the payroll of AZ GOP McHeadquarters. No point in expecting meaningful responses.

  3. SuzanneC says:

    I guess your pooch votes for you too.

  4. SuzanneC says:

    Night Owl, You are less than average, thank you for making me remember what a pathetic jealous demeaning little people there are out there.

    Yes we had a seminar, did you see the panel? No I guess not. It was a panel of the Professional Political Class, unlike you who think you know it all.

    Yes you can call me names, but remember that is the reason we lose election, self righteous self-serving little people who think they should be in charge at the cost of any thing and any body else. We see what experience you have, all talk and complain. Get out a do or are you too inadequate?

    • Night Owl says:

      What you call a “seminar” was simply a politically correct panel discussion rife with RINOs you misguidedly call the “professional political class.” It was certainly not a training forum for candidates of the type I previously referred to.

      You do the AZ GOP no favor by showing your ignorance in such fundamental ways. As to your snide comments directed at me, I know for a fact that my political expertise and involvement far exceed yours. Unquestionably a person possessing greater knowledge of the issues and a modicum of propriety would better represent the state party than you do.

  5. goodyearconservative says:

    One thing I noticed is that anybody who has the John McCain rubberstamp will shove the John McCain RINO agenda down our throats. Take a look at Jan Brewer and Jeff Flake. We all thought they were great conservatives, but then they stabbed us in the back with gun control, amnesty and more welfare handouts.